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@bgm storage=bgm_24b

 A winter wonderland, waiting just beyond an oak- and beech-lined promenade.[wvl]
;; 両側にカシやシイの並木を配した参道のような道をしばらく歩くと、そこは一面の雪景色だった。[wvl]
;;shrine road might be odd for an English audience, I don't know. If editing wants to change it, throw 参道 into google image search and come up with your own idea based on what you see!
 This hill in the Eastern District of Tomanbetsu City was Mizuha and Yuki's favorite spot to play.[wvl]
;; 富万別市の東区、小高い丘に幼い水羽とユキの憩いの場があった。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7215]“What do you wanna name it, Onee-chan?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7215]“お姉ちゃん、この子になんて名前つけるー?”[wvl]
 They had spent two hours making a child-sized snowman.[wvl]
;; 二時間ばかりかけて、子供の背の高さくらいの雪だるまを完成させた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7712]“You name it, Mizuha. You did the most work.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7712]“水羽が名前つけなさいよ。あなたがほとんど作ったんだから”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7216]“Mm-mm, I want you to name it.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7216]“んーん、お姉ちゃんにつけて欲しいの”[wvl]
 Mizuha always copped a bratty attitude around her parents, but today, with Yuki, she wore a carefree smile.[wvl]
;; 両親の前ではぶすっとしている水羽も、ユキのそばでは屈託のない笑顔を見せた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7713]“Then...” [wveh]Yuki began with crossed arms.[l] [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7714]“How does Yukitarou sound?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7713]“じゃあ……”[wveh]腕を組みながらユキは言った。[l][nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7714]“雪太郎は?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7217]“Yeah, Yukitarou... it's so cute!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7217]“うん、雪太郎かー、かわいいなー”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7715]“Hm. Nah, we can do better than that.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7715]“やっぱり、違うのがいい”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7218]“Like what?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7218]“なににするの?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7716]“Let's name it after the boy you like.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7716]“水羽の好きな男の子の名前にしたい”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7219]“Don't do that! It would be embarrassing!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7219]“そんなのやだよー、恥ずかしいよー”[wvl]
 The cold, fluffy snow piled up on the sisters' shoulders.[l] Snowflakes landed on the tips of their toes, gradually melting into the warmth of their shoes.[l] Perhaps not unlike the endlessly dancing white weather, Mizuha's laughter refused to subside.[l] This was an old, happy memory.[np]
;; 冷たい雪が、ふんわりと姉妹の肩に降り積もっていた。[l]足のつま先にじんわりと溶けた雪が染み込んでくる。[l]雪と同じようにやまない、水羽の笑い声。[l]懐かしく幸福な記憶。[np]

 They had played with all their hearts until nightfall.[wvl]
;; 二人は、暗くなるまで、いつもじゃれあって遊んでいた。[wvl]
 They didn't want to go home.[l] They didn't want to leave this sense of unity for their typically divided family.[l] What awaited them was a strange household with two mothers.[l] Yuki never bothered to consider how her parents and Mizuha's had come to live together until much later; nevertheless, it seemed Yuki's mother was important to the Shiratori household.[l] Even in her earliest memories, Yuki remembers her mother doling out orders as her father's personal assistant.[wvl]
;;is age of reason a good translation for monogokoro? monogokoro is like, when you start remembering things (around age 5-7 I'd guess), usually "for as long as I could remember" works but it doesn't here. "old enough to understand things" might be better - chikan
;;I think I'd go with a sentence that uses something like ‘didn't understand until she was old enough' as a base or something similar.
;; 家には帰りたくなかった。[l]水羽の母と、ユキの母。[l]二人のお母さんがいる異様な家庭が、姉妹の帰る先だった。[l]どういった経緯で同居することになったのか、物心つくまで、ユキは詳しくは知らなかった。[l]ただ、ユキの母は、白鳥の家にとって必要な存在ではあったようだ。[l]父の会社の秘書として、てきぱきと指示を出していた母の姿を、ユキは覚えている。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7220]“Hey, guess what!? I'm gonna marry you, Onee-chan!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7220]“水羽ねー、お姉ちゃんと結婚するんだー”[wvl]
 Her sister's sweet voice made its way to Yuki's ears.[l] It was an unforgettably serene sensation.[np]
;; 甘ったるい声が耳についた。[l]不快ではなかった。[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7221]“Sisters aren't supposed to get married, but me and you are different. Yup, that means we can get married!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7221]“ほーりつでねー、姉妹は結婚できないんだってー。でも、水羽とお姉ちゃんは、ちがくて。うん、とにかく結婚できるんだよー”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7717]“Too bad I'm not a boy, Mizuha.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7717]“そうね、私が男だったら良かったわね”[wvl]
 She was an adorable little sister.[l] The snowflakes caught in her eyelashes glittered like teardrops framing her innocent smile.[wvl]
;; かわいらしい妹だった。[l]まぶたに落ちた雪が、あどけない笑みに涙のようにきらめいている。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7222]“Do you love me, Onee-chan?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7222]“お姉ちゃん、水羽のこと好き?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7718]“Of course I do.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7718]“ええ、もちろん”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7223]“Ehehe! I love you too!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7223]“えへへ、水羽も大好きっ”[wvl]
 Mizuha shuffled her feet about, then gathered up the displaced snow in her hands.[wvl]
;; そのうちに、水羽がとことこと歩き、地面に溢れた雪をかき集めだした。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7719]“What are you doing?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7719]“どうしたの?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7224]“Ehehe...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7224]“えへへ”[wvl]
 Mizuha smiled mischievously as she packed a tiny snowball.[wvl]
;; 水羽はいたずらっ子の表情で、雪の球を手に握った。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7720]“Hey, wait... you aren't going to throw that at me, are you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7720]“ちょっと、まさか私にぶつけようっていうの?”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7225]“Oh, come on, of course not! This is Yukitarou's dinner.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7225]“そんなことしないよー。これは、雪太郎のごはんだよ”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7721]“His dinner...?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7721]“ご飯って……”[wvl]
 Mizuha was a sweet little girl.[l] Her diligent preparation of a snowman's meal was no less than dazzling to her cool, mature older sister.[wvl]
;; 優しい、女の子だった。[l]どこか冷めて大人びたユキには、せっせとおむすびらしき雪球を作る水羽がまぶしく見えた。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7226]“Oh, what should we put in the riceballs? Apricots?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7226]“ねえねえ、おむすびのなかになに入れたらいい? やっぱりウメボシかなー?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7722]“We don't have any apricots.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7722]“ウメボシなんてないでしょ”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7227]“Then what are we gonna put in them?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7227]“じゃあ、なに入れるー?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7723]“Words.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7723]“言葉を込めてあげなさい”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7228]“Words?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7228]“言葉?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7724]“Yeah. Words are strong.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7724]“そう。言葉はとっても強いの”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7229]“They're strong?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7229]“つおいの?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7725]“Well, if the pen is mightier than the sword, then I'd say they must be. Oh yeah, and three hostile newspapers are scarier than a thousand bayonets.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7725]“ペンは剣よりも強しっていうくらいだから、絶対よ。千の銃剣よりも三つの敵意ある新聞のほうが怖いともいうし”[np]
;;btw apparently it's four hostile newspapers. so I reckon it's just cute little yuki getting it wrong. - pondr

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7230]“You're so smart, Onee-chan.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7230]“お姉ちゃんは、物知りだからなー”[wvl]
 Mizuha's tiny head nodded over and over.[l] Yuki dearly loved her little puppy of a sister.[wvl]
;; 小さな首を、何度も振ってうなずいていた。[l]子犬のようにつきまとってくる妹が愛しくて仕方がなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7726]“Even if we put apricots in his riceballs, his food will still just disappear, right?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7726]“ウメボシを入れても、しばらくしたらなくなっちゃうでしょう?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7231]“Yeah. The apricots would die, too.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7231]“うん、ウメボシも死んじゃう”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7727]“But words never disappear. They can't die as long as we remember them.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7727]“でも、言葉は決してなくならないわ。私たちが覚えている限り”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7232]“Oh, I get it.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7232]“おおー、そっかー”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7728]“Even if Yukitarou melts, the words we left will never disappear.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7728]“たとえ雪太郎が溶けちゃっても、私たちが残した言葉は永遠になくならないでしょ?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7233]“Wow... words really are strong!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7233]“なるほどー、言葉って、とっても強いんだねー”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7729]“Remember, Mizuha: if anything happens, speak up. No matter how scary someone is, you can always make them understand with words.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7729]“水羽も、なにかあったら、まず話すのよ。どれだけ怖い人でも、話せばわかってくれるから”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7234]“Papa and Mama too?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7234]“パパとママも?”[wvl]
 Yuki smirked at that.[l] Yuki was still young and innocent.[l] She had yet to understand the critical role of violence following in the shadows of words.[np]
;; ユキはにっと笑った。[l]幼いユキはまだ純粋で、言葉の影に追従する暴力の重要性を知らなかった。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7730]“Of course. Alright, let's give Yukitarou his dinner.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7730]“もちろんよ。さあ、雪太郎にご飯をあげましょう?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7235]“Yeah, I've already figured out the words.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7235]“うん、もう言葉は決まってるんだー”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7731]“Already? What are they?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7731]“なあに、教えて?”[wvl]
 Her little sister cheerfully answered.[np]
;; 妹は、うきうきして言った。[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7236]“‘Mizuha will stick with Nee-san, no matter what!’”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7236]“みずははいつでも、ねえさんの味方だよって”[wvl]
;;Alright, flame away. I'm sick of this 味方 shit. Seriously. Kanon's route's rife with it, now this. Don't tell me Kyousuke's epic line to Haru uses this word... - pondr
 Yuki couldn't help but crack a smile.[wvl]
;; ユキもたまらず、顔から笑みがこぼれた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7732]“Hey, wait! Don't make the snowman eat those words!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7732]“ちょっとちょっと、そんな言葉を雪だるまに食べさせないでよ”[wvl]
 Their laughter diffused into the winter sky.[l] The sun gradually sank behind the horizon, dimming the earth, but the sisters' radiance was not so easily wrested.[l] Not the slightest hint of their coming parting was present in those dazzling winter days.[np]
;; 笑い声が、冬空に広がった。[l]陽はだんだんと沈んでいくが、姉妹はいつまでも晴れがましい。[l]やがて来る別れの面影など、これっぽっちもなかった。[np]
;;narcissu ref ftw - pondr




;背景 港 夜
@bgm storage=bgm_101
@wait time=2000
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_h_t time=1000

It was three o'clock in the morning.[np]

The men who had been chasing Tokita reported in, and she had apparently last been seen with Shiratori near the docks in the Western District.[np]
;;Doesn't debriefed imply that you questioned for the information? Why does passive information receiving get changed to aggresive information receiving for no reason. I mean, not that it matters really, but it feels kind of unnatural(you'd think it'd be set up for any new information to be reported, not that you have to debrief for it)

The sounds of the night and the waves crashing against the wharf were interrupted by the ringing of my cell phone.[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8977]“It's me, Azai-san. Where are you right now?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8977]“浅井さん、いまどちらです?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“At the harbor.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“港の近くだ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_8978]“I see. Yuki's likely hiding in some warehouse.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8978]“なるほど。ユキはおそらく、どこかの倉庫のなかにいます”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Why do you think that?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なぜだ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_8979]“She sent me a cell phone picture just a moment ago.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8979]“つい先ほど、わたしの携帯に画像つきでメールが届きました”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What was the picture?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どんな画像だ?”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8980]“It was Mizuha. Her arms were tied behind her back.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8980]“水羽です。手を後ろにしばられていました”[np]

Now even her sister's gone and taken her hostage?[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Well, was there a caption or anything?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……で、メールの内容は?”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8981]“‘Bring the Director to the warehouses near Azai-san.’”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8981]“理事長を連れて、いま浅井さんがいる倉庫付近まで来いと”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“And what if we don't?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“来なければ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_8982]“Do you really need to ask?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8982]“おわかりでしょう?”[np]

She'll kill Shiratori...[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_8983]“Anyway, I'll be there ASAP. I showed the Director the picture, and he said he'll come too.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8983]“とにかく、急いでそちらにうかがいます。理事長も写真を見て承知してくださいました”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright. In the meantime, we'll look for the warehouse Tokita is in and get a perimeter set up.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかった。おれたちは時田のいる倉庫を探し出して、囲んでおくとする”[np]

...What is Tokita planning?[np]

She's not really going to kill Shiratori, is she?[np]

Is she doing all this just to get back at the Director?[np]

@black rule=rule_e_b time=1000
@ev storage=ev_mizuha_05b

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7733]“Haha... he's brought quite the squad.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7733]“フフ……いっぱい集まってきたみたいね”[wvl]
 Dozens of rushing footsteps beat at the ground outside the warehouse.[l] Light leaked out from the inside, so it was likely quite easy to locate Yuki and Mizuha amongst the port's many storage buildings.[l] A few short moments later, men were already kicking at the door and shouting.[wvl]
;; 倉庫の外から慌しく複数の足音が聞こえてきた。[l]倉庫内から明かりは漏れているから、居場所は簡単に見つかったことだろう。[l]ややあって、シャッターを蹴りつける音や、怒鳴り声が聞こえてきた。[wvl]
 The warehouse's iron door held fast and strong.[l] They were nothing but a gang of hoodlums.[l] Unlike the police, they didn't have the tools necessary to force their way inside.[wvl]
;; 倉庫の出入り口の鉄扉は固く閉ざされている。[l]相手はただの街のチンピラどもだ。[l]強行突入のための破砕具など持ち合わせているわけもない。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7237]“What will you do now, Nee-san?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7237]“姉さん、どうするの?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7734]“What?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7734]“なあに?”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7238]“You won't be able to run away anymore.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7238]“もう、逃げられないわよ?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7735]“We'll see about that,” [wveh]she said as she shrugged her shoulders rebelliously.[l] [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7736]“I'll get away. Just watch.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7735]“そうかしらね”[wveh]さもおかしそうに肩をすくめた。[l][nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7736]“逃げ切ってみせるわよ”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7239]“...How?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7239]“……どうやって?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7737]“Through the front door.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7737]“正面から堂々とよ”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7240]“You won't m...”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7240]“そんなことが……”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7738]“I will make it. I told you once about the power of words, didn't I?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7738]“できるのよ、言葉は力だって教えたでしょう?”[wvl]
 Mizuha bit her lip after realizing her sister's intentions.[l] Yuki idly looked down at her as she considered her options for the coming negotiation.[wvl]
;; 水羽は思い知った顔になって、唇を噛んだ。[l]それを上から見下ろしながら、ユキは交渉の段取りを決めていった。[wvl]
 It would be simple.[wvl]
;; 簡単なことだ。[wvl]
 Her opponents were a gaggle of amateurs.[l] The Director would be too worried about his precious reputation to call the police.[l] Even considering Haru's raw logic, Yuki still had her nemeses bested soundly when it came to persuasive skill.[np]
;; 相手は素人の集まり。[l]理事長も体面を気にして、すぐには警察を呼ばないだろう。[l]ハルにしても、まだまだ会話ではユキに及ばない。[np]

 The only problem would be her final bastion of innocence.[l] Once Yuki commits a crime herself, she has turned down a dark path from which there is no return.[l] Her father's golden record would be forever tarnished if his daughter became a criminal.[l] It is for this reason that Yuki apologized to her father, Tokita Akihiro, in her heart.[l] She desperately wished she could have at least said a word of parting to him... but the march of time would permit no such thing.[wvl]
;; 問題は、最後の決意だった。[l]ユキの父、時田彰浩への謝罪。[l]彼は心優しき父親だった。[l]娘が罪を犯せば父の出処進退にも関わるだろう。[l]せめて一言、別れの言葉を告げたかったが、それもかなわないか……。[wvl]
;;if you can't tolerate the batshit-crazy edit job, make a tl that makes sense, k? Unless it was some kinda foreshadowing (doubt it), it was totally out of left-field. - pondr
;;I don't really get the line completely either. I think I just literally TL'd it without trying to understand what the point of it was. Maybe the more competent TNA can fix it up - chikan
;;Meh, I guess I should have detailed this. The first line is supposed to be her preperation to go through with it. Everything is going well, the problem is her resolution. 最後/final just being like, there's no turning back after this stage. The lines after that go on to list her biggest lingering regret. This is going to be the last, she's going to cause her father harm to his career, he was a really kind father, and she won't be able to apologize. She wanted to at least say goodbye, but even that will not be possible. 
;;wow so it wasn't so utterly batshit crazy. - pondr
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7241]“Please, Nee-san. Reconsider, won't you?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7241]“姉さん、お願い。考え直して?”[wvl]
 Mizuha spoke directly to the hesitation in Yuki's heart.[l] However, her pleading, sycophantic expression only reminded Yuki of her filthy biological father, and the hatred within her burned away what barriers held her resolve in check.[wvl]
;; ユキの迷いを見透かしたように言った。[l]その媚びるような顔が、薄汚い実父と重なって、ユキの心は憎悪に燃え上がった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7739]“The die is cast, Mizuha.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7739]“犀は投げられたのよ、水羽”[np]
;;the rhinoceros has been thrown
;;huh? - pondr
;;that was more toward TNA. I was referring to the typo ("sai" means both die/dice and rhinoceros, but the kanji used means rhino) - chikan
;;that's unfuckingbelievably funny. - pondr

;背景 港 夜
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_e_t time=1000

@chr c=haru_a_se_05_s
Around an hour later, Usami showed up with the Director in tow.[np]

The sea breeze swept up her long hair and tussled it about.[np]

@camera angle=l time=1000
[nm t="京介"]“That one there, Usami. See the faint light coming from the window?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美、あれだ、あの倉庫だ。窓からうっすらと明かりが漏れているだろう?”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8984]“Good work. That's got to be the one. How are we going to get in?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8984]“間違いなさそうですね。どうやって入ったんでしょうか?”[np]

Usami's question was right on the mark, but I didn't have an answer yet.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7018]“What's going on this time?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7018]“いったい、今度はなんだっていうのかね?”[np]

The Director flared up at me despite his exhausted appearance.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7019]“Was Yuki really behind everything? The girl's mother embezzled money from my company, you know. I should've handed her into the police, but no, I had to go and let her off after kicking her out of my house.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7019]“真犯人は、ユキだって? あの娘の母親はうちの会社の金を横領したんだぞ? 本来なら警察に突き出してやるところを、追放するだけで許してやったんだ”[np]

‘She should be thanking me, not holding some grudge,’ he says with a sigh.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7020]“Criminal parent, criminal kid, I guess.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7020]“まったく、犯罪者の娘も犯罪者か”[np]
;;lulz. he's talking about himself. in my version at least. Wish I could've done ‘like mother like daughter', but 113 is prolly referring to ‘like father like daughter'. - pondr

@chr c=haru_b_se_16_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8985]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8985]“…………”[np]

The Director was lucky we have such a strong wind this morning.[np]

The eyes peeking at him from behind Usami's long, windswept bangs bore all the horror of Azai Gonzou's.[np]

I interrupted his whining.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“That's great, Director. You didn't even get the police involved when you were the victim of the embezzlement? That probably means you'll want to keep this little case under wraps too, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なるほど、理事長。横領すらも警察沙汰にしなかったのですから、今回もなるべく穏便にことを進めたほうがいいんですよね?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7021]“Yeah. How about you?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7021]“ああ、君だってそうだろう?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, I couldn't agree more.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ええ、まったく”[np]

If we keep the events of this awful night a secret, even Tokita might have a future.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

...Not that Tokita's future is of any importance to me.[np]

It'd just be a waste of an able mind.[np]

I mean, if I build my connections with her now, she'll be of use to me in the future.[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_00_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8986]“I'll try calling Yuki.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8986]“ユキに連絡します”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah. Oh, use that device you used before so I can hear too.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、例の機械でおれにも時田の声が聞こえるようにしてくれ”[np]

Usami quickly took out her phone and began to fit it with the widget.[np]

@ev storage=ev_mizuha_05a

 The phone rang.[wvl]
;; 着信があった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7740]“You're late, Haru.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7740]“遅かったわね、ハル”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8987]“Have we got the right place, Yuki?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8987]“ユキ、そこにいるんだな?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7741]“Yes. I'm right here in the warehouse. No tricks this time, Haru. You brought the Director, right?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7741]“ええ、今度こそ、ちゃんと倉庫のなかにいるわ。小細工はなしよ、ハル。理事長は連れてきたんでしょうね?”[wvl]
 The man himself spoke up in response.[wvl]
;; そこで、お目当ての男の声が割って入ってきた。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7022]“Hey, Yuki! Do you realize who you're screwing around with here!?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7022]“おい、ユキ。貴様、いったい自分が誰を相手にしているのかわかっているんだろうな?”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7742]“A worthless son of a bitch who can't do anything without his mistress?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7742]“愛人がいないとなにもできない、甲斐性なしの男でしょう?”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7023]“W-what...!?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7023]“な、なんだと……!?”[wvl]
 Yuki imagined his red face, flushed with anger.[l] As she provoked him, she listened to the ambient sounds in the background.[l] The roaring sound of the sea breeze announced that he was indeed outside the warehouse.[wvl]
;; 真っ赤になった顔が目に浮かぶ。[l]ユキは挑発しながらも、本当に倉庫の外に理事長がいるのかを耳で探った。[l]海風のうなるような轟音が響いている。[l]まず、そこにいると考えていいだろう。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8988]“What do you want, Yuki?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8988]“ユキ、望みはなんだ?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7743]“Hahaha. Haru, oh Haru... hostage crises require a bit of tactful foreplay.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7743]“フフ……ハル、立て篭もり犯にいきなり要求を聞いてはいけないわ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_8989]“You mean we need to build trust before I can ask for your demands?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8989]“まずは、仲良くなってからって言いたいのか?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7744]“That's right. At the moment, I'm a stranger to you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7744]“そう。いまの私は、あなたの知らない人なのよ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8990]“Don't be ridiculous. You were my friend. I'm just as heartbroken as Mizuha must be about all this. I still can't believe it.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8990]“馬鹿を言うな。ユキはユキだろう。水羽もきっと悲しんでる。わたしもそうだ。いまだに信じられない”[wvl]
 Yuki laughs at Haru's emotional voice.[l] If she doesn't, the guilt will tear her apart.[wvl]
;; 感情にたかぶった声を、ユキはあざ笑ってやった。[l]そうしないと、罪悪感が押し寄せてくるから。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7745]“You sound like a bad soap opera, Haru. ‘We've got you surrounded, now look, your mother's crying.’”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7745]“まるでコントね、ハル。『お前たちは完全に包囲されてる、ほら、田舎のお母さんも泣いているぞ』って?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_8991]“Yuki...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8991]“ユキ……!”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7746]“Pipe down a little, Haru. If you're too emotional, you might agitate the criminal enough to make them do something that can't be undone.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7746]“少し黙ってよ、ハル。あまり感情をぶつけてくると、犯人が興奮して取り返しのつかないことになるわよ?”[wvl]
 She looks at her bound sister with an icy glare.[wvl]
;; 冷たく言いながら、縛られた水羽を見下ろした。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7747]“I'll tell you my demands, Haru,” [wveh]Yuki suddenly says.[l] [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7748]“Prepare a car within the hour.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7747]“私の要求を言うわ、ハル”[wveh]ユキはいきなり切り出した。[l][nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7748]“いまから一時間以内に、車を一台用意すること”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8992]“That's not all, is it?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8992]“それだけじゃないんだろう?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7749]“Oh, how'd you know?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7749]“さすがにわかる?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_8993]“If you were just trying to get away, you wouldn't have gone to the trouble of calling out the Director.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8993]“逃げるだけなら、わざわざ理事長を呼んだりしない”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7750]“I'm glad you understand. That should expedite things.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7750]“話が早くて助かるわ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8994]“...Where are you planning on taking the Director in the car?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8994]“……理事長を車に乗せて、どこに行こうっていうんだ?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7751]“Who knows? But I can tell you it won't be a very leisurely Sunday drive for him.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7751]“さあ。少なくとも理事長にとって楽しいドライブではなさそうね”[wvl]
 Yuki could hear Haru's breathing stop over the phone.[wvl]
;; ハルが、息を詰まらせるのがわかった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7752]“You got it? No more questions? Now, until the car gets here, we're suspending all negotiations.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7752]“わかった? 質問はない? これから先、車が届くまでいっさいの交渉は打ち切るわ”[np]

 Negotiators try to do what they can to get a reaction out of the criminal.[l] After all, if the criminal is completely unresponsive, negotiations wouldn't have much of a leg to stand on.[l] Yuki knows that, and plans to avoid all unnecessary contact with Haru.[wvl]
;; 交渉人は、なんとかして犯人の反応を得ようとする。[l]相手がまったくの無反応ならば、さすがに打つ手がないからだ。[l]ユキはそれを知って、ハルとの必要以上の接触を避ける算段だった。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8995]“Wait, Yuki. What do you plan to do if we don't accept your conditions?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8995]“待て、ユキ。要求を呑まなかったら、どうするつもりだ?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7753]“What do you think the hostage is for? Mizuha isn't an ornament.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7753]“あら、なんのための人質だと思ってるの? 水羽は置物じゃないのよ?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8996]“Don't lie to me. You wouldn't lay a finger on her.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8996]“嘘はよすんだ。ユキにそんな真似はできない”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7754]“You might be surprised, Haru.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7754]“なに、勝手に決めつけてるのよ、ハル”[np]

 Yuki feigned composure, but the anger inside her was erupting into a mighty tempest.[wvl]
;; ユキは平静さを装って、内心で怒りを爆発させていた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7755]“What exactly do you think you know about me? Why don't you take a look in the mirror? If you could keep ‘Maou’ from me all this time, there's no telling what I might do.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7755]“あなたが私のなにを知っているっていうの? 逆に聞くけど、ハルだって、私に"魔王"のことは教えなかったじゃない?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8997]“......”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8997]“…………”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7756]“You get me? There's darkness in every heart. There are secrets that become game-changers; you can never truly know what someone might suddenly do. What's that mirror looking like, Haru? You still think that, ‘We're friends,’ attitude'll do you any good?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7756]“いい? 誰にだって深い闇があるのよ。親にも友達にも相談できないようなストレスを抱えているの。あなただってそうでしょう? だから、友達だから、とかそういう甘ったるい考えはやめてもらえる?”[np]
;;tokita bitchiness is rather fun - pondr
;;not a fan of "people just like to bottle up stress" as a translation for what was trying to say that people have deep dark secrets that they can't tell anyone(stress was used in place of the word secrets to be more specific, but I feel as if you took the word stress and just kind of ran with it in a bit of a liberal direction) I think the focus should be more on not knowing someone, that they have a dark side only they know about(and thus you don't know what they are capable of), whereas here it seems like you were trying to give a direct cause for how they can do something bad.

