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;背景 主人公の部屋 昼
@bg storage=bg_01a1111 rule=rule_c_t time=500
@camera angle=l time=500
@bg storage=bg_01a0111 left=0
@wait time=300
@camera time=500



What a refreshing morning.[np]

Exactly one week has passed since Tokita's hostage case.[np]

At the moment, I'm wondering what I should do now.[np]

I hear something at the door.[np]

;SE ガチャっ。
@se storage=se_49

The door opens.[np]

Several feet shod in expensive leather send sharp noises through the room.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Why hello there, Horibe-san.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“これはどうも、堀部さん”[np]

I casually greet the few yakuza who've clearly come for my blood.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7054]“Hey Son, sorry to bother you so early.”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7054]“坊ちゃん、朝早くにすみませんね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, no, don't worry about it. What business do you have with me?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いえいえ、どんな御用でしょうか?”[np]

A cruel smile surfaced on Horibe's face.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7055]“The boss wants your head.”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7055]“[ruby text="  オ ヤ"]組[ruby text=" ジ"]長があなたの首をご所望です”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh...? He told you to kill me?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ほう……おれを、殺すと?”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7056]“He said you were ‘Maou’ all along.”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7056]“聞けば、坊ちゃんこそが、"魔王"だったそうじゃないですか”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Haha... do you agree with him?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“フフ……どうかな?”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7057]“Now now, don't play dumb. That debacle at the arena practically proved it.”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7057]“おやおや、しらばっくれてもダメですよぉ。あのアイスアリーナの一件で、ほとんどクロだったんですから”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What do you mean?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんのことで?”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7058]“No matter how many times we called you, you never picked up.”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7058]“坊ちゃんには、いくら電話してもつながらなかったじゃないですか?”[np]

...Oh, that?[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You know how crowded it was. There was nothing I could do. I was desperately trying to contact you too.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あの混雑です。仕方がなかったでしょう。僕だって、必死にあなた方と合流しようとしていたんですよ?”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7059]“Oh, please... cut it, already. Yesterday, a man named Someya from Sannou came to meet the boss.”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7059]“またまたぁ、やめてくださいよ。つい昨日のことですがね、山王物産の染谷っていうお偉方に[ruby text="  オ ヤ"]組[ruby text=" ジ"]長がじかに会いに行きましてねぇ”[np]

He spoke gleefully.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7060]“He said he had an adviser named Azai until just a few days ago. Said the kid was young and clever, almost like you, Son.”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7060]“つい先日まで、浅井という名の相談役を飼っていたそうなんです。若くて、頭が切れて、まるで坊ちゃんにそっくりだったそうですよ”[np]

I grinned.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Ahh... Someya-san, huh...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ……染谷さんね……”[np]

The corner's of Horibe's mouth twisted as well, as if responding to me.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7061]“So you admit it, then?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7061]“認めるんですねえ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Dunno, I don't remember...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“さあ、まったく覚えがないなあ……”[np]

The next moment, I was staring down a gun barrel.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7062]“I barely recognize your new face, Son. Is this your true self?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7062]“まるで顔つきが変わりましたね、坊ちゃん。それがあんたの本性ってわけですかい?”[np]

He pressed me for an answer.[np]

He intends to kill me on the spot.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7063]“Got any last words? An apology, maybe?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7063]“侘びの一言でもあれば、手前が承っておきますよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Apology?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“侘び?”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7064]“You came all this way thanks to your good old dad picking you up out of that shithole, did you not?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7064]“坊ちゃんは、お養父さんに拾われて、ここまでなれたんじゃないですか?”[np]

He's completely right.[np]

Thanks to Gonzou adopting me, my life has been Hell.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7065]“Nothing to say for yourself?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7065]“さあ、なにもありませんか?”[np]


How do I get out of this one?[np]

There are three other burly men here to back Horibe up.[np]

They've got the only door blocked off.[np]

Jumping out the window wouldn't be such a good idea; this is the sixteenth floor.[np]

Which leaves...[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7066]“What is it, Son?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7066]“なんですか、坊ちゃん?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Nothing.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いえ”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7067]“You don't think you can take us on like some action hero, do ya?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7067]“まさかアクション映画の主人公みたいに、うちらに逆襲できるとでも思ってるんですか?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Of course not. Only a fool would use violence against professional employers of violence.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まさか……暴力のプロに暴力で歯向かうなんて馬鹿のすることですよ”[np]

Still, these are nothing more than Gonzou's dogs... livestock.[np]

Slaves to money.[np]

I stare down Horibe as he points his gun at me.[np]

Did he come here dead-set on killing me, or is there some room for negotiation?[np]

Does he really intend on pulling the trigger, or is it just a threat?[np]


[nm t="京介"]“Well, Horibe-san, let me ask just one thing.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“では、堀部さん、一つだけ”[np]

Horibe narrows his eyes.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Did father just order you to kill me?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“父は、ただ、おれを、殺せと命じたのですか?”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7068]“Just...?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7068]“ただ……?”[np]

While keeping my eyes on the barrel of the gun, I point to my safe.[np]

Contained within is the money I was saving to pay off my father's debt and provide for my mother's future.[np]

The small fortune is worth no more to me now than any old scraps of paper.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7069]“Heheh... yeah, we'll be taking the cash, too.”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7069]“へへ……そうですね、中身のゲンナマも回収させてもらいますよ”[np]

As I expected, the slave to money took the bait.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, you will? That's rather troubling. There's over fifty million in there, you see.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“やはりそうですか。これは困ったな。五千万以上はありますからね”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7070]“Alrighty then... why don't you go open it up for us?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7070]“じゃあ、それを開けてもらいましょうか”[np]

Horibe waved the gun in the direction of the safe, as if he were sure of his victory.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Very well.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかりました”[np]

@camera angle=ld time=800
I walked to the safe, slowly dialed the combination, and opened the door.[np]

@camera angle=l time=500
They must have been dazzled by the glow of the gold inside.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7071]“You're sure good at negotiating, ain't ya, Son?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7071]“いやいや、坊っちゃんはなかなか交渉上手ですねえ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Thank you.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“それはどうもありがとうございます”[np]

I turn around to face Horibe and his joyous smile. The man looked like a child about to torture a bug.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7072]“So, you want to trade this for your life?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7072]“で、そいつで、この場を見逃してもらおうっていう腹でしょう?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Indeed. How about it?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ええ、いかがでしょう?”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7073]“Not happening...!”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7073]“だめですわぁ……!”[np]

Horibe's face closed in on me, his anger so intense that it made his blood vessels protrude from his head.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7074]“You're really a cheeky kid, ain't ya? You don't know when to give up!”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7074]“ほんと、憎たらしい小僧だな、おい。往生際が悪いんだよ、このがきゃあ”[np]

Looking at him up-close emphasizes how frightening the man really is.[np]

Did I really once command this bunch?[np]

I decided to speak up, and end this charade.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I see. I wholeheartedly apologize for my rudeness. However, this is my win.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なるほど、いままでの非礼は心よりお詫び申し上げましょう。しかし、この場はひとまずおれの勝ちです”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7075]“What!?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7075]“なんだと!?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You made me open this safe at gunpoint. Do you understand what this means?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あなたは、おれに銃口を突きつけながら、金庫の扉を開けさせました。この意味がわかりますか?”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7076]“Huh!?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7076]“ああっ!?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“If you had just shot and killed me earlier, it'd have been simple murder. But killing me after making me open my safe is murder with intent to rob, whether you take the money or not.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“さきほど、あのままおれを撃ち殺していたのなら、ただの単純殺人でした。けれど、金庫を開けさせた上で殺せば、中身を盗ろうが盗るまいが、強盗殺人です”[np]

Horibe's clean-shaven eyebrows jumped up.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Understood? You know what happens to people in your situation. A life sentence, or if you're unlucky, the death penalty.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おわかりか? あなたみたいな悪党のことです。まず無期、いや下手すれば極刑もありうる”[np]

Horibe's glance slowly dropped to the ground.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You're a genuine yakuza, right, Horibe-san? Being put in jail for murder for your boss' sake is no big deal, but if you dishonor yourself with the title of a thief, even if you get out of jail, there will be no place in the Souwa Alliance for you.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あなたは生粋のヤクザ者でしょう、堀部さん。オヤジのために、殺人を犯してムショに入るのならともかく、そこに強盗という汚名がついたら、たとえシャバに出れたとして、総和連合にあなたの居場所がありますかね?”[np]

Now, think hard.[np]

Will you throw your life away for a kid like me?[np]

A calculating man like Horibe should know what to do.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7077]“You've really got me there, eh...?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7077]“こりゃあ、一本とられましたねえ……”[np]

It'd have been a different situation if this were deep in the mountains in the middle of nowhere and someone other than Horibe was pointing a gun at me.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“How about this? By the time you got here, I was already gone.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“こういうのはどうでしょう。あなたがたが踏み込んだときには、すでにおれの姿はなかった”[np]

Horibe clicked his tongue and put on his usual yakuza smile.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7078]“I gotcha.”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7078]“わかりました”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'm in your debt.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“恩に着ます”[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7079]“Well, Son...”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7079]“で、坊っちゃん……”[np]

The last thing he said was exactly what I'd expect of Horibe.[np]

[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7080]“How much of this fifty mil can we take?”[np]
;;[nm t="堀部" s=hor_7080]“この五千のうち、いかほど包んでもらえるんですかね?”[np]

This will be the last time we meet.[np]

;背景 繁華街1 昼

;SE 携帯
@black rule=rule_c_r time=500
@se storage=se_19 loop=true
@bg storage=bg_09a rule=rule_c_r time=500

I received a call as I was out walking.[np]


[nm t="京介"]“Yo, Tsubaki. What's up?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“よう、椿姫。どうした?”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_c_se_04_b
[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2195]“Ah, it's been a while. Are you doing okay?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2195]“あ、なんか久しぶりだね。元気かな?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, I feel great.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、実にすがすがしい気分だよ”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_c_se_01_b
[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2196]“Planning on coming back to school anytime soon?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2196]“学園、来ないのかな?”[np]

School, huh...? Now that's nostalgic.[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_se_03b_b
[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2197]“Haru-chan, Mizuha-chan, and Yuki-san haven't been coming, either...”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2197]“ハルちゃんも、水羽ちゃんも、ユキさんも来てなくて……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh...? Maybe it's the cold weather getting to everybody.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“へえ……寒い日が続いているからな”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_se_09_b
[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2198]“Did something happen?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2198]“なにかあったの?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Who knows? I don't, anyway. I've been busy with work. Or should I say play...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“さて、おれは知らんな。おれは仕事に忙しくてな。いや、遊びか……”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_se_04_b
[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2199]“Well, as long as you're doing okay. Come to school sometimes too though, okay?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2199]“まあ、元気ならいいや。そのうち学園にも来てね”[np]

I suppose that means the call is drawing to a close.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Wait, Tsubaki.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、椿姫”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_se_09_b
[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2200]“What is it?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2200]“どうしたの?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Uh, how's your family doing? Are you getting along alright?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いや、家族はどうだ? 仲良くやってるか?”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_se_04b_b
[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2201]“Yeah, same as ever.”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2201]“うん、なんのかわりもないよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'm so sorry about that thing last year.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“悪かったな、あのときは”[np]

@mface name=tubaki_a_se_00_b
[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2202]“Why should you be sorry? You helped us so much, didn't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="椿姫" s=tub_2202]“なにが? 浅井くんは、よくしてくれたじゃない?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Never mind, don't worry about it. Later.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いや、なんでもない。じゃあな”[np]

Tsubaki cheerfully said,‘bye bye,’ before hanging up.[np]

One big happy family, huh...?[np]

Having a family is enough happiness on its own; there's no need to complicate that.[np]

You can always make more money.[np]
;;kanon ref - pondr

Now, what to do...?[np]

Oh, right... I should probably deal with Azai Gonzou.[np]

He should have just died from that car bomb...[np]

Alright... let's go kill him.[np]

;背景 オフィス街 昼
@black rule=rule_b_r time=500
@bg storage=bg_28a rule=rule_b_r time=500

But before that, there's still one thing that's bothering me.[np]

;ev_haru_04a セピア調
@ev storage=ev_haru_04a grayscale=true rgamma=1.5 ggamma=1.1

That memory.[np]

It's the only thing holding me back.[np]

;背景 オフィス街 昼
@bg storage=bg_28a

Usami said she met me ten years ago.[np]

Was that memory... was it on the rooftop of the Sannou Corporation's headquarters?[np]

Did I really meet Usami as a kid?[np]

I need to find out.[np]

Revenge can wait for now.[np]

I head for the Sannou Corporation building.[np]

@black rule=rule_g_c_lr time=500



;背景 オフィス街 夜
@wait time=1500
@bg storage=bg_28c rule=rule_a_t time=500



The night wears on, and now it's time to act.[np]
;;this sudden jump from Kyousuke to Maou in POV is like, so unfair. I knew that Kyousuke wasn't maou by this point but this flow right here really made me second guess myself when I first played

I finish my preparations, and leave Sannou's headquarters.[np]

Azai Kyousuke... No, Samejima Kyousuke and Usami Haru met as children.[np]

They socialized in their own clumsy way, and formed a friendship completely ignorant of what was transpiring between their parents.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Hah... haha...”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“ふ……はは……”[np]

What a hilarious story.[np]

An old friend, holding an unrequited love for an outrageous amount of time.[np]

And then, a ten-year reunion.[np]
;;swapped lines for chronological flow. - pondr

Your love could never have been answered, Usami.[np]

For you to seek normal happiness like that is impertinent.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Now... Father doesn't have much time left.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“さて……父に残された時間はあとわずかだ”[np]

There's one man I must kill before executing my final plan.[np]

I take my cell phone in hand to call him.[np]

I throw my personal feelings to the wind as I listen to the ringing of the line.[np]

Be thankful I let you live for so long...[np]

The call connects, and I speak up.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“It's been a while. Do you think that kind of greeting is suitable for this situation...?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“ご無沙汰だな。この場合、どういう、挨拶が適当かな……?”[np]

@black rule=rule_a_b time=1000



;背景 権三宅 居間
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_08c rule=rule_a_t time=1000
@bgm storage=bgm_26

 Usami Haru, alone, rushed to Azai Gonzou's mansion.[wvl]
;; 宇佐美ハルは、単身、浅井権三の屋敷を訪れていた。[wvl]
 After being rejected by the man she loved, she held no more hope.[l] She decided to take the opportunity to drown herself in her chase for ‘Maou’, her mother's killer.[np]
;; 想い人に拒絶された少女にもう希望はなく、ただ母を殺した"魔王"を追い詰めるべく合理的にことを進めるだけだった。[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_06_b
 Azai Gonzou stared at his sudden visitor.[wvl]
;; ハルの突然の来訪に、浅井権三はぎょろりと目を向けた。[wvl]
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7265]“The necrotic scent on you is stronger, Usami Haru.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7265]“死人の匂いが強くなったな、宇佐美ハル”[wvl]
 Haru was prepared to be killed by Gonzou for allowing Yuki, a comrade of ‘Maou’, to escape.[wvl]
;; "魔王"の仲間であるユキを逃がしたことで、ハルはこの場で権三にくびり殺されることも覚悟していた。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9152]“I'll tell you everything I got out of Yuki about ‘Maou’. So would you mind leaving Yuki alone?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9152]“ユキから聞き出した"魔王"の情報はすべてお話します。ですから、ユキに手を出さないでいただけませんか?”[wvl]
 She knew there was no way to live in this city with Azai Gonzou as an enemy.[l] Take one step outside the safe zone Yuki and Mizuha had holed themselves up in, and Gonzou's men would be waiting.[l] As if they knew their prey would give in eventually, the yakuza continued their surveillance of the Tokita household.[np]
;; やはり、この街で浅井権三を敵に回して生きていけるはずがなかった。[l]ユキと水羽がいる警察の官舎を一歩出れば、権三の手の者が待ち構えている。[l]じわじわと獲物が弱るのを待つように、ユキへの監視は続けられていた。[np]
;;He's saying "you smell dead" not "you smell like you killed someone", right? - pondr

