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 ――I hope Kyousuke is alright...[wvl]
;; ――京介くんは無事だろうか。[wvl]
 Usami Haru was concerned over the boy who had sacrificed himself to save her.[wvl]
;; 宇佐美ハルは、身をていして自分をかばってくれた男に胸を痛めていた。[wvl]
 She was able to escape the clutches of that angry mob thanks to him.[l] He may put up a cold facade, but he really is a hero when backed into a corner.[l] She wanted to contact him immediately to make sure he was safe, but for whatever reason, her calls wouldn't connect.[l] No matter how many times she dialed his number, she never got through.[np]
;; 彼のおかげで、なんとか暴徒の追跡を振り切ることが出来た。[l]本当に、冷たいくせに肝心なときに助けてくれる勇者だ。[l]すぐにでも安否を確認したかったが、それもかなわない。[l]何度電話をかけてもつながらないのだ。[np]

 In the office district, just a short walk away from Central Boulevard, there didn't seem to be many thugs hanging around.[wvl]
;; セントラル街から離れたオフィス街では、暴漢たちの姿はあまり見えなかった。[wvl]
 But in their place, she spotted a man in military garb carrying an automatic weapon.[l] Perhaps he was one of those mercenaries Yuki had spoken of. [l]Seeing as Haru had only spotted one so far, there are probably relatively few of them in this operation.[l] However, the man she did come across did not play games.[l] He killed indiscriminately and without pause, never bothering to give chase.[l] After gunning someone down, he simply continued his patrol unaffected, keeping a sharp lookout.[wvl]
;; 少年たちのかわりに見かけたのは、銃を構え軍服に身をつつんだ大人だった。[l]ユキの言っていた、傭兵だろうか。[l]一人しかその姿を確認していないことから、人数は多くないのだと思う。[l]見かけた一人も、むやみに人を撃ち殺したり、追い回したりせずに、あたりに目を光らせながら粛々と巡回していた。[wvl]
 The gears in Haru's head were ready to turn at a moment's notice.[l] Ever since that bombing at a Moscow theater――ever since the day she lost her mother――Haru's anger and hatred toward ‘Maou’ never left her for a minute.[np]
;; ハルは、いついかなるときでも考える。[l]モスクワの劇場を爆破され、母を失ったあの日から、いかなるときでも"魔王"への怒りを忘れない。[np]

 The fact that ‘Maou’ has posted a professional here implies that this region is more important than Central Boulevard.[wvl]
;; プロフェッショナルを配置するということは、"魔王"にとって、このあたりが、特に重要な区域だからだ。[wvl]
 Next, she simply needs to understand why.[wvl]
;; 次に、"魔王"にとって、なにが重要なのかを考察してみる。[wvl]
 As Kyousuke mentioned, ‘Maou's’ objective is the release of Samejima Toshikatsu.[wvl]
;; "魔王"の要求は、京介が言うように、父、鮫島利勝の釈放だろう。[wvl]
 Presumably, the main hostage is the politician Imagawa.[wvl]
;; 主な人質は、今川という政治家。[wvl]
 She also knows that Sannou Corporation employees are being held captive.[l] The terrorists likely intend to kill them to serve as a warning to the police.[np]
;; 他にも山王物産の社員などを囲っていた。[l]これはおそらく、警察が交渉を渋ったときに、見せしめとして殺害するためだろう。[np]
;;I'm going to assume ‘demonstration of sincerity' was intended to be interpreted a bit sarcastically in meaning, but anyway...