 Following that final provocation, Haru's voice changed entirely.[wvl]
;; その瞬間、ハルの声質が変わった。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_8998]“"If I could keep ‘Maou’ from you," you say...?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8998]“"魔王"のことは教えなかった、だと……?”[wvl]
 Yuki had finally let slip her connection to ‘Maou’.[l] It was unimportant, though.[l] Haru's connection to him, her absurd bloodlust, had been a case in Yuki's point... it was likely her deepest darkness, one of those secrets known only to herself.[wvl]
;; ユキは、つい、自分が"魔王"とつながっていることをしゃべっていた。[l]しかし、そんなことはどうでもいい。[l]ハルがなぜ"魔王"を追っているのか、それこそ本人にしかわからない深い闇だ。[wvl]
;;Also, the last sentence above this is supposed to kind of be acknowledging that Yuki is right. Doesn't really feel that way here. The part about being an unimportant detail is supposed to be like, that's not important, what's important is what Yuki is saying makes sense, that she has her own deep darkness, blah blah.
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7757]“I know the ‘Maou’. Hell, we shared a hotel room once. He's crooked, but he's a man of principle. Kinda like you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7757]“私は"魔王"を知っているわ。ええ、宿を借りたことすらある仲よ。彼は歪んでいるけれど、信念を持った男だわ。あなたと同じようにね”[wvl]
 The gauntlet had been thrown.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_8999]“Very well, Yuki,” [wveh]Haru said as her tension noticeably doubled.[l] [nm t="ハル" s=har_9000]“If you choose to identify yourself as both an agent and supporter of ‘Maou’, then I won't go easy on you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_8999]“わかったよ、ユキ”[wveh]ひしひしと緊張が募る。[l][nm t="ハル" s=har_9000]“お前が"魔王"と関わっているのであれば、そして"魔王"を肯定するのであれば、わたしも容赦はしない”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7758]“Oh? How terrifying...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7758]“へえ、怖いわね……”[wvl]
 Despite her sarcasm, Yuki's smile twitched.[wvl]
;; 事実、ユキの笑みは引きつっていた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7759]“At any rate, you have one hour. If you're late, one of the Hero's precious comrades will be left in pieces. So hurry up, would you?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7759]“とにかく、一時間以内よ。遅れたら勇者の大切な仲間が傷つくことになるから、急いでね”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9001]“Sure.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9001]“いいだろう”[np]

 Haru punctuated her response by hanging up on Yuki.[wvl]
;; 短く言って、ハルのほうから通話を切ってきた。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7242]“Nee-san...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7242]“姉さん……”[wvl]
 The younger sister was uneasy.[l] Nevertheless, she merely looked up at Yuki as if she were worried for her sake.[wvl]
;; 妹は不安そうに、けれど、それでもユキを心配するような顔で見上げてきた。[wvl]
 Haru had allowed her anger to show through her poker face.[l] A display of tension during a negotiation can excite the criminal.[wvl]
;; ハルは怒りを覗かせた。[l]交渉人の緊張が高まれば犯人の感情もたかぶる。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7760]“You should be worried for your own sake, Mizuha. You heard what I just said. Don't be so naive as to think I won't hurt you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7760]“自分の心配をしたら、水羽。いまの私の話を聞いていたでしょう。私があなたを傷つけないだなんて、甘ったるく決めつけないで”[wvl]
 Fear consumed Mizuha's eyes, and Yuki was satisfied.[np]
;; 水羽の目に恐怖が宿り、ユキはようやく満足した。[np]

;背景 港 夜
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_i_l time=500



@chr c=haru_d_se_22c_b
[nm t="京介"]“That woman has got to be kidding...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“時田のヤツ、本気なのか?”[np]

I try to snap Usami out of the trance she's been in since the call ended.[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_00_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9002]“Yuki used to reminisce fondly about the days she spent with her mother.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9002]“昔、ユキは、お母さんと二人でひっそりと暮らしていたときのことを、面白おかしく話してくれました”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9003]“They had no relatives to rely on, and they lived in a small factory in Hokuriku. Her mother worked there. They had no money, and practically no clothes... but her mother always did everything she could for her.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9003]“頼れる親戚もなく、北陸の小村にある町工場で住み込みで働いていたそうです。お金がなくて、着るものにも困るありさまでしたが、いつでもお母さんが助けてくれました”[np]
;;again, komura is probably, etc.

...Sounds familiar, somehow.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9004]“One day, the village they were living in became divided on an issue. Some people were in support of building a dam in the town, and some people were rabidly against it. Yuki's mother, through her experience at a construction company, knew what good things a dam could bring to the village... so she supported it.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9004]“あるとき、村にダムを誘致するしないで、村中が賛成派と反対派に別れ、もめたことがありました。ユキのお母さんは、建設会社に勤めていた経験から、工事の必要性を感じ賛成派に回ったそうです”[np]
;;The real name of the village was HINAMIZAWA!!!!!

@chr c=haru_d_se_22_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9005]“In the end, the construction project was halted. What do you think happened to the supporters after that?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9005]“しかし、結果的に、ダムの建設は中止になりました。すると、賛成に票を投じていた人たちはどうなったと思います?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright, I get it already. I'm no good with these kinds of stories.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、わかったわかった。そういう話は苦手だ”[np]

I shook my head, not wanting to hear more.[np]

I had a similar experience.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Family standing is important in a small village. Tokita and her mother were ostracized, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“小さい村ってのは、家と家とのつながりがなにより大事だ。時田は親子ともども、村八分にされたってところか?”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_00_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9006]“Yes. Their home was burned down.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9006]“ええ、ユキたち親子の住む家も火事で全焼したそうですよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, come on, that's just way too far out there.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おいおい、それは、いくらなんでもやりすぎだろ”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9007]“No, Yuki insisted it was arson.”[np]
;;I think I'm interpreting this conversation wrong, it doesn't seem to make much sense
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9007]“いいえ、ユキは放火だと言っていました”[np]
;;I think maybe since it's an unbelievable story Kyousuke may have had a little dubious tint to his words(granted there isn't much indication of that in what he said) so Haru's like emphasizing it's true. Alternatively... maybe there's something that distinguishes arson into something specific to describe the situation. Not being a Japanese law scholar though, I couldn't say anything on that end.
;;see line 304, can't use ‘confirmed case'.

Not that any legal ramifications could have addressed the root of the problem.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Still, if what the Director said was true, she had it coming to her. Everything was fine until she embezzled money from his company, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“が、そこにいらっしゃる理事長の話が本当なら、それも自業自得ってもんだ。会社の金を横領して家を追い出された結果だろう?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9008]“Yuki said the embezzlement was a complete fabrication. She told me about the situation, and her story seemed very credible.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9008]“ユキの話では、横領の事実はなかったそうです。それについては、とても信憑性のある話を聞きました”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You can't say for certain that she wasn't lying to you. Or that she had her facts straight in the first place.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そんなもん、真実はわからんだろうが”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9009]“In any case, it wasn't Yuki's fault.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9009]“それでも、ユキに非はありません”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It doesn't matter whose fault it was, Usami. Good people have bad luck too. There's no point in holding grudges so long for every little thing.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんにしてもだ、宇佐美。てめえがなにも悪くなくたって、不幸は襲ってくるもんだ。そんなもん、ずっと根に持っててもしょうがねえだろうが”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9010]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9010]“…………”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

...What are we arguing about?[np]
;;lulz nice TL. many ways to interpret. heavy foreshadowing - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“Let's just try to stick to the problem at hand.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“目の前の現実に目をむけよう”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_03_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9011]“...Yeah.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9011]“……はい”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_05_b
We closed in on each other and talked in whispers.[np]
;;closened, pro - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“What do we know? Tokita demanded a car. She plans on taking the Director hostage and running away somewhere. Her ultimate objective is likely to kill him.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“時田は車を一台要求してきた。理事長を人質に、さらなる逃亡をはかる予定だ。目的は理事長の殺害にある”[np]

@chr c=haru_b_se_15_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9012]“I agree so far.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9012]“まさしくその通りですね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Then what's our best course of action? Prepare a car as demanded?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“じゃあ、どうする? 要求どおり、車を用意するか?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9013]“...Yeah, for now.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9013]“……ひとまずは”[np]

Usami thought silently for a moment.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright, I'll get on it. It shouldn't take anywhere near an hour...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかった。一時間もかからん……”[np]

I arranged for the car to get here immediately.[np]

@black rule=rule_i_r time=500



@wait time=1000
@ev storage=ev_mizuha_05b

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7761]“Hey, Mizuha.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7761]“ねえ、水羽”[wvl]
 Yuki broke the silence as she twirled her hair in boredom.[wvl]
;; ユキは退屈を弄ぶように髪をかきわけながら言った。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7762]“Did you ever gather the courage to tell Kyousuke-kun how you felt?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7762]“けっきょく、京介くんにはあのことは伝えられたの?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7243]“...Does it really matter right now?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7243]“……いま、そんなことはどうだっていいじゃない”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7763]“Well, you might not get another chance, you know...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7763]“いまが最後のチャンスになるかもしれないっていうのに?”[wvl]
 Mizuha stared straight into Yuki.[l] It was an unshakably resolute stare, one that defied the gravity of her situation.[np]
;; 水羽をまじまじと見つめた。[l]毅然としているようで、いまだに身に降りかかった不幸を信じられないという顔をしている。[np]
;;lulz I just realized I wrote "defied the gravity" like that song in that musical I've never seen but that everyone says is awesome. - pondr

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7764]“Is that scarf warm?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7764]“そのマフラー、暖かい?”[wvl]
 Mizuha nodded.[wvl]
;; 水羽は、こくりとうなずいた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7765]“Do you remember the day I gave it to you?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7765]“いつあげたのか、覚えてる?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7244]“...I'd caught a cold...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7244]“……私が、かぜをひいたとき……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7766]“Did the gift make you happy?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7766]“うれしかった?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7245]“Yeah...”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7245]“うん……”[np]

 Mizuha's idle stare transformed into a blissful expression.[l] Her eyes narrowed as she reminisced on days gone by.[l] She was weak to old times.[wvl]
;; うっすらと目を細める。[l]昔を懐かしむように。[l]甘い女の子だ。[wvl]
;;I presume this is about Yuki since I don't see an imouto or mizuha in there anywhere, and the current POV is Yuki. - pondr
;;I'd say it's referring to Mizuha, as in 甘い女の子だ is Yuki's thoughts and not narration.
 Yuki suddenly posed a question to her sister, snapping her out of her trance.[wvl]
;; 不意に聞いてやった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7767]“Why didn't you try to contact me?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7767]“どうして、便りの一つもくれなかったの?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7246]“...I, I told you... I didn't know where you lived.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7246]“……それは、だから……どこに住んでるのかも、知らなかったから”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7768]“Couldn't you have tracked me down?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7768]“探してくれてもよかったじゃない?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7247]“...I'm sorry.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7247]“……ごめんなさい”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7769]“I remembered that scarf when my mother's pneumonia took a turn for the worst.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7769]“私の母さんが肺炎で倒れたとき、マフラーのことを思い出したわ”[wvl]
 Mizuha interrupted her with a sob.[wvl]
;; ふと、水羽がしゃくり上げるような声を出した。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7248]“...And you regretted giving it to me?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7248]“……私にあげなければよかったって、こと?”[wvl]
 Yuki sneered at Mizuha as tears filled her eyes.[np]
;; 目に悲しみをみなぎらせた水羽を、ユキはあざ笑った。[np]
;;yeah yuki's line was one of those that could turn a cheery girl into a sobfest in a second. damn, bitch, that was uncalled for. - pondr

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7770]“What do you expect? Instead of getting up off your ass long enough to find me, you just kept living the good life here with your father.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7770]“だって、あなたは、私を探さないで、父親のもとでぬくぬくしていたんでしょう?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7249]“...That's not...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7249]“……そんなつもりは”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7771]“And things never change, do they? You declined my invitation into the last plot. If you had just cooperated with me, the whole operation would have gone over smoothly... the Director wouldn't have stood a chance. In the end, you chose him over me.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7771]“今回だってそうじゃない。水羽は私の誘いを断った。あなたさえ協力してくれれば、もっと楽に理事長を脅迫できたのよ。つまりあなたは、私より、父親を選んだってこと”[np]

@ev storage=ev_mizuha_05c

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7250]“Stop, Nee-san... this isn't like you...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7250]“姉さん、もうやめてよ……こんなの姉さんらしくないよ……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7772]“No, you stop. Stop trying to appeal to my emotions. I'm no longer the little girl who made snowmen with you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7772]“水羽こそ情に訴えるのはやめてよ。私はもう、あなたと雪だるまを作ってたころの私じゃないのよ?”[wvl]
 Mizuha looked down and desperately continued.[wvl]
;; 水羽は目を伏せ、言った。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7251]“...Do you hate Dad that much?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7251]“……そんなに、父さんが憎いの?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7773]“Of course I do,” [wveh]Yuki said as her eyes snapped open.[l] [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7774]“This revenge is premeditated, not some pathetic act of passion. The hate and resentment I bear for that man doesn't fade away; it simmers, distills itself, and grows stronger and stronger.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7773]“当たり前でしょう”[wveh]ユキは目を見開いた。[l][nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7774]“いっときの感情に身を任せて復讐しているわけじゃないの。あいつに対する恨みと憎しみは、時がたつにつれて消えるどころか、どんどん強くなっていったわ”[np]
;;purifies isn't really a word I'd want to use when talking about negative stuff, seems to give a clashing image.
;;so I was looking up synonyms of "distill" and "concentrate" and they had "metastasize" O.O dunno how that's the same, but I felt like it certainly had that negative connotation we were looking for... if you don't like distill (seems to match simmer IMO, reminiscent of <strike>moonshining</strike> vodka preparation) change to whatever - pondr

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7252]“But... there was a reason you had to leave the house...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7252]“でも……姉さんたちが、家を出て行ったのは、理由が……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7775]“What, that farce of an embezzlement? My mother would have [ font italic="true" ]never[ resetfont ] done something like that. That was a setup your father concocted. He was desperate to cut all ties with his mistress. Do you want to see proof? I have plenty...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7775]“横領の話? 私の母さんがそんなことするはずないでしょう。それは、あなたの父親の内部工作よ。平たく言えば、愛人に手切れを言い渡したかっただけ。証拠を見せましょうか。私はちゃんと調べたのよ”[wvl]
 ‘Maou’ had helped her investigate the circumstances surrounding her exile about one year ago.[l] Come to think of it, it was likely at that moment, the moment she sold herself to the Devil, that the wheels of her revenge had begun to spin.[wvl]
;; 一年前、それも"魔王"の力を借りて。[l]思えば悪魔を頼った時点から、復讐の車輪は回りだしていたのかもしれない。[wvl]
;;                                                                         ^^^ since you boys like keeping this "wheel", I'll do so. - pondr
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7776]“Did you know my mother was ill when your father threw us out of the house?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7776]“家を追い出された当時、母さんが病気がちだったのは覚えてる?”[np]

 Mizuha didn't respond.[l] She was likely too young to remember those days, but Yuki would never forget.[l] She would never forget the blood on her mother's lips and hands as she coughed out her lungs, or the smiling face she used to tell Yuki that everything was fine.[wvl]
;; 水羽の返答はなかった。幼かった水羽は覚えていないようだが、ユキはいまでも思い出す。[l]血の混じった咳をして、ユキになんでもないと笑って見せた母の顔を。[wvl]
;;are we sure this is pneumonia and not tuberculosis/consumption? coughing blood in literature is usually tuberculosis. - pondr
;;It's mentioned that she collapsed from pneumonia earlier, but that doesn't mean that what she's suffering from here is pneumonia. That could have been an unspecificed later date, a different case. They described her as sickly when they kicked her out, as in, weak or prone to illness(though you changed that to just plain ill) so getting more than one sickness isn't out of the question.
 How could that man throw a woman in that condition out into the cold?[wvl]
;;and the "traditional" treatment for tuberculosis is warm weather because the cold is bad... - pondr
;; そんな人間を、よくぞ冬の寒空に放り出してくれたものだ。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7777]“Yeah, I realize she was nothing but a mistress. I realize that. She was bound to be done away with at some point. But cruelty has its limits! Did he really have to throw her out onto the street!?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7777]“そりゃあ、わかってるわよ。愛人だもの。いつかは切られる運命にあったんでしょうね。でも、不倫にも筋ってものがあるでしょう。なにも路頭に迷わせなくてもいいじゃない?”[wvl]
 Yuki knew complaining to Mizuha about her mother's pain and humiliation wouldn't do any good, but she couldn't help herself.[np]
;; ユキは、母の無念と苦痛を水羽に訴えても仕方がないとわかっていながらも、どうにもならなかった。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7778]“Know this, Mizuha. My mother's blood is on your father's hands...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7778]“あいつが母さんを殺したも同然なの、それはわかってよ水羽……!”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7253]“...That doesn't mean you have to go this far...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7253]“……なにも、こんなことしなくても……”[wvl]
 Yuki gave up.[l] Mizuha may be her sister, but she's still an outsider.[l] There's no way she could understand.[l] Even Yuki couldn't muster the empathy to consider other people's problems to be her own.[l] Once upon a time, each of those countless convicts had told her a life story... but she had listened as an unconcerned bystander.[wvl]
;; ユキは観念した。[l]妹とはいえ、しょせんは他人。[l]わかってもらえるはずがなかった。[l]実際、多くの犯罪者と対面してきたユキも、彼や彼女の生い立ちや、犯罪にいたるまでの過程を、どこか他人事のような冷めた顔で聞いていたものだ。[wvl]
 Yuki decided to respond leniently.[np]
;; ユキはいまや寛容に言った。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7779]“I know revenge won't bring my mother back from the dead. But it might bring me back from the brink of Hell. Once you start thinking of revenge as the only form of salvation, you're past the point of no return.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7779]“復讐が問題の解決にならないことは知っているわ。でもね、救いにはなるのよ。復讐こそが唯一の救いだと思い込んでしまったら、もうあとには引けないわ”[wvl]
;;I like the colorfulness, but the casualness of the last line and "I was damned" doesn't quite capture "can no longer turn back" very well, it just feels like it's cool a line but without the actual intended susbstance to back it up, so it doesn't seem to work very well as a response to Mizuha's pleas to stop.
;;Readded "then again" because she contradicts her other sentence, and changed last clause because there were too many "back"s in the sentence. - pondr
;;The ‘then again' is the most important part to remove because the whole line is supposed to lead up to that final thought, which is her answer for why she can't turn back. I think revenge can bring me back from hell, I started thinking of it as salvation, that is why I can no longer go back. I think maybe you're mistaking what the final sentence is referring to here maybe? It's referring to her not being able to stop what she's doing now. Not ‘no turning back from hell' or no salvation possible or whatever(the part about hell was your addition remember, of course they're not going to refer to that). Like I said earlier, it's an answer to Mizuha's pleas that she doesn't have to go this far. Maybe it would help to remind you of Chikan's version
;;I know revenge doesn't solve any problems. But it can be salvation. As soon as someone thinks revenge can be the only salvation, there's no going back.
 As if to punctuate the end of her thought, the phone rang.[l] Yuki quickly drew in a breath and exhaled before answering.[wvl]
;; 直後、着信があった。[l]ユキはひと息ついて、応答した。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7780]“That was fast, Haru.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7780]“早かったわね、ハル”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9014]“We have the car you asked for.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9014]“望みどおり、車は用意した”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7781]“Well done. Leave the engine running, would you? I want to be able to take off as quickly as possible.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7781]“上出来ね。すぐ出られるようにエンジンはかけっぱなしにしておいてちょうだい”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9015]“...Do you honestly believe you'll be able to get away?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9015]“本当に逃げられると思っているのか?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7782]“Oh, trust me, Haru. I have no intention of being on the leading edge of a car chase, so don't try it. If I see a single pursuer, they'll be fishing our car from the ocean with a crane tomorrow morning.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7782]“カーチェイスをするつもりはないわよ。ぜったいに追ってこないでね。追手の影でも見えれば、その場で海にでも突っ込むわよ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9016]“You're insane...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9016]“正気じゃないな……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7783]“Do you think a sane person could do any of this?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7783]“正気でこんなことができると思う?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9017]“Even if you manage to shake us, you won't be able to shake the police.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9017]“たとえ、わたしたちを振り切ったとしてもだ。警察がユキを追うぞ”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7784]“Oh, I imagine I won't. After all, there's nothing keeping you from running to the boys in blue this time.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7784]“でしょうね。今度こそ、警察を頼らない理由がないもの”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9018]“Do you plan on living on the run for the rest of your life? Waking up scared every morning, wondering if today'll be the day they finally drag you in?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9018]“一生逃げるつもりか? 今日捕まるか、明日捕まるかっておびえながら毎日暮らすのか?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7785]“What's this? After making all that fuss and saying you won't go easy on me, you're still trying to persuade me? Don't you think that's a little too soft for you, Haru?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7785]“あらあら、容赦はしないとか言っておきながら、まだ説得しようっていうの? 甘いんじゃないの?”[wvl]
 Haru had apparently ignored Yuki's provocation, as she countered with a deadly blow.[wvl]
;; しかし、ハルは挑発には乗らず、ユキにとって一番痛いところをついてきた。[wvl]
;;gotta give this the "told by yuki" standpoint, but it preempts Haru's line... which is tough... - pondr
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9019]“Your father's going to be the one chasing you, Yuki.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9019]“ユキを追うのは、ユキのお父さんだぞ”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7786]“I highly doubt it,” [wveh]she answered coldly.[l] [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7787]“Officers are automatically removed from any cases involving family members. Daddy'll probably be sent back to the countryside.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7786]“そんなはずないじゃない”[wveh]冷たく言った。[l][nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7787]“娘が罪を犯したら、捜査から外されるわ。父さんもまた田舎に逆戻りよ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9020]“You've thought about this, I see. Then let me emphasize this once more: if you give up now, this won't become public. You can go back home to your father. Now come out from there.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9020]“よくわかってるじゃないか。もう一度言う。いまなら、まだことは公にはならない。まだやり直せる。いますぐそこから出てくるんだ”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7788]“Oh, please... you want me to surrender? Me, one of ‘Maou's’ accomplices? Why, so you and Kyousuke can have me torn apart?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7788]“投降したとして、"魔王"の仲間であるわたしはどうなるの? あなたや、京介くんのお仲間さんたちに暴行されるんじゃないの?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9021]“I... no.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9021]“そんなことは……ない”[wvl]
 Haru's faltering voice betrayed her hesitance.[l] But even if Haru had a change of heart, the Sonoyama men outside would wring every last drop of blood from Yuki.[l] They'd been chasing ‘Maou’ for a good while now too.[np]
;; 語尾を濁すような言い方に、ハルの戸惑いが確認できた。[l]ハルはともかく、"魔王"を血眼になって探している園山組のヤクザたちは、ユキを捕まえれば、徹底的に絞り上げるだろう。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7789]“That's enough chitchat for now. I'll tell you my next demand.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7789]“話はこれまでよ。次の要求を言うわ”[wvl]
 Yuki glimpsed at Mizuha.[l] Her sister was already lost for words, dark with despair.[np]
;; ちらりと水羽を見た。[l]妹はすでに言葉を失ったように、絶望に暮れているだけだった。[np]