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9153]“I don't care what you do to me, but let Yuki go.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9153]“ユキが許されるのであれば、わたしはどうされてもかまいません”[wvl]
 She spoke without reverence, and stared challengingly into Gonzou's eyes.[l] Flattery wouldn't work on this beast of a man, anyway.[l] Defending herself in even the slightest would prevent him from taking her seriously.[l] She was prepared to bare her vitals, her stomach, her jugular, any number of vulnerable spots to show she wasn't afraid of the beast.[wvl]
;; 頭を下げるのではなく、挑むように権三と向き合った。[l]この悪漢に媚は通じない。[l]背を見せるのではなく、腹を見せる覚悟がなくてはまともに相手もしてもらえないだろう。[wvl]
@chr c=gonzou_a_06b_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7266]“I'll leave the Tokita girl alone for now,”[wveh] Gonzou's interest seemed to be somewhere else.[l] [nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7267]“I don't need information on ‘Maou’ anymore.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7266]“時田の娘については、ひとまずおく”[wveh]権三の興味は別のところにあるようだった。[l][nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7267]“"魔王"の情報など、もはや必要ない”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9154]“Meaning?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9154]“といいますと?”[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_01_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7268]“Don't play dumb. Kyousuke is ‘Maou’.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7268]“お前も知っての通り、京介こそが"魔王"だ”[wvl]
 Haru doubted her ears.[wvl]
;; ハルは、耳を疑った。[wvl]
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7269]“Kyousuke has been seeing a psychiatrist. From what I hear, he has something called psychogenic amnesia.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7269]“京介は精神科医にかかっている。話を聞いたところ、やつは、どうやら心因性健忘症という病にかかっているようだ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9155]“What... what is that?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9155]“それは……どういう?”[wvl]
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7270]“An extremely rare condition in which irregularities of the brain cause him to sporadically forget events, or blank part of his memory.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7270]“脳の組織に異常が生じ、突然過去の記憶がなくなったり、部分的に空白になる、非常に珍しい疾患だ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9156]“No way... what caused that?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9156]“そんな……それは、なにが原因で?”[wvl]
@chr c=gonzou_a_02_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7271]“Stress. It's more common in people who kill their emotions than in those who vent their feelings regularly.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7271]“ストレスの積み重ねだ。そして、ストレスがあっても外に出せず、感情を押し殺すようなタイプに起こりうるという”[wvl]
 A lump rose in Haru's throat.[wvl]
;; ハルは胸を詰まらせた。[wvl]
 She could tell Kyousuke had a brutal past.[l] She could also tell that he didn't have a single friend who understood the man behind the cheerful mask he wore at school.[np]
;; 京介の凄惨なまでの過去は、察するに余りある。[l]そして、学園では陽気に振舞う彼の仮面の奥を理解してあげられる友人など、これまで一人もいなかったのだろう。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9157]“Azai-san... Kyousuke-kun isn't ‘Maou’...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9157]“浅井さんは……京介くんは、"魔王"じゃありません……”[wvl]
 She muttered, as if speaking to herself.[l] Haru may outwardly say she suspects Kyousuke, but inside, she trusts him to an almost idiotic extent.[wvl]
;; 自らに言い聞かせるようにつぶやいた。[l]ハルは、口では京介を疑うようなことを言うが、内心では愚鈍なまでに京介を信頼していた。[wvl]
 However, she didn't have any proof to present to Gonzou.[l] She had no way of convincing him that Kyousuke was not the one who had taken the Miwa family's ransom and blown up his car.[np]
;; とはいえ、身代金を奪い、権三の車を爆破した張本人が京介ではないと、権三を説得するに足りる根拠は見出せなかった。[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7272]“You and Kyousuke knew each other a long time ago.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7272]“お前は、過去において、京介と接点があった”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9158]“You're well informed.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9158]“よくご存知で”[wvl]
 The beast's eyes shot open.[wvl]
;; 瞬間、怪物は目を見開いた。[wvl]
@chr c=gonzou_a_06_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7273]“Did you love him?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7273]“好いていたか?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9159]“Yes.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9159]“はい”[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7274]“Was the feeling mutual?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7274]“京介は?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9160]“...It was at the time.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9160]“……あのときは”[wvl]
@chr c=gonzou_a_01_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7275]“I see.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7275]“そうか”[wvl]
 Haru suddenly felt that the intimidation oozing from Gonzou's every pore had stopped flowing altogether.[np]
;; ふっと、権三から絶え間なく発せられていた豪気が緩んだように、ハルには感じられた。[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7276]“I see,”[wveh] Gonzou repeated.[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7276]“そうか”[wveh]と、権三は繰り返した。[wvl]
 Haru, helpless, could do nothing but wait for Gonzou's inevitable judgment of Kyousuke.[wvl]
;; ハルはただ、胃が縮む思いで、権三が京介に与えるであろう裁きを待った。[wvl]
@chr c=gonzou_a_01c_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7277]“As long as we live and breathe, our way is paved with ice.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7277]“生けれども、生けれども、道は氷河なり”[wvl]
;;sounds kind of awkward in context but I made it to match the translation of the track name(not that I know where that translation came from) On second thought, since track 5 is mistranslated(probably others I dunno)... maybe I shouldn't take from there.
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9161]“......”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9161]“…………”[wvl]
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7278]“A person's life is not comprised of four repeating seasons, but a year-long winter wilderness. Whether or not you stop to wipe your blood or tears, they will inevitably freeze over.”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7278]“人の生に四季はなく、ただ、冬の荒野があるのみ。流れ出た血と涙は、拭わずともいずれ凍りつく”[np]

 Haru couldn't tell if he was speaking about Kyousuke or himself.[wvl]
;; それは、京介のことを言っているのか、それとも権三自身の生涯を表現しているのか、ハルには判断がつかなかった。[wvl]
 A voice called from the next room.[wvl]
;; 奥の襖から声があった。[wvl]
@chr c=gonzou_a_00_b
 Gonzou answered, and a man in a black suit appeared carrying a cordless phone.[l] He left again without saying a word.[wvl]
;; 権三が応じると、黒服が電話の子機を持って現れ、物言わず退室していった。[wvl]
 Gonzou took the phone, then kept silent for a bit.[l] Haru had no idea who the caller was, or what the call was about.[np]
;; 浅井権三は電話を受けて、しばし無言だった。[l]相手が何者で、どんな内容の話をされているのか、検討もつかなかった。[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_07_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7279]“Kyousuke...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7279]“京介よ……”[wvl]
 Gonzou finally spoke up in a threatening voice.[wvl]
;; 威厳を響かせ、言った。[wvl]
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7280]“If you show up unprepared, you're going to die.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7280]“のこのこと現れれば、死ぬぞ”[wvl]
 That seemed to be the end of the conversation.[np]
;; それで、会話が途切れたようだった。[np]

@chr c=gonzou_a_00_s
 Immediately after that, Gonzou stood up.[l] He seemed to almost forget about Haru's existence.[wvl]
;; 突如、権三が席を立つ。[l]ハルのことなど、もはや眼中にないようだった。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9162]“E-excuse me...!?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9162]“あ、あの……!?”[wvl]
@dellay pos=c
 Gonzou hid a gun in his pocket, then walked outside with a haughty gait.[wvl]
;; 権三は懐に拳銃を忍ばせ、傲然とした足取りで外に出でた。[wvl]
 The beast was going hunting.[wvl]
;; 獣が狩に発つ。[wvl]
 There was nothing Haru could do to stop him.[np]
;; ハルに止める術はなかった。[np]

@black rule=rule_d_b time=1000



;背景 倉庫外 夜
@wait time=1000
@ev storage=ev_maou_09a time=1000
@bgm storage=bgm_105



Looks like the fish bit at my bait.[np]

Two Mercedes-Benzes rushed along the dark harbor.[np]

Muscle jumped out of the cars when they stopped.[np]

Gonzou has six guards with him.[np]

He must be underestimating me.[np]

Most likely, they're not carrying anything bigger than peashooters.[np]

Furthermore, I wonder how many of these six have actually killed someone?[np]
;;'out of curiousity' makes it seem like it's unrelated to him listing off why he's at an advantage.

They may be yakuza, but there aren't many yakuza who spend days out in secluded mountains practicing with loaded firearms and live ammunition.[np]

The only problem is, our man Azai Gonzou is refusing to come out of his vehicle. One with heavy tinting, I might add.[np]
;;Smoke Film in katakana but I'm not sure if we use that term in English, can't seem to find many results on google for it. The stuff that's put on limmos so you can't see inside the car.
;;I believe tinted is the popular way to refer to that in English. limo tinted

Thus, I can't paint Gonzou's vitals with my scope's crosshair.[np]
;;おかげで照準[ruby text="テ レ ス コ ー プ"]望遠鏡の十字線に、権三の胸をとらえられない。[np]

Still, there ought to be plenty of chances.[np]

These men, who are used to living in a peaceful country like Japan, would never dream that they're being targeted by a rifle on a rundown building two hundred yards away.[np]
;;w00t - pondr

My sniping isn't something to brag about, but I have an excellent scope helping me.[np]

An expert engineer adjusted the focus for me, so even if my aim is a little shaky, I shouldn't miss my target.[np]

I grip the rifle, and the smell of oil from the gun reaches my nose.[np]

I monitor the situation through my scope.[np]

I was right to have chosen the wharf as my hunting grounds.[np]

It's a wide expanse, with practically no cover.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“…………”[np]

A large man reminiscent of a bodyguard turns to talk to the backseat of one of the cars.[np]

‘Boss... we can't find him...’[np]

His throaty voice echoes through the silent night.[np]

Azai Gonzou is definitely here.[np]

He's being careful, having his subordinates search the area.[np]

Now, how to smoke him out of the car...[np]

I stick a rod covered with a soft cloth into the barrel of the gun.[np]

I finish up the cleaning, then put five rounds of ammunition into the chamber.[np]

The bullets are tipped with ceramic, designed to pierce through most bulletproof vests.[np]

I take out the hand towel I had stashed in the instrument case I transported the rifle in. I intend to use it to quickly gather up the shells after the fact.[np]

I wrap the weapon's sling around my left arm, then fix my elbow firmly to the ground.[np]

Making sure to support the gun with my bones and not strength, I put my cheek and right hand up on the stock.[np]

My preparations are about finished.[np]

The ocean is quiet, and there isn't much wind.[np]

I took into consideration the humidity and air currents between buildings also, but I couldn't find anything that might upset any shots I fire.[np]

All that's left to do is find Gonzou, and aim at him.[np]

I took aim at the Mercedes-Benz Gonzou would be coming out of.[np]

I then heard the sound of a car engine, and checked the situation through the lens again.[np]

A taxi had pulled up.[np]

It stopped by the side of Gonzou's vehicle for a moment, then quickly drove away.[np]
;;is this taxi just like "passing through" or is it implied to be involved on the yakuza side? (I'm sure it's involved either way, but should we make it less obvious?) - pondr

I snicker when I see who had stepped out.[np]
;;tlc - what? that says taxi at the left... mistl (original TL said "benz")? Just editing as I can for now. - pondr
;;first guess: kyousuke, better guess: usami. One would normally expect Maou to just off her, but he specifically wants to strangle her, so maybe not. Last guess: Horibe. - pondr

I adjusted my sights to take into account the crosswind.[np]

Taking into mind the effect of gravity, I move the crosshair slightly upwards.[np]

Now, come out, Gonzou.[np]

I'll take you down in one blow.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“…………”[np]

But for some reason, I can't keep my cool.[np]

It's not excitement for the conclusion of my hunt.[np]

And it's certainly not pity for the beast who ruined my mother.[np]

@ev storage=ev_maou_09b

@se storage=se_07

*page266| if sensing the disturbance in my heart, Azai Gonzou jumped out of the car at the exact right moment.[np]

With the agile movements of a wild animal, he ran with his body low to the ground.[np]

@mface name=gonzou_b_17_b
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7281]“Kyousukeeee――――!!!”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7281]“京介えええぇっ――――!!!”[np]

@ev storage=ev_maou_09c
@bgm storage=bgm_25c

He roared.[np]

Of all places, he was looking straight at me.[np]

As if he knew he was being targeted by a rifle.[np]

As if he predicted I'd use this position to snipe him.[np]


It's conceivable that he'd be cautious of a sniper.[np]

That's why he didn't come out of the car.[np]

But, why...!?[np]

Before I could think, a will to put down the beast took over me.[np]

Azai Gonzou's huge body was dead-center in my sights.[np]

He arrogantly looked up at me.[np]

――Now, do it![np]

The beast came to be killed![np]

@ev storage=ev_maou_09d

I aim the crosshair at his chest.[np]

I steady my breathing.[np]

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in...[np]

I keep my eyes pried open.[np]

My eyelids are frozen in place.[np]

I take aim.[np]

Put my finger to the trigger.[np]

And squeeze ever-so-slightly...[np]
;SE ライフル
@se storage=se_50
@quake sx=1 sy=5 xcnt=3	 ycnt=2 time=200 fade=true
The rifle fires.[np]

@black time=100 rule=rule_m_inout

The sound of the gunshot echoes throughout the docks, and Gonzou's huge body shakes.[np]

The bullet went in just below the lung.[np]

I missed his heart, but it's a fatal wound.[np]

I put a little bit of gunpowder in the bullets.[np]

So right now, the beast's insides must be...[np]



@bgm storage=bgm_23
[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7282]“Listen up, ‘Maou’!!!”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7282]“"魔王"よ、聞けっ!!!”[np]

How is he still standing!?[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7283]“Evil owes its very existence to the vestigial remnants of mankind's bestial nature!!!”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7283]“悪とは、いまだ人のうちに残っている動物的な性質にこそ起源がある!!!”[np]

His knees didn't even falter, and his face is filled with violent excitement.[np]

His bloodshot eyes seemed capable of leaping from their sockets at any second.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7284]“Someone who seeks salvation through revenge, someone such as yourself who attempts to save his pathetic existence through misdeeds will soon realize the fragility of his own evil!!!”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7284]“復讐に救いを求め、救いに悪を成さんとする貴様は、遠からず己が悪行のもろさを知るだろう!!!”[np]

It was like the standing death of Benkei.[np]
;; I don't know how well known that is but it probably doesn't have a very good equivalent.
;;and it's pretty obvious what he's talking about - pondr

My body shrank back at the final roar of a beast on the verge of death.[np]

[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7285]“Join me in laughter!!!”[np]
;;[nm t="浅井権三" s=gon_7285]“嗤おう、盛大に!!!”[np]

The very next moment, Azai Gonzou's mouth vomited a veritable bloodstorm.[np]

He was smiling.[np]

Azai Gonzou spends his final moments bellowing in laughter, spewing from his lungs a sea of blood... and despite seeming to drown in it, he continues laughing.[np]

The rifle shakes, pounding against my ear.[np]

No, it's my arm shaking.[np]

For some reason, I was trapped in a nightmare that the beast two hundred yards away was devouring my intestines.[np]

...Calm down![np]

I killed him.[np]

Azai Gonzou is dead, there's no doubt about that![np]

Right, there's nothing to panic about...[np]

His last screams were nothing but the howling of a dying dog.[np]


Humbug. That was nothing more than the convulsions of a hyena who failed to kill his prey.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Gh...”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“ぐ……っ……”[np]

No matter how cool I try to play, my violently beating heart betrays my desire to flee.[np]

Did he just demonstrate the difference between us, as animals?[np]

When I looked into the scope again, I was overcome with fear.[np]

@bg storage=bg_13c time=200 rule=rule_o_inout

There's no one there――!?[np]

