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#begin page001
//L00470: 01 "【\protag】自室に戻ってきたよ‥‥。"
L00470: 01 "【\protag】I'm back in my room."
//Copypasta from D01.MST page001
#end page001

#begin page002
//L004C2: 01 "【\protag】かといって、ゆっくりとくつろいでる暇はないぜ‥‥。"
L004C2: 01 "【\protag】Then again, I really don't have the time to relax."
//hmm, kinda disagreed [かといって (exp) having said that; on the other hand] as "Wait a second". izm
//Copypasta from D01.MST page002
#end page002


#begin page003
//L0053E: 01 "【\protag】自室だな‥‥。"
L0053E: 01 "【\protag】It's my room."
//Copypasta from D01.MST page003
#end page003

#begin page004
//L00586: 01 "【\protag】ここにいる必要は、今のところないと思うが‥‥。"
L00586: 01 "【\protag】I don't think I need to be here right now."
//Copypasta from D01.MST page004
#end page004


#begin page005
//L005FE: 01 "【\protag】あれ‥‥自室に戻ってきてしまった。"
L005FE: 01 "【\protag】Huh... I've returned to my room."
//Copypasta from D01.MST page005
#end page005

#begin page006
//L0065A: 01 "【\protag】俺は確か、三角山に行こうとしていたんじゃなかったか?"
L0065A: 01 "【\protag】Wasn't I heading to Triangle Mountain?"
//Copypasta from D01.MST page006
#end page006


#begin page007
//L006D8: 01 "【\protag】あれ‥‥自室に戻ってきてしまった。"
L006D8: 01 "【\protag】Huh... I've returned to my room."
#end page007

#begin page008
//L00734: 01 "【\protag】俺は確か、喫茶店へ行こうと思っていたんだけど‥‥。"
L00734: 01 "【\protag】I'm pretty sure I was headed for the cafe..."
//Copypasta from D01.MST page008
#end page008


#begin page009
//L007B0: 01 "【\protag】あれ‥‥自室に戻ってきてしまった。"
L007B0: 01 "【\protag】Huh... I've returned to my room."
#end page009

#begin page010
//L0080C: 01 "【\protag】俺は確か、澪の本を取りに行こうと思っていたんだけど‥‥。"
L0080C: 01 "【\protag】I'm pretty sure I was about to go and pick up Mio's book..."
//Copypasta from D01.MST page010
#end page010


#begin page011
//L0088E: 01 "【\protag】自室に戻ってきてしまった‥‥。"
L0088E: 01 "【\protag】I'm back in my room."
//Copypasta from D01.MST page011
#end page011

#begin page012
//L008E6: 01 "【\protag】どうするんだ、これから‥‥。"
L008E6: 01 "【\protag】What am I going to do next...?"
//Copypasta from D01.MST page012
#end page012


#begin page013
//L009AA: 01 "【\protag】何だ、電灯に何か思い入れでもあるのか?"
L009AA: 01 "【\protag】What, is there something special about the light?"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page038 (QC'd)
#end page013


#begin page014
//L00A24: 01 "【\protag】俺の部屋のライトだ‥‥。"
L00A24: 01 "【\protag】That's my room's light fixture."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page039 (QC'd)
#end page014

#begin page015
//L00A76: 01 "【\protag】あそこ1つだけじゃ、当然光量は足りないし‥‥ま、言ってみれば装飾品だよな。"
L00A76: 01 "【\protag】This one alone can't possibly provide illumination for the entire room... so it's more like a decoration of sorts."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page004 (QC'd)
#end page015


#begin page016
//L00B1A: 01 "【\protag】今は読む必要ないな‥‥しまっておこうぜ。"
L00B1A: 01 "【\protag】There's no need to read this right now. Let's put it away."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page041 (QC'd)
#end page016


#begin page017
//L00B96: 01 "【\protag】ほとんど歴史の資料本やなにやらだ。"
L00B96: 01 "【\protag】They're history books and documents for the most part."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page042 (QC'd)
#end page017

#begin page018
//L00BF2: 01 "【\protag】オヤジの野郎が、読めといって俺に渡した不要物さ‥‥。"
L00BF2: 01 "【\protag】That old bastard gave me all this useless shit, and told me to read them."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page043 (QC'd)
#end page018

#begin page019
//L00C60: 01 "【\protag】ま、真面目に読んじまった俺も俺だが‥‥。"
L00C60: 01 "【\protag】Well, I guess I'm not one to chastise. I did read them, seriously at that."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page044 (QC'd)
#end page019


#begin page020
//L00CE2: 01 "【\protag】クッションだな‥‥使い勝手があまりよくないぞ。"
L00CE2: 01 "【\protag】My cushions. They're not very user-friendly."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page009 (QC'd)
#end page020


#begin page021
//L00D64: 01 "【\protag】ほとんど使ったことがないな‥‥。"
L00D64: 01 "【\protag】I've never even used these."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page046 (QC'd)
#end page021

#begin page022
//L00DBE: 01 "【\protag】よっ!"
L00DBE: 01 "【\protag】Yo!"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page047 (QC'd)
#end page022

#begin page023
//L00DFE: 01 "バフッ!"
L00DFE: 01 "*fwhump*!"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page048 (QC'd)
#end page023

#begin page024
//L00E35: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L00E35: 01 "【\protag】........"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page008 (QC'd)
#end page024