;背景 港 夜
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_i_r time=500

I listened to Tokita's demands over the receiver.[np]

@mface name=yuki_c_se_02_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7790]“I've got a question for the Director.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7790]“そこの理事長に質問があるの”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7024]“...What? What do you want to ask?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7024]“……なんだ、なにが聞きたい?”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7791]“It's important, so I expect honesty.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7791]“重要なことよ。正直に答えてね”[np]

She prefaced herself with that before continuing.[np]

@mface name=yuki_c_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7792]“What do you know about the man who set fire to the house my mother and I were living in back in Hokuriku?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7792]“私と母さんが北陸の小さな村に住んでいたとき、うちの家に火を放った男を知らないかしら?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7025]“...I-I don't know what you're talking about.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7025]“……な、なにを言っているのかわからん”[np]

@mface name=yuki_c_se_19b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7793]“Oh, I highly doubt that. You gave the order, didn't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7793]“いいえ、知っているはずよ。あれはあなたの指示?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7026]“I told you, I don't know what you're talking about.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7026]“知らんものは知らん”[np]

@mface name=yuki_c_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7794]“You'd been after the records she had kept of your under-the-table dealings for a long time. After that little fire of yours, everything just disappeared. Everything we owned just went up in smoke... literally. Worked out for you, didn't it?”[np]
;;I have no idea what the English for 裏帳簿 is - chikan
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7794]“本当の目的は、母さんが持っていたあなたの裏帳簿よね? おかげでなにもかも燃えちゃったわ。良かったわね”[np]
;;yeah you won't find a succint noun or anything(I don't think), only way around it is to just try and describe it.(裏帳簿 just being a ‘second record book' for money gained from less than legal methods, for editing, in case that's not clear)

The Director shook his head frantically, obviously in a panic.[np]

@mface name=yuki_c_se_02_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7795]“The villagers had always been a bunch of shits to us, so the police investigation was, let's say, ‘less than thorough’. In any case, thanks to our house being burned down, Mom's health got a lot worse. Do you know what that means?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7795]“あのときは、村の人もわたしたちに冷たかったから、ろくに調べもなかったわ。家がなくなったおかげで、母さんの病状も悪化した。この意味がわかる?”[np]
;;more like the villagers all hated them so the police didn't bother putting any effort into the investigation.

It means whoever was responsible for that fire took years off Tokita's mother's life.[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7796]“Come clean, already. I know it was someone you hired.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7796]“教えなさい。あなたの手の者だっていうのは、わかっているのよ?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7027]“I-I didn't tell him to set any fires...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7027]“ひ、火を放てなどと、命じてはいない……”[np]

@mface name=yuki_c_se_19_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7797]“The orders were to sneak in and steal it back, weren't they? When your man couldn't find it, he figured it'd be easier to just torch the whole house. Does that sound about right?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7797]“盗みに入れって命じたんでしょう。でも見つからなくて、めんどくさいから火をつけた。こんなところかしら?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7028]“No. I was just worried about you... that's right, I had asked Katakura-kun to check up on how you were doing...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7028]“違う。あれは、お前たちを心配して……そうだ、片倉くんにはお前たち親子の近況を聞きに行けと……”[np]

@mface name=yuki_c_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7798]“His name is Katakura, is it? Is he a legitimate employee? Did this side job help his career along?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7798]“片倉っていうのね。あなたの会社の社員? たいそう出世したんじゃない?”[np]
;;that reminds me... what does "hane" mean in katahane (as in the game title on the sidebar 2 spots below ours)? If it were in kanji rather than katakana I'd look it up myself, but it's not v.v - pondr
;;actually, if it's 羽 like the ha in Mizuha's name, then I looked that up. - pondr
;;This line got turned too lol sarcastic instead of sardonic. Not much point in dividing it into legitmate/side jobs and bonus should be turned back more toward something being successful or something beneficial in the long run.
;;and don't forget, "hoo, boy" was banned from this translation. - pondr

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7029]“...He's one of our executives. What about it?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7029]“……取締役の一人だ。それがどうした?”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7799]“What do you think? Get Katakura down here. I'm sure he's used to taking your orders, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7799]“決まってるじゃない。片倉もここに呼びなさい。共犯のなかなんだから、身近に置いているんでしょう?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7030]“Don't be ridiculous. You've no proof of any arson. And have you any idea what time it is right now? Don't bring unrelated people into this.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7030]“馬鹿を言うな。放火の証拠なんてないだろう? それに、いま何時だと思っているんだ? 無関係な人間を巻き込むな”[np]

@mface name=yuki_c_se_20_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7800]“I'll decide who's unrelated here... you got it? This is my courtroom.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7800]“無関係かどうかは、私が決めるの。わからない? ここは私の法廷なのよ?”[np]

Her voice was cold enough to freeze one's blood.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Sir, I think it would be best to comply with her demands for now.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“理事長、ひとまず要求を呑むしかないでしょう”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7031]“But...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7031]“しかし……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Look... if need be, I can get my father to ‘erase’ certain things. You know what I mean?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まあ、いざとなったら、父にたのんでいろいろと揉み消して差し上げますので”[np]

I just made up some bullshit, but it seemed to do the job just nicely.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7032]“Looks like we've got no other option...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7032]“やむを得んな……”[np]

He reluctantly agreed.[np]

@mface name=yuki_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7801]“Once you've made all the necessary calls, I want you to enter the warehouse.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7801]“部下への連絡が終わったら、なかに入ってきてもらえる?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7033]“...Why?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7033]“……なぜだ?”[np]

@mface name=yuki_a_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7802]“Is that a refusal?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7802]“いやなの?”[np]

Tokita's voice was brimming with rage.[np]

@mface name=yuki_a_se_06_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7803]“I'll release Mizuha if you come take her place.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7803]“あなたが来れば水羽を解放してあげるわ”[np]

Sweat trickled from the Director's forehead.[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7804]“Your daughter's life is at stake here. Even a demon like you wouldn't abandon Mizuha, would you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7804]“実の娘の命がかかってるのよ? あなたみたいな鬼畜でも、さすがに水羽は見捨てられないでしょう?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7034]“W-wait. What do you intend to do with me?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7034]“ま、待て、私になにをする気だ?”[np]

@mface name=yuki_a_se_06b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7805]“I'll leave that as a surprise. Hurry it up.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7805]“それは来てのお楽しみよ。さあ、早くして”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7035]“Kh...!”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7035]“くっ……!”[np]

He looked at me as if looking for help.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どうなさいます?”[np]

I don't have the right to force him into it.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7036]“...Ngh...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7036]“……っ……”[np]

He blinks over and over, and his hand balls into a clumsy fist.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7037]“...A-alright...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7037]“……わ、わかった……”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22b_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9022]“Wait.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9022]“待ってください”[np]

Usami grabs the Director's shoulder with her free hand.[np]
;;yeah I know yuki is supposed to hear her but it just works better and seems more realistic. and it doesn't mess anything up, yuki still heard her say "wait" - pondr
;;I disagree, Yuki is noticably perturbed at Haru's suggestion(though I guess that got watered down on line 331), one vague ‘wait' just doesn't adequately explain that reaction. These comments have proven to be useful as a reminder to myself at least.

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9023]“It's too dangerous.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9023]“危険すぎます”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7038]“...But...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7038]“……しかし……”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7806]“Haru... what do you think you're doing?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7806]“ハル……なんのつもり?”[np]

At Yuki's prompting, Usami declares her thoughts with seemingly absolute confidence.[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22c_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9024]“There's no way you would ever harm Mizuha, Yuki.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9024]“ユキ、お前に水羽を傷つけられるはずがない”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_15_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7807]“Oh...?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7807]“へえ……”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22b_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9025]“In other words, your current hostage has no value as a hostage.”[np]
;;This might sound awkward/confusing. She means there's no meaning to a hostage if there's no threat to their well-being, just in case that's not clear - chikan
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9025]“これはつまり、人質が人質としての意味を成さないということだ”[np]
;;Yeah, I wouldn't use lost though, since that implies it was there at one point.
;;seemed pretty clear to me, but I agree with tna - pondr

@mface name=yuki_b_se_15b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7808]“Hmm... is that what you think?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7808]“ふうん、そう思ってるんだ”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22c_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9026]“Yes. Thus, I can't afford to give you the director.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9026]“だからこそ、理事長をそちらに行かせるわけにはいかない”[np]
;;Adding the ‘it's something for nothing' here seems to me like it kind of gives the impression of "I can't make that trade because it's unequal" which isn't necessarily the point. So, eh, changed it for now. The exact logic behind WHY she can't make it is explained in the next couple lines anyway, no need to go out of your way to over explain

I see... she can't kill Shiratori, but she can kill the Director.[np]
;;technically an epiphany so, just wanted to make it more epiphanylike.

If she had the Director held hostage instead of her own sister, she could feasibly make outrageous demands.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7809]“I see. I underestimated you, Haru. You completely exceeded my expectations.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7809]“なるほど、さすがはハルね。私の思惑をあっさりと見破ってくれる”[np]
;;I thought it was obvious. This is even easier than the chapter 1 game theory bit. - pondr

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9027]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9027]“…………”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_15b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7810]“However, you seem to have misunderstood something. I feel I should clarify this.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7810]“でも、誤解をしているようだから、ちょっと教えてあげるわ”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_00_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9028]“What...?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9028]“なに……?”[np]

The sound of flesh being harshly beaten jumped from the receiver.[np]

And perfectly coinciding with that,[np]

@mface name=mizuha_c_sec_18b_b
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7254]“Kyaa!!!”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7254]“きゃあっ!!!”[np]

Shiratori's screams followed suit.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_15_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7811]“Did you hear that...?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7811]“聞こえたかしら……?”[np]

@mface name=mizuha_b_sec_11_b
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7255]“...Gh... uu...”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7255]“……っ……うぅ……”[np]

Tokita's cruelty manifested itself in Shiratori's gasps.[np]
;;gasping in grief, heh. I know you want to change it, but sobbing is overdoing it since uh, she just clapped her hands in front of her and she's surprised, you're not going to sob from that.

@chr c=haru_d_se_22c_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9029]“...Yuki...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9029]“……ユキ……”[np]

Usami's brows tensed, and after some time she began to speak.[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22b_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9030]“What did you do to Mizuha?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9030]“いまのは、なんだ?”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_16b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7812]“I backhanded her. But I think I just found a rusty nail lying on the floor in here. I might just use that next time.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7812]“頬を殴ったの。ちょうどいま、倉庫のなかで古びた釘を見つけたわ。次は、これを使おうかしら”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22c_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9031]“Cut it out.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9031]“やめるんだ”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7813]“If you obey me like a good girl, I'll do just that.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7813]“私の言うことをおとなしく聞いてくれれば、やめてあげる”[np]

Someone nearby had had enough, and jumped into the conversation.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7039]“Alright! Look, take me, just release my daughter!”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7039]“わかった! いま行くから、娘を解放してくれ!”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_16c_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7814]“Haha... hear that? You've got such a sweet Papa, Mizuha. I wish he'd have been so sweet to me.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7814]“フフ……いいパパじゃない。その優しさを少しは私にも分けて欲しかったものだわ”[np]

I decided to speak up, and mustered the calmest voice I could.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hey, Tokita. You're not lying when you say you'll release Shiratori if we hand over the Director, are you?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おい、時田。理事長を引き渡せば白鳥を解放してくれるというのは本当だろうな?”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_16b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7815]“Of course not. Trust me.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7815]“もちろんよ。信じて”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'd love to. You just don't seem too trustworthy right now.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“信ずるに足りるものが見当たらなくてな”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7816]“How did I know you'd say that, Kyousuke-kun? From the very first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you and I had a lot in common.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7816]“さすがは京介くんね。初めて会ったときから、あなたと私は似た者同士だと思っていたわ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You mean like the way we think?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“合理的なところがか?”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7817]“No... I was referring to the labyrinthine darkness within our hearts.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7817]“いいえ、心に複雑な闇を抱えているという意味で”[np]
;;thought I'd make this extra Neko... erm... bullshitty to warrant the last nerve reaction. - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“Alright, look, I've had enough of this shit. Trump card time. Either Shiratori comes out, or we're coming in.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“戯言はいい。もし、白鳥を返さなかった場合、おれたちは倉庫の中に乗り込むぞ”[np]
;;reference to g42, she gives him a lecture about "joker cards" that I adapted to trump cards, probably could've been wildcards too. - pondr

@mface name=yuki_b_se_16c_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7818]“Do you think you'll be able to break the door down?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7818]“強行突入ってこと?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well, let's see... we've got a couple dozen men out here who could wrestle bulls. So I'm gonna say yes, I do. And I'll also say that if it comes to that, you're through, Tokita.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ここに屈強な男が何人いると思ってるんだ? カギをぶっ壊してでも、なかに入ってやる。そうなったらお前はおしまいだ”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_16_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7819]“Oh, most definitely... I really do love this side of you, you know.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7819]“でしょうね……そういうところ、ますます気に入ったわ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Good one, Tokita. We'll see who's laughing when these guys drag you out of hiding.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ふざけていられるのもいまのうちだ”[np]

Actually, we already have a route into the warehouse.[np]

There's a window up on the side.[np]

It's about five yards off the ground, but that shouldn't be a problem if we can get a few men standing on each other's shoulders.[np]

Still, that should be a last resort.[np]

@mface name=yuki_a_se_01b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7820]“Hey, Kyousuke-kun, why not switch over to my side? I think I'm a pretty resourceful gal... you might decide you like me.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7820]“どう、京介くん、私と組まない? 私はそれなりに役に立つと思うのだけれど?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Sure. Sounds great, honestly. We can hammer out the specifics once you come out of there.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そうだな。それもいいな。具体的な話は、ひとまずお前がそこを出てきてからだな”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_04_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7821]“Fantastic. Hand over the Director and I'll be right with you.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7821]“そうね、じゃあ、理事長を引き渡してちょうだい”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7040]“...Ngh.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7040]“……っ”[np]

@camera angle=l
@dellay pos=c
@chr l=haru_d_se_22c_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9032]“No.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9032]“だめです”[np]

Usami stopped the Director a second time as he started toward the warehouse's entrance.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7041]“Let me go. I have no other choice.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7041]“離してくれ。もう私が行くしかないんだ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9033]“You can't. There's a criminal in there waiting to kill you. Don't you realize that?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9033]“いけません。犯人は、あなたを殺害するつもりなんですよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

Usami finally called Tokita a criminal.[np]

It was likely a measure she took to kill her personal feelings toward her friend.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7822]“You're a stubborn one, Haru. That man is a degenerate, inhuman worm of a human being.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7822]“強情ね、ハル。そこの男は最低の類の人間なのよ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9034]“Even so, I can't just let him die.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9034]“たとえ、最低の人間だとして、見殺しにはできない”[np]

Tokita gave a short, nasal laugh.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_16c_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7823]“And that's why you have no friends, Haru. When you act all righteous, people think you're weird. People want to keep their heroes in their video games.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7823]“あなたはだから友達が少ないのよ。そうやって正義風を吹きまわしているとね、みんなうさんくさいって思うものなのよ。勇者様が人々に尊敬されるのはゲームの中だけよ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9035]“I'm sorry, but we're not exchanging hostages.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9035]“とにかく人質の交換はしない”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7824]“If you truly insist on being so unyielding, then you'd best prepare for your worst-case scenario.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7824]“そうやって強硬な姿勢を取り続けていると、最悪の事態が待っているわよ?”[np]

@chr l=haru_d_se_22b_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9036]“I said no, and I mean no. Director Shiratori, I want you to stand over there.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9036]“だめなものはだめだ。理事長、下がってください”[np]

Usami managed to stare the Director down, as he took two steps back.[np]

@mface name=yuki_a_se_03b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7825]“Well, Haru... great negotiation so far.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7825]“まったく……優秀なネゴシエーターね”[np]

Tokita remarked sarcastically.[np]

@mface name=yuki_a_se_06_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7826]“I'll call again later.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7826]“また連絡するわ”[np]

Usami let her arm holding the phone slide down as a sigh escaped her lips.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you sure we made the right call there, Usami?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美、いいのか?”[np]

@chr l=haru_b_se_15_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9037]“The second she takes the Director hostage, it's over.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9037]“理事長を人質に取られたら、終わりです”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I realize that, but we can't just let Shiratori die.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“それはわかっているが、かといって、白鳥を見殺しにもできんだろう?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9038]“Yuki wouldn't touch Mizuha.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9038]“ユキは水羽に危害を加えたりしません”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Why are you still acting so naive? She just hit Shiratori a few seconds ago.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まだそんな甘いこと言ってるのか? さっきヤツは白鳥を殴っただろう?”[np]

@chr l=haru_b_se_15b_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9039]“Nah, that was just a bluff.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9039]“いいえ、あれは、はったりです”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...How can you say that? We heard the whole thing, didn't we?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……どういうことだ、たしかにばちんって肌を張られたような音がしたじゃないか?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9040]“Think about it. If Yuki really had backhanded Mizuha, there's no way she would have screamed in the next second like that.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9040]“よく考えてください。もし、ユキが本当に水羽の頬を平手でぶったのであれば、ばちんという音と同時に水羽の悲鳴が上がるはずがありません”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Hm...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……む……”[np]

She's right. If Shiratori really had been smacked, she'd have gone speechless from the shock.[np]

@chr l=haru_b_se_15_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9041]“Most likely, she just clapped her hands together in front of Mizuha. It scared her, so she screamed out in surprise.”[np]
;; nekodamashi = (replace with something better?) - chikan
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9041]“おそらく、水羽の目の前で自分の両手を叩いただけでしょう。猫だましみたいなものです。水羽は驚いて悲鳴を上げただけです”[np]
;;you can probably just drop the nekodamashi part altogether

[nm t="京介"]“Which would mean...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ということは……?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9042]“The criminal still has some semblance of a conscience.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9042]“犯人には、まだ良心が残っているということです”[np]

Still, huh...?[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9043]“That was Yuki's downfall. If she hadn't bluffed like that, we might have accepted the trade...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9043]“いまのはユキのミスです。そんなはったりをしてこなければ、我々も二の足を踏むものを……”[np]

But as it played out, she practically told us she won't be hurting Shiratori anytime soon.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9044]“Like I said earlier, this means that her hostage lacks any real functional purpose.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9044]“先ほども言ったように、これはつまり、人質が人質として機能していないということです”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Which means we've got the edge.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“つけ入る隙があるってことだな”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9045]“Yeah...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9045]“ええ……”[np]

Usami nodded as she stared at the warehouse's wall.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9046]“Check out that window over there...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9046]“あそこに窓がありますね……”[np]

@black rule=rule_c_b time=500



;背景 倉庫中
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_c_b time=1000

 ‘Looks like things have taken a turn for the worse,’ Yuki thought.[wvl]
;; 困ったことになったと、時田ユキは思った。[wvl]
 She paced around Mizuha with her arms folded.[l] As Yuki had realized from the onset, her hostage was a weak excuse for one at best.[l] She should have known Haru would realize this too.[l] The fact that she had been able to recognize Yuki's assault as a bluff only compounded the problem.[wvl]
;; 腕組みをしながら、水羽の周りを歩き回る。[l]問題は、やはり、人質が人質として機能していないことだ。[l]ハルは、さすがにその点に気づいていた。[l]先ほどの脅しなど、簡単に見破られたことだろう。[wvl]
 She needed to force a hostage swap quickly, before things got any worse...[wvl]
;; 早めに理事長を人質として迎え入れなくては……。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7256]“Nee-san...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7256]“姉さん……”[wvl]
 Mizuha, who had kept silent until now, suddenly raised her head.[l] Her eyes were utterly vacant.[np]
;; 口を閉ざしていた水羽が、顔を上げた。[l]虚ろな目。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7827]“Sorry for scaring you back there.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7827]“さっきは、驚かせてごめんね”[wvl]
 Yuki subconsciously allowed her guilt to squeeze out an apology.[l] She may have been jealous, envious of her sisters' comfortable upbringing, but she was not yet prepared to cross the line of violence against this innocent girl.[wvl]
;; 思わず口をついた言葉は、ユキの本心だった。[l]安全な家庭で育った妹はたしかにうらやましく、ねたましいが、暴力を振るうには、ユキはまだ気持ちの整理がついていなかった。[wvl]
;;emotions weren't adjusted is going to get some ? over pondr's head. Get your feelings in order. In context it means that she's too jumbled over her emotions so she's not sure of herself enough to take a major action such as inflict violence, like, she's not prepared to take that step.
;;yeah having unadjusted emotions is like being wacko - pondr
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7257]“It's okay...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7257]“いいの……”[wvl]
 Mizuha muttered a quiet response before returning her gaze to the floor.[wvl]
;; つぶやいて、またうつむいた。[wvl]
 Yuki was nervous about the upcoming raid.[l] As long as they know she won't harm Mizuha, they might force their way in at any time.[np]
;; ユキは、間近に迫る強行突入に焦りを覚えていた。[l]水羽を傷つけられないとばれた以上、踏み込まれるのは当然のことだった。[np]