The wolves, now without an alpha male, had dispersed without a hint of disturbance. They merely rushed to the nearest cover and redirected their attention.[np]

The only thing in view was Gonzou's body, lying on the ground.[np]

...This is bad![np]

I missed my chance to take out the rest of my targets.[np]

I underestimated them.[np]

I thought Japan's yakuza were a bunch of dunces, more bark than bite.[np]

Without uttering a word about their boss' death, they came straight for me.[np]

An army that keeps moving even after losing its commander, eh...?[np]

If they're truly this competent, then it's highly probable that one of them noted the flash from my rifle.[np]

In other words, I should assume they know where I am.[np]

@se storage=se_31
@quake sx=10 sy=10 xcnt=1 ycnt=1 time=200
I quickly pack away the rifle, and prepare to withdraw.[np]

@black time=400 rule=rule_b_l

I dash down the emergency staircase of the rundown building.[np]

I'm careful to move as quietly as I can without sacrificing speed.[np]

I leave the building and the harbor, then hide in the shadows of a warehouse.[np]

...I managed to escape by a hairsbreadth.[np]
;;wow... my browser actually says that's a word. props. (chikan?) - pondr

The men infiltrate the decrepit building I had just been at in groups of two, covering each other's blind spots.[np]

Their cooperation was reminiscent of the Special Forces' buddy system.[np]

;背景 繁華街2 夜
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_10c rule=rule_b_r time=200

[nm t="魔王"]“...Hahh, hahh...”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“……はあっ、はあっ……”[np]

In all the battlefields I've been in, I've never felt so alive.[np]

It was a narrow victory.[np]

No, in all honesty, I have no idea how I was able to take down Gonzou.[np]

Why did he leave the safety of the car and put himself in danger?[np]

...I can't figure it out.[np]

Nevertheless, it seems the Devil has smiled upon me today.[np]

I tasted my revenge against the beast that drove my mother to the grave.[np]

I should be content with this.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Farewell, Azai Gonzou...”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“さらばだ、浅井権三……”[np]

Now, Usami.[np]

You're next...[np]

;背景 中央区住宅街 夜
@black rule=rule_b_r time=500
@bg storage=bg_14c rule=rule_b_r time=500

[nm t="魔王"]“Hm...?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“む……”[np]

When I went to return the rifle in its instrument case, I noticed something upsetting.[np]

There were footsteps attempting to match mine from a street corner behind me.[np]

;;There were footsteps matching mine.[np]

...I'm being followed?[np]

Is it the Sonoyama Group?[np]

They're sure fast to react.[np]

To verify that I'm being followed, I keep turning corners until I return to my starting point.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“...Was it my imagination?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“……気のせいか?”[np]

There was no sign of a tailer.[np]

In any case, Sonoyama men wouldn't bother to tail me. They'd just strike the moment they spotted me.[np]

But they might be keeping an eye on me as they gather reinforcements for a surer victory.[np]

I should leave this place.[np]

I head straight for the Eastern District.[np]

The night isn't over yet.[np]

In fact, it's barely past twelve.[np]

@black rule=rule_a_b time=500



;一度 アイキャッチ

;背景 空 夕方
@wait time=2000
@bg storage=bg_13b time=1000
@bgm storage=bgm_24b

I had just left elementary school.[np]

I was on my way to meet my dad, Samejima Toshikatsu, at his workplace.[np]

Naturally, there was no way he had the time to play around with me during work.[np]

Thus, I figured I'd sneak up to the incredibly high rooftop to satisfy a bit of my childish curiosity.[np]

The tower was a skyscraper, a full fifty floors from the street.[np]

The view from the roof was perfect.[np]

The wide, golden sky seemed to envelop me as it wrapped around the earth.[np]

It was gently spotted with shadowy clouds.[np]

As I was staring at the scenery, the sun set behind the snow-tipped mountains.[np]

Even as a child, I was moved by the beautiful sky before my eyes.[np]

...Until I noticed ‘her’ on the other side of the fence.[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04a time=1000

[nm t="京介"]“What are you doing?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なにしてるんだ?”[np]

She was sitting at the edge of the roof, her legs dangling over the distant sidewalk.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hey... aren't you scared?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ねえ、キミ……怖くないのか?”[np]

She didn't answer.[np]

She was reading a thick book.[np]

Naturally, the wind was strong up here, and the pages blew around incessantly.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you reading a book?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“本、読んでるのか?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9163]“What does it look like?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9163]“見ればわかるでしょう”[np]

I thought she was strange, but that just made me even more interested in her.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Why are you reading in a dangerous place like that?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんでこんなとこで読むんだ? 危ないぞ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9164]“Because I feel calm here.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9164]“落ち着くから”[np]

She spoke sullenly.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You aren't scared?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“怖くないのか?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9165]“No.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9165]“なにも”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“If you fall, you're gonna die.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“落ちたら死ぬぞ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9166]“My meat and bones will be scattered all over the place. But it's okay, I brought a garbage bag. I'll try to wrap myself in it when I fall. That should make the clean-up a little easier.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9166]“肉や骨が飛び散るでしょうね。でも、大丈夫。ゴミ袋を用意してるから。落ちるときはそれにくるまるよう努力するつもり。清掃の人も、それで少しは楽ができる”[np]
;;I like the "will", "when", etc... the deterministic "I will fall and die" attitude that hints at depression and suicidal thoughts. - pondr

She turns the page of her book while talking.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You're pretty weird...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんかわかんないけど、おかしなヤツだな……”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9167]“I'm different from you people. Unlike you, I don't need to be connected to the world to keep loneliness from driving me mad.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9167]“わたしは、あなたたちとは違うの。あなたたちみたいに、世間とつながっていないと、孤独に発狂してしまうような連中とは違うの”[np]

She talked about difficult, abstract concepts so fluently.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you a girl?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“キミって、女だったのか”[np]

Her short hair made her look like a boy.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9168]“Got a problem with that?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9168]“悪い?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Mm-mm. Nope.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“んーん。わるかないよ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9169]“Why not?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9169]“なんで?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Huh”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“え?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9170]“Why don't you think it's weird? Girls should have long hair, right? It goes against societal norms.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9170]“どうして悪くないと思ったの? 女の子なら普通、髪は長いでしょう? 常識を逸脱してるじゃない”[np]

I didn't really get what she was talking about, but I replied anyway.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Uhm, I like girls with long hair.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“えっとな、ボクは髪が長い子が好きだ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9171]“...Hmm... wait, that's not what I asked.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9171]“……ふうん……って、そんなこと聞いてないわよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well, it's not like it matters, right? There's nothing wrong with having short hair.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まあいんじゃないの。髪が短くてもとくに困ることないでしょ”[np]

I laugh, and she sulks.[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04b

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9172]“What about you? What are you doing here?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9172]“あなたこそなにしてるの?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'm waiting on my dad.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ボクは、父さんを待ってるんだ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9173]“Your dad works here?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9173]“お父さんは、ここで働いてるんだ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Huh? How did you know!?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“え? なんでわかんの!?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9174]“There's no way a kid like you could get into this building alone.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9174]“あなたみたいな子供が、一人でこの商社のビルに入って来れるわけないでしょう”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You're a kid too.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“キミも子供じゃん”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9175]“I guess.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9175]“そうね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh, wait. Does that mean your dad works here too?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あ、待てよ。てことは、キミのとーさんも、ここで働いてるんだな?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9176]“So?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9176]“だったら、なに?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Let's play.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“遊ぼうぜ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9177]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9177]“…………”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'm bored.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ボク、暇なんだ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9178]“Well I'm [font italic="true"]not[resetfont]. I'm reading a book.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9178]“わたしは暇じゃない。本を読んでる”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What are you reading? Lemme see.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なに読んでるんだ。貸せよ”[np]

I think I remember seeing ‘Crime and Punishment’ written on the cover.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9179]“Are you interested in questions like, ‘Should people be allowed to kill others?’ or, ‘What is evil?’”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9179]“人は人を殺してもいいのか、悪とはなにか……興味ある?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Nah.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ねえよ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9180]“Then go away.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9180]“じゃあ、向こういってて”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What's your name?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“名前なんていうんだ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9181]“Huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9181]“は?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Your name.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“キミの名前だよ”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04a

There was a strange pause.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9182]“Hero.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9182]“勇者”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんだって?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9183]“Hero.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9183]“勇者”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What? Hero?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なに、勇者?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9184]“Tanaka.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9184]“田中”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Tanaka Hero? What kind of name is that?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“田中勇者って、なんだそれ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9185]“What's wrong with being named Hero?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9185]“勇者じゃダメなの?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Well, nothing, but... if you're a Hero, you're strong, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ダメじゃないけど……勇者っていうくらいなら、強いんだろうな?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9186]“Of course.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9186]“もちろん”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Can you use magic?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“魔法使える?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9187]“[font italic="true"]Guten Tag.[resetfont]”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9187]“グーテンターク”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Woah, awesome.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おお、すごい”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9188]“[font italic="true"]Guten Morgen.[resetfont]”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9188]“グーテンモルゲン”[np]
;;all nouns are capitalized in German, including Tag=day and Morgen=morning. - pondr
;;and italics because they're foreign words that aren't proper nouns. - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“Whoaa.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おおおー”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9189]“Ranranruu!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9189]“らんらんるー”[np]
;;reference to , Donald says Ranranruu when he's happy. Does his English equivelant have something like that? - chikan
;;There are like thousands of people that make youtube video emulating that video in America even. It's good enough to keep.

[nm t="京介"]“What kind of magic is that?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“どういう魔法なの?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9190]“I don't really know.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9190]“わたしもわからない”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You're weird...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なにそれ……”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9191]“Anyway, I should get back...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9191]“さ、帰ろうかな……”[np]

@black time=1000

I remembered my first encounter with the young Hero on the Sannou rooftop clearly.[np]

I really must have some sort of mental illness...[np]

...To lock away such an important memory.[np]



;背景 公園 夜
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_21c rule=rule_a_t time=1000
@bgm storage=bgm_105



Now, Usami's next.[np]

Before the high from spilling Gonzou's blood had subsided, I made my way to the Eastern District.[np]

I had decided upon a grave for Usami Yoshinori's daughter long, long ago.[np]

@ev storage=ev_maou_03c

Usami should have heard about me from Tokita Yuki.[np]

I've told Tokita quite a bit about my activities.[np]

I've told her about the underground channel, and about my connections to foreign nations. I even let her stay at one of my lairs once.[np]

All the information I gave her, I gave her knowing she may betray me. Thus, I'm not concerned about Tokita's information hindering my plans...[np]

But it could make Usami's gambits less predictable.[np]

In any case, ensuring that you're guiding your opponent's moves is Battle Strategy 101. The very fundamentals of combat.[np]
;;しかし、相手の出方わからないのならば、相手の動きを指定するようにこちらから働きかけるのが、戦略の基本だ。 [np]

[nm t="魔王"]“...Hm.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“……ふむ”[np]

...I'd say this calls for another game of tag.[np]

I wonder if that cell phone I gave Usami has any minutes left on it...?[np]

I try calling her.[np]

She quickly picks up.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Yo, Usami. How are you?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“よう、宇佐美。ご機嫌いかがかな?”[np]

Usami moans.[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9192]“You killed Gonzou-san?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9192]“権三さんを殺したな?”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Hehe... the media must be having a blast with it by now. The whole city will erupt in pandemonium.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“フフ……ニュースで盛大にやっているのかな。これでこの街も騒がしくなりそうだ”[np]

The death of the Sonoyama Group boss, the most powerful member of the Souwa Alliance, is a hefty trigger.[np]

The scales of power in the underground will be completely upset.[np]

The ‘Azai Corporation’ front will fall also.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“How's Tokita Yuki doing?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“時田ユキはどうした?”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9193]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9193]“…………”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Will she be handing herself over to the police? Trespassing, attempted murder... she has quite the laundry list of crimes by now.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“警察に自首しないのか? 不法侵入に殺人未遂……まだまだあるな。立派な凶悪犯ではないか?”[np]

If Tokita Yuki is arrested, it would reverberate to the special investigations unit of the police.[np]

Her father, Tokita Akihiro, is said to be a brilliant man.[np]

If I can, I'd rather like to avoid doing battle with him.[np]

Usami simply ignored my provocations, though.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9194]“What do you want?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9194]“何の用だ?”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“I want to meet you.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“会いたい”[np]

Usami's breath halts.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“You know the park in the Eastern District? Near Tsubaki's old house?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“東区の公園はわかるな。もと椿姫の家の近くだ”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9195]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9195]“…………”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“There's a levee nearby that leads to a drainage channel.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“その近くに、とある排水機場がある”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9196]“And you want me to go there?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9196]“そこへ来いと?”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“We can't just walk in nonchalantly. They don't allow visitors in the Outer Underground Discharge Channel at this time, you see.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“正面から堂々と来られては困る。こんな時間に、外郭放水路の見学はやっていないからな”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_05_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9197]“Is there another way in?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9197]“裏口でもあるのか?”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Plenty. The structure takes in water from all the surrounding prefectures. Didn't your father ever tell you about it?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“無数にあるさ。この街を含む隣県の水の流れを一手に引き受けている施設だぞ。親父から聞いていなかったのか?”[np]

Usami didn't answer.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“There's a tunnel entrance a little over two hundred yards west of the drainage channel. The fence is usually locked, but I'll open it as a service to you.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“排水機場より西に二百メートルほど行った場所に、地下トンネルへの入り口がある。もちろん、鉄柵に鍵がかかっているが、お前のために特別に開けておくとしよう”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9198]“...Why, thank you.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9198]“……それは、ありがとう”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“And don't worry about the water. The channel's empty at the moment. Inside the tunnel is warmer than outside.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“心配するな。今の時期は水もない。トンネルのなかは外より暖かいぞ”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9199]“Very well.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9199]“いいだろう”[np]

What's she acting so cool about?[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“This will be the final battle.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“最後の闘いだな”[np]

[font italic="true"]Your[resetfont] final battle, that is.[np]
;;I thought last is more commonly associated with death "This will be your last, mwahaha!", that was an odd call, imo.
;;Well, having the spoken line match its context is more important than having the hyuk hyuk narration match its context. 509 is punnish, so it can be a (very mild) stretch if necessary. - pondr

I'll choke you to death, just as my father did to yours.[np]
@black time=1000



@wait time=1000
@ev storage=ev_haru_04b
@bgm storage=bgm_17a
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9200]“Anyway, I should get back...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9200]“さ、帰ろうかな……”[wvl]
 She called herself ‘Hero’.[wvl]
;; 勇者と名乗った。[wvl]
 She hadn't done so for any reason in particular.[l] She just saw the word ‘Hero’ on the page in front of her.[l] Then she felt like saying it.[wvl]
;; とくに理由はなかった。[l]視線の先に、たまたま勇者という文字があった。[l]たまたま、口にしてしまった。[wvl]
;;on the spot(meaning I guess it was probably in the book) in case that's not clear.
 She didn't have any interest in the boy.[l] She put her hand in her shorts pocket.[l] Inside was a small pocket watch.[l] It was a favorite of hers.[l] After all, it had cute little penguins on it.[np]
;; 少年に興味はなかった。[l]少女は、半ズボンのポケットを探った。[l]小さな懐中時計をつかんだ。[l]お気に入りの一品。[l]かわいらしいペンギンの柄が入っていた。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9201]“It's about time for me to go. Bye.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9201]“もう、時間。帰る。それじゃ”[wvl]
 Clutching her pocket watch, she stood up.[wvl]
;; 懐中時計を握り締めて、立ち上がった。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Hey, wait.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おい、待てよ”[np]