 Will the police really accept their demands?[l] Police jurisdiction does not include the premature release of incarcerated convicts.[l] However, ‘Maou’ must already know this.[l] He's not the sort of man to cause this perverse uproar without even the remotest chance of success.[l] Then again, perhaps he's using terrorism on such an unprecedented scale in order to sway the government's decision.[wvl]
;; 果たして警察は要求を呑むだろうか。[l]囚人の釈放はすでに警察レベルで対処できる問題ではない。[l]けれど、"魔王"もそのへんは心得ているはずだ。[l]勝算もなく、ここまで大がかりな犯罪を起こすとは思えない。[l]過去に前例のない規模でのテロを起こすことで、政府の判断を迷わそうとしているのかもしれない。[wvl]
 Naturally, the police will stand by their tenets.[l] They will not negotiate with terrorists.[l] So, then...[l] what could be stopping the police from charging in when there have been multiple civilian casualties already?[np]
;; 警察はもちろん、テロには屈しないという姿勢だろう。[l]では、すでに一般市民にも死傷者が出ている状況で、警察が強行突入をためらう理由はなにか。[wvl]

 Contributing factor number one: the majority of the rioting mob is composed of minors.[l][r]
;; 一、暴徒の大半が未成年者であるから。[l][r]
 Contributing factor number two: the police have likely not secured a satisfactory insertion point.[l][r]
;; 二、突入経路が確保できないから。[l][r]
 Contributing factor number three: Imagawa's location has not been confirmed.[np]
;; 三、今川議員の監禁場所が不明であるから。[np]
;;wanted to make sure this was all on the same page, no wrapping. - pondr
;;btw, when I wrote "They have not yet confirmed Imagawa's safety." safety was meant to be location. TNAism. Change if that affects your sentence.
;;leaving it as-was would have been doing your pet peeve of spelling something out to a stupid audience. - pondr

 The first contributing factor is a perfect example of ‘Maou's’ pathological caution.[l] Though Japan does occasionally see crimes committed by minors, it's still a small fraction of the juvenile delinquency of the West.[l] This situation, however, is severe enough to warrant calling in an assault team.[l] To top it off, the children involved have barricaded themselves in a contained area.[l] Needless to say, the police higher-ups who are calling the shots must be scratching their heads on this one.[wvl]
;; 一、については、"魔王"の周到さが理解できる。[l]未成年者の犯罪は、日本でもちらほら見かけてきたが、欧米に比べられるものではない。[l]とくにSAT隊が強行突入するほどの凶悪事件、それも未成年者が主体の立て篭もり事件など、まったく前例のないものであるから、対応するにしても、警察上層部の判断を曇らせるだろう。[wvl]
 The second contributing factor gives birth to a number of doubts.[l] Let us assume that each of the land routes into Central Boulevard has been barricaded.[l] Even so, is an entirely flawless barricade even truly realizable?[l] There must be at least one weak point in the defenses.[l] If one wanted to cut a swath through downtown, there are a number of available methods.[l] Off the top of Haru's head: an armored vehicle could crash through a building, or explosives could blast through a pile of sandbags.[np]
;; 二、についてだが、いくらか疑問が残る。[l]セントラル街にいたる主要な道路や歩道が封鎖されているとはいえ、一縷のすきもない完璧なバリケードなど現実的に可能なのだろうか。[l]防備のもろそうな箇所は必ずあるはずだ。[l]建物に装甲車両を突っ込ませたり、爆薬を用いて土嚢を吹き飛ばしたり、突破口を作るだけならやりようはあるのだと思う。[np]

 Thus, the cause of the hesitation would ultimately have to be Mr. Imagawa.[l] Haru herself was not very familiar with him, but he appeared to be quite the political bigshot.[l] If the police can't pin his location down exactly, then even should they secure an insertion and extraction point, he would be killed before the Special Assault Team could reach him.[wvl]
;; それを躊躇させているのが、今川議員の存在だ。[l]ハルはよく知らないが、よほどの大物なのだろう。[l]彼の所在がわからなければ、たとえ突入ルートを確保して、SAT隊がなだれ込んだとしても、監禁場所にたどり着くまでに、今川は殺されてしまうだろう。[wvl]
 And therein lies the reason for why ‘Maou’ chose to create such a wide buffer of devastation around him.[l] Even if they [font italic="true"]did[resetfont] manage to break through the barricade and search aimlessly for Imagawa, the police would be face-to-face with the lurking mobs.[l] Naturally, their trigger fingers would be less itchy when faced with a horde of children――especially when each one would be impossible to readily identify as civilian or bogey.[np]
;; だからこそ、"魔王"は、これだけの範囲を立て篭もり場所としたのだ。[l]もし、強行突入班が闇雲に今川を探したとしても、そこらじゅうから暴徒がわいてくる。[l]一般市民なのか、テロリストなのかわからない未成年者が相手では、引き金にかかった指の動きも鈍るというもの。[np]