 They'll most likely try to enter via the warehouse window.[l] If she puts up a fight at the bottleneck there, she might be able to drive away one or two men... but these opponents were muscle from head to toe.[l] Each man she knocked down would stand right back up and try again.[wvl]
;; 侵入口はおそらく窓だろう。[l]窓から這い出てくるところを叩けば、一人二人なら追い払うこともできるだろうが、敵は頭まで筋肉でできているような男たちだ。[l]きっと、無尽蔵に攻め込んでくる。[wvl]
@se storage=se_44
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7828]“...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7828]“……っ!”[wvl]
 Haru hadn't wasted any time.[l] A bulky black shadow stood menacingly still at the window.[wvl]
;; ハルの行動は早い。[l]窓の向こうに黒い人影。[wvl]
 ――What do I do now...?[wvl]
;; ――どうする……?[wvl]
 Yuki looked down at Mizuha.[l] Mizuha returned her gaze.[l] [nm t="水羽" s=miz_7258]“Look, Nee-san...” [wveh]she said in a sickeningly sweet voice.[wvl]
;; 水羽を見下ろした。[l]水羽もこちらを見上げていた。[l][nm t="水羽" s=miz_7258]“姉さん、あのね……”[wveh]甘ったるい声だった。[wvl]
 Yuki would have to cross that line.[np]
;; 腹をくくるしかない。[np]

@black rule=rule_c_b time=500



;背景 倉庫 外 夜
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_c_t time=500

[nm t="京介"]“What's going on in there?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なかの様子はどうです?”[np]

I asked one of Gonzou's subordinates for a quick report.[np]

One of the smaller men had been given a boost up to the window and was peeking through.[np]
;;I can only imagine three mafia dudes standing on each other's shoulders XD 5 meters has to be at least 3 guys. - pondr

[nm t="ヤクザ" s=yk0_7002]“I can't really see what's going on... think we should break the window?”[np]
;;[nm t="ヤクザ" s=yk0_7002]“よく見えませんね……窓、ぶち壊しましょうか?”[np]

I casually looked over to Usami.[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_00_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9047]“Would that be alright?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9047]“いいんですか?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Of course. Oh, I never told you, sorry. This warehouse is managed by the Azai Corporation.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“かまわんだろ。言い忘れたが、この倉庫は、浅井興業が管理している物件だ”[np]
;;this is looseboy saying, hm, I reckon I'll throw this in as a chekov's gun. I'm sure it'll be useful later. - pondr

@chr c=haru_d_se_22_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9048]“...That's one heck of a coincidence.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9048]“……それは、すごい偶然ですね”[np]

Now that I think about it, it is...[np]

Why did Tokita choose this place, anyway?[np]
;;oh lulz or it's a final "maou = kyousuke" even though Yuki's connection to maou pretty much rules that out. - pondr
;;well to be fair, they did give Yuki a bunch of comments about the darkness inside of Kyousuke so it's not entirely implausible that she would know and just feign ignorance.

...Well, whatever, it doesn't matter.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright, on three...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“よし、じゃあ……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“One... two...”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9049]“Wait, stop...!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9049]“ちょっとお待ちを……!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんだ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9050]“Yuki just sent me a text message.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9050]“ユキからメールです”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“A text message? Why didn't she just call you...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“メールだって? 電話ではなく……?”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_13_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9051]“A picture's attached... oh my God...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9051]“画像が添付されています……これは……”[np]

Usami's expression grew severe.[np]

I reflexively peeked at Usami's cell phone.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...What the...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……なんだと……”[np]

Shiratori had been cut by a sharp object.[np]

A stream of blood trickled down her thigh.[np]
;;hawt (I mean, what?) - pondr

The wound looked shallow, but the meaning behind that fresh blood brought a shudder to my spine.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Tokita, that fucking...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“時田のやつ……”[np]

She really did it.[np]

All that time at school must have made me go soft.[np]

Sisters? Give me a break.[np]

My heart froze up.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hey, Usami. Let's call off the raid for now.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おい、宇佐美。突入はひとまず見合わせるぞ”[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9052]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9052]“…………”[np]

She was likely shocked speechless.[np]

She just stared wide-eyed at her phone's LCD.[np]

The phone began to ring with a clamor.[np]

Usami's dumbfounded gaze stayed perfectly still as her hand pulled the phone to her ear.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_16_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7829]“Did you see the picture?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7829]“画像、見てくれた?”[np]

@chr c=haru_b_se_15_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9053]“Yeah...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9053]“ああ……”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7830]“Do you realize now that I'm serious?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7830]“私が本気だってこと、わかってもらえたかしら?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9054]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9054]“…………”[np]

Usami didn't answer, so I spoke up in her place.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“People will do anything when they're cornered, huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“人間追い込まれればなんでもするもんだな”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_03c_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7831]“Tell me about it... I feel awful. I suppose these are the growing pains of rebirth.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7831]“そうね……ひどく腐った気分だわ。生まれ変わるってこういうことなのかも”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You're going to Hell, Tokita.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お前は地獄行きだ”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_01_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7832]“I'll see you there.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7832]“あなたもでしょう”[np]

I may have let my guard down too much around this woman.[np]

As my disappointment in Tokita peaked, the Director called out to her from behind me.[np]
;;recommend another depressing emotion other than lonely.

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7042]“I understand the situation... please, stop this, Yuki...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7042]“事情はわかった……もう、勘弁してくれ、ユキ……”[np]

Tokita's cruelty to the Director wasn't abated in the least by his submissive behavior. She had no mercy, even for a man who'd gone pale at seeing his daughter's blood shed.[np]
;;the point is that she maintained her cruel demeanor toward him even in the face of the Director's attitude. It would be unchanging no matter what. ‘Cruel to the utmost' would make someone think more of describing the degree of cruelness.

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7833]“If you understand, then hurry up and get in here, would you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7833]“だったら、とっとと来てもらえるかしら?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7043]“Right... I'm coming.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7043]“あB……いま行く”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7834]“Did you call Katakura?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7834]“片倉への連絡は済んだ?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7044]“I just got off the phone with him a minute ago. He said he'll be here in thirty minutes.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7044]“先ほど済ませた。三十分以内に来るそうだ”[np]

Usami's arm didn't shoot out to stop him this time.[np]

She just watched the Director's back as he trudged toward the warehouse.[np]

@chr c=haru_b_se_15b_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9055]“Something's wrong here...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9055]“おかしい……”[np]

Usami quietly muttered something.[np]

@black rule=rule_c_r time=500



;背景 倉庫中
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_c_r time=500

 It was true when she said she felt awful.[wvl]
;; ひどく腐った気分というのは本当のことだった。[wvl]
 Yuki cut the call and looked at the wound on Mizuha's thigh.[wvl]
;; 一度通話を切り、ユキは水羽の太ももの傷を見やった。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7259]“Was, was that... good enough, Nee-san...?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7259]“これで……いいんだよね、姉さん……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7835]“Thank you...” [wveh]Yuki struggled to say.[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7835]“ありがとう……”[wveh]かろうじて言った。[np]

 A few moments earlier...[wvl]
;; あのとき……。[wvl]
 The very moment that Yuki had seen the shadow at the window, Mizuha suddenly moaned.[l] ‘Look, Nee-san...’[l] Yuki's eyes shot open.[l] Mizuha had stood up by herself despite her hands being bound, and had edged over to one of the many steel containers in the warehouse.[l] Yuki nearly screamed out in an attempt to stop her, but it was too late.[l] Mizuha raised her thigh to the sharp corner of the container and dropped herself onto it.[l] The sharp steel corner mercilessly tore at her bare leg.[wvl]
;; 窓に人影が見えた直後、不意に水羽がうめいた。[l]『姉さん、あのね……』。[l]ユキは目を見張った。[l]水羽が自ら足だけで立ち上がり、倉庫に点在するコンテナに身を寄せた。[l]なにをしているのかと止めに入ったときには遅かった。[l]水羽は左の足をコンテナの角に摺り寄せ、そのまま勢いよくしゃがみこんだ。[l]鉄コンテナの角は、切っ先の鋭い刃物となって、水羽の生足を容赦なく切り裂いた。[wvl]
 Without even crying out in pain, Mizuha turned to address her sister.[wvl]
;; 水羽は苦痛を訴えるでもなく、姉に告げた。[wvl]
 ――Will you trust me, already?[np]
;; ――これで、信じてもらえるでしょう?[np]

 Without even thinking, Yuki had snapped an image with her camera phone and sent it to Haru.[l] She felt downright awful.[wvl]
;; 考えるより先に、傷口の写真を撮り、ハルに送っていた。[l]ひどく腐った気分だった。[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_03_s
 Yuki untied the rope binding Mizuha and inspected her wound.[wvl]
;; ユキは水羽をしばっていたロープから解き放ち、傷の具合を確認した。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7836]“You should be alright. The bleeding's already stopped.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7836]“だいじょうぶよ。もう、血は止まっているみたい”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_07b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7260]“It doesn't hurt anymore. Don't worry about it.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7260]“もう痛くないから、安心して”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7837]“I've got to ask... why?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7837]“それにしても、なぜ?”[np]

 Mizuha shook her head.[wvl]
;; 水羽はかぶりを振った。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7261]“I told you I was gonna stick with you...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7261]“姉さんに味方するって、決めたの……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7838]“Don't lie to me. You had your chance to do that, and you blew it.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7838]“嘘をつかないで。いまさら遅すぎるわよ”[wvl]
 Despite her words, Yuki hated herself for not trusting in her sister.[wvl]
;; 言いつつも、ユキはこの期に及んで妹を信じられない自分が嫌だった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7839]“I'm going to kill your father. Are you saying you'll help me do that?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7839]“私は、あなたの父親を殺そうっていうのよ? それに加担するっていうの?”[np]

@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_03_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7262]“Yeah...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7262]“うん……”[wvl]
 Mizuha nodded as if she had given up on everything.[wvl]
;; すべてをあきらめたようにうなずいた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7840]“I don't believe you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7840]“納得がいかないわ”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_03b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7263]“It's what you want. I love you, so I'll help you out.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7263]“だって、姉さんのすることだから。私、姉さんのこと好きだから”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7841]“Don't say such revolting things.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7841]“気持ち悪いこと言わないでよ”[np]

@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_06_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7264]“Revolting, huh? You know, I've been thinking...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7264]“考えたの。さっきからずっと”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7842]“What?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7842]“なにを?”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_10_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7265]“Up until a few days ago, I was such a coward. I couldn't voice how I felt. I played childish mind games. I didn't even have the courage to talk to the people I wanted to talk to...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7265]“いままでの私。怖がりで、思ってることも口に出せなくて、子供っぽい私のこと。声をかけたい人とも、まともにしゃべれなかった……”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_03_s
 Mizuha paused for a second and stared at Yuki.[np]
;; 水羽は口を結び、ユキを見つめてきた。[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7266]“But then you came around. I didn't even really have any friends before that. And once Dad got into trouble with the law, it just got worse. I felt so tiny, so ashamed to be who I am. When you came around, suddenly every day was so much fun.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7266]“姉さんが来るまで、友達らしい友達もいなかったの。父さんが警察に容疑をかけられて毎日肩身の狭い思いだった。姉さんが来て変わったわ。ここ数日は、本当に楽しかったから”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ"]“......”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ"]“…………”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_07b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7267]“The concert was a blast...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7267]“クラシックの鑑賞会、楽しかった……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7844]“It was?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7844]“そう”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7268]“And that late dinner with Azai-kun was fun too. He said he had type A blood.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7268]“あのあと、浅井くんとご飯食べてたんだよ。彼、A型だって”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7845]“Really?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7845]“ふうん”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_07c_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7269]“Anyway, I owe it all to you. You've always been the one who made my days fun.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7269]“ぜんぶ、姉さんのおかげだよ。昔から、姉さんといるといつでも楽しかった”[wvl]
 Mizuha's direct, straightforward gaze became painful to Yuki.[wvl]
;; ユキは水羽の真っ直ぐなまなざしを受け止めるのが、つらくなってきた。[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_07b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7270]“Do you remember the name of our snowman?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7270]“雪だるまの名前覚えてる?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7846]“Yukitarou. What a stupid name...”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7846]“雪太郎でしょ。くだらない……”[np]

 Mizuha laughed feebly.[wvl]
;; 水羽が力なく笑った。[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_01b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7271]“I was just thinking how much I want to make another one, and I decided on something. I'll follow you to Hell if that's where you're going, Nee-san.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7271]“またいっしょに作りたいなって思ったら、決心がついたの。私、姉さんといっしょに地獄に落ちるよ”[wvl]
 Yuki's chest threatened to rip apart, such was the pain.[l] She desperately looked over Mizuha's whole body.[l] Eyes, hands, feet, mouth... not a part of her little sister told her she was lying.[wvl]
;; 胸がうずいた。[l]水羽の全身を観察する。[l]目、手、足、口元……仕草から嘘をついている様子はひとまず感じられなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7847]“Are you sure, Mizuha?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7847]“いいのね、水羽?”[wvl]
;;more like asking for confirmation, making sure she's sure, etc. etc.
 Yuki prudently scrutinized her again.[np]
;; もう一度、慎重に吟味してみた。[np]

@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_03c_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7272]“Dad's guilty of more than the world knows. I'm not just referring to you and your mother. He always worms his way out of it somehow, but it's about time his karma caught up to him. If the police won't give him what he deserves, then it can't be helped if you usher things along...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7272]“父さんは、世間で知られている以上に、悪いことをたくさんしているの。姉さんたちだけじゃない。いつもうまいことやって切り抜けてきたみたいだけど、そろそろ報いを受けるべきなのよ。警察じゃなくて姉さんに裁かれるんなら、しょうがないと思う……”[wvl]
 Yuki could hear the infantile naiveté in Mizuha's words.[l] She was in an emotional tizzy due to the extreme situation.[l] Saying one is willing to engage in cold, premeditated murder based on a temporary emotion immediately raises a red flag.[l] Most likely, Mizuha is actually hoping for a situation where both the Director and Yuki could be saved.[l] It's impossible for her to hide her soft heart from Yuki's senses.[wvl]
;; ユキは、水羽の言葉の影にひそむ幼稚さを感じ取った。[l]極限状態におかれ、感情がたかぶっている。[l]いっときの感情で、少女は父親殺しに加担するというのだ。[l]きっと本心では、理事長もユキも救われるような事態を望んでいる。[l]甘さを隠しきれないようだ。[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_03b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7273]“But, why...?” [wveh]Mizuha started with a touch of loneliness.[l] [nm t="水羽" s=miz_7274]“Why are we so different...?”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7273]“でも、どうしてだろうね……”[wveh]寂しそうに言った。[l][nm t="水羽" s=miz_7274]“どうして、わたしたちは、こんなに違うの……?”[np]
;;the "infancy"...? - pondr
;;Does infancy sound strange here, I dunno, it's like, the childishness. How innocent(?) and simple-minded she's thinking about it I guess.
;;infancy is like, the period of time one spends as an infant. "infanthood", so to speak. - pondr

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7848]“Different?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7848]“違う?”[np]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_06_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7275]“Yeah. We're completely different. We look different, we act different, we talk different... we barely have anything in common.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7275]“ぜんぜん違うじゃない。見た目も、雰囲気も、話す言葉ひとつとっても違うわ”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7849]“What do you expect? We grew up in different situations.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7849]“そんなもの、育った環境が違うからに決まってるじゃない”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_03b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7276]“That's exactly right. And you hate me for it.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7276]“そうだよね。そして姉さんは、それを恨んでるんだね”[wvl]
 Yuki realized Mizuha's tone had been growing more firm.[wvl]
;; ユキは、つい、語気が強くなっていたことを自覚した。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7850]“Did you want us to be more alike?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7850]“似ていたかったの?”[np]

@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_07b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7277]“Yeah.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7277]“うん”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7851]“Why?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7851]“なぜ?”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_07c_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7278]“Because we're sisters.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7278]“なんとなく、姉妹だから”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7852]“Half-sisters, Mizuha.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7852]“血は半分しかつながってないのよ”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_09b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7279]“So?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7279]“だから?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7853]“What do you mean, ‘So?’ I'm trying to sever even that. I'm trying to destroy the one thing we share; our biological father.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7853]“いまからそれすらも断ち切ろうとしているのよ。二人の唯一の共通点である、父親を殺すのだから”[np]

@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_09_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7280]“The one thing?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7280]“唯一?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7854]“You just said it yourself. We have nothing in common. I like talking. You're the silent type. I'm realistic, you're idealistic. What else do you think we share?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7854]“あなたが言ったことじゃない。私たちは、まるで似ていないわ。私はおしゃべりが好き。あなたは寡黙。私は現実的で、水羽は夢見がち。なにか似ているところがある?”[wvl]
 One mustn't forget to mention that Yuki is an illegitimate child, while Mizuha was born to a proper family.[l] There was a distinct gap there.[wvl]
;; ついでに言えば、ユキは私生児で、水羽はちゃんとした嫡子。[l]歴然たる溝がそこにある。[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_07c_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7281]“I try to act like you in public. I put on a show of pride.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7281]“私、人前だと姉さんの真似をして、気位が高そうに振舞っていたの”[wvl]
 Yuki laughed involuntarily.[np]
;; ユキは思わず吹き出した。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7855]“How silly. You can't fool people by pretending to be someone else.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7855]“馬鹿ね。自分を偽ったって、すぐにわかるわよ”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_01b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7282]“Yeah, it was stupid. I won't do it from now on.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7282]“うん、馬鹿だった。今度からしない”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7856]“Do you honestly believe in this ‘from now on’ of yours? How exactly do you imagine your future will play out after you kill your father?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7856]“今度があると思うの? 親を殺しておいて、未来があるとでも?”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_06_s
 Yuki reprimanded Mizuha harshly with her tone, and her sister fell silent.[l] Mizuha's fingers twitched faintly.[l] She was getting cold feet.[wvl]
;; きつく言うと、水羽は押し黙った。[l]指先がかすかに震えている。[l]怖くなったのだ。[wvl]
 Yuki sighed and looked at her knees for a moment.[l] As she suspected, this girl wouldn't be able to commit a crime.[l] And Yuki would never be able to hurt her, the innocent child that she is.[np]
;; ユキは嘆息して、目を伏せた。[l]やはり、この子に犯罪は無理だ。[l]そして、この純真な少女を傷つけることも、自分にはできない。[np]
;;or physically harm? that bit has already passed, so I figured this means harm the future of. - pondr
;;Pretty sure it means physically harm, which makes sense since Yuki hasn't harmed her at all yet
;;yeah by "already passed" I mean the conflict was pretty much resolved without leaving much left open. of course, it comes up again, but it closed pretty well. anyway thx for the clarification. - pondr

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7857]“Try to think things through next time, Mizuha.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7857]“思慮が足りないわね、水羽”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_09b_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7283]“Huh?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7283]“え?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7858]“I don't want to hear it. You shouldn't offer to help if you won't be able to deliver.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7858]“もういいわ。私を助けようだなんて、軽々しく言わないで”[wvl]
@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_06_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7284]“But... I was serious...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7284]“そんな……私は、本気だよ……?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7859]“It's fine, you cheered me up quite a bit. You couldn't just sit by and watch me be upset, could you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7859]“いいのよ、さっきのはうれしかった。私が困っているのを、ただ見ていられなかったのね?”[np]

@chr c=mizuha_a_sec_10_s
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7285]“I was serious! I want to help you!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7285]“本気だってば。姉さんの力になりたいんだって!”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7860]“Oh, don't bother. You know lies don't work on me, don't you?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7860]“無理しなくていいの。私に嘘は通じないって、よく知ってるでしょう?”[wvl]
 At that moment, a loud, rapping echo resounded from the warehouse door.[wvl]
;; そのとき、倉庫の入り口の扉が強く叩かれた。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7045]“Hey, Yuki! Open up!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7045]“おい、ユキ! ここを開けろ!”[wvl]
 It was followed shortly by the voice of her mother's murderer.[np]
;; 母の仇の声だった。[np]

@black rule=rule_d_l time=500



;背景 倉庫 外 夜
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_d_l time=500

Director Shiratori shouted at the wall of the warehouse.[np]

He intends to become a hostage of his own volition.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you sure you want to do this, Sir?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“理事長、いいんですか?”[np]

I talked briefly with him as I waited beside him.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You might just be killed on the spot.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“その場で殺されるかもしれないんですよ?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7046]“Then what should I do? Just keep quiet while my daughter gets hurt?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7046]“じゃあ、どうしろというのかね? 娘を傷物にされて、黙っていろとでも?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...You're a good father.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あなたは、娘にはお優しいんですね”[np]

Now that I've had a moment to look at him, I've realized he actually looks quite villainous.[np]

His sly, vulpine face was hideously warped.[np]

He's almost as tall as Gonzou――and no wonder, being Tokita's father――but at the moment he looked withered and small.[np]
;;I thought gonzou was like almost 8 feet tall. What are the chances of two such people living in the same city? And why aren't Yuki and Kanon over six feet tall? I don't know a single kid of an eight foot tall person who is under six feet. - pondr
;;I think I remember Gonzo to be around 6'5 or so.(almost 2 meters)

Tokita's voice came to us via Usami's cell phone.[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7861]“I'm about to open the door. If you try to get tricksy, Mizuha will die.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7861]“いまから扉を開けるわ。言っておくけど、下手な真似をしたら水羽の命はないわよ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9056]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9056]“…………”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02b_s
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7862]“Did you get that, Haru?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7862]“聞いてるの、ハル?”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22c_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9057]“...Cut it out already, Yuki.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9057]“……もうやめよう、ユキ”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_01b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7863]“What are you talking about? This is the best part.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7863]“何を言い出すの? これからがいいところじゃない?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9058]“And I'm asking you to put an end to this.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9058]“終わりにしようと言っているんだ”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7864]“What?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7864]“なにそれ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9059]“Come out of there.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9059]“出てくるんだ”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7865]“Oh, for goodness' sake, you're useless. Kyousuke-kun, you can hear me, can't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7865]“話にならないわ。京介くん、聞こえてるんでしょう?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ……”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7866]“Right now I have a nail to Mizuha's throat. You know what I'm getting at, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7866]“いま、私は水羽の首に釘を突きつけている。この意味がわかるわよね?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah. If you open the door and we come charging in, you'll do her in.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“扉が開いたときに、おれたちが乱入したら許さないってことだろ?”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7867]“Well then, shall we?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7867]“じゃあ、準備はいい?”[np]