@black time=300

 A strong wind pushed its way toward her.[l] With tremendous force, it crawled up the building.[l] It slung across her ankle, and yanked her foot away from its solid grip.[l] As she lost her balance, she finally――and for the first time――looked at the boy's face.[wvl]
;; 突きあげるような風があった。[l]すさまじい勢いで、ビルの合間を這うように登ってきた。[l]足をすくわれた。[l]バランスを崩した少女は、そのときになってようやく少年の顔を見た。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Watch out!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“危ない”[wvl]
 The boy reached out his hand.[l] His desperate face neared her.[l] He moaned.[l] He struggled, he writhed.[l] The light from the evening sky twinkled on her pocket watch.[l] ‘I'm going to fall,’ she thought.[l] She was on the verge of death... yet she was calm.[l] She merely had to pull out the trash bag and get in it before hitting the ground...[np]
;; 少年の腕が伸びた。[l]必死そうな表情も迫ってきた。[l]うめいた。[l]よろめいて、もがいた。[l]夕空に懐中時計の光が瞬いた。[l]落ちる、と思った。[l]死の間際。[l]冷静だった。[l]ゴミ袋を用意して、落下に備えなければ……。[np]

;背景 空 夕方
@bg storage=bg_13b rule=rule_a_t time=200

 The boy's breath tickled her ear, as if to spite the din of the rushing wind.[l] Her vision was filled with an expanse of glowing, orange sky.[l] At some point, she had come to rest in his arms.[l] He held her, as if to protect her.[l] She could feel his warmth.[l] She was more embarrassed than scared.[wvl]
;; 耳元で少年の息づかいがあった。[l]空しか見えない。[l]いつの間にか背中を預けていた。[l]かばように抱きすくめられていた。[l]少年のぬくもりを感じる。[l]恐怖よりも先に、恥ずかしさがあった。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“I said it was dangerous, didn't I, you stupid idiot?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“馬鹿野郎、危ないっていったじゃないか”[wvl]
 She felt his breath on her again.[l] She finally understood that she'd been saved.[wvl]
;; また吐息がかかった。[l]助けてもらったのだと、知った。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9202]“My pocket watch...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9202]“懐中時計”[wvl]
 She muttered, and searched her pockets.[l] Of course, it wasn't there.[np]
;; つぶやいて、ポケットを探った。[l]あるはずもなかった。[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It fell.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そんなもん、落っこっちゃったよ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9203]“That's not good.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9203]“困る”[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“You should be happy [font italic="true"]you[resetfont] didn't fall.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“命があっただけでも、よしとしろよ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9204]“No.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9204]“やだ”[wvl]
 The boy seemed to be angry.[l] He let go of the girl and pouted.[np]
;; 少年は、いいかげん、腹を立てたようだ。[l]少女から離れると、タコのように口を尖らせた。[np]
;;his mouth forms like a squid, since I don't think squids are known for their pouting(are they)
;;meh, pondr giveth flowery language, and he taketh away. - pondr

 The girl went to the edge of the roof again.[wvl]
;; 少女は、また、屋上のはしに寄った。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9205]“I got that from my mom.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9205]“あれ、お母さんからもらったの”[wvl]
 She looked down, as if trying to find it.[l] Of course, it would have been impossible for her to spot a pocket watch from fifty stories up.[wvl]
;; 下をのぞきこむようにして見た。[l]地上五十階から落下した小さな懐中時計が、見当たるはずもなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Was it important to you?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“大事なものだったのか”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9206]“Yeah. But I'll give up.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9206]“うん。でも、あきらめる”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you sure?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いいのか”[wvl]
 The girl turned to face the boy.[wvl]
;; 少女は少年と向き合った。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9207]“There's nothing I can do about it. It's been smashed to bits by now.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9207]“しょうがない。ばらばらに砕けてしまっただろうし”[wvl]
 She hung her head as she spoke.[wvl]
;; うつむいて、言った。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Don't say such sad things.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“寂しいこというなよ”[wvl]
 She didn't mean to say sad things.[l] She just hung her head.[l] Had the evening sun betrayed the feelings within her?[np]
;; 寂しいことを言ったつもりはなかった。[l]少女は、ただ、うつむいただけだった。[l]夕陽が、いたずらに少女の顔を寂しそうに見せたのか。[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright. I'll find it for you, wait right here.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかったよ。探してやるから、待ってろ”[wvl]
 The boy turned around.[l] She didn't understand.[l] She had never asked him to find it for her.[wvl]
;; 少年は背を向けた。[l]わけがわからなかった。[l]探して欲しいだなんて、誰が頼んだというのか。[wvl]
 ――I said I gave up.[wvl]
;; ――いいって、言ってるのに。[wvl]
 But the girl couldn't spit out the words she had gathered up to stop the boy.[np]
;; けれど、少女は、少年を制止する言葉を口にできなかった。[np]

;背景 空 夜
@bg storage=bg_13y time=3000

 Darkness fell.[wvl]
;; 暗くなった。[wvl]
 She stood there in a daze.[wvl]
;; 呆然と、立ちすくんでいた。[wvl]
 It was probably about time for her violin practice.[wvl]
;; そろそろ、ヴァイオリンの練習を始めなければならない時間だった。[wvl]
 She waited.[l] It got darker, and artificial lights took the place of the burning red sky on the rooftop.[l] Not a single star was in sight.[l] The wind that had nearly robbed her of her life had brought thick clouds along with it.[wvl]
;; 待った。[l]闇は深くなり、屋上にも機械的な光が募った。[l]星は見えない。[l]強風が曇を運んできたようだ。[wvl]
 It was cold.[l] She waited.[np]
;; 寒い。[l]ただ、待っていた。[np]

 The roof door was thrown open.[l] Someone shouted happily.[l] A shadow dashed toward her.[l] Another voice shouted, even happier than the first.[l] The girl vaguely realized that the second voice had been hers.[wvl]
;; 屋上の扉が勢いよく開いた。[l]叫び声があがった。[l]こちらに向かって走りこんでくる影があった。[l]再び、うれしそうな声があがった。[l]声は、自分が発したのだと気づいた。[wvl]
 The pocket watch was fine.[l] There were a few small chips on it, but the smallest needle kept ticking away, second by second.[wvl]
;; 懐中時計は、無事だった。[l]小さな傷はあれど、秒針はきちんと時を刻んでいた。[wvl]
 It was a miracle.[l] Almost like magic, the boy said.[l] The Hero's magic.[l] A warm fire burned in her childish mind.[l] To her, the boy was the Hero.[wvl]
;; 奇跡だった。[l]まるで、魔法のようだった。[l]勇者が魔法をかけたのだと、少年は言った。[l]幼心に、暖かい火が灯った。[l]少女にはむしろ、少年のほうが勇者に見えてならなかった。[wvl]
 She stared at the boy.[l] He looked back at her with a gentle expression.[l] She wanted to give him her thanks right away, but her rebellious heart wouldn't allow it.[l] She couldn't help but feel embarrassed as he stared at her.[np]
;; 少年を見つめた。[l]優しそうなまなざし。[l]すぐさまありがとうと、言いたかった。[l]ひねくれた心が、それを許さなかった。[l]見つめられると、照れくさくて仕方がない。[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Snow.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“雪だ”[wvl]
 The boy opened his arms wide and looked up at the black sky.[wvl]
;; 少年が、大きく腕を伸ばして空を見上げた。[wvl]
 He had looked away from her.[l] This was her chance.[l] She could say it now.[l] Her heart had been aching, holding it in.[wvl]
;; 目が逸れた。[l]チャンスだった。[l]いまなら言える。[l]胸がうずく。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Aren't you cold? Want to wear my coat?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“寒くないか。ボクのコート着るか?”[wvl]
 His eyes met hers again.[wvl]
;; また目が合った。[wvl]
 His thoughtfulness warmed her heart, but her shyness returned with a vengeance.[np]
;; 少年の思いやりに熱くなる胸。[l]反対に、こみ上げる羞恥心。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9208]“I-I don't have any friends, and my dad is always busy with work.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9208]“わ、わたし、友達いなくて、お父さんもいつも仕事で忙しくて”[wvl]
 Her lips suddenly started moving.[l] She couldn't stop them.[wvl]
;; 不意に、唇が浮ついた。[l]止まらなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9209]“I'm always moving... s-so I don't have any friends. And everyone um, thinks I'm weird... that's why I don't have any friends... uhm...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9209]“引越しばっかりで。そう、それで友達いなくて。あの、それで、だから、みんなわたしのこと変なヤツだっていって……だから、友達いなくて、その……”[wvl]
 She realized she was growing flustered.[l] She was usually more calm, and able to speak logically.[wvl]
;; 狼狽する自分を、初めて知った。[l]いつもはもっと冷静に、論理的に話をすることができる。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9210]“Um... you'd be surprised how few friends I have...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9210]“あの、ほんと、驚くぐらい友達いなくて……”[np]

 She was always ignored by the other kids her age.[l] Thus, she decided to ignore them too.[l] She had once read the phrase ‘lone wolf’ in a book.[l] She decided that being a lone wolf was her goal.[wvl]
;; 同年代の子供たちには無視されるばかりだった。[l]だからこちらも無視してやることにした。[l]"孤高"という単語を本で知った。[l]孤高でありたかった。[wvl]
;;孤高 comes up again. it was translated as lone wolf before so i guess that works. - chikan
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9211]“I-I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9211]“ご、ごめん、ごめんなさい”[wvl]
 She apologized, choking back her tears.[l] The emotional little girl in her finally surfaced.[wvl]
;; 涙声で、詫びた。[l]内気で多感な子供の素顔が、じんわりと表情に滲んでいく。[wvl]
 ‘Hold it in, hold it in,’[l] the girl said to herself.[l] She'll just be dragged halfway across the world again.[l] She won't be able to stay with the boy.[l] ‘Stay a lone wolf, stay a lone wolf...’[np]
;; 我慢しろ、我慢しろ。[l]少女は自分に言い聞かせた。[l]どうせすぐに海外へ旅立つのだ。[l]少年とも、どうせすぐに別れるのだ。[l]孤高でいろ、孤高でいろ……。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9212]“Well, bye.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9212]“さよなら、もう帰る”[wvl]
 She ran away.[l] Her conscience ate at her.[wvl]
;; 逃げ出した。[l]自責の念が胸を突いた。[wvl]
 As she ran off, the boy shouted his name.[wvl]
;; 駆け出したとき、少年が名乗った。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“I'm Kyousuke. We'll see each other again, right, Hero?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おれ、キョウスケっていうんだ。また、会えるよな、勇者”[wvl]
 The girl didn't answer.[l] Her legs just stopped moving.[l] In a way, though, that was her answer.[np]
;; 少女は答えなかった。[l]ただ、思わず足が止まってしまった。[l]それが、答えになった。[np]

;; ――キョウスケくん……。[wvl]
 She said his name over and over in her mind.[wvl]
;; 名前を心のうちで何度も反芻した。[wvl]
 The snow covering Tomanbetsu City had piled high.[wvl]
;; 雪が、積もってきた。[wvl]
 In stark contrast, the snow covering the girl's heart was primed, prepared to be thawed.[np]
;; 反対に、少女の心は雪解けを待っていた。[np]

@black time=2000



;背景 地下水路
@wait time=1500
@bg storage=bg_30a rule=rule_f_t time=1000

 She arrived at the meeting place ‘Maou’ had mentioned, and found a tunnel just under a gently-sloped levee.[wvl]
;; "魔王"に教えられたとおりの場所に行くと、なだらかな斜面の下にコンクリートの横穴がぽっかりと空いていた。[wvl]
 She opened the broken gate, passed through a dim tunnel, and finally reached the underground channel.[wvl]
;; 壊されていた鉄柵の間をくぐり、薄暗い通路をすすんでいくと、やがてハルは地下トンネルに降り立った。[wvl]
 It was a monstrous, wide cavern.[l] Supposedly the room could hold floodwater from the entire metropolitan area in the case of a disaster.[wvl]
;; 広く野太い穴だった。[l]水害の際には、首都圏の雨水がすべてここを通るのだという。[wvl]
 Haru thought of her father, Usami Yoshinori.[l] She smelled cigarettes, and heard the sound of mahjong tiles.[l] Most of the memories she had of her father had at least one of those elements.[l] She never had a chance to see another side of him; her mother Kaoru had dragged her across the world with her.[np]
;; ハルは、父、宇佐美義則のことを思った。[l]タバコの匂いと、麻雀牌の音。[l]それが、ほとんどすべての父の記憶だった。[l]ハルは母の薫に従って、海外を点々としていたからだ。[np]

 So when she heard he had been killed by a man named Samejima Toshikatsu, it didn't hit her too hard.[l] His coworkers shed more tears at the funeral than she did.[l] She merely thought her father was a well-loved man.[wvl]
;; だから、鮫島利勝という人に惨殺されたと聞いても、実感が沸かなかった。[l]葬式の際に集まった父の同僚たちのほうが、涙を流していた。[l]父は慕われていたのだと、そのときは思った。[wvl]
 It wasn't until much later that she realized her father had somewhat deserved his end.[l] Rumor had it he passed his illegal gambling debts onto Samejima Toshikatsu in some nefarious scheme.[l] Haru's mother swept her off to Germany in the meantime.[l] The two fled the public's prying eyes.[wvl]
;; 時を経て、父にも非があったことを知った。[l]違法賭博にどっぷりとはまり、鮫島利勝に借金の肩代わりをさせた疑いがあった。[l]ハルは母に連れられてドイツへ渡った。[l]世間の目を逃れ、体よく逃げ出したのだ。[wvl]
 ――I can't blame Kyousuke-kun for resenting me.[np]
;; ――京介くんに恨まれても、仕方がないな。[np]

 Those were happy memories.[l] She had met Kyousuke on the Sannou Corporation rooftop for many an idle conversation, and not once did they ever worry about their feuding families.[wvl]
;; なつかしい記憶。[l]両親のごたごたなど知らずに、山王物産の屋上で出会って、他愛のないことを語り合った。[wvl]
 Kyousuke was cheerful, eloquent, and courageous as a boy.[l] The polar opposite of Haru, who was unable to fit into Japanese schools due to her German upbringing.[l] Usami Haru's only friend was her hero, Samejima Kyousuke.[wvl]
;; 少年京介は、明るく爽やかで勇敢な男の子だった。[l]ドイツで生まれ、日本の学校になじめなかったハルには、当時友達がいなかった。[l]けれど、京介だけは違った。[l]鮫島京介こそが、宇佐美ハルにとっての勇者だった。[wvl]
 Where is ‘Maou’?[wvl]
;; "魔王"はどこだ。[wvl]
 As if to brush away her warm memories, she focused on searching for her mother's murderer's footprints.[np]
;; ハルは暖かい思い出を振り払うように、母の仇の足跡をさぐった。[np]

@black time=500



@wait time=1000
@ev storage=ev_haru_04b time=1000

[nm t="京介"]“Reading a book again?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“また、本読んでるのか?”[np]

I had found the girl's pocket watch just yesterday.[np]

I went out on the Sannou Corporation's roof today as well.[np]

I was hoping I might see that ‘Hero’ girl again.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9213]“You again?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9213]“また来たんだ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, I came to see you.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“うん、キミに会いに来た”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04c

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9214]“I-I see... hmm... well? Do you want something?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9214]“そ、そうなんだ……ふうん……で、なにか用なの?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Let's play.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“だから、遊ぼうって”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04b

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9215]“Why me?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9215]“なんでわたし?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Dunno...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“さあ……”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9216]“Can't you play with your family?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9216]“家族と遊んでれば?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Dad is working, Mom is at the hospital, and my brother is in another country.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“とーさんは、仕事。かーさんは、病院。にーさんは、外国”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9217]“Another country?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9217]“外国?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, England. He's really smart.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“うん、イギリスだって。にーさん、すごい頭いいんだー”[np]
;;while I support "britain", would he maybe be more like to say "england"? He's a kid after all... if you think I'm psycho, just revert. no need to comment. - pondr