 Just then, Haru thought she heard Kyousuke's voice.[wvl]
;; そこで、ふと、京介の声が聞こえたような気がした。[wvl]
 (Come on, Usami! What are you thinking...!?)[wvl]
;; (おいおい宇佐美、なに考えてんだ……)。[wvl]
 ‘He's got a point,’ Usami thought.[l] Really, what [font italic="true"]was[resetfont] she thinking?[l] She should be devising a plan to reunite with Kyousuke as soon as possible, and maybe even escape this Hell.[wvl]
;; たしかに、ハルは思った。[l]自分はなにを考えているのか。[l]いま考えるべきは、一刻も早く京介と合流し、この地獄を抜け出すことだ。[wvl]
 (Let's just go home and listen to some classical music.)[wvl]
;; (帰ってクラシックでも聞こうぜ)。[wvl]
 Honestly, she didn't want to listen to classical anymore.[l] Kyousuke would no doubt ask her to play the violin again.[l] She never imagined that he would be a fan of hers.[l] She couldn't play the violin anymore.[l] Not after that...[np]
;; 正直、もうクラシックなど聞きたくもなかった。[l]京介がまたヴァイオリンを弾いてくれというに決まっている。[l]まさか、自分のファンだとは思わなかった。[l]もう、弾けないというのに……。[np]

 This is all ‘Maou's’ fault.[wvl]
;; 全て、"魔王"のせいだ。[wvl]
 The imaginary devil on her violin's G string had robbed her of everything dear to her.[wvl]
;; G線の上に現れる幻の悪魔が、少女の最も大切なものを奪ったのだ。[wvl]
 ――I'll kill you.[wvl]
;; ――殺してやる。[wvl]
 Haru looked up at the Sannou Corporation's headquarters.[wvl]
;; ハルは山王物産の本社ビルの外壁を見上げた。[wvl]
 She could see a black box moving up and down through a column of windows.[l] It was the main elevator, and it was in operation.[l] Seeing as they had closed the fire shutters, she had assumed that the higher floors were permanently blocked off.[l] Apparently, that assumption was incorrect.[np]
;; 窓ガラスを通して黒い箱が上下している。[l]エレベーターが稼動していた。[l]防火扉がおりてきたことから、てっきり上階を封鎖したのかと思ったが、どうやら解除したようだ。[np]

 But why?[wvl]
;; なぜか?[wvl]
;;Doesn't that change make it kind of unnatural? Before: They released the block - why? - To move the hostages. Now: My assumption was incorrect - why? - To move the hostages. Seems pretty weird to me.
;;Had trouble readapting 31, so I just readapted the below. Now it's, "My assumption was incorrect. - why? - because of dastardly plans I hadn't foreseen" - pondr
 Of course.[l] The terrorists intend to relocate the hostages.[l] The police, no doubt, have their sights set on the location where the men guarding Imagawa sent out their last communications.[l] That location was the Sannou building.[wvl]
;; 人質を移動させるためではないか。[l]警察側も、今川議員を護衛していたSPからの連絡が途絶えた場所……つまり、山王物産に議員がいると当たりをつけているはずだ。[wvl]
 Alright. I'll find out where they're going――[wvl]
;; よし、新しい監禁場所を抑えてやる――。[wvl]
 Once they can confirm Imagawa's whereabouts, the police should decide to charge in.[l] It's quite unfortunate, though, that Haru won't be able to kill ‘Maou’ with her own hands...[np]
; 今川の居場所さえわかれば、警察も踏み込んでくるだろう。[l]自分の手で"魔王"を殺害できないのは残念だが……。[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7092]“Now [font italic="true"]this[resetfont] is a surprise.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7092]“これは、驚いたな”[wvl]
 A voice shot out from behind her.[np]
;; 背後から、声。[np]