#begin page025
//L00E79: 01 "【\protag】意味のないことはやめよう‥‥。"
L00E79: 01 "【\protag】Let's stop doing pointless crap."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page050 (QC'd)
#end page025


#begin page026
//L00EF1: 01 "【\protag】俺のベッドだ‥‥今は寝るときじゃないな。"
L00EF1: 01 "【\protag】It's my bed. Now is no time for sleep."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page051 (QC'd)
#end page026


#begin page027
//L00F6D: 01 "【\protag】今は寝るときじゃないぞ‥‥。"
L00F6D: 01 "【\protag】It's not time for me to sleep yet..."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page052 (QC'd)
#end page027


#begin page028
//L00FE3: 01 "【\protag】雑誌類が入っている棚だ。"
L00FE3: 01 "【\protag】A shelf with magazines."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page053 (QC'd)
#end page028


#begin page029
//L0104F: 01 "【\protag】雑誌やら何やらが入れてある棚だ。ほとんど入っていないな‥‥。"
L0104F: 01 "【\protag】It's a shelf with magazines and stuff. There's barely anything here though."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page054 (QC'd)
#end page029

#begin page030
//L010C5: 01 "【\protag】俺は物持ちが悪いんでね、棚にしまっておくモノは少ないんだ。"
L010C5: 01 "【\protag】I'm not one to keep all of my possessions, so my shelves are fairly empty."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page020 (QC'd)
#end page030


#begin page031
//L01159: 01 "【\protag】時計だ‥‥毎日あわせているせいで、何とか正確らしいぜ。"
L01159: 01 "【\protag】The clock. I fix the time on a daily basis, so it's always somewhat accurate."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page056 (QC'd)
#end page031


#begin page032
//L011E3: 01 "【\protag】時計だな‥‥親父のヤツがどこかの国で買い込んできたやつだ。"
L011E3: 01 "【\protag】The clock. My old man bought it in some foreign country."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page057 (QC'd)
#end page032

#begin page033
//L01257: 01 "【\protag】日差数分というトボけた時計さ‥‥。"
L01257: 01 "【\protag】It tends to be off by a few minutes on a daily basis."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page058 (QC'd)
#end page033


#begin page034
//L012D3: 01 "【\protag】ここから出たら、隣家の屋根の上に降りちまう。"
L012D3: 01 "【\protag】If I exit from here, I'll end up on my neighbor's roof."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page059 (QC'd)
#end page034

#begin page035
//L01339: 01 "【\protag】泥棒に間違われるぜ‥‥。"
L01339: 01 "【\protag】They'd mistake me for a burglar."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page060 (QC'd)
#end page035


#begin page036
//L013A5: 01 "【\protag】この下は、隣家の屋根だな。"
L013A5: 01 "【\protag】Below this window lies the roof of the neighboring house."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page061 (QC'd)
#end page036

#begin page037
//L013F9: 01 "【\protag】自宅前へ直に降りるんなら、右側の窓だ。"
L013F9: 01 "【\protag】Use the right window if you want to take a shortcut outside."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page062 (QC'd)
#end page037


#begin page038
//L01479: 01 "【\protag】板張りっぽい壁紙だ。"
L01479: 01 "【\protag】It's wallpaper fashioned after wooden paneling."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page063 (QC'd)
#end page038

#begin page039
//L014C7: 01 "【\protag】内装したヤツの趣味だろう、これは。"
L014C7: 01 "【\protag】The guy who designed it probably likes wood."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page064 (QC'd)
#end page039


#begin page040
//L0153D: 01 "【\protag】こちら側だけ、板張りの壁になっているな‥‥。"
L0153D: 01 "【\protag】Only this side of the wall is boarded with wood."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page065 (QC'd)
#end page040

#begin page041
//L015A3: 01 "【\protag】といっても、板張りっぽい壁紙なんだな、これが。"
L015A3: 01 "【\protag】Then again, it's just wallpaper fashioned to look like wooden paneling."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page066 (QC'd)
#end page041


#begin page042
//L0162B: 01 "【\protag】無論、イミテーション(模造品)だ。"
L0162B: 01 "【\protag】It's an imitation, but that goes without saying."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page067 (QC'd)
#end page042

#begin page043
//L01687: 01 "【\protag】本物だったら、この家が買えちゃうらしいぜ‥‥。"
L01687: 01 "【\protag】If it were real, I would have enough money to buy this entire property."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page068 (QC'd)
#end page043


#begin page044
//L01709: 01 "【\protag】有名な絵描きが描いたらしいぜ‥‥。"
L01709: 01 "【\protag】It was made by some famous painter."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page069 (QC'd)
#end page044

#begin page045
//L01765: 01 "【\protag】ホネじゃくて、コネじゃくて、キネじゃなくて‥‥。"
L01765: 01 "【\protag】Like Honet, or Konet, or Kinet..."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page070 (QC'd)
#end page045

#begin page046
//L017CF: 01 "【\protag】わかってる、モネだ。"
L017CF: 01 "【\protag】No, Monet."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page071 (QC'd)
#end page046


#begin page047
//L0183D: 01 "【\protag】今は座る気がしないな‥‥見るだけだぞ。"
L0183D: 01 "【\protag】I don't feel like sitting down right now. I'll just look at it instead."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page072 (QC'd)
#end page047


#begin page048
//L018B7: 01 "【\protag】俺様が座っているイスだ‥‥。"
L018B7: 01 "【\protag】It's my throne."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page073 (QC'd)
#end page048

