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Update (22/01/2018): All game text is currently translated. Currently looking for a hacker to help put it all together and solve a few remaining bugs. Leave a message on this page's discussion section if you're interested.

Provisional Patch 1.0.4: [1] Just install the game, unzip the contents into the PrincessMaker5 folder so it overwrites the versions already there, and done. Go into settings to disable lipsync once you begin playing, as it causes bugs. Note that the titles in the Emirin News tag are still untranslated, as those were never ripped properly. Clicking on said titles will still take you to the fully translated game, however.

While this should hopefully allow you to play the entire game in English, a hacker is still sorely needed to help smooth over the remaining issues and hopefully package this more neatly.

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Princess Maker 5 is one of Japanese life simulation bishōjo games by the computer game and anime production company Gainax. The player in this game is a retired hero of a human realm parallel to the modern world. The daughter is a girl from a royal heritage, and one of many candidates to assume the role of princess. However, following the assassinations of the other candidates, she became the target as well. Her entire family is killed during the attempt on her life. As her protector, Cube saved the player's daughter and requested the player to take care of the daughter until she reaches the age of 18. So the journey of parenthood unfolds with Cube's help. Everything you do will influence how the child grows up, everything from jobs to schooling all depend on how you raise her. You get to choose her name, birth date, and blood type. Most people realize this is just one of those Tamagotchi games gone wrong, but the folks at Gainax actually made this one amusing.

Previously we linked to the Himeyashop page, unfortunately, Himeyashop has been shut down for some time. If you wish to buy the game, you will likely need to use a forwarding service. We apologize, but we are unable to help with this matter.

Translation progress[edit]

100% TRANSLATED... give or take some leftover strings I've missed. Please report them on the talk page. A save file for checking would also be helpful.

Current Status[edit]

Update (22/01/2018): All game text is currently translated. Currently looking for a hacker to help put it all together and solve a few remaining bugs. Leave a message on this page's discussion section if you're interested.


There is currently no official patch available.

To apply the translations, this archive - bintools-1.8 (Mirror) - will contain everything needed for patching. Simply extract it to your PM5 folder. For those who are curious and/or can't wait for an official patch, translated scripts should be placed in "PM5/translations/text/" directory (with the file's directory structure intact - e.g. /ode/43.txt), and translated pictures should be placed in "PM5/translations/pictures/", with the "-en" stripped from the file names.

There are some scripts included with the bintools archive, but they are vastly out of date and should not be considered representative of the finished product. You are very likely to run into crashes or other issues. Should you use the archives as is, a list of known bugs can be found here. Please look at those before contacting us about any bugs that may occur.

If you encounter any bugs, please ensure that you are A) Running the game as administrator, and B) Have turned off lip-sync in settings.txt. If the bug still persists, when you contact us, please include a save game with instructions on how to replicate the issue, and 20-30 lines from "log.txt" around the spot that the bug occurred in game. Thank you.

Please note that when an official patch is released you will need to update your version of PM5 with the official 1.04 patch. The files currently contained in the bintools archive, however, are for 1.00, and may cause crashes in certain locations if you have already updated to 1.04.

For those who may wish to rip scripts/images from the games themselves, the necessary tools can be found here.


Translated script list here: Scripts.

Download raw scripts here (Version 1.9)


Pictures. Fully translated here.

Lip-sync feature.


Special thanks to Ogami666 for his translation of the German lyrics in the opening movie.
Everyone's contributions are welcome. Write on discussion page if you have any questions.