;背景 山王物産エントランス 夜 崩壊
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@chr c=maou_b_08_b
 She hadn't even noticed him.[np]
;; まったく気づかなかった。[np]
;;wtf this is an avg mode Haru scene. - pondr

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7093]“If you're still wondering how I did that, maybe it's time you started studying your enemies.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7093]“いったいいつの間に、と思っているのなら、もう少し相手を知ったほうがいい”[np]
;;I do prefer the "know your enemy/don't underestimate your enemy" nuance than taking it to a personal level but I guess there's a reason for this change.
;;Well, tell me if you still prefer it when you hear my reason. The way I see it, talking about yourself and then referring to yourself as "your enemy" sounds weird. It's just unusual for people (even those who go by the "Devil") to call themselves an enemy, it's always "you're MY enemy," not vice-versa. - pondr
;;well, the point is that before it had the roundabout nuance of giving innocent little advice instead of the sort of direct bragging feeling it has here. Like uh, random thing that came to my head. In RE4 where Leon gets the drop on Ada by using a knife and she uses a gun. And then he's like "bit of advice, try using knives next time. Works better in close encounters." That suave "I'm not telling you how I won, I'm just giving a little advice" thing that makes it seem cocky and shit. Speaking in general case instead of making it personal.

 ‘Maou’ looked down on her with his usual overconfidence.[l] At his side was the Caucasian she had seen the other day, pointing a gun at her.[np]
;; いつも通りの余裕の表情を浮かべて"魔王"が見下ろしていた。[l]"魔王"の隣には、先日見かけた白人が銃口を向けていた。[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7094]“Field work, Usami. You spot a rat near your base, sneak up on it, and get rid of it. Even if I were as incapable as you must think I am, my friends here are all experts at field work as well.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7094]“拠点に近づくネズミを発見し、音もなく背後から始末する。私はともかく、仲間は現役のプロフェッショナルなのだから”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_13_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9654]“‘Maou’...”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9654]“"魔王"……”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7095]“I heard tell of a long-haired girl spotted in the area, so I came here on the off-chance. Lo and behold, it really is you, Usami.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7095]“髪の長い少女というから、もしやと思って来てみたのだが、まさか宇佐美だったとはな”[np]

 He spoke happily to the man at his side.[l] Apparently this was his way of introducing Haru.[np]
;; どこか楽しげに、かたわらの白人に英語で話しかけていた。[l]どうやら、ハルを紹介しているようだ。[np]
;;what's twisted about it

@chr c=maou_b_01_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7096]“I'm delighted that you were able to survive among this landscape.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7096]“この街でよく生きていたな。うれしいぞ”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9655]“Well, this isn't the first time we've met during an act of terrorism.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9655]“テロにあうのは二回目だからな”[np]

@chr c=maou_b_07_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7097]“Ah, I suppose that's true.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7097]“そういえばそうか”[np]

 He spoke like he had forgotten.[l] Unforgivable.[np]
;; まるで、忘れていたかのような口ぶりだった。[l]許せない。[np]

@chr c=maou_b_08_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7098]“So, what brings the Hero out to these parts? You're not just running away, are you?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7098]“それで、勇者はここで何をしていたのかな。ただ逃げ回っていたわけではなさそうだが?”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9656]“I came to kill you, of course.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9656]“もちろん、お前を殺しにきたんだ”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7099]“Let me guess. You came here to discover Imagawa's whereabouts?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7099]“当てて見せよう。今川の所在を探りに来た。違うかな?”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_10_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9657]“I suppose that's top secret information.”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9657]“トップシークレットみたいだな”[np]

@chr c=maou_b_01_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7100]“Your bravery is commendable.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7100]“いやはや、見上げた根性だな”[np]

 He shrugged his shoulders with a touch of humor.[l] He then indicated the entrance to the Sannou building behind her.[np]
;; おどけるように、肩をすくめた。[l]そしてハルの背後、山王物産のエントランスに向かってあごを向けた。[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7101]“You'll be coming with us.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7101]“来てもらおうか”[np]

@mface name=haru_a_se_02_b
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9658]“What?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9658]“なに?”[np]

