Sayonara wo Oshiete

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The protagonist is a trainee teacher who commutes to a certain girls' school. Safely finishing the daily practice period, and becoming a regular teacher is his goal. However, his mind begins to tire.

Uneasiness and nightmares come in sudden attacks, causing a strain, a social phobia, begins to grow more and more every day. Slowly a fear of the girls he meets with after school begins to emerge, yet at the same time, a desire and passion. Disgust, a kind of taboo, such a feeling is directed to the adult women who are his colleagues.

"Am I really fit to be a teacher?"

Day by day, the pressure builds.

Even when the lessons are over, the lights are off, and the school is closed for another night. He cannot help but wander.

[From vndb]


  • Translation: Cafe, vvav
  • Editing: herkz
  • Image Editing: qhp
  • Engineering: qhp


  • 11/13/16 - Technical work is mostly finished. Translation progress will now be tracked by character count, not lines translated.
  • 8/13/16 - This project is alive again due to the game getting a port/remake by the original developers, which means we no longer need to ourselves. Specific progress numbers will be added later.
  • 5/18/13 - Just a notice that editing can't take place until the game is ported, which may take a while, so don't worry if there's no editing progress.
  • 5/10/13 - vvav told me to make this page so I did. Apparently he likes translating denpa games.


Chapter Name Translation Progress Editing Progress
The Entire Game 116405/257436 (45.2%) 0/257436 (0%)