#begin page049
//L0190D: 01 "【\protag】5本足ってのは、それなりの意味があるんだぜ。"
L0190D: 01 "【\protag】There's actually meaning to these kind of chairs having five legs."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page074 (QC'd)
#end page049

#begin page050
//L01973: 01 "【\protag】ぐぐーっとリクライニングしたときに、後ろに倒れないためだな。4本足だとコテンと転倒しちまうんだ。"
L01973: 01 "【\protag】The leg in the rear is to prevent you from falling backward while reclining. With only four, you'd tumble right to the floor."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page169 (QC'd)
#end page050


#begin page051
//L01A32: 01 "【\protag】勉強はしたくないな‥‥しょうがないから、机の上から仏壇返しでもするか。"
L01A32: 01 "【\protag】I don't feel like studying. Oh well, in that case, let's just do it doggy style on top of the desk."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page076 (QC'd)
#end page051

#begin page052
//L01AB2: 01 "【\protag】‥‥なんだ、それ。"
L01AB2: 01 "【\protag】...What the hell, man."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page077 (QC'd)
#end page052


#begin page053
//L01B0E: 01 "【\protag】俺が漫画を読むための机だ‥‥。"
L01B0E: 01 "【\protag】It's my manga-reading desk."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page078 (QC'd)
#end page053

#begin page054
//L01B66: 01 "【\protag】この机で勉強などしたことがない。はっはっは。"
L01B66: 01 "【\protag】I've never once studied at that desk. Hahaha."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page079 (QC'd)
#end page054

#begin page055
//L01BCC: 01 "【\protag】ちなみに、オヤジの書類が入っているぜ‥‥終わりの方に、リフレクターの具体的な使用例が書いてある。"
L01BCC: 01 "【\protag】By the way, my father's documents are in there... some detailed examples for usage of the Reflector are filled out toward the end."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page080 (QC'd)
#end page055

#begin page056
//L01C66: 01 "【\protag】もう一回、読んでみるか‥‥?"
L01C66: 01 "【\protag】Should I read them again...?"
//Copypasta from 01_02.MST page063 (QC'd)
#end page056


#begin page057
//L01D18: 01 " 書類を読む"
L01D18: 01 " Read the documents"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page082 (QC'd)
#end page057

#begin page058
//L01D30: 01 " 書類を読まない"
L01D30: 01 " Don't read the documents"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page083 (QC'd)
#end page058


#begin page059
//L01E5B: 01 "【\protag】そうだな、もう一度、読んでみよう。"
L01E5B: 01 "【\protag】Alright, I'll read it once more."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page084 (QC'd)
#end page059

#begin page060
//L01EB7: 01 "【\protag】要所だけ、拾い読みをしていくぞ。"
L01EB7: 01 "【\protag】I'll just skim through and read the important points."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page085 (QC'd)
#end page060

#begin page061
//L01F18: 01 "    ◆◆ リフレクター取り扱い説明書 ◆◆"
L01F18: 01 "    ◆◆ Reflector User's Manual ◆◆"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page086 (QC'd)
#end page061

#begin page062
//L01F7C: 01 "[宝玉の使い方]"
L01F7C: 01 "[How to use the Jewels]"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page087 (QC'd)
#end page062

#begin page063
//L01F95: 01 ":宝玉は、現在の時間と場所を記憶する装置である。手を触れるだけでそれは反応し、リフレクターから一時的に消滅する。"
L01F95: 01 ":A "Jewel" is a device that retains the present time and space. It reacts upon the touch of the hand, and is then temporarily annihilated from the Reflector."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page088 (QC'd)
#end page063

#begin page064
//L02034: 01 "使用した宝玉は、再びプレイヤーがその世界のその時間へ現れるまで、その場所に存在し続ける。"
L02034: 01 "A Jewel, once used, will remain in the same world and at the same place, until the player returns there once again."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page089 (QC'd)
#end page064

#begin page065
//L020BB: 01 "この宝玉を使用したセーブを「宝玉セーブ」と呼ぶことにする。宝玉セーブをすると、次からはマップ上からロードすることも可能になる。"
L020BB: 01 "A save state made by using a Jewel will henceforth be called a "Jewel-save." After making a Jewel-save, it is possible to load that state from the map."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page090 (QC'd)
#end page065

#begin page066
//L02168: 01 "マップ上に羽のマークがある場所が、宝玉セーブをした場所となる。マップ上からそこをクリックすると、その場所へ一瞬にして行くことができるだろう。"
L02168: 01 "Locations where Jewel-saves have been made are denoted by feather marks on the map. By clicking these icons from the map, it is possible to transport to those places instantaneously."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page091 (QC'd)
#end page066

#begin page067
//L02223: 01 "なお、持っているアイテム、宝玉の数はそのままで、宝玉セーブした場所へ行けるのが特徴である。"
L02223: 01 "Furthermore, the items and number of Jewels you hold will be retained when transporting to places where you made Jewel-saves."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page092 (QC'd)
#end page067

#begin page068
//L022B3: 01 "[マップの使い方]"
L022B3: 01 "[How to use the map]"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page093 (QC'd)
#end page068

#begin page069
//L022CE: 01 ":リフレクターの真ん中下に付いている宝石に触れると、並列世界のマップが表示される。"
L022CE: 01 ": By touching the gem in the lower center of the Reflector, the parallel world map will be displayed."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page094 (QC'd)
#end page069