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9218]“So he's quite a bit older than you?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9218]“歳はけっこう離れてるのね?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hmmm, about ten years. But you're about the same age as me, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“んー、十くらい違うかなー。キミはボクと同じくらいだろ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9219]“What about it...?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9219]“だったらなによ……”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04c

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9220]“W-wait, you mean you want to be friends with me?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9220]“と、友達になってくれるっていうの?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Of course.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“もちろん”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9221]“B-but, I have to go to New York next week.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9221]“で、でも、わたし、来週にはニューヨークに行くんだ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Why?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんで?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9222]“I have to follow my mom's work. I'm her opening act.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9222]“お母さんのお仕事についていくの。わたしも前座みたいなことするの”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Opening act? What's that?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なに前座って。どんなお仕事?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9223]“I play the violin in front of lots of people.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9223]“大勢の前でヴァイオリン弾くの”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I really like ‘Air on the G String’.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ボクね、Gせんじょーのアリアが大好きなんだ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9224]“I see.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9224]“そうなんだ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I heard of it because my dad listens to it a lot. He's always listening to it these days.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“とーさんがね、よく聞いてるから覚えたの。最近のとーさん、そればっかり聞いてる”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9225]“Hmm... I could play it for you if you want... and you ask nicely.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9225]“ふうん……だったら、今度、弾いてあげ……なくもないけど”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh yeah, and I like ‘Erlkönig’ too.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あとね、『魔王』も好き”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9226]“Wha-, are you even listening?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9226]“え、無視?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I heard about that one at school. It's kind of dark but cool. Its title means ‘Devil’.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ガッコで習った。なんか怖いけどかっこいい”[np]
;;added just in case our little non-german-friendly readers have forgotten the maou connection. - pondr

@ev storage=ev_haru_04b

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9227]“‘Erlkönig’? Hmm...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9227]“『魔王』って……ふうん……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hey, you'll come back, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ねえ、帰ってくるんだろ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9228]“Hm?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9228]“ん?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“From New York?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ほら、ニューヨークから”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9229]“I guess, but I don't know when... Japan is my home for now, though.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9229]“まあ、いつになるかわからないけど……いちおう、日本に家があるから”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What do you mean ‘for now’?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なに、いちおうって”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04a

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9230]“Mmm, nothing...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9230]“ん、別に……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you lonely?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんか、さみしいのか?”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04c

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9231]“Huh? Why?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9231]“え? なんで?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Your dad is always busy, right? Mine is too. And I had a baby sister a while ago, but she died.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“キミのとーさん、忙しいんだろ? ボクもなんだ。ちょっと昔にね、妹がいたんだけど、死んじゃったんだ”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04a

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9232]“I see...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9232]“そう……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Her name was Kiyomi, and she was really cute.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“清美っていうんだけどね、かわいかったなー”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04b

[nm t="京介"]“But we're still happy. Sometimes my brother comes home, too. I took a picture of him just a while ago... I can use a camera.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“でも、ボクんちは明るいよ。たまに、にーさんも帰ってきてくれるし。この前、ボクが写真撮ってあげたんだ。ボク、カメラ使えるんだよ?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9233]“Even I can use a camera.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9233]“カメラくらい、わたしも使えるよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Next time I'll take a picture of you.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“今度、キミも撮ってあげるね”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9234]“O-okay... why?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9234]“い、いいよ……なんで?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“As a keepsake.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“記念に”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9235]“Ew, no... I'm not girly enough for that.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9235]“ヤダよ……わたし、女の子っぽくないし”[np]
;;is it kinda a double meaning where she's saying "not girly so I wouldn't like it" but really saying "not girly so I'm self-conscious"? - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“Don't worry about it. Come to my house sometime.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いいから、今度、ボクのおうちにおいでよ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9236]“I told you, I have to go to New York next week.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9236]“だから、ニューヨーク行くってば”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I didn't say next week, I said sometime. Anytime. We can all have dinner together. I'll tell you the address...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いつでもいいからさ。みんなでご飯食べよ。住所教えるね……”[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04c

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9237]“I'll think about it, but don't count on it...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9237]“考えておくけど、あまり、期待しないでね……”[np]

@wait time=1000
@black time=1000

The entrance to a dark tunnel looms before me.[np]

This is it: the Outer Underground Discharge Channel.[np]

Several footprints had trailed mud through the passage.[np]

Wait for me, Usami...[np]



;背景 地下水路
@bg storage=bg_30a rule=rule_h_t time=1000

I listen in, and hear footsteps echoing from afar.[np]

It's Usami.[np]

...She really came alone?[np]

This should be fun.[np]

I'd have expected her to call the cops.[np]

She must be drunk on heroism.[np]

She must want to catch me with her own hands.[np]

That... or she must have decided I'd run away with my tail between my legs if she led police into my trap.[np]

Either way, she's come to die.[np]

What a foolish ‘Hero’.[np]

She stubbornly chased me all this way, despite her powerlessness.[np]

She'd have done better to live the quiet life of a violinist.[np]

...It's time to end this.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Over here, Usami!”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“宇佐美、こっちだ!!!”[np]

I shout an invitation to her deathbed.[np]

@black rule=rule_a_l time=500


;背景 空 夜
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_13c rule=rule_a_t time=1500

As I anxiously awaited my reunion with ‘Hero’, my life took a turn for the worse.[np]
;;Who the hell says "life takes a backflip" ~Newbie

The police called the house one night.[np]

They informed us that my father, Samejima Toshikatsu, had been arrested for murder.[np]

I'll never forget my mother's strength and kindness that bitter night.[np]

‘What's wrong?’ I asked her.[np]

‘Nothing,’ she replied, smiling.[np]

The next day, I was scared to go to school.[np]

I had been a leader in my class until then, but after the incident, I had no place there.[np]

‘Are you alright, Kyousuke-kun? You look like you might collapse. If there's something on your mind, you can always tell me, okay?’[np]

My teacher reassured me during homeroom.[np]

When she did so, my classmates' apprehensive stares twitched.[np]

‘Everyone, be nice to Kyousuke-kun. He and his dad are two different people... he didn't do anything wrong. We should try to support him.’[np]

That triggered the bullying.[np]

The kids started throwing around the term ‘death penalty’ as a joke, and come recess I often found a jump rope knotted menacingly on my desk.[np]

I came home to my mother slumped in a chair when she would typically be cheerfully cooking.[np]

With a broken face, one that had clearly given up, she welcomed me thusly:[np]

‘Did anyone say anything to you at school?’[np]

I panicked, and quickly put both hands to my neck to hide the bruising.[np]

The doorbell rang incessantly.[np]

I opened the door to a swarm of buzzing reporters and cameras.[np]

The bright flashes blinded me.[np]

――Hey, don't take photos of the kid.[np]

――I'll crop him out later.[np]

――Hey, kid, do you mind?[np]

――Go get your mom, Son.[np]

I was overwhelmed by the wall of people.[np]

I tried to close the door, but they shot their hands out at me like a pack of zombies.[np]

They jammed their feet in the threshold, refusing to allow me to escape.[np]

After one of them stubbornly shoved a camera through the gap, I lost consciousness.[np]

From that day forth, my life was hell.[np]

Day after day, hordes, packs, swarms of media stormed my once peaceful home.[np]

Neighbors shot their mouths off about my family.[np]

And every time we nearly lost ourselves in this earthly chaos, a loan shark from the underworld named Azai Gonzou returned to collect his due.[np]

My saving grace was what remained of my family: my mother and brother.[np]

Samejima Kyouhei had rushed back to Japan when he heard the news.[np]

He didn't stay for long, though. He merely reprimanded me a few times, supported Mom for a little while, offered a stick of incense to our late sister's portrait, and planned one more brief trip to Britain to drop out of school.[np]

However, Hell had other plans for my mother and me. Kyouhei was caught in a subway bombing in London and lost his life.[np]

@black time=1000
@ev storage=ev_haru_05b time=1000

Kyouhei's funeral was a sad event on many levels.[np]

Apparently the bomb's blast was so powerful that not even a scrap of his body was found.[np]

With Dad ‘unavailable’, mother acted as chief mourner.[np]

I think she was at her limits.[np]

The deep despair had painted an impossible pallor on her face.[np]

The relatives in town for mourning had taken care of the funeral arrangements, apparently hoping to help Mom out.[np]

But behind the caring facade, they were all conspiring to strip my father's assets from him.[np]
;;lots of japanese reasons talking about his crime and dropping out of society... not really needed IMO. - pondr

Despite being tormented by debt, he had always adamantly refused to sell the house.[np]
;;tsubaki much? - pondr

He saw the house as the last stronghold of his family.[np]
;;yeah I know it's an idiom... don't care. It was adapted in tsubaki's arc a lot - pondr

And besides, why should we have to sell off the house which held our memories of Kyouhei-niisan and Kiyomi to pay off a debt we shouldn't rightfully have?[np]

Of course, that logic didn't work on our relatives.[np]

One of my uncles had lent father money to pay off his debts.[np]

With land that was worth over 275,000 yen per square foot just ripe for the taking, it was only natural for him to take initiative and put his all into this little event.[np]
;;hmm... don't usually come across imperial units pre-editing... is that figure right? - pondr
;;10 million yen per tsubo. I rounded down a bit(though in retrospect, 275,000 would be a nice round number too and it's closer)
;;thx, and here I was using "nearly" when it's over that... - pondr

My brother Kyouhei's funeral was neither a celebration of life nor a moment of sorrow, but a farce centered around the sparkling of gold.[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7000]“You sure are big these days, Kyousuke-kun.”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7000]“京介くんも、大きくなったべなあ”[np]
;;Note that his family talks in a very country accent so... feel free to southern their shit up as much as you can. Yes your turn has finally come.
;;Category: Famous Mothers. NOW IS MY MOMENT TO SHINE, TREBEK!!! - pondr

This particular uncle was a self-sustaining fisherman from Hokkaido.[np]

My father was the only successful person in his family.[np]

He was raised poor, but studied like a madman to get into a top university and land his job with Sannou Corporation.[np]

His brothers must have been jealous, and likely asked him for money often.[np]

That on top of the 100,000 yen Dad sent home to his family every month.[np]

You'd think my uncles would be a little more loyal, after all that money.[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7001]“And it was jes' downright unfair about Kiyomi-chan. But I reckon that's what happens when you have a kid at nearly fifty...”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7001]“清美ちゃんは、残念だったべな。利勝も、五十を間近に子供なんか作るから……”[np]

Even as a child, I could feel the evil intent hiding behind their kind faces.[np]

I could hear their whispers from the other side of the shut sliding doors.[np]

――Toshikatsu's such a damn buffoon.[np]

――You know, he never was one to talk things over with us.[np]

――His wife's got it tough, too. She's a Toyama family girl, but I hear her folks won't let her come home unless she divorces Toshikatsu.[np]

――Don't look to me like that's gonna happen.[np]

――I told him time and time again, these inlander women are scary.[np]

――Sure, she's got it tough and all, but she's rollin' in Toshikatsu's dough.[np]

――She may be a cute little thing, but she's too old to have any more kids.[np]

――I'll take care of it. Just leave it to me.[np]

――You mean the money?[np]

――I'm sure the good Lord wouldn't mind if we took a little something from a guy who decided he'd rather cause trouble than support his family.[np]


I wonder why I'm in a place like this as I listen to the priest chanting sutras.[np]

Just a few days ago I had plenty of friends, my family was happy, and the sky from the Sannou Corporation rooftop spread far around me.[np]

Now my father's in a cell.[np]

My mother seems about to faint.[np]

My brother was so thoroughly eliminated from this world that there's nothing left of him to mourn.[np]

And to add insult to injury, the media and my family circle like vultures, willing to watch us suffer for a buck.[np]

Why do I have to go through this hell? Why must I struggle on this spider's web?[np]

Why do I have to be afraid of people's stares and whispers?[np]

There was someone looking down on me as I held my knees in the corner of the room.[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7002]“Hey there, Kyousuke-kun... would you mind asking your mom a favor for us?”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7002]“京介くん、おっかさんにお願いしてもらえんべか”[np]

His fake smile was so unlike my father's that I found it hard to believe they were brothers.[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7003]“You think you could convince your mom to take it easy for a little while and spend some time at her folks' place?”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7003]“おっかさんに、実家に帰ってもらえんかの?”[np]

He was telling us to hand over the house in a roundabout way.[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7004]“I bet you'd like a chance at going to another school, too. It's gotta be tough on you, Kyousuke-kun.”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7004]“京介くんも、つらいべよ。よその学校のほうがいいべよ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'm staying with Mom.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ボクは母さんと一緒にいるよ”[np]

Annoyed that he couldn't pick a better time, I stood up against him.[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7005]“Toshikatsu did... your daddy did something real bad. When you do something like that, you oughta leave the house with your kinfolk. That's just common decency...”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7005]“利勝はの……おっとさんは、えらいことをしたんだわ。そういうことをしたもんはよ、家族ひっくるめて、家を出て行くもんなんだべよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Dad didn't do anything wrong...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“父さんは悪くない……”[np]

He muttered, then turned around to his other brothers.[np]

They don't usually engage in open confrontation; they just use sly means to get their way.[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7006]“Look, Kyousuke. Your dad killed four people. He's a murderer. It's all fine and dandy to believe in your old man, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. Murder is [font italic="true"]wrong,[resetfont] son.”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7006]“いいか、京介。おっとさんは、四人も殺したんよ。人殺しだべ。おっとさんを信じるのはいいが、人殺しが悪くないと言ったらいかん”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“But... but Mom loves Dad too.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“でも、でも、母さんも、父さんが大好きだもん”[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7007]“Well, he's got money. But well, I reckon she can't just up and say that, so that's why us folk are at the end of our rope here. You probably don't understand all this though, seein' as you're still just a kid and all.”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7007]“そりゃ、旦那が金さ持ってるからだべ。そんなことよう言えんから、こうして身内が気を揉んでるんだわ。子供にはわからんだろうがの”[np]

His face grew more threatening.[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7008]“Sorry for bein' so pushy, but you better just listen to what I say. You and your mom don't got anyone else to rely on. You don't want to upset her, do you?”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7008]“一方的ですまんがよ、わしの言うことを聞きなさい。頼れる身内もおらんのだべよ。母さんに苦労させたくないべ?”[np]

My body shakes in anger as I realize I can't escape him.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかったよ……”[np]

I don't want to upset her... I nodded to that.[np]

But my uncles heaved a relieved sigh, thinking they'd won me over.[np]

I was just thinking of my mother.[np]

What could she say in her defense, with the whole family ganging up on her?[np]

Would anyone believe her if she alone pleaded her innocence?[np]

‘She did nothing wrong,’ I thought. ‘This is unfair.’[np]

I was angry at myself for being powerless and ignorant.[np]

If Dad were here, he'd beat them up.[np]

If Kyouhei were here, he'd chase them off with eloquent words.[np]

Anyone... I wished for anyone to come save us.[np]

If just one person came to defend my mother's honor, even if it accomplished nothing, I would be satisfied.[np]

The sutras end, and I crouch to the floor.[np]

If I let myself be seen crying, I've lost.[np]

I grit my teeth, desperately trying to bear the pressure.[np]

The door at the back slides open.[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_05a time=300

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9238]“Sorry for the interruption!!!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9238]“お邪魔しまーす!!!”[np]

When did she come back from New York?[np]

With an unbelievable amount of gumption for that tiny body, the young Hero had jumped in.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9239]“I've come to make an offering for my brother!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9239]“兄ちゃんに、お線香あげに来ました!”[np]
;;note that she's technically pretending to be kiyomi here so yes, the direct address of nii-chan is appropriate here. Or just use ‘my brother' since that's less awkward.