I looked at the Director.[np]

He nodded from in front of the door.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_15b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7868]“I'm opening it...”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7868]“開けるわよ……”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22b_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9060]“Wait, Yuki!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9060]“ちょっと待て、ユキ!”[np]

Usami butted in once again.[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22c_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9061]“Give us a little more time. I swear, just a little bit. You think you could do that for us?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9061]“少し時間が欲しい。もうちょっと待ってくれないか?”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_15_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7869]“...Why?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7869]“……どうして?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9062]“Please.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9062]“頼む”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7870]“Think for a second, Haru. I've no reason to grant your request.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7870]“自分の立場を考えてよね。あなたの頼みを聞く理由がないわ”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22b_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9063]“Then the deal is off! You'll never get the Director!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9063]“とにかく理事長はそちらには渡さない!”[np]

@camera angle=l
@chr_pos_change before=c after=l
@chr l=haru_a_se_05_s
Usami hung up on Tokita and stood in front of the warehouse door.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7047]“Hey, get out of the way!”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7047]“おい、君っ!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Move, Usami.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美、どけ”[np]

I don't really care what happens anymore.[np]

I'm not Tokita or Shiratori's friend, and I'm definitely not a cop.[np]

Why do I have to go out on a limb for this? And why in hell did I end up calling in Sonoyama men?[np]

@chr l=haru_a_se_09_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9064]“Look, I need you two to hold on a second. There's no proof that Yuki ever harmed Mizuha.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9064]“待ってください。まだ、ユキが水羽を傷つけたという確証がないんです”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hey, you saw the picture, didn't you? Why was Shiratori bleeding if Tokita didn't cut her?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おいおい、あの画像を見ただろう? 白鳥が血を流してたのはなぜだ?”[np]

@chr l=haru_a_se_02_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9065]“I don't know, but it's possible that Mizuha is cooperating with Yuki.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9065]“わかりませんが、水羽がユキに協力したという可能性があります”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I realize that, but... who on earth would go so far as to cut themselves...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“それはおれも考えたがな……自ら血を流してまで人に協力するヤツなんているか……?”[np]

@chr l=haru_a_se_05_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9066]“You can't say for sure that she didn't, though.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9066]“ありえない話ではないです”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“People like that only exist in fiction. You're grasping at straws so that you can keep trusting Tokita for some bizarre reason.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そんなヤツは物語のなかにしかいないっての。それより、おれは、どこまでも時田を信用しようとするお前が薄ら寒くて仕方がない”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9067]“My bizarre reasons are beside the point right now. I just want to hold out a little longer.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9067]“わたしが寒いのはこの際どうでもいいです。とにかく、もう少し様子を見たいんです”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...You heard her, Sir. What do you think?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“だ、そうですが、理事長どうします?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7048]“Usami-kun, right? I understand you're Yuki's friend, but who are you really?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7048]“宇佐美くんと言ったね。君はユキの友人だそうだが、いったい何者なんだい?”[np]

@chr l=haru_a_se_02_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9068]“That's beside the point right now too. Anyway, Sir, the second you go in there, we're finished.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9068]“わたしが何者であるかもこの際どうでもいいです。とにかく、理事長。あなたが中に入ったら、我々はおしまいです”[np]

Usami's cell phone rings again.[np]

However, she showed no desire to answer it.[np]

Without Tokita's orders, the Director wouldn't be able to enter the warehouse.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, for Christ's sake. Just do whatever the hell you want.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まあ、好きにさせましょうか”[np]

I jerked my chin at the Director.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It's not like waiting around for this Katakura guy will hurt anything.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“片倉さんがいらっしゃるまで待っても、そう状況は変わらないでしょう”[np]
;;just changed so there's no nuance confusion

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7049]“But Yuki ordered me to go in there right now.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7049]“ユキはいますぐ私が中に入ってくることを望んでいるんだぞ?”[np]

I shrugged and waved him away.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, come on. She's not going to kill her if you don't go in there right this instant. That would be utterly stupid.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いますぐ入らなくても、娘さんを殺すってことはないでしょう。大事な人質なんですから”[np]

Even if she tried... worst case scenario, we break the window and rush in.[np]

It's not my problem that Shiratori's life is in danger.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Still, Usami...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“しかし、宇佐美”[np]

@chr l=haru_a_se_05_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9069]“Yes?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9069]“はい”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You may have pissed off our culprit, but am I right in assuming that it's a part of some strategy?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“犯人の怒りを買うことになったが、なにか考えがあるんだろうな?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9070]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9070]“…………”[np]

...And now I'm getting the silent treatment.[np]

@black rule=rule_f_r time=500



;背景 倉庫 中
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_f_r time=500

 ――What in God's name is she doing!?[wvl]
;; ――まったく、どういうつもり?[wvl]
 Tokita Yuki called Haru twice, but neither call was answered.[wvl]
;; 時田ユキはそれから二度、ハルに連絡をしたが、つながらなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7286]“What's going on?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7286]“どうしたんだろうね?”[wvl]
 Mizuha's fear got the best of her, and she decided to ask directly.[wvl]
;; 水羽が恐る恐る聞いてきた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7871]“They have no intention of handing over the Director. This is flipping ridiculous. Who just ignores calls from a hostage-taker like that? If I were crazy, you'd be long-dead by now.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7871]“なにがあっても理事長を引き渡さないつもりね。まったく、馬鹿げてるわ。犯人からの入電を無視するなんて。私が異常者だったら、とっくに人質は殺されてるわよ”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7287]“You aren't crazy...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7287]“姉さんは異常者じゃないよ”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7872]“You don't have to reassure me about that...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7872]“そう思ってるつもりだけどね……”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7288]“You've always been so kind to me.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7288]“だって、私のことは大事に思ってくれているもの”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ"]“......”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ"]“…………”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7289]“You feel bad about Miss Noriko, don't you? You don't want to drag innocent people into this.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7289]“ノリコ先生にも悪いと思ってるんでしょう? 無関係な人を巻き込みたくはないからよ”[wvl]
 But Yuki did drag people into it.[l] Desperate times call for desperate measures, and one never knows how far they'll go until they live the situation themselves.[np]
;; しかし、現実には巻き込んだ。[l]窮地に追い込まれれば、わからない。[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7290]“Should I cut myself again?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7290]“また、どこか怪我してみせようか?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7874]“No,” [wveh]she answered immediately.[l] [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7875]“That would just look even more suspicious.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7874]“やめなさい”[wveh]即座に言った。[l][nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7875]“逆に怪しまれるわ”[wvl]
 Maybe.[l] More importantly, Yuki didn't want to have to see her sister's blood.[wvl]
;; なにより妹の血など、見たくはなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7291]“Do you think Haru knows I cut myself on purpose?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7291]“ハルには、ばれちゃったのかな。私が、わざと怪我をしたって”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7876]“Even if she suspects it, she can't be absolutely sure. Otherwise, they'd be charging in here right now.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7876]“断定はできないはずよ。だからこそ、彼らも窓からの突入をためらった”[wvl]
 The precariousness of the situation weighed on Yuki's mind.[l] The greatest weakness of her position was the poor choice of hostage.[l] As it stood, a proper negotiation was out of the question.[np]
;; ユキは現状に危機感を覚えていた。[l]水羽が人質として機能していないことは、ユキの最大の弱みだった。[l]これでは、交渉もなにもあったものではない。[np]

 Nevertheless, Haru should be out of options.[l] For now, at least...[wvl]
;; しかし、ハルにも打つ手はないはずだ。[l]少なくとも、いまのところは……。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7292]“Think you should try calling again?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7292]“もう一度、電話してみたら?”[wvl]
 Mizuha was cooperative with Yuki to the bitter end.[l] Yuki shook her head.[wvl]
;; 水羽はあくまでユキに協力する姿勢だ。[l]ユキはかぶりを振った。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7877]“No. I'll wait until they call me.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7877]“いいえ。向こうからかけてくるのを待つわ”[wvl]
 When that happens, Haru will have prepared some sort of scheme.[wvl]
;; そのときは、ハルもなんらかの策を用意してくるだろう。[wvl]
 ――There goes my advantage...[np]
;; ――後手に回っているわね……。[np]

@black rule=rule_h_l time=500



;背景 倉庫外 夜
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_h_l time=500

The stalemate continued for thirty minutes.[np]

@camera angle=l
@chr l=haru_d_se_22c_s
Usami just stared firmly at the warehouse with her arms folded the whole time, and the Director must have smoked through a whole pack of cigarettes in agitation.[np]

@camera angle=c
Eventually, an unfamiliar luxury car pulled over, its engine roaring loudly.[np]

Director Shiratori greeted the man who stepped out of the driver's seat.[np]

Katakura had finally arrived.[np]

He was a short man.[np]

The Director briefed him on the situation, looking sharply downward into his eyes. Katakura's small hands moved about restlessly as he did so.[np]

He wore thin glasses, as if to hide the brutal glow radiating from the eyes beneath them.[np]

...Will Eiichi be like that when he gets older...? Nah, Katakura looks a lot slier than Eiichi could ever be...[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What's up, Usami? Just standing around, waiting for the sunrise? Your cell battery must be almost dead by now.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美……どうするんだ? このまま朝日でも拝もうってのか? 携帯の電池もそろそろなくなるんじゃないか?”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_02

@mface name=haru_d_se_22_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9071]“...Yeah...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9071]“……ですね”[np]

Usami nodded, slipping in a glance at the Director and Katakura.[np]

@mface name=haru_b_se_15_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9072]“It's about time we end this.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9072]“そろそろ、勝負を決めましょう”[np]

Her gaze pierced through me.[np]
;;oh god that sounded too painful. piercing through eyes is scary. - pondr

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9073]“You still think I'm some sort of hero of justice, don't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9073]“浅井さんは、わたしが正義の味方かなにかと思っていらっしゃいますね?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Sure. Though to be honest, I wish you'd stop waving that annoying justice around all the time...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……まあ、つまらん正義感を振りかざすのはやめてほしいな”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9074]“I don't mean to do that.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9074]“そんなつもりはまったくないんですよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Is that so?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そうかい”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9075]“In any case, once you hear my plan, you might have to revise that opinion.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9075]“いまから説明するやり口を聞いたら、納得してくださると思います”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You mean I won't think you're a ‘hero of justice’ anymore?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お前が、正義の味方じゃないってか?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9076]“Yup. Truth is, this will be a despicable act. I wish I could avoid what I'm about to do, but I can't think of any other way.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9076]“はい、むしろ外道です。できることなら、こんなやり方はしたくなかった。でも、他に方法が思いつきません”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hm...? Man, talk about a hook... you've got me interested now.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“へえ……興味がわいてきたな”[np]

@mface name=haru_b_se_16_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9077]“It'll be a gamble. Even if I succeed, it won't guarantee Yuki's surrender. That's quite shameful to admit, but it has to be said.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9077]“しかも、賭けの要素もあります。成功したとしても、ユキが抵抗をあきらめるという確証がありません。我ながら情けない話ですが”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Cut the hype and spill it already.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“もったいつけずに教えろよ”[np]

Usami paused in hesitation, then continued.[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_05_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9078]“I have a favor to ask first, Azai-san...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9078]“お願いがあるんです、浅井さん……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんだ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9079]“Could you please help Yuki?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9079]“どうか、ユキを助けてもらえませんか?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Help her?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“助けるって?”[np]

What's she on about now?[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Define ‘help’. You mean you want me to capture her and hand her over to the police? Or do you want me to kill her old man for her?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なにが、時田を助けることになるんだ? あいつを捕まえて警察に引き渡すことか? それとも時田の復讐を助けてやればいいのか?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9080]“I was hoping for something in between there... no deaths, no arrests.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9080]“理事長も死なず、ユキも警察の厄介になることはない”[np]

So a fairy tale happy ending...?[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well, I guess I don't really want to explain this to the cops either...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“もちろん、おれだって警察に事情を説明するなんて厄介ごとは回避したいがな……”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9081]“I realize that this never had anything to do with you, by the way. Thanks for being here so far.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9081]“わかってます。浅井さんには、関係のない話だというのは。ここまでつきあってもらって、ありがとうございました”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

What am I supposed to do now...?[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9082]“Do you think you could help me out one last time?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9082]“最後にもう一度だけ、力を借りたいのですが?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9083]“Please...?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9083]“お願いします”[np]

...To be honest, if I stopped here, I'd probably have a hard time sleeping at night.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“The girl knows something about ‘Maou’. Tell you what, I won't leave until I get that story out of her. I think it would make a pretty nice gift for Gonzou.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ヤツは、"魔王"を知っているらしいからな。ぜひとも話を聞いて、権三への手土産にさせてもらおうか”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_06_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9084]“Thank you.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9084]“ありがとうございます”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Let's just cut to this dirty plan of yours. I've known you for too long, I'm used to your dramatics.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どうせ、嫌らしい策を立てたんだろう? それなりのつき合いだからな。お前のもったいつけた言い回しは、もう慣れたよ”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_04_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9085]“It makes me happy to hear that.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9085]“うれしいです”[np]

God, this girl is disgusting...[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_05_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9086]“I still believe in Yuki. I don't think she'll actually harm any innocent people, especially not Mizuha. I think she might even spare the Director if it comes down to that.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9086]“わたしはいまだに、ユキを信じています。水羽を含め、無抵抗な人を傷つけたりはしないと。たとえば、いかに憎き理事長とはいえ、命乞いをされればユキも思いとどまるかもしれません”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You do...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どうだろうな……”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9087]“That was the spark that inspired this plan. Not only will it be extremely dangerous, but I will be completely out of harm's way despite being the mastermind. It's completely unfair of me, I know, but...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9087]“そこで考えました。これは、なんとも危険な作戦です。しかも、作戦を立てたわたしは安全という卑劣な……”[np]
;;she learned from gonzou well - pondr

Usami raised a finger and continued.[np]

...Wow. Her ploy really was a monstrously risky gamble.[np]



;背景 倉庫 中
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_h_r time=500
@bgm storage=bgm_107
 At long last, the phone rang.[l] It was Haru.[wvl]
;; ようやくハルからの着信があった。[wvl]
 Yuki, bracing herself against whatever trap Haru had set for her, answered the call.[wvl]
;; ユキはハルがどんな罠を用意したのかと気を引き締めながら、応答した。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7878]“My patience was wearing thin.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7878]“待ちくたびれちゃったわよ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9088]“Sorry. I needed some time to sort out my emotions.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9088]“ごめん。気持ちの整理がつかなくて”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7879]“Oh, please, don't give me that. Would you mind hurrying it up and sending the Director in here?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7879]“言いわけはいいから、とっとと理事長をなかに入れてもらえる?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9089]“Well...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9089]“それは……”[np]

 The Director's voice butted in.[wvl]
;; そこに理事長の声が割り込んできた。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7050]“I'm waiting outside! Open up!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7050]“わかった。ここを開けろ”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7880]“Any complaints this time, Haru?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7880]“いいのね、ハル?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9090]“No... we decided it couldn't be helped.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9090]“ああ……やむを得ないという話になった”[wvl]
 ...Sounds like an act.[l] Still, Yuki had to wait and see how things proceeded.[wvl]
;; ……芝居くさい。[l]が、まだまだ出方をうかがう必要がある。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7881]“I'm glad you're finally seeing things my way. Come on in, then. I'll open the door in a moment.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7881]“けっこうだわ。じゃあ、入ってきてちょうだい。いまから扉を開けるわ”[np]

 Yuki ended the call and walked to the warehouse's entrance.[wvl]
;; 通話を打ち切ると、ユキは倉庫の出入り口に歩み寄った。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7293]“Nee-san, what should I do?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7293]“姉さん、私はどうすれば?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7882]“You aren't needed anymore. Once the Director comes in, I'll release you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7882]“あなたはもう必要ないわ。理事長が入ってきたら、解放してあげる”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7294]“No...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7294]“ううん”[wvl]
 Mizuha shook her head obstinately.[wvl]
;; 水羽は頑なに首を振った。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7295]“I said I wanted to help you.”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7295]“姉さんの力になりたいよ”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7883]“Why?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7883]“なぜ?”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7296]“Because I've never been able to do anything for you. It's not fair to be the one who's saved all the time.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7296]“だって、いままで姉さんになにもしてあげられなかったから。姉さんに助けられるばっかりじゃ、悪いよ”[wvl]
 Yuki objectively found that comment rather foolish...[l] but nevertheless, it warmed her heart somehow.[wvl]
;; 愚かな妹だと思ったが、不思議と不快ではなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7297]“Anyway... I'm not moving from this spot.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7297]“とにかく、私は、ここを動かないから”[wvl]
 Yuki turned again and went for the door, ignoring Mizuha as she stubbornly plopped herself on the ground.[np]
;; 強情に床に座り込んだ水羽を黙殺し、ユキは扉に手をかけた。[np]

;背景 倉庫外 夜
@black rule=rule_h_l time=500
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_h_l time=500

@camera angle=l
@chr l=haru_d_se_22c_s
Immediately thereafter, I heard the sound of a latch being unlocked.[np]

The door slid open horizontally, and moonlight poured into the warehouse.[np]
;;honestly how is it still night? it was like 3 am then an hour passed here and a half hour there and another hour there... it should be dawn by now, even in winter. - pondr

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7884]“Come in.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7884]“どうぞ”[np]

Tokita peeked out, letting only her face show, and gestured the Director to come in.[np]

It would probably be dangerous to just jump in and rush Tokita.[np]

She might be holding the nail to Shiratori's throat behind the door, out of sight.[np]

The Director walked in with fear written all over his face.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_16b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7885]“Bye. I'll call you again later.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7885]“じゃあね、また連絡するわ”[np]

Tokita all but laughed as she quickly shut the door.[np]

...In the end, this really was our only choice.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9091]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9091]“…………”[np]

Usami silently watched over the situation's development.[np]

;背景 倉庫中
@black rule=rule_i_r time=500
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_i_r time=500

 What was Haru's objective?[wvl]
;; ハルの狙いはどこにあるのだろうか。[wvl]
 Yuki carefully invited the Director into the warehouse.[wvl]
;; ユキは慎重に理事長を倉庫に招きいれた。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7298]“Help, Dad...! I don't want to die...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7298]“父さん、助けて……私、死にたくない……!”[wvl]
 A voice called out from a spot on the floor behind Yuki.[l] Mizuha was still managing to act her role.[l] She sat on the ground with her arms behind her back, pretending to be tied up.[l] After seeing that scene, the Director gave up all thoughts of resistance.[wvl]
;; ユキのすぐ下から声がした。[l]水羽は、いまだに人質の役割を演じてくれていた。[l]水羽は、床に座り込み、腕を後ろに回して縛られているふうを装ってくれている。[l]だからこそ、白鳥理事長の抵抗はまったくなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7886]“Put your hands up. Any tricks, and you know what happens, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7886]“両手を上げてちょうだい。下手な真似したら、わかるでしょう?”[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7299]“Listen to her, please!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7299]“姉さんの言うことを聞いて、お願い!”[wvl]
 The Director seemed to have given up completely, as he raised his arms in surrender.[l] His worn, middle aged hands were oozing with sweat.[wvl]
;; 理事長はすっかりあきらめきった様子で、ユキの眼前で両手を上げた。[l]やつれきった中年の手のひらには脂汗が滲んでいた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7887]“Has Katakura come?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7887]“片倉は来た?”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7051]“Yeah. He arrived just a little while ago...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7051]“ああ、つい先ほど……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7888]“He's next, then.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7888]“じゃあ、あとで呼ぶわ”[wvl]
 Yuki picked up a nearby crowbar.[np]
;; ユキは、手近にあった金属製の工具を手に取った。[np]
;;can I assume a warehouse would be riddled with crowbars? or should it be ambiguous/something else? - pondr

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7889]“Well, if you have any last words, now's the time to say them.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7889]“さて、なにか言い残すことがあれば聞くわよ?”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7052]“I-I'm sorry... I feel bad about what I did to Masami.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7052]“す、すまなかった……正美には悪いことをしたと思っている”[wvl]
 Yuki's mother's sacred name came out of that man's filthy lips.[l] It sounded to her ears as if he'd soiled it.[wvl]
;;wow that's how I edited the first line before I even read the second one. - pondr
;; 母の名が出た。[l]汚されたようにユキには聞こえた。[wvl]
 [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7890]“Oh? Well, aren't we quite meek today? What happened to that arrogance in your last apology?”[wvl]
;; [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7890]“あらあら、ずいぶん態度が小さくなったわね? 前にも謝ってくれたけど、そのときはふんぞり返ってなかった?”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7053]“I regretted not being able to attend the funeral...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7053]“葬儀にも出られなかったのは、私も悔やんでいたんだ……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7891]“Let me guess... work?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7891]“お仕事が大変だったのね?”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7054]“Y-yeah... I was really busy...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7054]“あ、ああ……忙しくて……”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7892]“So busy you couldn't even come pay your respects, huh?” [wveh]Yuki mocked as her hatred erupted.[l] [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7893]“But you had plenty of time to take bribes...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7892]“お線香の一つもあげにこれないほど忙しかったのね”[wveh]憎悪を爆発させた。[l][nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7893]“賄賂を受け取っている時間はあったのに……!!!”[wvl]
 The Director flinched.[wvl]
;; 理事長は縮みあがった。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7055]“W-wait! What will you gain by killing me!?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7055]“ま、待て。私を殺してなんになる!?”[wvl]
 There was a sly look in his eye.[wvl]
;; その目に、狡猾な光が宿った。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7056]“Think about this, Yuki. I know I'm not a model citizen. But is it really worth it to throw your life away over a person like me?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7056]“こうは考えられないか、ユキ。私はたしかに人格者ではない。そんな人間のために、人生を棒にふってどうするんだ?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7894]“You've got a point. I thought about that a lot. Every time I daydreamed about wringing your pathetic neck, that thought tugged at my sleeve. You killed my mother, yet you were never convicted of a crime. Why should I have to be the one to go to prison?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7894]“そうね。それは何度も考えたわ。あなたを殺そうと思うたびに、そういう考えが袖を引いたの。あなたは私の母さんを殺しておいて罪に問われないのに、なぜ私だけ刑務所に入らなければならないのかって”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7057]“Exactly. Calm down and rethink this.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7057]“そうだろう。落ち着いて、もう一度考えるんだ”[wvl]
 The relieved look on his face tingled Yuki's sadistic heart.[wvl]
;; ほっとしたような顔に、サディスティックな心がうずいた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7895]“But after I realized I could just flee the country afterwards, those daydreams were never interrupted again.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7895]“だから、あなたを殺したあとは、日本から脱出するつもりなの”[wvl]
 Her discussions with the ‘Maou's’ acquaintances had revealed an escape route to her.[l] There was a smuggling boat which made regular trips between Japan's west coast and the Korean Peninsula.[l] Fleeing the watchful eyes of the state would be extremely difficult, but not impossible.[wvl]
;; "魔王"とのつき合いを重ねるうちに、ユキは日本海沿岸の港から朝鮮半島への密航船が出ていることを知っていた。[l]国外脱出は困難を極めるだろうが、やってやれないことはない。[wvl]
;;fyi the difference between my usage of ‘Maou’ and "the ‘Maou’" has usually been: characters say "the" until Haru gets to them, who just says ‘Maou’. On the other hand, yuki's known him for ages and is thus set in her ways of saying "the". Yes, I put too much thought into it. - pondr
;;If there were many escape routes why would the original text only mention one >_> <_< We're supposed to be making this look ‘extremely difficult' not that there's a billion ways
 Covering her backside after this incident wouldn't be all that hard.[wvl]
;; 自分の身だけを守るのは、そう難しいことではない。[wvl]
 Yuki's largest concern lied elsewhere.[np]
;; しかし、いま、ユキにとって一番の障害は、別のところにあった。[np]