#begin page070
//L0234F: 01 "このマップは、横に時間軸をとり、約50時間分の世界が表示されている。一度でも行ったことのある世界を、このマップは克明に記録していく。"
L0234F: 01 "Time is denoted by the horizontal axis on the map. The map displays roughly 50 hours' worth of worlds. Worlds you have visited before will be detailed on this map."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page095 (QC'd)
#end page070

#begin page071
//L02402: 01 "新たな分岐を見つけるたびに効果音(SE)が鳴り響き、自分が通ってきた道を1つ1つ作成していくのだ。"
L02402: 01 "When a new divergence is found, a sound effect will be played, and the path you have walked will be drawn on the interface."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page096 (QC'd)
#end page071

#begin page072
//L02493: 01 "点滅を繰り返す白丸の点は、自分の現在位置である。また、星形に輝いている場所は、そこに未発見の宝玉が存在することを意味する。"
L02493: 01 "The white, blinking circle denotes your current position. The sparkling, star-shaped marks denote places where undiscovered Jewels reside."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page097 (QC'd)
#end page072

#begin page073
//L0253C: 01 "星形に輝いている部分へ到達できれば、その時間のどこかの場所に、宝玉が存在する。探索すれば、きっと宝玉を手に入れることができるだろう。"
L0253C: 01 "If you can reach a star-shaped mark, it means there will be a Jewel located in some place within that time. Investigate carefully, and you will surely be able to find them."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page098 (QC'd)
#end page073

#begin page074
//L025F6: 01 "[リフレクターの活用方法]"
L025F6: 01 "[Reflector applications]"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page099 (QC'd)
#end page074

#begin page075
//L02619: 01 ":リフレクター真ん中下に付いてる宝石は、ときおり点滅を繰り返すことがある。"
L02619: 01 ": The gem at the bottom center of the Reflector will start blinking on occasion."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page100 (QC'd)
#end page075

#begin page076
//L02692: 01 "これは、世界の分岐が間近に迫っていることを意味する。マップ上ではわかりにくい分岐のタイミングを知る唯一の手段である。"
L02692: 01 "This means that a divergence of worlds is imminent. It is the only way to figure out the timing of divergences, which are hard to see on the map."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page101 (QC'd)
#end page076

#begin page077
//L02735: 01 "これに注意することにより、分岐のタイミングを知り、効率よい並列世界の探索が可能となるであろう‥‥。"
L02735: 01 "By paying attention to this, it is possible to predict divergences, and search out the various parallel worlds efficiently."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page102 (QC'd)
#end page077

#begin page078
//L027CD: 01 "【\protag】‥‥こんなところか。"
L027CD: 01 "【\protag】...That's about it."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page103 (QC'd)
#end page078

#begin page079
//L0281B: 01 "【\protag】もう少し、突っ込んだ専門的な説明もあるが‥‥それも読むか?"
L0281B: 01 "【\protag】There's a more in-depth, technical explanation here as well. Do you want to read that too?"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page104 (QC'd)
#end page079

#begin page080
//L0288F: 01 "【\protag】言っておくが、やたらと難しいし長いから、読む意味はあまりないぜ‥‥。"
L0288F: 01 "【\protag】Just so you know, it's rather long and complex, so it might not do much for you."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page105 (QC'd)
#end page080


#begin page081
//L02969: 01 " 説明を読まない"
L02969: 01 " Don't read the explanation"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page106 (QC'd)
#end page081

#begin page082
//L02985: 01 " 説明1を読む"
L02985: 01 " Read explanation 1"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page107 (QC'd)
#end page082

#begin page083
//L0299F: 01 " 説明2を読む"
L0299F: 01 " Read explanation 2"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page108 (QC'd)
#end page083


#begin page084
//L02AC8: 01 "【\protag】そうだな‥‥少し長い文章だし、また今度にしよう。"
L02AC8: 01 "【\protag】Yeah... it's a pretty long article, so let's leave it for next time."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page109 (QC'd)
#end page084


#begin page085
//L02B8F: 01 "[世界構成の仮説]"
L02B8F: 01 "[Theory of the constitution of the universe]"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page110 (QC'd)
#end page085

#begin page086
//L02BA5: 01 "並列世界がどのように構成されているかを考えるのは容易なことではない。"
L02BA5: 01 "Theorizing about the constitution of parallel worlds is no simple feat."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page111 (QC'd)
#end page086

#begin page087
//L02BF1: 01 "私は今までに[単純並列型][並列・直列型][ピラミッド型][クラインの壺型][分散ネットワーク型][Es型]と6つの仮説を立ててきたが、ここではもっとも信憑性の高いと思われる[ピラミッド型]に言及し、これをもってリフレクターの仮説の信憑性を高めたいと思う。"
L02BF1: 01 "Up until now, I have devised six theories: The [Simple Parallel Model], the [Series-parallel Model], the [Pyramid Model], the [Klein Bottle Model], the [Distributed Network Model], and the [ES Model]. In this document, I shall refer to the most credible theory, the pyramid model, in order to reinforce the veracity of the Reflector hypothesis."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page112 (QC'd)
#end page087

#begin page088
//L02D24: 01 "このシステムは、現世界に対し3つの世界を定義できる。"
L02D24: 01 "The pyramid system enables us to define three worlds that immediately neighbor the present world."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page113 (QC'd)
#end page088

#begin page089
//L02D5E: 01 "1つ目は「現世界を構成した原世界」"
L02D5E: 01 "The first is the "original world that conceived the present world.""
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page114 (QC'd)
#end page089