Everyone was in a clamor at the sudden intruder.[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7009]“W-who are you!? Do you know where you are!?”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7009]“ど、どこの子だ!? 場所をわきまえなさい!”[np]

My eyes meet with hers.[np]

She must have guessed what was happening, seeing me with tears of anguish in my eyes.[np]

Hero stared my uncle down.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9240]“You're the ones who don't know where you are!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9240]“場所をわきまえるのはお前らのほうだ!”[np]

It sounds like she overheard the conversation.[np]

――No way, Kiyomi-chan?[np]

――Don't be stupid, Kiyomi died.[np]

――But she said her ‘brother’...![np]

The adults seem to have just realized that this is a funeral.[np]

Some kid none of them knows suddenly showed up.[np]

They looked at the girl with white faces, as if they'd seen a ghost.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9241]“Are you all really ganging up on Mom and Kyousuke, trying to blame innocent people!?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9241]“お前らよってたかって白いものを黒だとぬかし、おっかさんや京介くんをいじめるのか!”[np]

Her intelligence and courage stopped my tears.[np]
;;smartness=intelligence? - pondr

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9242]“I came all the way down here from Heaven! Keep spouting crap and I'll take you back with me!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9242]“わざわざ天国から出張ってきたんだ。ふざけたことぬかしたら、まとめて連れて帰るぞ!”[np]

[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7010]“N-no... way...”[np]
;;[nm t="叔父" s=sof_7010]“そ、そんな……馬鹿な……”[np]

My uncle's face, warped with greed not half a moment ago, was now clearly quailing.[np]

It was awesome.[np]

Hero came and saved me from this hellish place.[np]

It was only then that Mom shed her first tears.[np]

Maybe she really believed Kiyomi had appeared.[np]

The tears on her cheeks bore hints of a hue other than sadness.[np]

@black time=1000


;背景 地下神殿
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_29a rule=rule_d_t time=1000
@bgm storage=bgm_13a
 ――Where is he...!?[wvl]
;; ――どこだ、どこにいる……?[wvl]
 She searched for ‘Maou’ in the monstrous cavern, among its countless towering pillars.[l] The silence seemed to hurt Haru's ears.[wvl]
;; 広大な空間にそびえ立つ無数の柱に、"魔王"の影を探った。[l]耳が痛くなりそうな静寂のなか、まったく物音がしない。[wvl]
 She realized she had walked into a trap of her own volition.[l] There were plenty of hiding places for ‘Maou’.[l] He could be aiming at her with a gun at this very moment.[wvl]
;; ハルは自らが狩場にやってきたことを知った。[l]"魔王"が身を隠す場所はいくらでもある。[l]いままさに、銃で狙われているかもしれない。[wvl]
[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1265]“It's a splendid place, don't you think?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1265]“素晴らしい場所だと思わないか?”[wvl]
 ‘Maou's’ voice suddenly rang out from the abyss.[l] The extreme echoes in the artificial underground space masked the location of the speaker.[np]
;; どこからともなく"魔王"の声がした。[l]反響に反響を繰り返した声の居場所を探ることは容易ではなかった。[np]

[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1266]“Your father, Usami Yoshinori must be boasting about this in Hell.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1266]“お前の父、宇佐美義則も、地獄で誇らしげに自慢していることだろう”[wvl]
 Hearing her father's name didn't move Haru in the slightest.[l] The ominous darkness around her seemed to engulf Haru, and with every passing second she was more sure this was indeed the residence of the Devil.[wvl]
;; 感慨など沸かなかった。[l]呑みこまれそうなほどの暗闇は、まさしく"魔王"の住処のように不気味だった。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9243]“First tag, and now hide-and-seek? Why won't you show yourself already?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9243]“鬼ごっこの次はかくれんぼか。そろそろ姿を見せたらどうだ?”[wvl]
[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1267]“Don't be so hasty. We need to build the proper ambiance before the final showdown between the Hero and the Demon Lord, do we not?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1267]“気が早いな。勇者と魔王の戦いの前には、演出が必要だと思わないか?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9244]“I'm not here to chat with you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9244]“お前とおしゃべりをするつもりはない”[wvl]
[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1268]“You're no fun.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1268]“面白くないな、まったく”[wvl]
 Footsteps echoed around her.[wvl]
;; じりと、靴音が鳴った。[wvl]
 He was close.[np]
;; 意外と近くにいる。[np]

 Haru pricked up her ears and stared into the darkness, refusing to let a single sound go unheard.[wvl]
;; ハルは耳を澄まし、わずかの物音も逃さぬ気構えで、暗闇を見据えていた。[wvl]
;SE 小石
@se storage=se_51
 It paid off.[l] She heard a noise, and turned around.[l] A piece of concrete had fallen to the ground.[wvl]
;; 音がした。[l]背後を振り返る。[l]コンクリートの破片が床に散っていた。[wvl]
 It was a distraction.[l] Was he toying with her?[l] The tension began to run her breath ragged...[np]
;; 囮だった。[l]遊んでいるのか。[l]緊張に、わずかに呼吸が乱れた。[np]

@black rule=rule_c_l time=500



;背景 地下神殿。
@bg storage=bg_29a left=-300 rule=rule_c_l time=500
;@bg_mfin way=r storage=bg_29a left=-300 time=1000

I watch Usami from behind a pillar.[np]

@camera_small angle=l time=2000
@chr_walk l=haru_d_se_22c_s time=1000
;@chr ll=haru_d_se_22c_s
My only question is this: is she armed?[np]

Most importantly, is she carrying a gun?[np]

She's traveled extensively in her life, so it's possible she has experience with live ammunition.[np]

However, where would she get a gun in Japan?[np]

And she'd have to be a fearful sharpshooter indeed to hit me in this darkness, but there's always the remote possibility.[np]

When she quickly turned at the stone I threw, I watched the twisting of Usami's clothes.[np]

I couldn't see any bulge at her waist that might be a sidearm.[np]

I'll laugh if it turns out she hid something in her bust or the like, but I don't intend to give her the time to reach any elaborate hiding spots.[np]

Nevertheless, it seems she does have some sort of weapon.[np]

I keep a close eye on her right hand.[np]

She's holding it low and tense.[np]

In other words, it's poised to move quickly in the event of a surprise attack.[np]

Thus, she's carrying something near her right hand... her skirt pocket, most likely.[np]

What kind of weapon is it, I wonder?[np]

A small knife, maybe...? No, I'd say it's more likely a common women's defense tool. Pepper-spray or a taser, perhaps. They even sell tasers in the shape of pens here in Japan.[np]


[nm t="魔王"]“Allow me to demonstrate my reverence for you, ‘Hero’.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“勇者に敬意を表そう”[np]

Usami didn't respond.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“You didn't bring any friends, let alone police, and chased me all this way alone.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“友人はおろか、警察にも頼らずに、たった一人でおれを追ってきた”[np]

@chr l=haru_d_se_22b_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9245]“You say that like you didn't intend on running away with your tail between your legs if I had.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9245]“よく言う。警察の影でも見えれば、尻尾をまいて退散するつもりだったくせに”[np]

...Indeed. This is nothing more than a game, after all.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Thus, I won't intrude upon your honor by taking you down with a rifle from afar.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“だから、私も、お前をライフルで狙撃したりはしない”[np]

@chr l=haru_d_se_22c_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9246]“You're sure confident.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9246]“余裕だな”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“You wouldn't use a shotgun to kill a rat, would you?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“ネズミを狩るのに、猟銃は用いないだろう?”[np]
;;a math professor once said I used a cannon to kill a mouse for a proof v.v - pondr

Despite the fact that rats spread some rather troublesome diseases.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“I thought it'd be best to choke you to death.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“お前は、くびり殺すのが一番だと思ってな”[np]

Just like Father.[np]

I feel like mimicking him might allow me to carry some of Father's karma.[np]

@quake sx=-50 sy=-30 xcnt=1 ycnt=1 time=200 fade=true
I burst into a dash.[np]

I leap from pillar to pillar, keeping my cover.[np]

@camera time=200
@chr_pos_change before=l after=c time=200
;@chr c=haru_d_se_02_s
@chr c=haru_a_se_13_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9247]“...!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9247]“……っ”[np]

@quake sx=50 sy=20 xcnt=1 ycnt=1 time=300 fade=true
@camera angle=rr time=200
@quake sx=-50 sy=-30 xcnt=1 ycnt=1 time=200 fade=true
@camera angle=ll time=300
I reach a second pillar, a third, and I keep moving.[np]

@chr c=haru_d_se_02b_s
@chr c=haru_a_se_13_s
@wait time=100
@chr_pos_change before=c after=r time=200
@chr_pos_change before=r after=l time=200
@chr l=haru_d_se_02b_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9248]“...Ugh...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9248]“……っ……っ……”[np]

I can tell Usami's breathing is getting unsteady.[np]

As I should have expected, she didn't blindly swallow my words.[np]

I'm carrying a gun under my suit jacket.[np]

If I get careless and she gets the drop on me, I'll just shoot her and be done with it.[np]

@black rule=rule_c_r time=500



;背景 地下神殿
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_29a rule=rule_c_r time=500

 Now he's moving to the right.[l] He moves between pillars with the swiftness of a panther.[wvl]
;; 今度は右。[l]豹のような素早さで、柱の影を渡りついでいる。[wvl]
 Haru panicked at ‘Maou's’ playful movements.[wvl]
;; "魔王"のこちらを翻弄するかのような動きに、ハルは焦りを覚えていた。[wvl]
 She'd never fought with her life on the line before.[l] She certainly didn't expect the karate she practiced after quitting the violin to work on ‘Maou’.[wvl]
;; 命を懸けたやり取りなど、経験がないからだ。[l]ヴァイオリンをやめてから、空いた時間を空手に費やしたものの、"魔王"に通用するとは思えなかった。[wvl]
 This was her best chance to defeat ‘Maou’.[l] As long as ‘Maou's’ pride continued to play with a powerless girl like her, she would eventually be given an opportunity to strike.[np]
;; いまが、"魔王"を倒す最大のチャンスだ。[l]なんの力もない少女と遊びたがるその心の慢心にこそ、つけいるすきがある。[np]
;;The point is that him playing around and being overconfident will create an opening for her(and that confidence comes from him having the upperhand in the first place). Generally you don't even say that kind of stuff unless your opponent is the one with the upperhand.

@ev storage=ev_haru_02 time=500

 The chance will only show itself for a moment.[wvl]
;; 機は、一瞬だろう。[wvl]
 She checks for her hidden taser again.[l] Just pressing the ten-centimeter long weapon onto an attacker's body will send electrodes flying into their skin.[l] The manual claimed it supplies 500,000 volts: enough to rob the consciousness from any human, no matter the size.[wvl]
;; 隠し持ったスタンガンを再度確認する。[l]長さ十センチほどの凶器は相手の体に押し当てるだけで、電極部が出て連続スパークする。[l]電圧は50万ボルトと説明書にあったから、どんな大男でもまともにくらえば失神するだろう。[wvl]
;;btw I'm cool with using centimeters, but you think we should change that to inches for consistency? - pondr
 Haru tries to close in on her target.[l] She moves to the pillar she last saw ‘Maou’ at, and glues her back to it.[wvl]
;; ハルは"魔王"の動きに合わせ、接近を試みた。[l]さきほどまで"魔王"がいた柱にまで移動し、背中を柱に貼りつけた。[wvl]
 Sweat slowly trickled from the fingertips of her tense right arm.[np]
;; 強張る右の手のひらが、汗にじんわりと滲んでいった。[np]




;背景 地下神殿
@bg storage=bg_29a rule=rule_c_l time=500

We continued our dance for a while, switching places now and then.[np]

This great, round open space...[np]

...The pillars standing at equally-spaced points...[np]

...Usami must be losing her bearings running through this repetitive scenery.[np]

As proof of that, I have Usami's back.[np]

Of course, Usami will be watching her six carefully.[np]

We're around five meters apart.[np]

All I need to do is jump out and strangle her slender throat.[np]

But is it possible?[np]

Usami is most likely hiding a weapon.[np]


If she has a weapon, why doesn't she keep it in her hand?[np]

Be it a knife or a taser, it would behoove her to hold it at the ready for a quick counterattack.[np]

Is she unarmed? Or is that what she wants me to think?[np]
@ev storage=ev_maou_03c




[nm t="魔王"]“We're getting nowhere here, Usami.”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“らちが明かんな、宇佐美”[np]

Not a fraction of a second after I opened my mouth, I heard a sound I hadn't heard until then.[np]

;;A sound I hadn't heard until then.[np]

@mface name=haru_d_se_02_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9249]“...!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9249]“……っ!”[np]

That metal sound must have been the weapon in Usami's uniform.[np]

Did she knock it against a pillar or something?[np]
@bgm storage=bgm_22a
@ev storage=ev_maou_03b


;背景 地下神殿。
@bg storage=bg_29a

@quake sx=3 sy=5 xcnt=0 ycnt=8 time=1000
@chr c=haru_a_se_02_s
I run through the darkness again, taking distance from Usami.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“What are you waiting for, I'm right here!”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“どうした、こっちだぞ!”[np]

@squake pos=c sx=3 sy=5 xcnt=0 ycnt=8 time=1000
I'll wait patiently until my prey weakens.[np]

@chr c=haru_a_se_12_s
@quake pos=c sx=2 sy=15 xcnt=3 ycnt=2 time=1000
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9250]“Hahh...!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9250]“はあっ……っ……!”[np]

@quake pos=c sx=3 sy=5 xcnt=0 ycnt=8 time=1000
A schoolgirl who hasn't even been through basic training will inevitably run out of stamina.[np]
;;I've been using a few more military terms in this scene just as a last unneeded hint that we're dealing with someone who has different life experience than kyousuke. - pondr

[nm t="魔王"]“Your breathing's getting heavy. Is something the matter?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“息が上がってきたな、どうしたどうした?”[np]

@quake pos=c sx=2 sy=15 xcnt=3 ycnt=4 time=2000
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9251]“Uh... hahh... hahh...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9251]“うっ……はあっ……はあっ……”[np]

@quake sx=3 sy=5 xcnt=0 ycnt=12 time=1500
@camera angle=r time=500
@wait time=100
@camera angle=c time=500
@wait time=100
@camera angle=l time=500
@wait time=100
@camera angle=c time=500
I weave from pillar to pillar with blinding speed, leading her on with a glimpse of my back each time.[np]

@quake pos=c sx=3 sy=5 xcnt=0 ycnt=8 time=2000
Usami chases me.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Is your hatred for me this weak!?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“お前の執念はそんなものか!?”[np]

How long did we play this hide-and-seek?[np]

I look back, and scrutinize Usami's face as it's lit by the emergency lights.[np]

Her eyes are unfocused, and her lips are flaccid.[np]
;;Having your chin up is associated with being tired in Japan, like you're tired and you'll unconciously stand with your chin pointing up. You'll want to change that to something that works in English.
;;work? - pondr

There was indeed a black weapon in her right hand... most likely some sort of taser, as I'd predicted.[np]

@quake pos=c sx=2 sy=20 xcnt=3 ycnt=4 time=2500
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9252]“Hahh, ‘Maou’... hah...!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9252]“はあっ、"魔王"……っ……はあっ……!”[np]

@quake pos=c sx=2 sy=20 xcnt=5 ycnt=1 time=200
Usami trips, and I don't fail to recognize my chance.[np]

@black rule=rule_b_r time=300

She must have gotten caught on a pillar.[np]

Usami falls to the ground face-first.[np]

;SE カランカラン
@se storage=se_52

The black object falls out of her hand.[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_12_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9253]“Gh...!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9253]“ぐっ……!”[np]

I turn aside deftly and fiercely draw in on the fallen Usami.[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_13_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9254]“Uwa!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9254]“うわっ!”[np]

Usami hurries to jump up, and I push her down.[np]

Now, die――![np]

I put my hands to her already deathly pale neck.[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_08a time=200