 Why not just kill her now?[np]
;; なぜ、この場で殺さない?[np]

 The man standing next to him seemed to be thinking the same thing.[l] He sent ‘Maou’ a look of protest.[np]
;; 脇に控えた白人も同じ疑問を抱えたようだ。[l]"魔王"に抗議するようにまくしたてている。[np]

@chr c=maou_b_07_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7102]“Sorry about this, Alan. Old habits die hard, you know that. It's immature of me, but I just can't help wanting to play with my prey a little before I kill them.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7102]“すまん、アラン。いつもの悪い癖でな。殺しの前は、どうも遊びたくなる”[np]

 She couldn't stand that arrogant composure.[np]
;; その余裕、その傲慢が、我慢ならなかった。[np]

 When he killed her mother, he left Haru alive as part of some sick game.[np]
;; 母が殺されたとき、"遊び"で自分は生かされたのだ。[np]

 Haru bore the insult and followed after ‘Maou’.[np]
;; ハルは屈辱を押し殺し、"魔王"のあとに従った。[np]

 She felt a chilly sensation against the back of her neck.[l] Snow was trickling down from the black, sooted sky.[np]
;; 首筋にひんやりとした寒気を覚えた。[l]雪がちらほらと、忘れたように降ってきた。[np]


@black rule=rule_b_r time=500
@wait time=1000



@wait time=1000
@ev storage=ev_other_26a

I was awakened by the sound of a heavy iron door closing.[np]

My head ached.[np]

After a short while, my vision came into focus.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7098]“Up yet, sweet cakes?”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7098]“お目覚めかい?”[np]
@bgm storage=bgm_26

Hashimoto wore a faint smile and cracked his fingers.[np]

I was in what seemed to be a basement.[np]

It was a square room, and looked to be about thirty feet to a side.[np]

A stifling silence weaved together with the stagnant air of the room.[np]

There were no windows, and the only source of light was a naked bulb hanging from the ceiling.[np]

I withstood the pain and opened my mouth.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Where am I...?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ここは……?”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7099]“A confinement facility.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7099]“捕虜収容施設さ”[np]

He shrugged.[np]

There were no other captives here.[np]

The only other things I can see right now are the cigarette butts scattering the floor... and the two female corpses laying among them.[np]

Their clothes had been ripped apart, and their hollow eyes looked in my direction.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Did you do this?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お前がやったのか?”[np]

My pulse was pounding so hard I could hear it.[np]

It was a clear indication of my fear for what was about to happen to me.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7100]“We're in the basement of a club. Ever heard of Yuuri?”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7100]“ここはクラブの地下でな。ユーリって聞いたことないか?”[np]

...It's one of the bigger clubs in the downtown area.[np]
;;it's common to classify clubs in 3 categories according to size in Japan, in case that line seems weird to you.

As I recall, it's located on the outskirts of Central Boulevard.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I get it. You wait here and ambush people that are looking for a way out.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なるほど、出口を求めて逃げ込んでくる人間を、待ち伏せするにはいい場所だな”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7101]“Correct. The east exit on the first floor leads to the national border.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7101]“ご名答。一階の東側の出口は、この国の外に通じてるからな”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“What?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“国?”[np]

Hashimoto snickered.[np]

I checked out my surrounds once more.[np]

A bottle of sake, a lighter, and an ashtray were scattered across a table near the wall.[np]

A businessman lay collapsed over it.[np]

He was dead, of course.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Do you think you'll get away with all this?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お前、こんなことをして、許されると思ってるのか?”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7102]“Get away? From who, exactly?”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7102]“許される? 誰に?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“The police, of course. You may be minors, but if you go off and do something this insane... well, you know what's in store, right?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“もちろん、警察だ。いくら未成年でも、これだけ派手にやらかしたら、どうなるかわかるだろう?”[np]

Hashimoto just snickered again.[np]