#begin page090
//L02D88: 01 "2つ目は「現世界と同等の存在可能性を持つ並列世界」"
L02D88: 01 "The second is the "parallel world with an equivalent existence potential to the present world.""
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page115 (QC'd)
#end page090

#begin page091
//L02DC2: 01 "そして最後に「現世界を原世界とし、現世界での存在可能性が分裂(運命が分裂)することにより形成される従属世界」"
L02DC2: 01 "And lastly, the "subordinate world formed due to division of existence potential (division of fate) in the present world (this present world then becomes its original world).""
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page116 (QC'd)
#end page091

#begin page092
//L02E34: 01 "この3つである。"
L02E34: 01 "These three."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page117 (QC'd)
#end page092

#begin page093
//L02E77: 01 "現世界の行動により派生・形成される世界は、全て従属世界であり、一般に言われる「並列世界」とは、現世界から従属世界を並列に見渡したものを示す。"
L02E77: 01 "The worlds derived and formed as a consequence of actions conducted in the present world are all classified as subordinate worlds, and worlds generally known as "parallel worlds" denote those subordinate worlds identified as running parallel to the present world."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page208 (QC'd)
#end page093

#begin page094
//L02F0B: 01 "従属世界間のみの移動は、レガシーで記載した[単純並列型]-[部屋数無限固定型]モデルに沿うが、従属世界から現世界に影響を及ぼす移動(従属世界から現世界への層を昇る方向の移動)は、層を降る移動に比べ、1オーダー高いエネルギーが必要となる。"
L02F0B: 01 "A transfer between subordinate worlds follows in accordance to the [Infinitely Fixed Room Number] concept of the [Simple Parallel] model described in "Legacy," but a transfer from within a subordinate world that extends to affect the present (that is, a transfer from the subordinate world to the present world by ascending through layers) requires one order more energy than a descent through the layers."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page209 (QC'd)
#end page094

#begin page095
//L02FFF: 01 "事象をさかのぼるのは、多大なエネルギーを必要とする。"
L02FFF: 01 "Retracing events requires an immense amount of energy."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page210 (QC'd)
#end page095

#begin page096
//L03066: 01 "(1)上層への移動"
L03066: 01 "(1) Transfer to a higher stratum:"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page121 (QC'd)
#end page096

#begin page097
//L03080: 01 "従属世界(i+1層)から現世界(i層)に移動する場合「従属世界からいなくなる」すなわち「自分のいる従属世界が消える」訳であるから、移動にはi+1層全ての従属世界形成エネルギーが必要である。"
L03080: 01 "A transfer from a subordinate world (layer i+1) to the present world (layer i) means one will "disappear from the subordinate worlds," i.e. "the subordinate worlds of which one was a part of will vanish." Hence, such a transfer would require the creation energy of all subordinate worlds in layer i+1."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page122 (QC'd)
#end page097

#begin page098
//L03144: 01 "(2)下層への移動"
L03144: 01 "(2) Transfer to a lower stratum:"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page123 (QC'd)
#end page098

#begin page099
//L03160: 01 "「現世界から新たな従属世界を作り出す」ことと等価である。移動には、1つの従属世界の形成エネルギーが必要となる。"
L03160: 01 "This is equivalent to "creating a new subordinate world from the present world." A transfer requires the creation energy of one subordinate world."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page124 (QC'd)
#end page099

#begin page100
//L0320B: 01 "従属世界の形成・消滅エネルギーEは、拡張アインシュタイン則(E=mc^2)が適用でき、以下のように定義することが可能である。"
L0320B: 01 "It is possible to apply the expanded Einstein formula (E = mc^2) to the creation/annihilation energy E, leading to the following form:"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page125 (QC'd)
#end page100

#begin page101
//L0328F: 01 " E=ΣM(ρ,φ,Η,t){C(ρ,φ)}^2"
L0328F: 01 " E = ΣM(ρ,φ,H,t){C(ρ,φ)}^2"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page126 (QC'd)
#end page101

#begin page102
//L032C3: 01 "  M:次元等価質量の総和"
L032C3: 01 "  M: total dimensional equivalent mass"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page127 (QC'd)
#end page102

#begin page103
//L032E1: 01 "  ρ:事象密度(現世界で起こる事象の確率密度)"
L032E1: 01 "  ρ: event density (probability density of an event happening in the present world)"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page128 (QC'd)
#end page103

#begin page104
//L03315: 01 "  φ:事象ポテンシャルの総和"
L03315: 01 "  φ: total event potential"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page129 (QC'd)
#end page104

#begin page105
//L03337: 01 "  Η:次元の保有空間の総和"
L03337: 01 "  Η: total conserved space within a dimension"
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page220 (QC'd)
#end page105

#begin page106
//L03357: 01 "  t:次元の保有時間の総和"
L03357: 01 "  t: total conserved time within a dimension"
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page221 (QC'd)
#end page106

#begin page107
//L03377: 01 "  C:事象素子の速度の総和"
L03377: 01 "  C: total event element velocity"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page132 (QC'd)
#end page107

#begin page108
//L033C6: 01 "また、この形成・消滅エネルギーEは、現世界のみの系に適用することもできる。"
L033C6: 01 "Furthermore, it is possible to apply the creation/annihilation energy E to a system comprised solely of a present world."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page133 (QC'd)
#end page108