@ev storage=ev_mizuha_03

 Mizuha.[l] She had been tricked, and despite being taken hostage, still loved Yuki as a sister.[wvl]
;; 水羽だった。[l]騙され、人質にされながらも、まだユキを姉と慕ってくれている。[wvl]

;背景 倉庫中

@bg storage=bg_24a

 Could she really live with herself if she turned that kindhearted girl into a murderer?[l] Society was plenty cold enough to the Shiratori household without a case of patricide.[l] Yuki wouldn't be the only one here throwing her life away.[wvl]
;; この心優しい少女を、殺人犯の妹にしていいのだろうか。[l]ただでさえ、白鳥家への世間の風当たりは冷たいのだ。[l]一生を棒に振るのは、ユキだけではない。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7058]“P-please... Yuki...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7058]“た、助けてくれ……ユキ……!”[wvl]
 That pleading insect could never induce hesitation in Yuki.[l] However...[np]
;; 哀願する小物を殺すことにためらいはない。[l]しかし……。[np]

 Yuki thought back on her painful memories with her mother.[l] She had coughed blood until she died, all the while cursing the man who told her to go die in the cold.[l] Yuki placed her mother's suffering and her concern for Mizuha on scales, anguishing over her inevitable decision.[wvl]
;; ユキは母とのつらい記憶を思い起こした。[l]母は、のたれ死ねと吐き捨てた外道を恨みながら、血を吐いて死んだ。[l]母の無念と水羽への配慮を天秤にかけて悩みに悩んだ。[wvl]
 If she had known it would've turned out like this, she would have stayed away from Mizuha.[wvl]
;;past perfect subjective wtf... I don't know if all my verbs agree here... - pondr
;; こんなことなら、水羽に近づかなければよかった。[wvl]
 Torrential guilt washed over her.[l] The insectoid man before her seemed to be kind toward Mizuha, at least.[l] That's what made him enter the warehouse, despite knowing the danger to himself.[l] If she kills that man, Mizuha will no doubt grieve for him.[l] Yuki's hateful adversary was, in the end, Mizuha's beloved father.[np]
;; すると、あらゆる罪悪感が訪れてきた。[l]目の前の小動物のような男は水羽にだけは優しいようだ。[l]だからこそ、危険を承知で倉庫に入ってきた。[l]そんな父親を殺してしまったら、少女は少なからず嘆くだろう。[l]ユキにとって憎き敵が、水羽にとっては大切な父親なのだ。[np]

 She looked down once more at Mizuha.[wvl]
;; もう一度、水羽を見下ろした。[wvl]
 She was wading in a river of sadness that grew deeper by the moment.[l] The one threatening to burst the upstream dam, to bring tears of grief into the ever-smiling eyes of the Mizuha in her memories, was none other than Yuki herself.[l] Would it be acceptable for her to rob this girl of her father?[l] ‘I ought to stop this...’ Yuki clearly thought.[wvl]
;; 少女は悲しみに胸を詰まらせていた。[l]幼少のころ、いつも笑っていた水羽を悲しませているのは、ほかならぬユキだった。[l]少女から父親を奪っていいのだろうか。[l]やめるべきかもしれない……いまやはっきりとそう思った。[wvl]
 ――No, wait![wvl]
;; ――いや、待て![wvl]
 She had idly glanced at Director Shiratori.[l] In that glance, she had just barely caught a glimpse of him reaching for his pocket.[l] That glimpse proved enough to allow her to avoid the attack by a hair's width.[np]
;; はっとして、白鳥理事長を見据えた。[l]かろうじて、男の手が懐に伸びた瞬間を目撃した。[l]だから、ぎりぎりのところでその一撃をさけることができた。[np]

;背景 倉庫外 夜
@black rule=rule_a_l time=500
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_a_l time=500

@bgm storage=bgm_25c
@chr c=haru_d_se_22c_b
I stood next to Usami, watching over the warehouse with bated breath.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What do you think, Usami?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美……どう思う?”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_00_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9092]“About what?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9092]“なにがです?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“About what's going on in there. Aren't you worried things might go sour?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“中の様子だよ。まずい展開になってるんじゃないのか?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9093]“Of course. But all we can do is wait for the news.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9093]“まだ、なにもわかりません”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“This is a pretty drastic measure for you. I mean, I guess that means it might catch Tokita off-guard, but still...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“たしかに、お前にしては思い切ったやり方だな。だからこそ、時田も意表を突かれることになるかもしれないが……”[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_22_b

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9094]“Yeah...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9094]“ええ……”[np]

;背景 倉庫中
;SE バチっという電気音
@black rule=rule_a_r time=500
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_a_r time=500
@se storage=se_45

 Sparks flew before her eyes.[l] There was a static pop, like the sound of a discharging bug-zapper as it kills a nearby moth.[l] The Director's hand closed in on her again.[l] A black object――most likely some sort of taser――shot out at Yuki's face.[wvl]
;; 眼前で火花が散った。[l]ばちばち、と蛍光灯が蛾を殺すような電気的な音がした。[l]理事長の手が再び迫る。[l]黒いもの――おそらくスタンガンの類だろう――の先端をユキの顔めがけて押し付けてきた。[wvl]
 She leaped to the side in a frantic second dodge.[l] The rumbling roar of electricity rolled past her as she reoriented herself in the battle.[l] Yuki hurled the crowbar she still gripped at her assailant as she put some distance between herself and the surprise attack.[np]
;; 横に跳んでそれをかわす。[l]くぐもった怒声とともに高圧電流が迫ってくる。[l]とっさに手に持っていた工具を投げつけると、ようやく奇襲から逃れることができた。[np]

;背景 倉庫中
@black rule=rule_b_r time=500
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_b_l time=500

 After gaining enough ground to think calmly, Yuki scanned her surroundings for anything that could be used as a weapon.[wvl]
;; 距離を取り、武器になりそうなものを探す。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7896]“Oh, you've done it now...” [wveh]she mumbled between rough, distracted pants.[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7896]“やってくれるわね……”[wveh]荒い呼吸の合間をぬって言った。[wvl]
 That comment was directed at Haru.[l] Yuki never expected she would try to use the hostage to take her down.[wvl]
;; それは、ハルに向けてのひと言だった。[l]まさか、理事長を刺客として差し向けるなんて。[wvl]
 As Yuki eyed her opponent, she realized his submissive aura had entirely disappeared.[l] Director Shiratori was now grinning like a madman.[wvl]
;; さきほどまでの愛玩動物のような表情はどこへやら。[l]白鳥理事長は狂気じみた笑みを口元に携えていた。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7059]“You turned out just as goddamn insolent as your mother...!”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7059]“まったく、親子そろって聞き分けのない女だ……!”[np]

 He drew one step nearer.[wvl]
;; じりと、一歩詰め寄ってきた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7897]“You've been planning on attacking me ever since I asked you to swap for Mizuha.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7897]“最初から、そのつもりだったのね?”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7060]“I'd do anything for my daughter.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7060]“娘のためだ”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7898]“How can you say that with a straight face?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7898]“よく言うわよ”[wvl]
;;apparently "have a cheek to-" is a totally British thing, sorry about that. It does stem from ‘cheeky' obviously but I think cheeky sounds a bit weird here, not the sort of word I'd use in such a serious setting. anyway i think this sounds better and gets the original line's point across more - chikan
;;sorry to break it to you, but the word cheeky itself is a totally british thing. - pondr
 She had been careless.[l] She looked down at her haggard attacker.[np]
;; うかつだった。[l]くたびれた中年の男と見下していた。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7899]“I knew something was odd. You were brought in here expecting a swap, but you never once demanded that I release Mizuha.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7899]“おかしいと思ったのよ。あなたは水羽の代わりになるためにここに来たのに、そんなことはひと言も口にしなかった”[wvl]
 Now that she critically analyzes her memory of the Director's entrance, she should have known this was coming.[l] His eyes held some kind of plan, and his lips, stiff with fear, were smeared with lies.[wvl]
;; よくよく思い返してみれば、理事長の目尻はなんらかの策謀を隠していた。[l]恐怖に強張ったように見えた唇には狡猾な嘘が含まれていた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7900]“I've never heard Mizuha say anything bad about you, so I let my guard down. Not that I've heard anything good about you, either.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7900]“私は水羽からあなたの悪口を聞いたことがないわ。だから油断してしまった。けれど、あなたのいいところも聞いたことがない”[wvl]
 Mizuha was too sweet to speak up, so she had likely been sitting on her dissatisfaction for years.[wvl]
;; 優しい少女は、きっと心で父親への不満を耐えていたのだろう。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7901]“But I'll be damned if you don't have one heck of a poker face.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7901]“面の皮のあつい男ね、まったく”[np]
;;how is 820 not a downright lie? - pondr

 The Director laughed.[wvl]
;; 理事長は笑った。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7061]“You gotta be able to lie convincingly if you want to keep the police off your back.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7061]“少しぐらい弁が立たねば、警察も手を引かんよ”[wvl]
 He had managed to avoid prosecution for the recent bribery scandal, after all.[wvl]
;; 最近の収賄事件で、警察はけっきょく起訴まで持ち込めなかったのだ。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7902]“You used those same sly tricks to accuse my mother of a crime she didn't commit and throw us out of the house, didn't you?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7902]“そうやって狡猾に立ち回った挙げ句、母さんに無実の罪を着せて追い出したのね?”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7062]“I have no idea what you're talking about. All I can say is that we were able to buy some company vacation property and put up a summer house there the year Masami left. Maybe I should go visit her grave and thank her for that.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7062]“なんのことだかまったくわからんな。ただ、正美が出て行った年には、おかげで会社の保養所を建てることができたぞ。それについては正美の墓前で報告したいと思っている”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7903]“Don't call it company property. That's a private villa, isn't it?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7903]“保養所という名の別荘でしょう?”[wvl]
 It hadn't taken a genius to figure out that the money her mother supposedly embezzled had ended up in the Director's pocket.[wvl]
;; 母が横領したことにされた金が、回りまわって理事長の懐に入ったことは、ユキも知っていた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7904]“Don't you have an ounce of shame?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7904]“まったく、人として恥ずかしくないの?”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7063]“A woman who takes hostages has no right to lecture me, but I won't make excuses. You children wouldn't understand the difficulties of corporate management, so I won't waste time on them.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7063]“立て篭もり犯に人の道を説かれる筋合いはないが、別にいいわけはせんよ。会社経営にはお前たち子供にはわからない苦労があるのだが、多くは語るまい”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7905]“You'd better get off that soapbox this instant, you disgusting hog of a man.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7905]“外道の分際で、なにを余裕ぶっているのかしら”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7064]“I'm just trying to keep to my role as a simple ‘bad guy’ to my daughters. I do this out of love for you two. Or would you rather hear the whole story?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7064]“子供にとってわかりやすい悪役でいてやろうという親心だよ。それとも、私の身の上話でも聞きたいか?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7906]“No thanks.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7906]“けっこうよ”[wvl]
 Yuki knew that her biological father was also an illegitimate child.[l] He had always hated his parents, and used that drive to build a company from the ground up with nothing but the clothes on his back.[wvl]
;; この男も、私生児なのは知っていた。[l]親を憎み、身一つで会社を起こしたという。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7065]“You were always a smart girl, Yuki. The second I heard you were back in town, I knew I wouldn't be getting off easily. That's why I don't mind giving you the five million yen your man demanded at the school.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7065]“ユキは昔から賢い娘だった。お前が再び私の前に現れたとき、ただでは済まないだろうとは思っていた。だから、先の学園で要求してきた五百万くらいならくれてやってもいいんだぞ”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7907]“Thanks, Dad.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7907]“それはありがとう、お父さん”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7066]“But murder is the wrong way to go about this. Revenge is something that needs to be taken in a manner that the law can overlook.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7066]“しかし、殺人はまずい。復讐はもっと法の網から逃れやすい形で行うべきだ”[wvl]
 Those few words perfectly defined Director Shiratori.[l] He wasn't a greedy, middle aged buffoon, scared half to death of the police and the media's hounding.[l] Neither was he a kind father, worried about his beloved Mizuha.[l] He was a selfish, arrogant incarnation of evil.[wvl]
;; このひと言が、白鳥理事長のすべてを物語っていた。[l]そこにいるのは、警察やマスコミの追及に怯える中年でもなく、ましてや水羽にとっての優しい父親でもなかった。[l]あくまで倣岸な悪の塊だった。[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7067]“Now, give up already. Let's get out of here. I won't hand you over to the police. I couldn't stand to see my daughter imprisoned.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7067]“さあ、もうあきらめるんだ。表へ出よう。心配するな、警察に突き出したりはしない。娘が実刑を受けるのはしのびないからな”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7908]“Don't lie to me, you sack of filth. What you couldn't stand to see is another Shiratori scandal, isn't that right?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7908]“あきれるわね、自分のスキャンダルをこれ以上増やしたくないだけでしょう?”[np]

 Yuki's old curiosity idly wondered how a man with no sense of right and wrong became so powerful in society.[wvl]
;; ここまで善悪の観念の薄い人間がどうして出来上がるのか、ユキは興味すら覚えていた。[wvl]
;;technically, what would make a man this way, not how he becomes so powerful. But I would actually leave it because having Yuki wonder how someone could be that way when her entire hobby is about researching that very thing is lol.
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7068]“Come here.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7068]“こっちへ来い”[wvl]
 He took another step toward her, taser brandished and ready.[l] There was nowhere left to run.[l] Yuki's back pressed against a crate, the taut tarp covering it crinkling as she tried to retreat further.[wvl]
;; スタンガンを向けながら、また一歩踏み込んできた。[l]逃げ場はない。[l]ユキの背中には、資材を包んだブルーシートの感触があった。[wvl]
 Then...[l] her eyes shot wide open.[wvl]
;; 直後、目を見張った。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7300]“Stop it!”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7300]“やめてっ!”[np]

@black rule=rule_m_outin time=300

 Mizuha screamed.[l] She had jumped out from behind a crate.[l] She desperately clung to the Director's arm from behind him.[l] After a short struggle, the black weapon in his hand fell to the ground with a clang.[l] The powerful device which had given the Director his brash confidence was now on the floor.[l] He roared and thrashed, shaking Mizuha off in the process.[l] However, Yuki was already holding the Director by the collar.[l] Cool air rushed past her flush face.[np]
;; 水羽の悲鳴。[l]飛び出してきた。[l]理事長の腕に、背後からしがみついた。[l]床に転がる黒い凶器。[l]それこそが、理事長の余裕を保っていた武器だった。[l]怒号が走り、水羽が振りほどかれる。[l]ユキはすでに理事長の胸倉をつかんでいた。[l]風を感じた。[np]

;SE ダンという倒れる音。
@se storage=se_46

;背景 倉庫中
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_a_b time=300

 Her flawless shoulder throw hurled the Director quite a ways.[l] His spine hit the concrete floor hard.[l] He fainted in agony, his mouth still hanging open from the pain of the impact.[wvl]
;; 背負い投げは、ほぼ完全に決まっていた。[l]理事長は受身もとれずに、背骨を固い床に打ちつけることになった。[l]痛みの衝撃で口を半開きにしたまま、悶絶していた。[wvl]
;;The first line actually comments on her doing a shoulder throw(in case you're wondering why the director is suddenly on the floor. Also, Using 決まる after describing a physical feat can mean that she just pulled off the feat, or in this case, her shoulder throw went off almost perfectly, with no relation to victory or anything like that.)
 Yuki caught her breath and looked down at her father, crumpled on the floor like a caterpillar.[wvl]
;; ユキは呼吸を整え、芋虫みたいに丸まった実の父を見下ろした。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7909]“I've changed my mind. I think I really will kill you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7909]“思い直したわ、やっぱりあなたを殺すって”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7301]“Nee-san...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7301]“姉さん……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7910]“Sorry, Mizuha, but you're partially to blame. You were the one who allowed your father to go unpunished.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7910]“ごめんね、水羽。でも、あなたも悪いのよ。こんな父親を野放しにしておいたんだから”[np]

 Guilt tore at Yuki's heart as she spoke.[l] She knew Mizuha had no hand in these events, but Yuki was powerless to halt what had already been put in motion.[l] Urged forward by her overwhelming hate, Yuki tied the Director's arms behind him with a nearby rope.[wvl]
;; 自分で言っておいて、胸がうずいた。[l]水羽に罪はないとわかっていながらも、どうにもならない。[l]溢れんばかりの憎しみに支配されながら、ユキは理事長の腕をロープで縛っていった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7911]“If you really think about it, we're not really sisters.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7911]“よく考えたら、私たちって姉妹じゃないじゃない”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7302]“Huh?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7302]“え?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7912]“Legally, I mean. It would be libel for the media to call you a murderer's sister. I was just confused, there's nothing to worry about.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7912]“法律上の話ね。だから、殺人犯の姉を持つってことにはならないじゃないの。私ったら、なに勘違いしてるのかしら”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7303]“What are you talking about? Of course we're sisters!”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7303]“なに言ってるの? 私たちは姉妹だよ?”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7913]“Stop with that. We're practically strangers. I'm grateful for your help, but this is the end.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7913]“そういうのはもういいわ。私たちは他人。助けてくれたのは感謝してる。でも、もうお別れよ”[wvl]
 Yuki picked up the long, narrow nail she had mentioned earlier and crouched at the Director's side.[wvl]
;; ユキは細長い釘を拾い、理事長のそばにかがみこんだ。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7914]“Now, talk.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7914]“さあ、教えてちょうだい”[wvl]
 Yuki's expression must have been drenched in cruelty, as the Director's face quickly filled with unmistakable fear.[wvl]
;; ユキがよほど酷薄な表情をしていたのか、理事長の顔に今度こそ疑いようのない恐怖が浮かんだ。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7915]“You ordered Katakura to set fire to the house, didn't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7915]“あなたは片倉に命じて家に火を放ったのよね?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7069]“Hnh...!”[wvl]
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;;I refuse! Never! ugly art, not a single event cg, and ridiculous-sounding story! - pondr
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7069]“うっ……”[wvl]
 Yuki's rage dragged her mind back to the night her house burst into flames.[l] The floor and walls licked at the young Yuki with a blazing red heat.[l] Her mother fought against time and an unconquerable illness to stand up, lift the half-asleep Yuki, and jump out the window.[l] Yuki cried in her mother's scorched arms.[wvl]
;; ユキは、家が燃え上がった晩のことを思い出した。[l]灼熱の炎が四方から迫っていた。[l]母は病をおして立ち上がり、寝ぼけ眼のユキを背負って窓から外に飛び出した。[l]やけどにただれた母の腕に、ユキは涙を落とした。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7916]“I said talk. Talk or I'll kill you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7916]“言いなさい。殺すわよ?”[wvl]
 She thrust the nail at the Director's neck.[wvl]
;; 釘の切っ先を、理事長の首に突きつけた。[wvl]
 He promptly confessed through frantic breaths.[np]
;; 理事長は切れ切れの吐息で言った。[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7070]“Alright... I-I ordered it. Katakura-kun was in a bit of money trouble, and I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. But I swear, I never told him to set fire to the house! I swear!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7070]“そうだ……わ、わたしの指図だ。当時金に困っていた片倉くんに話を持ちかけたんだ。しかし、放火までしろとは言っていない、本当だ”[wvl]
 The devil in Yuki's heart gorged on her wrath.[l] [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7917]“Then why was the house burned down!?!”[wvl]
;; ユキの心のなかで悪魔が激昂した。[l][nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7917]“じゃあ、なんで火がついたんだ!!!”[wvl]
[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7071]“P-please, it's the truth!” [wveh]he said, his tears and saliva splattering across the room.[l] [nm t="理事長" s=riz_7072]“K-K-Katakura did it of his own accord! You gotta believe me!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7071]“や、やめろ、本当だ!”[wveh]涙と唾がはじけた。[l][nm t="理事長" s=riz_7072]“か、か、片倉くんが勝手にやった、信じてくれ!”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7304]“N-Nee-san...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7304]“ね、姉さん……!”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7918]“Shut up!”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7918]“うるさい!”[np]
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 Words could no longer reach Yuki.[l] Nor could her consideration of Mizuha, or her guilt toward Haru.[l] Even her gratitude to and love of her foster father blew away into the storm of rage within her.[l] That fierce wind took everything from Yuki, until all that remained was an empty shell... one waiting for the awakened demon within her to fill the vacancy her fast-fleeing soul left behind.[wvl]
;; もはや、ユキの耳には何者の声も届かなかった。[l]水羽への思いやりも、ハルへの申し訳なさも、義理の父親への感謝も、すべて吹き飛んだ。[l]ただ、己のうちで目覚めた悪魔に身を委ねるのみ。[wvl]
;;her sorriness. I can't believe that's actually a word. - pondr
 Yuki punched the Director in the face.[l] After shaking his tears and saliva off her hand, she picked up her phone.[wvl]
;; 涙と唾液でぐちゃぐちゃになった理事長の顔面を殴りつけると、ユキは携帯を取った。[wvl]
 ――There's another person I have to kill.[wvl]
;; ――もう一人、殺さなくては。[wvl]
 The call was quickly answered.[wvl]
;; 通話はすぐにつながった。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9095]“What's the holdup, Yuki? Weren't you going to release Mizuha after we handed over the Director?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9095]“どうしたんだ、ユキ。理事長を引き渡したら、水羽を解放してくれる約束じゃなかったのか?”[np]

 What a smartass.[l] After giving the Director that dangerous weapon, she has the nerve to act so innocent...?[wvl]
;; よく言う。その理事長にスタンガンなんて物騒なものを渡したくせに……。[wvl]
 Yuki laughed.[l] Haru was a hypocrite after all.[wvl]
;; ユキは笑った。[l]けっきょくは、ハルも偽善者なのだ。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7919]“We ran into a bit of trouble in here. But rest assured, I have no need for Mizuha anymore.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7919]“ちょっとトラブルがあってね。でも、もう水羽には用はないから安心して……”[wvl]
 Despite her voice, which still dripped with the flames of adrenaline, Yuki's mind was as cool as ice.[wvl]
;; 興奮冷めやらぬ口調とは裏腹に、ユキの心は冷え切っていった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7920]“I hear you've got Katakura out there waiting for me. Would you mind ushering him inside?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7920]“片倉が来てるらしいじゃないの。中に入れてもらえるかしら?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9096]“......”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9096]“…………”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7921]“Oh, I see. You refuse. Well, say goodbye to this sack of shit in here.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7921]“あ、そう。嫌なんだ。じゃあ、この人間のクズを殺すわ”[wvl]
 Yuki feared she might actually kill him on the spot, unconcerned about the consequences.[wvl]
;; いまや、後先考えずに、この場で殺してやってもいいとすら思えた。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9097]“Calm down, Yuki. I'll do it. Katakura-san's on his way now.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9097]“落ち着け、ユキ。わかった。片倉さんも納得してくれている”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7922]“No dirty tricks this time, Haru. My patience has its limits, and you're testing them.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7922]“もう小細工はなしよ、ハル。あまり怒らせないでちょうだい”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9098]“Yeah...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9098]“ああ……”[wvl]
 Yuki stood at the warehouse entrance once more.[l] [nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7923]“I'm opening the door.”[np]
;; ユキは再び扉の前に立った。[l][nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7923]“開けるわよ?”[np]

