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What "Adolescence" do you have?

Do you remember "Childhood"?

The irreplaceable one existed there.

Important announcement for all fans of Little Busters![edit]

If you’ve been following the fan translation project, you have noticed we’ve been pretty quiet for the past year. The reason for that is that we have been in long talks with VisualArt’s regarding an official English release of Little Busters!, as well as the future of the existing fan translation.

We can finally share some extremely happy news!

Little Busters! will be released officially in English on Steam by VisualArt’s. You heard right! They have personally played our translation and liked it, and they wish to use our translation as a basis for the Steam release.

What does this mean for our fan translation?[edit]

First of all, we are obviously required to take down the existing fan translation patches hosted by us.

However, the work goes on. The Steam release will be the Little Busters! Perfect Edition, the best edition available (and one we couldn't have translated ourselves because of tool limitations). VisualArt’s will provide us with the development materials for Perfect Edition. The original translation will be checked and brushed up.

All in all, the Little Busters! Steam release is going to be the best it can be, and we will do everything we can to make it succeed. We hope fans all over the world will give VisualArt's and us their support in this. The work on the upcoming Steam version of Little Busters! Perfect Edition will be done through our own localization company, Fruitbat Factory, which many of you no doubt already know.

It has been a long journey for Little Busters! and we hope you will stick with us to its completion. There are great things ahead!

For official details like release dates and such, look forward to future announcements by Key / VisualArt's.

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