#begin page109
//L03418: 01 "この場合、事象密度・事象ポテンシャルが至るところで一定であると仮定すれば、"
L03418: 01 "In this case, under the assumption that event density and event potential are constant throughout, then:"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page134 (QC'd)
#end page109

#begin page110
//L03466: 01 "   _ _"
L03466: 01 "   _ _"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page135 (QC'd)
#end page110

#begin page111
//L03476: 01 " C(ρ,φ)=c(光速)"
L03476: 01 " C(ρ,φ) = c (speed of light)"
//Copypasta from E01_01.MST page107
#end page111

#begin page112
//L03494: 01 "   _ _"
L03494: 01 "   _ _"
#end page112

#begin page113
//L034A4: 01 " M(ρ,φ,H,t)=m(物体質量)"
L034A4: 01 " M(ρ,φ,H,t) = m (object mass)"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page138 (QC'd)
#end page113

#begin page114
//L034D2: 01 "これから、E=mc^2が成り立つ。光速を超えられないという事実は、現世界最大の因果律である。"
L034D2: 01 "From this, E = mc^2 holds. The fact that the speed of light cannot be surpassed is the most fundamental causal law of the present world."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page229 (QC'd)
#end page114


#begin page115
//L03961: 01 "私はまず、並列に、そして無限に存在し、因果律の流れを運ぶ道として存在する固有のエネルギー体を[事象]と呼び、その各々の歴史を[世界]と呼び、それらを統合して[並列世界]という呼称を与えることにしたい。"
L03961: 01 "First of all, I would like to refer to the intrinsic energy entities that exist as carriers for causal flows that are both parallel and infinite as [events], each respective history of these events as [worlds], and string these together under the umbrella term [parallel worlds]."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page140 (QC'd)
#end page115

#begin page116
//L03A31: 01 "我々はみな、この並列世界上にいると考えられるのだ。"
L03A31: 01 "It is to be assumed that we are living in one of such parallel worlds."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page141 (QC'd)
#end page116

#begin page117
//L03A96: 01 "[リフレクターの動作原理]"
L03A96: 01 "[Reflector operating principles]"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page142 (QC'd)
#end page117

#begin page118
//L03AB8: 01 "リフレクターの動作原理を説明するため、私はここに[事象素子]という粒子を仮定しなくてはならない。それではこの[事象素子]とはいったい何だろうか?"
L03AB8: 01 "In order to explain the operation of the Reflector, I must hypothesize the existence of certain particles, which I shall henceforth name [event elements]. So, what exactly are these [event elements]?"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page143 (QC'd)
#end page118

#begin page119
//L03B50: 01 "私はこれを虚数(imaginary)空間を走る粒子と定義し、我々の住む現実(real)空間でいう光子1つ分にあたる反光子と仮定した。"
L03B50: 01 "I define these as particles that course through imaginary space, specifically anti-photons that correspond to the photons that exist in the real space we live in."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page144 (QC'd)
#end page119

#begin page120
//L03BDC: 01 "リフレクターから常時放射されているこの事象素子が、対象事象の固有事象スペクトルに合わせて放射。対象事象では、事象スペクトル共振によって、事象素子の反射波が励起され、リフレクター側へと返ってくる。"
L03BDC: 01 "These event elements are constantly emitted from the Reflector, and radiate according to the intrinsic event spectrum of target events. Due to resonance in the event spectrum, excited event element reflect waves are sent back to the Reflector."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page235 (QC'd)
#end page120

#begin page121
//L03CD1: 01 "こうして、リフレクター側の発信波と対象事象からの反射波が干渉することにより、事象素子の波[事象密度波]に節と腹が形成されることとなる。"
L03CD1: 01 "Interference between the transmission wave from the Reflector and reflect waves from target events subsequently causes nodes and antinodes to form along the event element waves, or [event density waves]."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page236 (QC'd)
#end page121

#begin page122
//L03D5F: 01 "節 → 事象密度の最も小さい部分。"
L03D5F: 01 "Nodes → Points where event density is lowest"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page147 (QC'd)
#end page122

#begin page123
//L03D85: 01 "    すなわち「可能性の薄い世界」"
L03D85: 01 "    i.e., "unlikely worlds.""
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page148 (QC'd)
#end page123

#begin page124
//L03DAD: 01 "腹 → 事象密度の最も高い部分。"
L03DAD: 01 "Antinodes → Points where event density is highest"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page149 (QC'd)
#end page124

#begin page125
//L03DD1: 01 "    すなわち「十分可能性のある世界」"
L03DD1: 01 "    i.e., "highly likely worlds.""
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page150 (QC'd)
#end page125

#begin page126
//L03E01: 01 "事象密度波の干渉をコントロールし「節」を現世界(現事象)に、「腹」を対象事象(隣の並列世界)に設定すれば、現事象→対象事象へと移行しやすい「因果律の流れ」が、事象空間に形成されることになる。"
L03E01: 01 "By manipulating event density wave interference to set nodes to present event (present world) conditions, and antinodes to target event (the neighboring parallel world) conditions, a "causal flow" that facilitates present event → target event migration will take shape in event space."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page151 (QC'd)
#end page126

#begin page127
//L04173: 01 "この事象密度による不安定な系が形成されたのち、因果律エネルギーを対象事象に指向させる。"
L04173: 01 "Following the formation of this event density-rooted unstable system, causal energy is steered toward the target event."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page152 (QC'd)
#end page127