@mface name=haru_a_se_12_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9255]“Hhh... ah, gh!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9255]“うっ……あ、ぐっ!”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“What's wrong, Hero? Use your head!”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“どうした、勇者! 頭を使え!”[np]

As I say that, I put all my strength into keeping the blood away from her brain.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9256]“Gh, kh...! Uuwaaaa!”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9256]“ぐっ、くっ、うぅうあああっ!”[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Taste it well! Your father died this way too!”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“よく味わえ! お前の父もそうやって死んだんだ!”[np]

Usami slowly stops resisting.[np]

I'm taking her life.[np]

The sensation is so incredibly intoxicating.[np]

My father, Samejima Toshikatsu, wished for Haru's death.[np]

As long as she lives, the demon named Usami Yoshinori will never be taught his lesson.[np]

I have no mercy.[np]

I don't feel any pangs of conscience.[np]

Usami will die at my hands.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9257]“Uu... aaahh...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9257]“う……あ、ああ……”[np]

The life quickly fades from her eyes.[np]

In contrast, my face must be warped with delight.[np]

If only you could see me now, Father...![np]
;;made the line even more perverse - pondr

I'm finally going to k――――![np]


@ev storage=ev_haru_08b

There's something coming for my chest――[np]

I look at it reflexively.[np]

Shock and regret fly through my mind.[np]

I was being conceited.[np]

Who said she'd only have one weapon!?[np]

My teeth crack in humiliation.[np]


[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1269]“Usamiiiiii――――!!!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1269]“宇佐美いぃぃぃっ――――!!!”[wvl]
 ‘Maou's’ screams pour down like rain.[wvl]
;; 雨のように降り注ぐ"魔王"の絶叫。[wvl]
 Haru squeezes out all her remaining strength.[wvl]
;; ハルはかまわず、最後の力をふりしぼった。[wvl]
 She had pulled out the hidden weapon from her skirt pocket.[l] The taser she was clenching took to ‘Maou's’ chest.[np]
;; スカートのポケットに潜めておいたもう一つの凶器。[l]握り締めたスタンガンは、完全に"魔王"の胸をとらえていた。[np]
;;don't tase me bro

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9258]“Apologize to my mother in Hell!!!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9258]“地獄で母さんに詫びろ!!!”[wvl]
 Usami Haru gathered all her love for her mother and resentment toward quitting the violin.[l] She forced these emotions into her arm and threw it forward.[wvl]
;; 母への思いを込めて、ヴァイオリンをあきらめた憤りを込めて、宇佐美ハルは腕を突き出した。[wvl]
 There was a flash like lightning... or at least, there was supposed to be――[np]
;; 稲光にも似た閃光が瞬く、はずだった――。[np]
@black time=200

 She couldn't believe her eyes.[l] Electrodes should have fired into ‘Maou’, then discharged with a vengeance.[wvl]
;; 目を疑った。[l]押し当てるだけで電撃が流れるはずだった。[wvl]
 Is it broken?[wvl]
;; 故障か。[wvl]
;; いや、違う。[wvl]
 Something in ‘Maou's’ chest blocked it.[wvl]
;; "魔王"の胸のうちで、なにかが接触をさえぎった。[wvl]
 Something hard.[wvl]
;; 硬い、なにか。[wvl]
 A lot of civilian tasers come with a warning that they won't work on especially firm surfaces.[np]
;; 市販されているスタンガンには、よく硬いものに対しては動作しない保護機能がついている。[np]
@bgm storage=bgm_24
 ――A gun!?[wvl]
;; ――拳銃か![wvl]
 By the time she tried to press it onto another part of his body, it was too late.[np]
;; 再び別の場所に押し当てようと思いなおしたときには、遅かった。[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_08c time=200

[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1270]“I see...”[wveh] ‘Maou’ smiled.[l] [nm t="魔王" s=mao_1271]“It was merely one of those ‘no-permit-necessary’ toys...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1270]“なるほどな……”[wveh]"魔王"の笑みが降ってきた。[l][nm t="魔王" s=mao_1271]“しょせんは市販のおもちゃだったか……”[wvl]
 She feels all the power drain from her.[l] Her last weapon was smacked from her hand and flew far out of reach.[wvl]
;; 力が抜けていく。[l]最後の武器も振り払われて遠くに飛ばされた。[wvl]
[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1272]“You did well, Usami.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1272]“なかなかがんばったな、宇佐美”[wvl]
 His hands wrap around her neck.[wvl]
;; 首が、絞まる。[wvl]
 Despair wells up in her.[np]
;; 絶望が、ひしひしと募っていった。[np]

[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1273]“What else have you planned?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1273]“次は、どんな策を用意しているんだ?”[wvl]
 That was it; she had nothing else.[wvl]
;; もう、策はなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1274]“So the game is up, then? It was fun while it lasted...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="魔王" s=mao_1274]“そうか、もう遊びは終わりか。楽しかったぞ……”[wvl]
 This is the end.[wvl]
;; 終わる。[wvl]
 There was never any point to it.[l] Haru's resistance against ‘Maou’ had been nothing more than a game to the bitter end.[np]
;; なんの意味もなかった。[l]"魔王"への抵抗など、最後の最後まで遊びに過ぎなかった。[np]

 She's going to be killed.[l] Killed like her father was.[l] Her body attempted to shut down, and her consciousness slowly drowned.[wvl]
;; 殺される。[l]父と同じように殺される。[l]首を絞められた体がその活動を終えようとしているのにつれて、意志も瀕死に近づいていった。[wvl]
 Her last memories were fuzzy.[l] Her sight was gorged in red, and the boundary between life and death grew impossible to resolve.[l] All she knew was that she was close to it now.[l] She passed across an unbearable pain into a euphoric floating sensation.[l] Her pupils dilated, her eyes rolled back.[l] Her bodily functions were about to cease entirely...[wvl]
;; 前後の記憶は曖昧だ。[l]頭のなかが真っ赤に染まり、生と死の境界が見えなくなったといえばいいか。[l]いまや完全に行き来自由になった状態になりかけていた。[l]苦痛の極みを通り越し、空を飛んでいるような高揚感すら覚えた。[l]開いた瞳孔、せり上がる眼球。[l]迫り来るあらゆる活動の停止……。[wvl]
 ――Kyousuke-... -kun...[np]
;; ――京介、くん……。[np]

@black time=300



@wait time=1000
@ev storage=ev_haru_04b

[nm t="京介"]“Thank you so much for yesterday, Hero!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“勇者、昨日はありがとうな!”[wvl]
 The day after she had barged into his brother's funeral, Kyousuke came to the rooftop.[wvl]
;; 葬儀に乱入した翌日、京介が屋上に現れた。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9259]“Sorry for pretending to be your sister.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9259]“ごめんね、勝手に妹さんのふりして”[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Don't worry about it. You were so awesome!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いいんだよ。すごいかっこよかったよ!”[wvl]
 Haru knew her childish trick was only a quick fix.[l] In the end, they'd still have to leave their home.[np]
;; ハルは、そんな子供の小細工はいっときのものでしかないと予想していた。[l]けっきょく、彼らは家を出て行くことになるだろう。[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I love you!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ボク、キミのこと大好きだ!”[wvl]
;;Opinions welcome on the word love. It still seems like something a kid would say to me, especially compared to alternatives... but I'm open to hearing I'm wrong. Note to self: change below also depending on the results of the poll. - pondr
 Those carefree words took her by surprise.[np]
;; 屈託のないひと言が胸をついた。[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_04d

 She couldn't tell him.[wvl]
;; 言えなかった。[wvl]
 She couldn't reveal that the man who tormented his father, that the man his father had killed, was her own father.[wvl]
;; 少女の父親こそが、少年の父をたぶらかし、挙句殺害された男だとは。[wvl]
 She couldn't tell him.[wvl]
;; 言えなかった。[wvl]
 She couldn't let him know that she was leaving the country to flee society's prying eyes.[np]
;; これから世間の目を逃れるべく、海外に移住するだなんて。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9260]“Love...?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9260]“好き……?”[wvl]
 A cold sweat ran down her back.[l] She tried to smile, but it didn't work out so well.[l] The power of the word ‘love’ had driven the moisture from her lips.[wvl]
;; 背筋をなめる冷や汗。[l]作り笑いを浮かべるつもりが、うまくいかなかった。[l]好き、という言葉の発する力に、口の中がからからになった。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9261]“You love me...? Don't you have lots of friends, though?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9261]“わたしが、好きって……京介くんは、ほら、お友達多そうじゃない?”[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Yeah... I used to, at least.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“うん……多かったんだけどね”[wvl]
 Kyousuke's voice grew a shade darker.[l] She said something really thoughtless.[l] Her pulse sky-rocketed.[np]
;; 京介の声に、暗い影が落ちた。[l]なんと無神経なことを言ってしまったのか。[l]少女の鼓動は駆け足を始めていた。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9262]“Do you have a girlfriend or anything?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9262]“恋人とか、いるの?”[wvl]
 She asked with feigned nonchalance.[l] Nevertheless, the book she was holding was quivering with her arms, and the anxiety nearly made her jump from the fifty-story building she sat atop.[wvl]
;; あくまで平然を装って聞いた。[l]でも、本を持つ腕は震え、いまにも地上五十階から飛び降りてしまいそうだった。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“You sure act like a grownup, Hero. Dad always said girls were interested in that sort of thing, though.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“勇者はおませさんなんだね。女の子のほうがそういうの興味あるって父さんが言ってた”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9263]“Just tell me already, yes or no?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9263]“いいから、いるの、いないの?”[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Nope. I never even thought about it.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“いないよ。そういうのは考えたこともなかったなあ”[np]

 He smiles, much to her relief.[l] No, this wasn't the time to be relieved.[l] She musters all her courage.[l] The determination in her chest draws air into her parched mouth.[wvl]
;; 少年の口元が綻び、少女も安堵した。[l]いや、ため息をついている場合ではない。[l]ありったけの勇気をかき集めた。[l]決意を胸に、干上がる口内に息を送り込んだ。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9264]“I guess it can't be helped, then. I'll marry you.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9264]“しょうがないわね、なら、わたしが結婚してあげるわよ”[wvl]
 She couldn't force a smile.[l] Only tears decorated her face.[l] In the heat of the moment, she had said such a thing.[l] Nonchalantly, indifferently...[wvl]
;; 笑顔を、作れない。[l]あふれるのは涙ばかり。[l]勢いに任せて少女は言った。[l]平然と、淡々と……。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9265]“If you remember. If we even see each other again. I have to move soon. It'll have to be a fateful reunion, I guess. Romantic, don't you think?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9265]“また会えたらね。覚えていたらでいいから。わたし、これから引っ越すの。運命の再会っていうのかな。ロマンチックじゃない?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You're moving?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“引っ越す?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9266]“Yeah.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9266]“そう”[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Why?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんで?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9267]“To study the violin more.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9267]“ヴァイオリンの勉強するの”[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Will you be leaving the country?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“また外国?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9268]“Dusseldorf. Europe.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9268]“デュッセルドルフ。ヨーロッパね”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“No way...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“そんな、やだよ……”[wvl]
 His voice clouded over.[wvl]
;; 少年の声が曇った。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9269]“Will you miss me?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9269]“寂しい?”[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Of course I will.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“当たり前だよ”[wvl]
 Her heart nearly leapt from her chest at that.[np]
;; 嬉しくて、胸が弾んだ。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9270]“Well, remember what I told you. That I said I'd marry you, I mean. I bet adults would find these kinds of promises embarrassing, but it's okay, right? It's what the Hero wants.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9270]“だから、ほら、また会えたら結婚してあげるって。こういう約束って、大人に言わせれば恥ずかしいんだろうね。でも、いいじゃない。勇者からのお願い”[wvl]
 After getting all that out at once, she realized the absurdity of her words.[l] Her knees started to buckle.[l] It was as if her entire body was protesting against her brazen confession.[wvl]
;; 一息にしゃべり、しゃべったあとに言葉の意味を自覚した。[l]膝がかじかんだように震える。[l]大胆な告白に、体が悲鳴を上げていた。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Marry me...?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“結婚……?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9271]“Don't you want me to?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9271]“嫌なの?”[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Are you serious?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“本気なの?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9272]“Y-yeah.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9272]“ほ、本気よ”[np]

 This time her voice clearly shook.[wvl]
;; 今度ははっきりと声が震えた。[wvl]
 Does he think I'm weird now?[l] Does he think I'm bossy?[l] Does he hate me?[l] Is he going to laugh at me for being so childish?[l] Oh wait, Kyousuke-kun said he liked long-haired girls...[wvl]
;; 変な女の子だと思われただろうか。[l]図々しいと嫌われたのだろうか。[l]結婚だなんて、子供っぽいと笑われたのだろうか。[l]ああ、そういえば、京介くんは髪の長い子が好きなんだ……。[wvl]
 However, as if to pick up the pieces of Haru's shattered heart, the boy responded kindly.[np]
;; けれど、少年は、ハルの砕け散ったガラスの心を拾い集めるように優しく言った。[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright, it's a promise.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかった。約束するよ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9273]“You better remember. My mom is really pretty. You know what that means, right? It means I'll be pretty too someday.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9273]“覚えていなさいよ。わたしのお母さん、すごい美人なんだからね。この意味わかるかな。つまり、わたしもこれからすごい美人になるってこと”[wvl]
 Yeah, and I'll grow out my hair.[np]
;; そう、髪だって伸ばす。[np]

;背景 空 夕方
@bg storage=bg_13b

 The girl stood up and turned to face the boy.[l] She gave him a huge smile as she cried on the inside.[wvl]
;; 少女は立ち上がって、少年を振り返った。[l]心で泣きながら、弾ける笑顔をぶつけた。[wvl]
 And though her heart was fluttering, she knew it wasn't likely they'd meet again.[l] Even if they did, the boy would be an adult.[l] It would be a reunion between the son of a murderer and his victim's daughter.[l] Kyousuke-kun would hold a grudge against her...[wvl]
;; 高鳴る胸のうちとは裏腹に、もう少年と会うことはないだろうという予感があった。[l]会えたとしても、そのときはきっと少年も大人になっている。[l]殺人犯の息子と、被害者の娘として再会することになるのだ。[l]京介くんは、きっと、わたしを恨むことだろう……。[wvl]
 But she didn't care.[np]
;; かまうものか。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9274]“It's a promise.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9274]“約束ね”[wvl]
 She smiled again.[l] The boy returned a smile in kind.[wvl]
;; また笑って見せた。[l]少年も笑顔を返した。[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Yeah. Good luck with the violin.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかった。ヴァイオリン、がんばってね”[wvl]
 He gazed at her so gently.[l] He spoke so kindly.[l] Everything about him made her sad to say goodbye, as she knew the passage of time would likely rob her of her fleeting dreams.[np]
;; 穏やかなまなざし。[l]優しい声音。[l]少年のすべてが哀しかった。[l]淡くはかない夢は、長い年月を経て時の流れに呑まれてしまうのだろう。[np]

 She wanted to stay like this.[l] However, she knew that she would be unable to force her smile much longer if she stayed with the boy.[l] And she refuses to cry right now.[l] There would be plenty time for tears in the coming months.[wvl]
;; ずっと、このままでいたかった。[l]でも、これ以上少年の前にいると、笑顔を保ち続ける自信がない。[l]いまは、泣くものか。[l]悲しみにくれる時間は、これからたっぷりとあるのだから。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9275]“Well, we'll be taking the ferry to some airport, so if you want to see me off, come to the docks.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9275]“んじゃね、とりあえずフェリーでどこかの空港までいくらしいから。気が向いたら港まで見送りに来てよ”[wvl]
[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, I'll be there.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="京介"]“うん、ぜったい行くよ”[wvl]
 The evening sky dyed the boy's cheeks a shade of orange.[l] The girl forced her stiffened lips into one last false smile and waved goodbye.[np]
;; 夕空が、少年の頬を染め上げた。[l]こわばる唇を無理やり吊り上げて、少女は手を振った。[np]