 Perhaps Yuki's anger had robbed her of her cool.[l] She realized she was about to open the door without bringing along a hostage as a shield.[wvl]
;; 怒りに冷静さを失っていたのかもしれない。[l]ユキは人質を盾にすることもなく、扉に手をかけていたことに気づいた。[wvl]
 ――What if they rush in as soon as I open the door?[wvl]
;; 扉が開いた瞬間に襲い掛かってこられたら――?[wvl]
 However, it was a needless worry.[wvl]
;; しかし、それは杞憂だった。[wvl]
 The sea breeze flew in.[l] A short man stood not an arm's length away from her.[l] He wore a suit and thin glasses.[np]
;; 海風が入り込んでくる。[l]すぐ目の前に、小柄な男が棒立ちになっていた。[l]スーツに、切れ長の眼鏡。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7924]“You're Katakura...?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7924]“片倉ね……”[wvl]
[nm t="片倉" s=ktk_7000]“That's right.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="片倉" s=ktk_7000]“そうだ”[wvl]
 Yuki immediately pulled the man to her chest using her right arm.[l] Her left hand wielded the nail.[l] The moment she pushed the nail against Katakura's neck, a voice rang out against her.[np]
;; ユキは即座に男の腕を右手で引いた。[l]左手には凶器の釘。[l]それを片倉の首筋に突きつけた瞬間、声が上がった。[np]

;背景 倉庫外 夜
@black rule=rule_a_l time=500
@bg storage=bg_23c rule=rule_a_l time=500

I shouted the second Tokita reached out for the man at the door.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Now, Usami!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美、いまだ!”[np]

This was her best chance, seeing as Tokita had defenselessly opened the door.[np]

@camera angle=l time=300
@chr l=haru_d_se_22b_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9099]“Right!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9099]“はいっ!”[np]

@quake sx=8 sy=5 xcnt=4 ycnt=5 time=300 fade=true
I held the warehouse door open to keep her from shutting it.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_18_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7925]“What do you think you're doing!?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7925]“なんのつもり!?”[np]

Tokita's eyes opened wide.[np]

She wrapped her arm around her new hostage's neck from behind, holding him as a human-shield.[np]
;;He knows it isn't katakura. And I don't see kata anywhere in that line, so I'm guessing it's a mistl. - pondr
;;Traditional human shield position? what is hostage taking a martial art? ~Newbie

Her left hand held a glittering, long nail.[np]

She began a slow retreat.[np]

I waved my hand, signaling the Sonoyama recruits to advance.[np]

They rushed into the warehouse after Usami and Tokita.[np]

As I ducked in after the last of our raiding team entered the warehouse, I noticed a few cars in the distance heading this way.[np]

@black rule=rule_b_r time=300
@ev storage=ev_other_25a

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7926]“See this nail!? If you come any closer, I'll kill Katakura!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7926]“これが見えないの!? 近寄ったら片倉を殺すわよ!?”[wvl]
 Yakuza men ignored Yuki's warning as they charged into the warehouse, one after another.[wvl]
;; ユキの制止を無視して、極道たちは、ぞろぞろと、倉庫に踏み込んできた。[wvl]
 They kept a distance of about five yards from Yuki.[l] They had her surrounded, forming a semicircle around her as she backed against a wall.[l] Each one of them teemed with rage, and exuded enough overwhelming force for Yuki to smell it.[wvl]
;; 距離にして五メートルほど。[l]ユキを中心にした半円を描くような包囲ができた。[l]連中は皆、殺気立っていて、圧倒的な暴力の匂いがする。[wvl]
 She addressed the leader of the pack, her old friend.[wvl]
;; 先頭に立った親友に聞いてみた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7927]“Have you gone insane, Haru?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7927]“気でも触れたの、ハル?”[np]
;;horibe is visible in the event cg here already. what's up with that? (ps I don't edit with the game up, I've just seen all the event cg's) - pondr

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9100]“Yeah. This was a last resort.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9100]“ああ、これが、最後の手段だった”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7928]“What in hell are you thinking? Just... put your mind to use for a second. Don't you see what's going on here? Nothing's changed.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7928]“呆れるわね。よく考えてごらんなさい。状況はなにも変わっていないのよ?”[wvl]
 Yuki forced out a composed smile.[wvl]
;; 余裕の笑みを浮かべた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7929]“I have a hostage. I could kill him at any moment.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7929]“私は人質を取っている。いまにも殺すことができる”[wvl]
 To be honest, even with the impending threat, this situation was more favorable than when Mizuha was her only hostage.[l] The man squirming in her arms, the one called Katakura, was despicable enough to warrant at least two bloody deaths.[np]
;; むしろ、水羽を人質に取っていたときよりも、事態はユキにとって好転したといっていい。[l]腕のなかでもがいている片倉という男は、殺しても飽き足りないほどの卑劣漢なのだ。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9101]“Calm down, Yuki.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9101]“ユキ、落ち着け”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7930]“I'm perfectly calm.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7930]“落ち着いてるわよ”[wvl]
 Indeed.[l] She could take this man's life without so much as a quivering fingertip right now.[wvl]
;; そう、いまなら、落ち着いて人を殺せそうだ。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9102]“Please. I'm begging you, stop all these stupid revenge-games. I love you, Yuki.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9102]“頼む。もうこんな馬鹿なことはやめてくれ。わたしはユキが大好きなんだ”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7931]“If you loved me, why didn't you tell me about the ‘Maou’?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7931]“大好きなら、"魔王"のことを教えてくれてもよかったじゃない?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9103]“I'm sorry. I thought bringing him up for no reason would have caused more problems than it solved.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9103]“すまない。下手に話したら、迷惑がかかると思ったんだ”[np]
;;Considering were talking about possibly getting her involved with the fucking maou, I don't think ‘upset you' is what we're trying to go for here.
;;You'll need to explain this. It's HARU saying that. Saying, "Bringing up the darkness of my past would make you worry about me, so I just kept it to myself." Are you sure you didn't think that was a Yuki line? Or am I misunderstanding entirely? - pondr
;;No, I just mean my kneejerk reaction was that it meant Haru telling Yuki about Maou could also mean risking Yuki getting involved with the maou which is something she wanted to avoid.
;;in order to accommodate both, I figure this might work. - pondr

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7932]“Well, it was a sweet thought. Too bad it prevented us from truly understanding each other.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7932]“気づかいありがとう。おかげですれ違ったわね”[wvl]
 Yuki's arm tightened around Katakura's neck.[l] She used excessive force for such a small hostage.[l] Madness fueled her strength to heroic, demonic proportions.[wvl]
;; 片倉の首をさらに締めた。[l]必要以上に力が入った。[l]狂気がユキに力をみなぎらせていた。[wvl]
 She glanced at the Director on the floor.[wvl]
;; 床に転がった白鳥理事長を一瞥した。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7933]“You really screwed yourself over this time, Haru.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7933]“火に油を注いだわね、ハル”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9104]“What?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9104]“なに?”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7934]“I was considering giving up my revenge at one point, thanks to Mizuha.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7934]“いっときはね、復讐なんてやめようかとも思ったのよ。水羽のおかげでね”[np]

 Mizuha stood stone-still, dumbfounded.[l] She was obviously failing to comprehend the current situation.[wvl]
;; 水羽は呆然と立ちすくんでいた。[l]切迫した状況についていけないという顔だった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7935]“She's gone through enough, seeing as her father is a degenerate piece of trash. Turning out to be the sister of a murderer would just be too cruel.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7935]“外道の父親を持っているだけでも肩身が狭いのに、その上、人殺しの姉まで加わったら、いくらなんでもかわいそうでしょ”[wvl]
 In stark contrast to her words, Yuki's conscience was silent.[l] All blame laid with Haru.[wvl]
;; 言葉の内容とは裏腹に、もはや、良心はうずかなかった。[l]ハルのせいだ。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7936]“If you hadn't sicced the Director on me, we could've all gone home with a nice, happy ending. Good going, Hero.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7936]“あなたが理事長をけしかけなかったら、ハッピーエンドだったのにね。たいした勇者様だこと”[np]
;;line is too epic for honorifics! - pondr

 Haru's face grew grave.[l] She looked at the Director with narrowed eyes, full of anger.[l] It's too late for regrets, Haru...[wvl]
;; ハルの顔が険しくなった。[l]吊りあがった目で理事長を見下ろしている。[l]後悔しても遅いというのに……。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9105]“Fine. You can hold me hostage instead.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9105]“わかった。わたしが代わりに人質になろう”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7937]“Don't be ridiculous. I may be disappointed in you, but I have no reason to kill you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7937]“冗談はやめてよ。たしかに、あなたには失望したけれど、それでもあなたを殺す理由はないわ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9106]“Is that so...?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9106]“そうか……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7938]“Hostages aren't worth a dime if there's no believable threat to their lives.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7938]“人質には人質たる理由がいるのよ”[wvl]
 Yuki stated the obvious.[l] There was no reason to put up with Haru's begging any longer.[np]
;; 当たり前のことをつぶやいていた。[l]もう、ハルにかまう必要はない。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7939]“Now, step aside. You prepared me a car, right?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7939]“さあ、道をあけてちょうだい。車は用意してあるんでしょう?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9107]“Yuki...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9107]“ユキ……”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7940]“What? Do you intend on catching me even if it means Katakura gets killed in the process? Let me make something crystal clear. If I see anything funny, I'll kill him on the spot. Without the slightest hesitation.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7940]“それともなに? 片倉を見殺しにしてでも、私を捕まえる? 言っておくけど、少しでも変な動きを見せたらその場で殺すわよ。なんの遠慮もないわ”[wvl]
 Nevertheless, Haru refused to stand down.[np]
;; しかし、ハルはどこうとしなかった。[np]

;@ev storage=ev_other_25b
@cutin storage=ev_other_25b x=526 y=0 path=(476,0,255) time=1000

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9108]“I'll say it as many times as you want. Let him go. I won't let you kill someone.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9108]“何度でも言おう。その人を放すんだ。お前を人殺しにはさせない”[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7941]“Oh, give it up already...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7941]“いいかげんにしてよね……”[wvl]
 Yuki sighed, then suddenly felt something amiss about this situation.[wvl]
;; ため息をつきながらも、ユキは、ふと違和感を覚えていた。[wvl]
 Haru's behavior was odd.[l] She was standing tall, staring straight at her opponent.[l] It wasn't a very typical attitude when faced with defeat.[wvl]
;; ハルの立ち居振る舞い。[l]背すじを伸ばし、堂々と相手を見据える姿勢には、敗北者のそれが感じられない。[wvl]
 ――Why...? Why...?[wvl]
;; ――なぜだ……なぜ……?[wvl]
 Was she bluffing?[l] Yuki felt that she could read Haru flawlessly after the time they spent together.[l] Yet much to her confusion and discomfort, Haru showed no signs of lying.[np]
;; 虚勢だろうか。[l]ハルとは古いつき合いだからわかる。[l]嘘をついている気配はなかった。[np]

 How on earth does she plan on turning this situation around?[l] Yuki attempted to calm and cool her mind as it raged in a storm of madness.[wvl]
;; ここからどんな大逆転があるというのか。[l]狂気にもやがかかっていた頭に、平静さを呼び込む。[wvl]
 ――Wait a second...[wvl]
;; ――そういえば……。[wvl]
 She focused on the men surrounding her.[l] Each of them bore a malevolent air.[l] They looked as though they might pounce at any second.[wvl]
;; ヤクザ連中に焦点を合わせた。[l]どいつもこいつも人相が悪い。[l]いまにも飛び掛ってきそうな勢いだった。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ"]“......”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ"]“…………”[wvl]
 Wait, what are they waiting for――!?[np]
;; いや、なぜ、飛び掛ってこないのか――![np]

 Yuki, now in a panic, reflexively turned to look at the back of Katakura's head.[wvl]
;; ユキは、焦りを覚えつつも自然と、片倉の後頭部に視線を這わせていた。[wvl]
@bgm storage=bgm_13
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9109]“That isn't Katakura-san,” [wveh]Haru declared.[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9109]“その人は片倉さんじゃない”[wveh]ハルが言った。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ"]“......”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ"]“…………”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9110]“It's a member of the Sonoyama Group. I asked Azai-san to propose this plan to his men.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9110]“園山組の方だ。浅井さんにお願いして、協力してもらった”[wvl]
 Yuki had no time to be dumbfounded.[l] Nevertheless, her usually talkative mouth refused to move.[np]
;; 唖然としている暇はなかった。[l]が、いつもは饒舌な口が、うまく動かなかった。[np]

 That's why the yakuza had hesitated.[l] If Katakura's life were on the line, there would be no reason for these men to restrain themselves.[l] They kept back because the hostage was one of their own.[wvl]
;; だから、ヤクザは躊躇していた。[l]彼らが片倉の命を気にかける理由は見当たらない。[l]人質が身内だったからこそ、抑制が効いていたのだ。[wvl]
;;what the fuck happened to this line. they had hesitated but it wasn't hesitation, what does that even mean, yes it was.
;;I was rather confused before. I thought the line was saying they trusted in the guy's strength, so there was no need to worry. I left the odd logic to crappy writing. Should've suspected my interpretation first x.x - pondr
[nm t="ヤクザ" s=ktk_7001]“Look, I got a family. Cut me some slack, would ya, babe?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ヤクザ" s=ktk_7001]“俺にも家族がいるんだ。勘弁してもらえねえかな、嬢ちゃん”[wvl]
 Yuki's hostage――the man she thought was Katakura――spoke to her in the thick dialect of the underworld.[wvl]
;; ユキが盾にしていた男――片倉だと思っていた小男が巻き舌で言った。[wvl]
 All Yuki could do was mindlessly stare at Haru.[wvl]
;; ユキは呆然と、ハルを見つめるしかなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9111]“I'd say he isn't worth a dime as a hostage. What about you, Yuki?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9111]“人質には人質たる理由がいる。そうだろう、ユキ?”[np]
;;matching 941. - pondr




@ev storage=ev_other_25a

[nm t="京介"]“By the way, Tokita...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ちなみに言うとだな、時田……”[np]

I took a step forward.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Usami didn't order the Director to attack you.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美は別に、理事長をけしかけてなんかいない”[np]
;;I saw that coming. - pondr

@mface name=yuki_b_se_17b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7944]“...What?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7944]“……え?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“The Director keeps a taser on him at all times. Shiratori told me about it when we had dinner together the day before yesterday. The guy's pretty shady all around, if you ask me.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そこの理事長さんは、普段からスタンガンを持ち歩いてるみたいだな。白鳥と飯食ってたとき、そんな話があった。後ろ暗いことが多いんだろう”[np]

I had interpreted Tokita's sarcasm earlier to mean that the Director launched a surprise attack against her.[np]

That was an unbelievably stupid move.[np]

@mface name=haru_d_se_22b_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9112]“Alright, Yuki. Time to let go of that man.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9112]“さあ、ユキ、その人を放すんだ”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_17_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7945]“Kh...”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7945]“くっ……”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9113]“You're smart enough to realize this, but I'll say it anyway. Killing that man will solve nothing.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9113]“頭のいいお前ならわかるだろう? その人を殺してもなんの意味もないんだ”[np]

It was quite a dirty trick for Usami.[np]

Its outcome depended on Tokita's mental state. If we were less than careful, or even just unlucky, our stand-in might have been killed.[np]

He might be unrelated to Tokita's revenge, but he's still a hostage.[np]

As Usami said, there's no guarantee that Tokita will surrender now.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7946]“What would you do if I decided I had no qualms about killing people who have nothing to do with this?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7946]“もし、私が、無関係な人を殺すこともいとわなかったらどうするの?”[np]

Tokita knew as well as I did that Usami believed in her.[np]

@mface name=haru_d_se_22c_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9114]“You couldn't do something like that.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9114]“ユキにそんな真似はできない”[np]

Usami declared that belief with conviction, and Tokita flinched and looked away in response.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_17b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7947]“What if I decided to run away with this man as my hostage?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7947]“このままこの人を人質に逃げ出したらどうするの?”[np]

This time I responded.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“How exactly do you intend to do that? Are you planning on driving out of here? There's no way a piddly little nail could keep one of our men docile, let alone while the person holding it is watching the road.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どうやって逃げるんだ? 運転はどうする? そんな釘一本で極道を脅せると思っているのか?”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_17c_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7948]“Indeed... I'm clearly at a disadvantage.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7948]“そうね……どう考えても分が悪いわね”[np]

I could tell Tokita's grip on the man had loosened a bit.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_03c_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7949]“It looks like I lose... I didn't give you enough credit, Haru...”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7949]“私の負けよ……疑ってごめんね、ハル……”[np]

;背景 倉庫中 
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_c_t time=1000

@camera angle=l
@chr l=yuki_b_se_03c_s


@bgm storage=bgm_10
Tokita let go of the hostage and stood still for a moment, dazed.[np]

The nail she had threatened to use as a weapon fell to the ground.[np]

@mface name=mizuha_c_se_03_b
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7305]“Ah... N-Nee-san...”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7305]“あ……ね、姉さん……”[np]

Shiratori squeaked at Tokita's surrender.[np]

Judging by the fact that she wasn't bound in the least, Shiratori must have actually been cooperating with Tokita.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7073]“...H-help...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7073]“……た、助けてくれ……”[np]

The Director seemed to be alive, at least.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7074]“Haah, haah... Yuki, you little shit... don't think you'll get away with this.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7074]“はあっ、はあっ……ユキ、貴様、ただで済むと思うなよ”[np]

He seemed lively enough.[np]

@mface name=haru_d_se_00_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9115]“Azai-san... please...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9115]“浅井さん……お願いです”[np]

The rest was up to me, I guess.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Tch...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ち……”[np]

Usami wanted me to save Tokita.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9116]“You know what would happen if everyone here found out Yuki was connected to ‘Maou’...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9116]“ユキが"魔王"の関係者だということを、ここにいる人たちに知られたら……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, yeah...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかっている……”[np]

She would be left with Horibe, at the mercy of his horrible tortures.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9117]“Thank you.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9117]“すみません”[np]

Fucking hell... why me...?[np]

Well, I'll live this down eventually. Eventually.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Everyone, listen up.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“皆さん聞いてください”[np]

I faced the group of villainous men.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Thank you all very much for helping us out here all through the night. I, Azai Kyousuke, will never forget this favor. I will be personally rewarding each of you later. For now, though, I think we should call it a day.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“夜遅くまでありがとうございました。この恩義は浅井京介、生涯忘れません。後ほど御礼にうかがいますので、いまはひとまず解散としていただけませんか?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'll report this to my father immediately. Feel free to go home in the meantime.”[np]

I can't afford to let any of them talk to Gonzou directly. Some of them might have overheard our conversation and learned something about Tokita and ‘Maou’.[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“父には僕から報告しておきますので”[np]
;;obviously switched around these two lines - pondr

The men, swearing here and there, slowly turned to leave.[np]

They seemed content enough after I mentioned a reward.[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_09_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9118]“...Hm?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9118]“……む?”[np]

Suddenly, the people nearest the entrance stopped in their tracks.[np]

Boisterous greetings echoed through the warehouse.[np]
;;note that the greetings are supposed to be like, between the people already there and the person that just came in(but you don't know someone has just came in at this point so it does need to be vague, like, there were sounds of greetings flying about, but something that's ok in English). Saying each other here might be inefficient, it makes it seem like the group that is there is just greeting amongst themselves for no reason(since technically you don't know there's anyone else there)

A giant strode through the ranks of beasts before pouncing in front of me.[np]
;;also jump not literal, just to describe the power at which one makes he way from the back to the front, I probably don't have to explain that, pondr isn't an idiot!
;;I was just moseying around the file and saw this line and figured I'd make this edit before I forget it. Keepin' up the "beast" feel, you know. And thanks, some people would beg to differ about me ;P - pondr

@camera angle=r
@chr r=gonzou_b_02_b
@bgm storage=bgm_23
Oh, God...[np]
;;Uh oh. It's "Marche Slave" (bgm_23). - pondr

I had seen cars coming when we rushed in... that was Gonzou...?[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7218]“When did my wolves become your livestock, boy?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7218]“うちの狼どもは、いつからお前の家畜になったんだ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Father... I'm very sorry.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お養父さん……申し訳ありません”[np]

;SE 殴る音
@se storage=se_47
@quake sx=10 sy=40 xcnt=6 ycnt=2 time=300 fade=true
A dull thud echoed through my skull.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Ah, gh...!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あ、ぐ……っ!”[np]

@chr r=gonzou_a_07_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7219]“I heard about your little hostage crisis. Tokita's adopted kid was planning revenge on her real father, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7219]“立て篭もりの話は聞いた。時田の義理の娘が親に復讐していたようだな?”[np]

@camera angle=c
He pointed at Tokita with his chin.[np]

The Director suddenly raised his head.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7075]“B-Boss Azai...”[np]
;;this ‘boss' means yakuza boss, but I'm not sure how to make that more apparent without calling him Don Azai
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7075]“あ、浅井組長……”[np]
;;I don't like it, but I can't think of anything better, so it stays for now. - pondr

[nm t="浅井権三"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三"]“…………”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7076]“Thanks for coming all this way. You really saved my backside.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7076]“よくおいでくださいました。おかげさまで大変助かりました”[np]

The Director tried to kiss a little ass.[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7077]“Your son did a great job here.”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7077]“息子さんには感謝しております”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三"]“…………”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7078]“You've earned my best regards...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7078]“どうか、どうか、今後ともよしなに……”[np]
;;"that's for sure" clashes with the ass-kissing, talking as humbly as you can thing don't it

Gonzou finally spoke without a hint of expression.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7222]“Swine should be dealt with in a manner befitting swine.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7222]“外道には外道の報いがある”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7079]“...Gh!?”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7079]“……っ!?”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7223]“You got a whole brigade of my foot soldiers bossed around all night, you know that?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7223]“貴様が原因でうちの若い衆がこき使われたようだな?”[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7080]“I-It wasn't me, it was that woman over there...!”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7080]“わ、私ではありません、そこの女が……!”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7224]“Pay them five million a piece in compensation.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7224]“手当てとして、一人につき五百払え”[np]

There were twenty men here, at least... that's over a hundred million yen total...[np]

[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7081]“I-I can't pay tha-...”[np]
;;[nm t="理事長" s=riz_7081]“そ、そんな大金は……”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7225]“Silence.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7225]“黙れ”[np]

The Director paled.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“F-Father... the situation has been resolved. I've no excuses for my overworking of your men...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お、お養父さん。もう問題はありません……勝手に、皆さんに動いてもらったのは申し開きのしようもありませんが……”[np]

@camera angle=r time=1000
@chr r=gonzou_a_06b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7226]“What are you hiding?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7226]“なにを隠している”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Pardon, Sir?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“隠して……?”[np]

@chr r=gonzou_a_02_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7227]“That mutt Usami is here, is she not?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7227]“痴れ狗が、宇佐美もいるではないか?”[np]
;;Actually no good idea what kind of derogative term would be best to use for 痴れ狗. Something not too overboard, but fitting for Gonzou. Eh. First thought was rat, but rat carries connotations of being an informant in the underworld so that got blown X_X I just went with mutt because for some reason it seems to jive with her hair and the original does mention dog after all :)
;;100% approve of mutt. though I still don't know what's "gonzou" and what isn't. TNA's always ridiculing me about it T.T He's not normal mob boss, is he? To the best of my knowledge, it's a combination of "I don't give a shit", "supergenius", and "I'll kill you if you make one wrong move", with a touch of formality. - pondr