#begin page128
//L041D3: 01 "これにより人工的な事象衝突(Event Shock)を起こさせれば、系の不安定性を利用して、現事象から対象事象への[事象の飛び移り座屈]が発生し、現事象から対象事象へと一挙に移行することができる。すなわち、これが異なる並列世界への移行となる。"
L041D3: 01 "By arousing an artificial Event Collision through these means, a present event → target event [event snap-through buckling] which takes advantage of the instability of the system is spawned, and instant migration along this path, i.e. a transfer to a different parallel world, is made possible."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page153 (QC'd)
#end page128

#begin page129
//L042CD: 01 "ここでこの[事象密度]の定義を、より厳密にしておくことにより、この仮説の信憑性を高めようと思う。"
L042CD: 01 "I shall proceed to increase the credibility of this theory by providing a more rigorous definition of "event density.""
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page154 (QC'd)
#end page129

#begin page130
//L04360: 01 "[事象密度の定義]"
L04360: 01 "[Definition of event density]"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page155 (QC'd)
#end page130

#begin page131
//L0437A: 01 "リフレクター内部に存在する測定器は、事象素子と呼ばれる粒子を速度Vで放出、対象物に衝突して跳ね返る速度vを測定し、"
L0437A: 01 "Sensors inside the Reflector device radiate particles, called "event elements," at velocity V, and measure the rebound velocity v following collision with the target object."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page156 (QC'd)
#end page131

#begin page132
//L043F0: 01 "  1/2m(V-v)^2 (mは事象等価質量)"
L043F0: 01 "  1/2m(V-v)^2 (m = event equivalent mass)"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page157 (QC'd)
#end page132

#begin page133
//L04428: 01 "から、対象に吸収された因果律エネルギーを測定し[因果律エネルギーの吸収関数]を決定する。ここでいう因果律エネルギーの吸収関数とは、対象の事象密度と事象素子の物性で決定される関数のことである。"
L04428: 01 "With the above formula, the sensors measure the causal energy absorption of the target, and determine a [causal energy absorption function]. This function is expressed in terms of target event density and physicality of event elements."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page158 (QC'd)
#end page133

#begin page134
//L04519: 01 "また、この[因果律エネルギーの吸収関数]はtによる時間変化も含んでおり、これは事象スペクトル変換により分解され、対象とする事象(何が起こるかの周波数のようなもの)にあたるスペクトルの値が、求める[事象密度]であると定義する。"
L04519: 01 "In addition, the [causal energy absorption function] is variable with regards to time t. It is resolved according to event spectrum transformations. I theorize the spectrum value corresponding to the event chosen as target event (i.e. the wave frequency of something happening) to be the desired [event density]."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page249 (QC'd)
#end page134

#begin page135
//L04601: 01 "しかし実際の並列世界には莫大な「可能性」が存在するので、測定した事象スペクトル値を逐一、現事象(現実)と比較して事象密度を修正・更新し、ダーウィンの自然淘汰説にもとづいて、リフレクターは、対象事象に関する事象密度を選択していくと思われる。"
L04601: 01 "However, since actual parallel worlds hold vast amounts of "possibility," the measured event spectrum values are compared one by one to the present event (reality), and each time, the event density is corrected and updated. The Reflector proceeds to select event densities of target events in accordance to Darwin's natural selection principle."
//Copypasta from 01_01.MST page250 (QC'd)
#end page135

#begin page136
//L04722: 01 "また、リフレクターの動作にも限界があり、どの世界へも自由に行けるものではない。ある世界の事象密度ρが極めて高い場合、その限界半径(1/ρ)内に近づけば、これを回避する手だてはない。"
L04722: 01 "There are, however, limitations to the operation of the Reflector. It is not possible to freely move to any world. In case the event density ρ of a world is exceedingly high, it becomes unavoidable after having moved into its limit radius (1/ρ)."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page161 (QC'd)
#end page136

#begin page137
//L047DE: 01 "この限界半径を[事象のシュバルツシルト半径]と呼び、回避不能の状況を、私は「運命」と呼ぶことにする。"
L047DE: 01 "I shall denote this limit radius as the [event Schwarzschild radius], and this condition of inevitability, [fate]."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page162 (QC'd)
#end page137


#begin page138
//L049A1: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L049A1: 01 "【\protag】........"
#end page138

#begin page139
//L049E5: 01 "【\protag】わかったような、わからない説明だったな‥‥。"
L049E5: 01 "【\protag】I'm not sure if I quite understood that explanation..."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page164 (QC'd)
#end page139

#begin page140
//L04A4B: 01 "【\protag】とにかく、このリフレクターには、尋常ならざる機能が付いているらしい‥‥。"
L04A4B: 01 "【\protag】In any case, it seems like this Reflector sports some rather otherworldly functionality."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page165 (QC'd)
#end page140


#begin page141
//L04ADC: 01 "【\protag】‥‥そうだな。何度も読むもんじゃない。"
L04ADC: 01 "【\protag】...Yeah. It's not something to read over and over again."
//Copypasta from 01_02.MST page148 (QC'd)
#end page141


#begin page142
//L04B5C: 01 "【\protag】今は掛ける必要はないな‥‥。"
L04B5C: 01 "【\protag】There's no need to place a call right now."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page171 (QC'd)
#end page142


#begin page143
//L04BCC: 01 "【\protag】コードレスフォンの子機だな‥‥。"
L04BCC: 01 "【\protag】A cordless phone set."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page172 (QC'd)
#end page143