The laugh contained a hint of pity, but it was easily dwarfed by the ridicule.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“How are you gonna get away this time, huh? The entire area is completely surrounded by the police.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“逃げられると思ってるのか? もう、この区域は警察が完全に包囲してるだろうよ”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7103]“We ain't running.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7103]“逃げねえよ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...What?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……なに?”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7104]“I told you, this is a nation. And it's [font italic="true"]our[resetfont] nation, so we have no reason to run.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7104]“ここは俺たちの国なんだから、逃げる必要はねえんだ”[np]

I looked up to glare at Hashimoto.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7105]“The boss is about to demand that this area be given extraterritorial rights.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7105]“おれたちのリーダーは、ここら一帯に治外法権を要求しているんだ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Mind translating that for me? I have no idea what you're talking about.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“通訳してくれ。意味がわからない”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7106]“Oh, you don't? It means that the currently blockaded area, along with the sky above it, will no longer be a part of Japan.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7106]“わからねえかな。封鎖状態にあるセントラル街と、その上空は、もう日本じゃねえってことだよ”[np]

I was at a loss for words.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7107]“We'll be free from police intervention and Japanese law. Truly a country of dreams.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7107]“警察権力の介入と、日本の法律による取り締まりは受けない。まさに、夢の国だろう?”[np]

There was no hint of lies or deception in Hashimato's voice as he spoke with fervor.[np]

Instead, they seemed to be filled with deep faith and conviction.[np]

They had a twist of ecstasy in them. The result was the spitting image of some crazed cultist.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Do you really believe all that shit?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お、お前……そんな話を真に受けているのか……?”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7108]“Fine, then let me ask you this, Azai. If someone told you that Central Boulevard would suddenly turn into a battlefield one day, would you believe them?”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7108]“じゃあ、浅井は、ある日突然、セントラル街が戦場になるなんて話をされて、真に受けるか?”[np]

There was nothing I could say to that.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7109]“You know something, Azai? My father is different from me. He was really serious about being a teacher. Vice-principal is a pretty impressive position, I hear.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7109]“いいか、浅井。俺の親父はよ、俺とは違って、糞真面目に学園の教員やってたんだよ。教頭になるって、けっこうすごいことらしいぜ?”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7110]“But ever since Shiratori's prick of an old man set us up, everything went to hell. The media hounds us day and night, my mom went back to live with her parents, and my little sister is being bullied at her elementary school.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7110]“それがよ、白鳥の親父にハメられたばっかりに、なにもかもおかしくなっちまった。うちには毎日のようにテレビ屋が来るし、母親は実家に帰っちまうし、妹は小学校でいじめられてんだ”[np]

I had a similar experience myself, so I could understand his grief to a certain extent.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7111]“If you hand a gun over to guy like me, would it really be all that strange if he finds he just might want to off somebody?”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7111]“そんなときによ、ほいっと拳銃渡されたら、つい人でも殺したくなるだろ?”[np]

However, I couldn't sympathize with his base nature.[np]

To a kid in the prime of his youth, pride is everything.[np]

You can't let people look down on you.[np]

If someone pulls one over on you, you return the favor.[np]

If someone screws up your family, then get back at the world by screwing up everyone else's family.[np]

‘Maou’ understands that part of the human psyche rather well.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Okay, but just think for a minute. There's no way you could make your own country.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……わかった。でも、よく考えろ。国なんて作れるわけがない”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7112]“Oh, we will.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7112]“作れるさ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“First, what would you do about food? You may have enough for another week or so, but what then? Plus, if you break off relations with Japan, they're going to cut off electricity to the area. Not to mention the fact that your guns are going to run out of ammunition eventually. And when that happens, this little country of yours will be smashed into the dust.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まず、食料はどうするんだ? 一週間くらいは持つかもしれないが、それからはどうする? 日本と断交するんなら送電だって止められるだろ。武器弾薬だってそのうち底を尽きる。そしたら、こんな小国、あっという間に滅ぼされるぞ”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7113]“‘Maou’ will figure something out.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7113]“"魔王"がなんとかしてくれる”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“That's not an answer. You guys are just being used.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“話にならん。お前らは利用されてんだ”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7114]“Everyone says that at first. But now that we've come this far, there ain't anyone saying that anymore.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7114]“みんな最初はそう言うよ。でも、ことここにいたってそんなことをいうヤツは一人もいねえ”[np]