Did he smell her, I wonder?[np]

In any case, Gonzou was quick to suspect the connection between the situation here and ‘Maou’.[np]

@chr r=gonzou_b_16_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7228]“Spit it out.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7228]“言え”[np]

@quake sx=10 sy=-20 xcnt=3 ycnt=1 time=200 fade=true
[nm t="京介"]“Gh...!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ぐっ……!”[np]

He lifted me up by the shirt.[np]

@chr r=gonzou_b_02_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7229]“I ordered you to hunt down ‘Maou’. Why would you throw my troops into a completely unrelated case?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7229]“俺は貴様に"魔王"を探れと命じた。が、貴様はまったく関係のない事件に俺の私兵を投じたというのか?”[np]
;;made this ambiguous for now as to whether or not gonzou knows this is related. - pondr

It's only natural for Gonzou to be angry.[np]

@chr r=gonzou_b_01b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7230]“Let me tell you this. When I catch ‘Maou’, I'm going to tear him to pieces. And I'll skin every last one of his protégés alive.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7230]“"魔王"は捕まえ次第、八つ裂きにする。"魔王"の子飼いも生きたまま皮を剥いでやろう”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Ngh...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……っ”[np]

@chr r=gonzou_b_00_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7231]“I'll count to three. If you don't tell me the truth by the time I'm done, I'll have these companions of yours massacred.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7231]“これより、三つ数える。その間に真実を述べねば、貴様の連れも皆殺しだ”[np]
;;At first I felt the need to change "if you don't" to something that allows any of them to tell him the truth, because that makes more sense. But then I remembered Houzuki at the end of chapter 4, and remembered how awesome it was when Houzuki put Morita on the spot and Natsumi answered for him~~~ so the "you" stays. - pondr


Usami, Shiratori, and Tokita...?[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7232]“One!”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7232]“ひとつ!”[np]

Are they really my companions...? Would... would that make them my friends...?[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7233]“Two!”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7233]“ふたつ!”[np]

What am I doing?[np]

I should be obeying Gonzou.[np]

Suddenly, despite my suffocated, hazy consciousness, a vision flashed before my eyes.[np]

;ev_tubaki_06 (セピア調)
@ev storage=ev_tubaki_06 grayscale=true rgamma=1.5 ggamma=1.1

I saw Tsubaki protecting her brother.[np]

;背景 主人公自室 夜(セピア調)
@bg storage=bg_01c1100 grayscale=true rgamma=1.5 ggamma=1.1
@chr c=kanon_b_si_01_b grayscale=true rgamma=1.5 ggamma=1.1

I watched Kanon leave without saying so much as a word.[np]

;背景 倉庫中
@bg storage=bg_24a

@chr c=yuki_b_se_03c_s
And as my sight returned, I saw Tokita, who refused to lay a hand on Shiratori.[np]

I watched her distant lips swing wide open.[np]

@chr c=yuki_b_se_02_s
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7950]“Stop.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7950]“やめて”[np]

@ev storage=ev_other_03a

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02_s
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7951]“Let Kyousuke go.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7951]“京介くんを放して”[np]

She faced Gonzou and me with an utterly blank expression.[np]

@mface name=gonzou_a_02_s
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7234]“You...”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7234]“貴様か”[np]

Gonzou let go of me and walked toward Tokita.[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_15b_s
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7952]“You guessed right. I know the ‘Maou’.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7952]“その通り。私は"魔王"を知っているわ”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7235]“...You're Tokita's daughter, yeah?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7235]“お前が時田の娘だな?”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7953]“Yes. Are you acquainted with my father?”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7953]“ええ、父さんとお知り合いなの?”[np]

Gonzou responded to Tokita's question by throwing her a death-glare.[np]

@mface name=gonzou_a_06b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7236]“Where is ‘Maou’?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7236]“"魔王"はどこだ?”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_15d_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7954]“I don't know.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7954]“わからないわ”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7237]“Then tell me what you do know, girl.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7237]“知っていることを、洗いざらい話せ”[np]

@mface name=yuki_b_se_02b_b
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7955]“I don't know much, I swear.”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7955]“ほとんど知らないわ、本当よ”[np]

@mface name=gonzou_b_01_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7238]“Swear all you want. I'll decide when you've said enough.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7238]“本当かどうかは俺が決める”[np]

Pure malice seemed to swell in Gonzou's eyes.[np]

...It's all over.[np]

Gonzou isn't going to let Tokita off lightly.[np]

We didn't know each other for long, but Tokita wasn't half bad, if you ask me. I sorta got along with her.[np]

To be honest, I wish she could have stuck around a little longer.[np]
;;does this somewhat cheesy but still distant tone really match the past two lines? it's like the opposite of how I speak (being cheesy due to my obscene familiarity), so I'm having difficulty here. - pondr

I mean, considering the lengths she went to in order to exact her revenge, Tokita must have held at least a small grudge against Shiratori.[np]

Why did she refuse to hurt her?[np]

If she had used Shiratori as a legitimate hostage, the situation would have gone overwhelmingly in Tokita's favor.[np]

So... why?[np]

Why is this sensation so alien to me, when everyone around me seems to have something warm in them?[np]
;;okay I think that answers my above question. he's kinda breaking down which results in the climax of this scene. - pondr

@mface name=gonzou_a_08_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7239]“Haul her in.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7239]“さらえ”[np]
;;umm... was it the intent of the TL to sound like he's telling them to rape her? ‘cause I'm totally cool with that, I just think it could be done better. Like "Have your way with her." But I feel like the point is, "grab her and let's go to the torture chamber". - pondr
;;you have a dirty mind

Gonzou commanded his pack to prey.[np]

Just as I was about to flinch away from the spectacle, as I did every time I bore witness to Gonzou's cruelty, I heard pitiful sobs echo through the warehouse.[np]


@bgm storage=bgm_17
@mface name=mizuha_c_sic_17b_b
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7306]“P-please... please, stop...!”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7306]“やめ、て……ください……!”[np]

Of all the begging I've heard before Gonzou, this was the most meaningless, powerless plea.[np]

@ev storage=ev_mizuha_06

 ‘What a foolish girl,’ Yuki thought.[wvl]
;; 愚かな少女だと、ユキは思った。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7307]“Nee-san didn't do anything wrong...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7307]“姉さんは、悪くないんです……!”[wvl]
 Yuki's heart, already unable to fulfill its revenge, allowed the world to slip away entirely as it fell into despair at this new development.[wvl]
;; 復讐を果たせなかったユキの心は、すべてをあきらめ、捨て鉢のようになっていた。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7308]“S-she... she didn't do anything wrong...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7308]“な、なにも……悪くないんです……!”[wvl]
 Mizuha was an idiot.[l] It was no use.[l] Yuki's experience told her this after a mere glance at Azai Gonzou.[l] No matter how much she screams or cries, this giant's heart would remain steadfast.[np]
;; 水羽は馬鹿だ。[l]何の意味もない。[l]多くの犯罪者を見てきたユキにはわかる。[l]泣こうがわめこうが、目の前の巨漢の心は動かない。[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7309]“Please, just forgive her... don't hurt her...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7309]“赦して……姉さんに、ひどいことしないで……!”[wvl]
 She must not fully comprehend the situation.[l] Mizuha doesn't even know about the connection between Yuki and the ‘Maou’; she's merely throwing a tantrum.[wvl]
;; 状況もよくわかっていないのだろう。[l]ユキが"魔王"とつながっているということも知らないくせに、水羽はただ、泣き叫んでいる。[wvl]
 ――And good Lord, why does she feel the need to make all this racket...?[wvl]
;; ――まったく、なに泣いているのかしら……。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7310]“It, it... it was all my fault...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7310]“わたし、わたしがっ、わたしが、いけないんです……”[wvl]
 After finally being pierced by Gonzou's gaze, Mizuha's lips stiffened in fear.[np]
;; 浅井権三の眼光に射すくめられ、水羽の唇が恐怖に強張っている。[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7311]“I-I told Nee-san to... to u-use me as a fake hostage...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7311]“わたしが、姉さんに、話を持ちかけて……ひ、人質のふりをしていたんです……!”[wvl]
 How foolish.[l] Who would believe such a story?[l] And regardless, Azai Gonzou was uninterested in the hostage situation.[l] Her claim was utterly unimportant.[wvl]
;;Just wanted to nitpick on how I don't like these little changes that alter the meaning a little. Like, the last line there is supposed to be like "Gonzou doesn't even give a shit about the hostage situation aspect in the first place, you're wasting your time" pointing out that Mizuha doesn't even know the right angle to speak from, etc. and now it's just... well, I don't know, it's decidedly further from that.
;; 愚か過ぎる。[l]誰がそんな与太話を信じるというのか。[l]そもそも浅井権三は、立て篭もり事件などに興味を持っていない。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7312]“I-I'm the one who knows the ‘Maou’. It has nothing to do with Nee-san...!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7312]“ま、"魔王"は、私が、知ってます。姉さんは、関係ないんです……!”[wvl]
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7240]“Oh...?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7240]“ほう……”[wvl]
 Trembling in fear before Gonzou's deep voice, Mizuha awkwardly spun her words together.[np]
;; 権三の声に、震え、怯えながらも、水羽はたどたどしく言葉をつむいだ。[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7313]“So... so let Nee-san go!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7313]“だから、姉さんを赦してください!”[wvl]
 Tears fell onto her scarf...[wvl]
;; マフラーに落ちる、涙……。[wvl]
 The situation was almost aggravating.[l] All she had to do was keep quiet.[l] At this rate, Mizuha would be put to their yakuza torture as well.[l] Why is she always so much trouble...?[wvl]
;; むしろ、腹が立つ思いだった。[l]黙っていればいいものを。[l]このままでは、水羽にまで拷問の手が及んでしまう。[l]まったく、昔から足を引っ張ってくれる……。[wvl]
 Yuki stared at Mizuha's scarf as she spoke to Gonzou.[np]
;; ユキは、水羽のマフラーを見つめながら浅井権三に言った。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7956]“You don't really believe her, do you?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7956]“まさか、その子の話を信じるわけじゃないでしょう?”[wvl]
 Gonzou glanced at Yuki.[l] His eyes were chilling enough to freeze Yuki's reason as she tried to read him.[l] Had Mizuha really just lied straight into these eyes...?[wvl]
;; 権三はユキを一瞥した。[l]なにを考えているのかわからない、底冷えのするような目だった。[l]水羽は、この視線に刃向かっていたというのか……。[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7314]“I-it's true!” [wveh]Mizuha cried out again.[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7314]“ほ、本当です!”[wveh]水羽がまたわめいた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7957]“This is ridiculous, Mizuha. Be quiet.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7957]“話にならないわ、水羽。黙りなさい”[wvl]
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7315]“No!”[np]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7315]“やだよ!”[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7958]“You'll be killed!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7958]“殺されるわよ?”[wvl]
;; ……なぜだ。[wvl]
 Mizuha's behavior bewildered Yuki.[l] She wished Mizuha could understand her feelings.[l] The last thing Yuki wanted was to drag her poor sister down with her.[wvl]
;; ユキは水羽に戸惑っていた。[l]少しは、自分の気持ちもわかって欲しい。[l]ユキは水羽を巻き添えにしたくはなかった。[wvl]
 Yet more tears flow across Mizuha's pale cheeks, eventually coming to rest on her scarf.[np]
;; また、瞳から溢れた涙が、頬を伝ってマフラーに落ちる。[np]

@ev storage=ev_other_03a

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7241]“Hey...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7241]“おい……”[wvl]
 Azai Gonzou finally opened his mouth.[l] The anger in his lips implied that he would not waste time with this farce.[wvl]
;; ついに、浅井権三が口を開いた。[l]彼の尖った唇は茶番につき合うつもりはないと主張している。[wvl]
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7242]“What is that?” [wveh]he asked as he pointed at Mizuha.[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7242]“あれは、なんだ?”[wveh]水羽を指差した。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7959]“Who knows...?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7959]“さあ……”[wvl]
 All Yuki could do was smile, though her lips twitched in terror.[wvl]
;; ひきつって笑うしかなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7243]“Is it your sister or not?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7243]“あれは、お前の妹か?”[np]

[nm t="ユキ"]“......”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ"]“…………”[wvl]
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7244]“Because if it is, you know what we'll have to do, right?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7244]“だったら、わかるな?”[wvl]
 The pack of beasts understood their leader well enough, and drew near to Mizuha.[wvl]
;; 親分の意を察して、数人の男たちが水羽に詰め寄った。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7961]“Ah...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7961]“あ……”[wvl]
 She had to deny it.[l] But what good would denying it do?[l] It was too late now.[wvl]
;; 否定しなければ。[l]だが、否定してどうなる。[l]もはや、どうにもなるまい。[wvl]
 Mizuha's eyes flooded with tears.[l] Her scream tore through the claustrophobic air of the warehouse, slicing apart the tension in the room.[np]
;; 水羽は堰を切ったように泣きじゃくる。[l]水羽の絶叫が、空気を切り裂いた。[np]

[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7316]“She's, she's, she's always had it so rough! Please, just let her go! She's had it real rough!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7316]「姉さんは、姉さんは、いままでずっと大変だったの! もう、赦してあげて! 大変だったんだから!」[wvl]
 Mizuha's vocabulary suffered for her desperation.[wvl]
;; 貧弱な語彙。[wvl]
 Her plea wasn't convincing in the least.[wvl]
;; なんの説得力もない。[wvl]
 However, despite being too weak to save Yuki, those words did manage to shake her heart.[np]
;; ユキを救うにはあまりにも弱弱しい言葉に、しかし心が震える。[np]

 The scarf she had given Mizuha so long ago was now drowning in her endless tears...[wvl]
;; 水羽に贈ったマフラーが、止めどない涙に滲んでいく……。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7962]“Yeah, she's my sister...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7962]“そうよ、妹よ……”[wvl]
 Her voice was faint, damp.[wvl]
;; 声は、消え入るように細くなり、湿り気を帯びた。[wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7963]“Just look at her...”[np]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7963]“よく見てよ……”[np]

@ev storage=ev_mizuha_04

@locate x=80 y=200
[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7236]“‘Mizuha will stick with Nee-san, no matter what!’”[np]
;;should match up with page56 earlier in the script
;;[nm t="水羽" s=miz_7236]“みずははいつでも、ねえさんの味方だよって”[np]
;;why was the @locate call changed from x=120 to x=80? - pondr
;;Because it was dislocated in game (line is displayed starting from the middle of the screen, and it ends all shittily one line below it). I tried a few different variations and it looks this way the best. It's intentionally altered, please don't change it from this. izmos

@ev storage=ev_other_03b

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7965]“――Aren't we identical?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7965]“――そっくりじゃない?”[wvl]
 Yuki pointed at her sister, who looked almost nothing like her.[l] Then she realized what she had just done――[wvl]
;;I changed this second line (with moogy's help), but it's untranslatable and this is a fine substitute. literal is like, "she raised her hand-shimatta", with "shimatta" of course meaning it was a bad move to make.
;;one- good job. two- that level of change is so minuscule compared to mine, the bull in a china shop, no real need to leave a note about it. but it is interesting to learn things that are so "of course" to you like what shimatta means. - pondr
;; まるで似ていない妹に向けて、手をあげた。[l]あげてしまった――。[wvl]
 What was she saying?[wvl]
;; いったい自分はなにを口走ってしまったのか。[wvl]
 What a stupid pair of sisters.[wvl]
;; 姉妹そろって愚か者。[wvl]
 She had to deny it...[wvl]
;; 否定しなければ。[wvl]
 Now, think.[wvl]
;; さあ、考えろ。[wvl]
 How can you persuade that stupid sister of yours?[np]
;; どうやったら、馬鹿な妹を言い聞かせられるのか。[np]

[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7966]“Ah, hh... hh...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7966]“あ、う……っ……”[wvl]
;; 考えろ。[wvl]
 Don't involve your sister in this.[wvl]
;; 妹を巻き込むな。[wvl]
 Hell doesn't need both of us.[wvl]
;; 地獄行きは自分一人で十分だ。[wvl]
;;bad enough is... weird. Hard to explain but it just didn't really fit here imo
 ...Speak, dammit![wvl]
;; さあ、話せ。[wvl]
 Where are those words you were supposedly so good with?[np]
;; 得意のおしゃべりはどうした。[np]

 Make use of what you sold your soul to the Devil to learn...![wvl]
;; "悪魔"に魂を売ってまで学んだことを、いま活かさないでどうする……![wvl]
[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7967]“Gh... wh, ahh...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ユキ" s=yuk_7967]“ぐ……うっ、あ……”[wvl]
 Her voice wouldn't come out.[wvl]
;; 声が、出ない。[wvl]
 No matter how much she tried, it wouldn't come out...[np]
;; どうあがいても、出ない……。[np]

@black time=1000



;背景 倉庫 中
@bg storage=bg_24a time=1000

What I did then must have come as a huge surprise to Azai Gonzou.[np]

It even surprised me.[np]

@quake sx=8 sy=-15 xcnt=3 ycnt=2 time=200 fade=true
[nm t="京介"]“Nobody move!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“動くな!”[np]

I grabbed Gonzou's huge shoulders from behind.[np]

My other hand held Tokita's nail.[np]

@mface name=gonzou_a_08b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7245]“Have you gone insane, Kyousuke?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7245]“気でも触れたか、京介?”[np]

Yeah, I guess I have.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Usami, take Tokita and Shiratori and run!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美、時田と白鳥を連れて逃げろ!”[np]

What am I doing...?[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well!? Everyone get out of their fucking way! Do you guys want Gonzou to die!?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“さあ、道を開けろ! 権三が殺されてもいいのか!?”[np]

Why am I doing this...?[np]

@mface name=gonzou_a_08_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7246]“Hmm...”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7246]“ほう……”[np]

His lips curved into a smirk.[np]

It bore all the confidence of a wild animal before devouring its prey.[np]

My body had merely moved before my mind could comprehend fear.[np]
;;what's up with this line being here? I have half a mind to move it up to like between 1184 and 1185. screw it, I'm doing that. If you have a beef with it or I'm misinterpreting the line, leave a note. - pondr
;;Well, the fear is supposed to be in direct reference to 1186+1187 so moving it up does kind of present some issues. And the moving there doesn't have to imply the initial action of grabbing the nail and taking Gonzo.

@mface name=haru_a_se_13_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9119]“Azai-san!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9119]“浅井さん!”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Just get out of here!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“もたもたするな!”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9120]“Kh...!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9120]“くっ……!”[np]

Usami seemed to grasp the situation.[np]

Dilly-dallying around here would be truly idiotic.[np]

She quickly pulled Tokita by the arm.[np]

@mface name=gonzou_a_08b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7247]“Interesting.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7247]“面白い”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

@mface name=gonzou_a_08_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7248]“I completely let my guard down, Kyousuke.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7248]“俺は完全に油断していたぞ、京介”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

@mface name=gonzou_a_04b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7249]“What got into you?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7249]“なにがあった?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I don't know.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかりません”[np]

I couldn't answer.[np]

My classmates' faces just came to mind.[np]

Tsubaki, Kanon, Shiratori, Tokita... the tears rolling down their cheeks had spurred me on somehow.[np]

@mface name=gonzou_b_15_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7250]“Haha, hahahaha, hahahahahaha!”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7250]“くく、はははっ、ふはははっ!”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_13_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9121]“I'm sorry, Azai-san!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9121]“浅井さん、すみません!”[np]

Usami quickly helped Shiratori up from the ground and hurried for the door.[np]

Tokita and Shiratori followed Usami in a daze, as if they had lost all will of their own.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I said get out of their way! I'll kill him!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どけ! こいつを殺すぞ!”[np]

Usami and the rest made their way to the exit.[np]

Like a boulder tearing apart rapids, the crowd of people split as they pushed through.[np]

Gonzou didn't move an inch.[np]

Shortly thereafter, I heard the roaring sound of a car engine outside.[np]

They must have taken the car I prepared for Tokita.[np]

The tires grazed along, and they left.[np]
;;do tires graze? left because it seems okay but I feel like it only seems okay because I'm used to j-rubbish. - pondr

@mface name=gonzou_b_02_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7251]“Hey...”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7251]“おい……”[np]

I was then literally attacked by bottomless despair.[np]

@se storage=se_48
@quake sx=5 sy=20 xcnt=5 ycnt=2 time=200
@black rule=rule_a_b time=300

[nm t="京介"]“Gh...!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ぐあっ……!”[np]

;背景 倉庫中
@bg storage=bg_24a rule=rule_a_t time=500

@chr c=gonzou_b_02_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7252]“I'm surprised, boy.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7252]“俺はお前に驚いている”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Ngh.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……っ”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7253]“I didn't think you'd ever betray me. At least not unless something even scarier than me came around.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7253]“俺を上回る恐怖に出会わねば、裏切らぬと思っていた”[np]

That's what I thought, too.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_b_00_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7254]“I thought you were just another piece of livestock made to lick my boots.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7254]“お前は俺にへつらうだけの家畜ではなかったのか?”[np]

My hands shook uncontrollably.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7255]“I thought you were just another slave to money, some kid I picked up who abandoned his mother.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7255]“俺に拾われ、母を捨て、金の奴隷になったのではなかったのか?”[np]

It was too late to make excuses.[np]

I didn't even understand what I did. Explaining my actions would be out of the question.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_b_01b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7256]“Well, what will you do now, Kyousuke?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7256]“で、どうするのだ、京介?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What will I do...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どう……?”[np]

He's asking about the future.[np]

What future does someone who bore their fangs at Gonzou have?[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7257]“You were planning on saving up money and returning to your mother someday, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7257]“お前は金を溜めて、母を迎えるつもりだった”[np]

I timidly nodded.[np]

@chr c=gonzou_b_00_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7258]“I've got some bad news for you. It came in just now.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7258]“そんなお前にとって残念な知らせが、先ほど届いた”[np]
;;is this like, last night a while ago? or a couple days/weeks and I was waiting to tell you at the opportune moment for me lulz? I want to get an answer to this before I edit the line. - pondr
;;I don't think you'd use it to extend past the same day, sometime earlier that day most likely.


[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7259]“She's dead.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7259]“死んだぞ”[np]
;;She's dead Jim.

I dropped the nail, and it bounced off the ground with a clang.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7260]“Your mother, I mean.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7260]“母親だ”[np]

My vision was instantly dyed black.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7261]“She was run over, apparently.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7261]“撥ねられたらしい”[np]

My knees threatened to collapse beneath me.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7262]“Drunk driver.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7262]“飲酒運転の車に”[np]

Though entirely numb, I somehow felt my body melt into the solid floor.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

There were no traces of a lie in Gonzou's eyes.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“N-no...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そ、んな……”[np]

@black rule=rule_q_td_c time=300

I burst into an eardrum-shattering scream.[np]

I looked to the ceiling for a moment before my eyes rolled back, my lungs all the while fighting to force out this bloodcurdling despair.[np]
;;shit yeah way to end da chapter. I dunno if I'll finalize chapters 1-3 or head to mizuha's route immediately. - pondr

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