#begin page144
//L04C26: 01 "【\protag】リビングと、亜由美さんの部屋、そして俺の部屋に置いてある。"
L04C26: 01 "【\protag】There's one in the living room, one in Ayumi's room, and one in my room."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page173 (QC'd)
#end page144

#begin page145
//L04C9A: 01 "【\protag】ところで、親機はどこに置いてあるんだろう‥‥?"
L04C9A: 01 "【\protag】Where's the main hub located again?"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page174 (QC'd)
#end page145


#begin page146
//L04D22: 01 "【\protag】ゴチャゴチャしているが、意味はない品物だ。"
L04D22: 01 "【\protag】It's a mess, and it's mostly comprised of useless stuff."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page175 (QC'd)
#end page146

#begin page147
//L04D86: 01 "【\protag】‥‥‥‥。"
L04D86: 01 "【\protag】........"
#end page147

#begin page148
//L04DCA: 01 "【\protag】今度、捨てに行こう。"
L04DCA: 01 "【\protag】I should throw it out later."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page177 (QC'd)
#end page148


#begin page149
//L04E32: 01 "【\protag】勉強しないわりには、机の上がゴチャゴチャしているんだよな‥‥。"
L04E32: 01 "【\protag】Despite the fact that I never study, it sure is messy around my desk."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page178 (QC'd)
#end page149

#begin page150
//L04EAA: 01 "【\protag】雑誌にMDプレーヤー、鉛筆、そんなもんだ。"
L04EAA: 01 "【\protag】Magazines, an MD player, pencils... that sort of stuff."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page179 (QC'd)
#end page150


#begin page151
//L04F2E: 01 "【\protag】お前の名前は「物入れない」だ。"
L04F2E: 01 "【\protag】Your name is now "noncontainer.""
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page180 (QC'd)
#end page151

#begin page152
//L04F86: 01 "【\protag】‥‥何か、むなしい。"
L04F86: 01 "【\protag】...How pointless."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page181 (QC'd)
#end page152


#begin page153
//L04FEE: 01 "【\protag】何も入っていない物入れだ。"
L04FEE: 01 "【\protag】It's a container with nothing inside."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page182 (QC'd)
#end page153

#begin page154
//L05042: 01 "【\protag】‥‥何も入っていないのに「物入れ」ってのも、おかしいな。"
L05042: 01 "【\protag】...Kind of strange to call it a container when there's nothing contained within."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page183 (QC'd)
#end page154

#begin page155
//L050B4: 01 "【\protag】よし、これからは「物入れない」って呼ぶことにしよう。"
L050B4: 01 "【\protag】Okay, from now on, you will be a "noncontainer.""
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page184 (QC'd)
#end page155


#begin page156
//L05142: 01 "【\protag】何が入っているんだろうな‥‥。"
L05142: 01 "【\protag】What's inside...?"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page185 (QC'd)
#end page156

#begin page157
//L0519A: 01 "ガチャッ‥‥。"
L0519A: 01 "*click*..."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page186 (QC'd)
#end page157

#begin page158
//L051D7: 01 "【\protag】‥‥何も入っていなかった。"
L051D7: 01 "【\protag】...There was nothing inside."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page187 (QC'd)
#end page158

#begin page159
//L0522B: 01 "【\protag】何でこんな物入れが、ここにあるんだ?"
L0522B: 01 "【\protag】What's that thing even doing here?"
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page188 (QC'd)
#end page159


#begin page160
//L052A9: 01 "【\protag】飯を食う気にさせないスタンドだ‥‥。"
L052A9: 01 "【\protag】It's a desk lamp that makes food look unappealing."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page189 (QC'd)
#end page160

#begin page161
//L05307: 01 "【\protag】別にこのスタンドに罪はない。"
L05307: 01 "【\protag】It was never the lamp's choice to do so."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page190 (QC'd)
#end page161


#begin page162
//L05377: 01 "【\protag】目が悪くならないように、明かりを提供するスタンドだ。"
L05377: 01 "【\protag】I got this table lamp to keep my eyes from going bad."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page191 (QC'd)
#end page162

#begin page163
//L053E5: 01 "【\protag】蛍光灯は、食べ物の色を、あまりグルミーに演出してくれないんだ。"
L053E5: 01 "【\protag】Fluorescent light really kills the aesthetics of the food beneath it."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page192 (QC'd)
#end page163

#begin page164
//L0545D: 01 "【\protag】だから俺はここで飯を食わない。"
L0545D: 01 "【\protag】That's why I never eat here."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page193 (QC'd)
#end page164


#begin page165
//L054D1: 01 "【\protag】そうだな‥‥よし、リビングへ降りよう。"
L054D1: 01 "【\protag】Okay... let's go to the living room."
//Copypasta from E01_01.MST page161
#end page165


#begin page166
//L05558: 01 "【\protag】よし、ここから一挙に自宅前へ降りるぞ。"
L05558: 01 "【\protag】Alright, I'm going to drop right down to the front of the house."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page206 (QC'd)
#end page166


#begin page167
//L055E3: 01 "【\protag】俺のプライベートルームだ‥‥。"
L055E3: 01 "【\protag】It's my private room."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page207 (QC'd)
#end page167


#begin page168
//L05655: 01 "【\protag】ボーっと部屋内を見ていても、しょうがないんだがな‥‥。"
L05655: 01 "【\protag】There's no use in gaping at the walls of the room like an idiot."
//Copypasta from C01_01.MST page208 (QC'd)
#end page168