 She took one, two steps.[l] She wanted to turn around and hug him.[l] She broke into a run as she began to imagine the feeling of her first love's chest.[l] Tears fogged her vision, and the wind carried away her weeping.[wvl]
;; 二歩、三歩と歩き出す。[l]振り返って、抱きつきたかった。[l]初めての想い人の胸の感触を想像しながら、少女は駆け出した。[l]涙に視界が霞み、嗚咽が風に流された。[wvl]
 She looked up to the sky, and it seemed to change from its winter hue to the lively colors of spring.[wvl]
;; 見上げた空は、ちょうど冬から春に変わる色をしていた。[wvl]
 Haru wished from the bottom of her heart.[wvl]
;; ハルは願いを込めた。[wvl]
 She wished that someday, somewhere, their promise would be fulfilled.[l] She wished for a reunion between two innocent angels, without any heed at all to fathers or sins.[wvl]
;; いつか、どこかで、約束は果たされる。[l]親のいざこざなど知らず、お互い無垢な天使として再会する。[wvl]
 She wished for a glimpse of gentle spring in her life of winter.[np]
;; 冬ばかりの人生に、穏やかな春の到来を夢見た。[np]

@black time=2000



@ev storage=ev_haru_08c

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9276]“...-kun...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9276]“……くん……”[np]

Usami was muttering something.[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_11b_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9277]“Kyousuke-... -kun...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9277]“京介、くん……”[np]

Tears rolled from her eyes.[np]

It was almost like she was trying to tickle my conscience.[np]
;;Since he's not HONESTLY saying he thinks it's a ploy to tickle his conscience that was kind of weird. Maybe that small addition helps.
;;Actually we need to get rid of ploy altogether

[nm t="魔王"]“...Usami...”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“……宇佐美……”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_11_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9278]“Ah... Kyousuke-... -kun...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9278]“あ、っ……きょうすけ、くん……”[np]

A tinge of headache came on.[np]

The strength in my grip weakens ever so slightly.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“…………”[np]

The softness in me I thought I killed reared its head.[np]

――A father is a father, and a daughter is a daughter.[np]

What sin has Usami Haru committed?[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“Gh... shut up, Usami...”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“ぐっ……黙れ、宇佐美……”[np]

But she didn't stop calling for Kyousuke.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“No matter how much you cry or wail, Kyousuke isn't coming!”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“泣いてもわめいても、京介は現れんぞ!”[np]

I froze my heart.[np]

That's right, I'm ‘Maou’.[np]

A man who sought salvation in revenge, and threw away everything else in its name.[np]

I'm different from that good-for-nothing Azai Kyousuke![np]

I begin to wring her neck again.[np]

This time, I'll kill her.[np]

I moan and sway as I crush this life in my hands.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“――Die, Usami!”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“――死ね、宇佐美っ!”[np]


I hear the sound of footsteps fighting through darkness.[np]

I hear rough breaths, betraying a powerful desperation.[np]
;;made this sound possibly like he's talking about something within him... not that it matters. - pondr

He's close by.[np]

It seems he's come for me.[np]

I see... I thought I was being followed, that was him?[np]

That unfilial betrayer, the adopted son of Azai Gonzou?[np]

I called him at midnight in order to bait Gonzou.[np]

He must have lost it.[np]

I was supposed to have been dead, after all.[np]

I meant to kill the traitor.[np]

When I found out he was acting as a rep for Azai's front business, I went mad with rage.[np]
;;fixer? - pondr
;;one who makes decisions from the shadows/informally.

The damn weakling, getting too big for his boots.[np]

Nevertheless, the footsteps I hear hold no hesitation.[np]

A far cry indeed from the delusional boy I called earlier tonight. He'd gone so far off the deep end that he believed himself to be ‘Maou’.[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_11_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9279]“Kyousuke-... -kun...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9279]“きょう、すけ、くん……”[np]

Hmph, so that's how it is...[np]

I put my life on the line while he sat around fostering his love.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Let her go...!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“やめろっ……”[np]

He shouted at me.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Don't lay a finger on Usami...!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美に手を出すな……”[np]

The tone of his voice seemed determined to protect this girl.[np]

[nm t="魔王"]“You [font italic="true"]do[resetfont] know who you're speaking to, don't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="魔王"]“誰に向かってものを言っているのか、わかっているんだろうな?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ……”[np]

Who does he think he is, interfering with my plans?[np]

That damn Kyousuke...[np]

――Opposing me, Samejima Kyouhei.[np]




;背景 空 昼
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_13a time=1000

I remember.[np]

The words I said that day so long ago stayed with me, though I had long forgotten why.[np]
;;Presumably he's talking about all those times he almost flipped a shit when saying "So you're going to be a hero?" Hence the change... since he obviously didn't fully remember them. - pondr

The waves peacefully swayed as we stood on the docks.[np]

The girl was just about to board her ship.[np]

I asked the girl a question.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hey, what's your name?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ねえ、名前なんていうの?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9280]“I told you, I'm Hero.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9280]“勇者は勇者よ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Tell me.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“教えてよ”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9281]“Fine. If I become a real hero, I'll tell you.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9281]“じゃあ、わたしが本当の勇者になったら教えてあげる”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Oh? You're not a real hero yet?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“え? まだ勇者じゃないの?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9282]“...Not yet...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9282]“うん……”[np]

She must have thought herself immature for not having the courage to be honest.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Alright, I got it then.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“わかったよ”[np]

I flashed a toothy grin.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“So you're going to be a hero, huh?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“キミは、勇者になるんだね”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9283]“Yeah...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9283]“うん……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Then I'll...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“だったら、ボクは……”[np]

@black time=1000

Then I'll...[np]

――I, Azai Kyousuke, will...[np]

@ev storage=ev_other_08a


[nm t="京介"]“I'll become your comrade and protect you, Hero!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“勇者を守る、仲間になる!”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1275]“Kyousukeee――!”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1275]“京介えぇっ――!”[np]

@bgm storage=bgm_21

;第五章 G線上の魔王 と表示。
@wait time=1000
@addimg layer=4 storage=cp_title05
@wait time=1000
@ev storage=ev_other_08a
@wait time=1000

[nm t="京介"]“Kyouhei-niisan... no, ‘Maou’!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“恭平兄さん……いや、"魔王"!”[np]

I take a step forward.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Let Usami go. Your evil deeds end here.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美を離せ。お前の悪行もこれまでだ”[np]

‘Maou’ looks up at me firmly.[np]

His eyes bear a powerful hatred.[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1276]“They end here, you say?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1276]“これまで、だと?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I've already contacted the Sonoyama Group. You've nowhere to run.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“すでに園山組の方々に連絡はつけてある。お前は袋の鼠だ”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1277]“You're rather efficient. I thought you'd be in your apartment right about now, crying over your poor foster father.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1277]“なかなか手際がいいな。養父を殺されて、家でめそめそ泣いているかと思っていたぞ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'm not the boy I used to be.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おれはもう昔のおれじゃない”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_11_s
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9284]“Kyousuke-kun...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9284]“きょうすけ、くん……”[np]

After seeing me, Usami slowly closed her eyes.[np]

@ev storage=ev_other_08b

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1278]“As your big brother, I'm happy to see you grow.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1278]“兄として、弟の成長を嬉しく思うぞ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'm happy to see you too, Nii-san. I thought you'd been blown to bits.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“兄さんも、生きていてくれてなによりだ。爆弾で吹き飛ばされたんじゃなかったのか?”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1279]“Haven't you heard the horror stories about London's police force at the time? I merely left my passport at the scene, and before you know it, they gave me a toe-tag without a toe.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1279]“当時のロンドン市警の評判を聞いたことがあるか? 事故現場にパスポートを残しておけば、あっさりと死んだことにしてくれたよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Why would you fake your own death?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なぜ、そんなことを?”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1280]“Unlike you, I have things to do. It's easier to evade the police when people think you're dead. But more importantly...”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1280]“私はお前と違って、やることがあるのでな。死んだことにしたほうが日本警察の目もごまかしやすいし、なにより……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“More importantly, you wanted to frame me by doing everything under the Azai name. Is that it?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なにより、浅井と名乗って触れ回ることで、おれに罪を着せるつもりだったんだろう?”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1281]“To be precise, I called myself Asai. Nevertheless, even Gonzou mistook you to be ‘Maou’.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1281]“正確にはアサイと名乗っていたのだがな。まあ、それでも、権三を含め、大勢の人間がお前を"魔王"だと勘違いしてくれた”[np]
;;The kanji for Azai can be read as both Asai and Azai. So it's literally spelled the same  but pronounced slightly different I guess with I suppose could lead to an eventual mistake in Asai=Azai if you saw the name on paper or something. I have no idea if the people who pronounce it as Asai when referring to Maou in the game(I know Horibe says Azai earlier in the script when talking about Someya's helper). Regardless, probably best to keep it as Azai anyway
;;Yeah I wouldn't change it. - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“You must have had it easy thanks to that. Everyone seemed to suspect me after you blew up Gonzou's car.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おかげで、動きやすかっただろうな。あんたが権三の車を爆破したときは、みんなしておれを疑っていたよ”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1282]“Oh, please. Something as trivial as a car-bombing happens all the time in Northern Ireland.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1282]“なあに、車に爆弾など、北アイルランドではよくある話だ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Did you join up with terrorists?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あんたはテロリストに与しているのか?”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1283]“Hehe... something like that.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1283]“フフ……似たようなものかな……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I suppose that's why you were able to use such dangerous equipment as rifles and military bombs.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“だから、ライフル銃に軍用爆弾なんて物騒なものを扱えたのか”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1284]“In the Middle East, even ten year old children are proficient with simple weaponry like that.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1284]“あんなもの、中東では十歳の子供でも使える”[np]

A long time has passed since my brother Kyouhei disappeared.[np]

He's always been cold, despite the flaming passion within him.[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1285]“Why not join me, Kyousuke?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1285]“京介よ、お前はなぜ私に力を貸さない?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1286]“Now look here. Father killed four measly people, four people who deserved their deaths, yet was sentenced to death. This nation allows even the murderers of innocent infants to evade capital punishment... how is this fair?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1286]“よく聞け。父はたったの四人、それも死んで当然の人間を殺して死刑になったのだぞ? この国ではなんの罪もない幼児を惨殺しておいて極刑に至らない人間もいるそうじゃないか?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Is your aim to free Dad?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お前の目的は、父さんの釈放か?”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1287]“Indeed. That goal alone has driven me through ten years of preparation.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1287]“いかにも。この十年、そのために準備を重ねてきたのだ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Preparation...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“準備だと……?”[np]

Righteous indignation crawled up my back.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“You're saying kidnapping Tsubaki's brother, killing Gonzou, and making Tokita your puppet was [font italic="true"]‘preparation’[resetfont]!?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“椿姫の弟を誘拐し、権三を殺し、時田を裏で操っていたのも準備だというのか!?”[np]

But ‘Maou's’ smile was unfazed.[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1288]“Azai Gonzou deserved to die. Mother's trauma was his doing.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1288]“浅井権三は死んで当然ではないか。母が心を壊したのは誰のせいだ?”[np]

That's true, I can't deny it.[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1289]“Tsubaki was a good ‘child’. Girls like her that are oblivious to the evil in this world are easily soiled with it. If I had a bit more time, I'd have liked to make Tokita one of us too.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1289]“椿姫はいい"坊や"だった。穢れを知らぬ娘は簡単に悪に染まる。もう少し時間があれば、時田と同じように仲間に加えてやったものを”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...What did you intend to do with these ‘children’ you gathered up?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……子供を集めて、なにをするつもりだ?”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1290]“Telling you that now would spoil the fun.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1290]“それを今話すのは面白くないな”[np]

He's arrogant to the bitter end.[np]

The genius brother I once knew has apparently nurtured his talent only for evil.[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1291]“It's not too late, Kyousuke. Join me, and we can save our father together.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1291]“京介、いまからでも遅くはない。私に従え。いっしょに父さんを救おうじゃないか”[np]
;;NO, DARTH VADER! - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“Not a chance in hell!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“断る!”[np]

I shout my rejection to myself as much as him.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“And if you care to know why...”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“おれがなぜ、お前に協力しないのか……”[np]

I stare at Usami.[np]

The young Hero.[np]

She saved me, when I was all alone.[np]

Even if it was only for a moment, she let me taste spring.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“It's because you toyed with my woman, ‘Maou’!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“"魔王"、お前は、おれの女を弄んだ”[np]

He tore apart her friendship with Tsubaki and Tokita, all in the name of his little ‘game’.[np]
;;yeah you were such an angel in Tsubaki's route, Kyousuke.
;;Yeah, I guess he did try to keep Tsubaki off of Haru to undermine Usami's attempts at getting the Miwas to call the police. - pondr

And now he's trying to take her very life.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I'll say it once more. Take your hands off of Usami. What did she ever do to you?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“もう一度言う。宇佐美を離せ。その少女がなにをした?”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1292]“I'm disappointed in you, Kyousuke...”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1292]“失望したぞ、京介よ……”[np]

@bg storage=bg_29a time=500
@chr c=maou_b_10_b time=800

‘Maou’ slowly stood up.[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1293]“Have you been to visit Father?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1293]“お前は父の面会に足を運んだのか?”[np]

He's got me where it hurts.[np]

@chr c=maou_b_02_b

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1294]“Why can't you understand Father's humiliation?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1294]“父の無念を、なぜわかってやらない?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“......”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“…………”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1295]“How impertinent must a boy be to discard the darkness of his past for a life of convenience?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1295]“過去の闇を捨て、都合よく生きようなどとは、おこがましいにもほどがある”[np]

His mockery was interrupted by countless footsteps resounding from the darkness behind me.[np]

Several thick yakuza accents bellowed ‘Son’, ‘Kyousuke-san’, and the like.[np]

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[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1296]“I'll retreat for now, Kyousuke.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1296]“京介よ、この場はひいてやる”[np]

‘Maou’ smiled in condescension and let go of Usami.[np]

He must have concluded that taking Usami hostage would have no effect on the Sonoyama Group, whose single goal was to avenge their boss.[np]

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[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1297]“But next time we meet, prepare to die.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1297]“だが、次に会うときは死を覚悟しておけ”[np]

A frightening resentment was in his eyes.[np]

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[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1298]“Being family doesn't preclude one from being human vermin. A boy who fell for the enemy's daughter is no longer a brother of mine.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_1298]“家族と人間のクズはいくらでも両立する。仇の娘に惚れた男など、もはや弟でもなんでもない”[np]
;;I keep using boy... - pondr

Remember this――[np]

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‘Maou’ ran into the darkness.[np]

I couldn't run after him.[np]

He might have laid traps around, but more importantly, I couldn't just leave Usami there unconscious.[np]

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[nm t="ハル" s=har_9285]“Ngh...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9285]“っ……”[np]

Even this darkness couldn't hide the fact that her face had lost all color.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hey, Usami!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“宇佐美、おいっ!”[np]

I lift Usami's upper body a bit and lightly slap her cheeks.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_50000]“...Ngh... Kyousuke-kun...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_50000]“……っ……きょうすけ、くん……”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Are you alright?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“だいじょうぶか?”[np]

I was just in the nick of time.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_50001]“You... you came...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_50001]“来て……くれたんだ、ね……”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_50002]“You... really are...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_50002]“やっぱり……京介くんは……”[np]

Her head dropped.[np]

Seems she lost consciousness again.[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_50003]“My... hero...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_50003]“わたしの、勇者……”[np]

Her innocent face bore a similarity to the girl I met so long ago.[np]

I gently hold her hand.[np]

Of all her cold body, there alone felt as warm as the spring sun.[np]

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