Well, yeah... at this point, they've already committed numerous crimes and offenses.[np]

They have no choice but to trust ‘Maou’ now that things have come this far.[np]

I read in a book once that corrupt religious and cult leaders attempt to mold situations in which their believers can no longer turn back.[np]

Along Central Boulevard today, anyone who wasn't contributing to the violence was immediately targeted.[np]

Thus, because of the circumstances, people had to kill others lest they risk being killed themselves.[np]

And I'm still in shock that all this occurred amongst children.[np]

Obviously, the police are in shock too.[np]

I was overcome with a dizzy spell.[np]

The absolute cruelty of my brother's plan left me in despair.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7115]“Don't bother trying to save me through persuasion or something, it won't work.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7115]“俺を説得して助かろうったって、無駄だ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Yeah, I know. We weren't even friends at school, really.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ああ、知ってるよ。お前はもともと、クラスでも友達ってわけでもなかったからな”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7116]“You got that straight. Oh, speaking of which, do you know what's going on with your little friend?”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7116]“そうそう、お前の友達は、いまどうなってると思う?”[np]


[nm t="橋本" s=has_7117]“He's laid out flat a floor up from this one. He said he'd join us, and then suddenly attacked us. I mean, please, it was so obvious what he was going to do. Fucking stupid little shrimp.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7117]“いま、上の階でのびてるよ。仲間になる、とか言っといていきなり襲い掛かってきやがった。みえみえだっての。マジでバカだよ、あのチビ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...Yeah, that about sums him up.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……まったくだな”[np]

My voice was so empty, I surprised even myself.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“So he's still alive?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“まだ、生きているんだな?”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7118]“Yeah, we were talking about putting on some kinda show after this.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7118]“ああ、これから、みんなで面白い見世物しようって話になってんだ”[np]

He spoke with glee.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7119]“A public execution, I guess? You ever go to that website with a video of a soldier getting his head cut off in the Middle East?”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7119]“公開処刑ってヤツ? ほら、ネットの裏サイトとかで、中東の兵士が惨殺されるアレあるだろ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“...I'm aware of it.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“……あるな”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7120]“Well, we're uploading a lot of brutal shit to the internet right now. Everyone in the world is going to fear us.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7120]“いま、いろんな残虐シーンをよ、ネットにアップしてるんだよ。すると、世界中の人間がおれたちを恐怖するってわけだ”[np]

They've entirely left the realm of sanity.[np]

I steeled myself for what was to come.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“So, you're planning on making Eiichi the victim of whatever sick bullshit you can think up?”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“なんか知らんが、それを栄一にやろうってんだな”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7121]“And you too.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7121]“お前もな”[np]

He nodded without a second of hesitation.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7122]“We know what we're doing is bad... but I finally realized that evil is sometimes a form of salvation.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7122]“悪いことだってのは知ってる。でも、悪こそが人を救ってくれるってようやく理解したんだ”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Hm. Well, you and I may be small fries, but there's one thing I think you ought to know.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“別に、おれもお前らとたいして変わらん小悪党だとは思うが……”[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7123]“The fuck?”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7123]“あ?”[np]

[nm t="京介"]“I will always be the bigger fry. You're just a tool to be manipulated by a greater evil known as ‘Maou’. You're not even [font italic="true"]trying[resetfont] to think for yourself.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“お前はさらに小物だ。"魔王"っていう巨悪に踊らされるだけで、てめえではなにも考えようとしない”[np]

I thought back to my late father.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“A true villain is one that neither follows nor flatters anyone, a being of absolute solitude. I never really understood that until the last minute either. So don't go running your mouth about shit you think you've realized.”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“本物の悪党はな、誰にも媚びず、従わない、孤高な生き物なんだよ。おれも最後まで理解できなかった。だから、てめえなんかがなにか悟ったようなことを言うな”[np]

@black time=200

Hashimoto suddenly came flying at me.[np]

The anger on his face was on a different level than before.[np]

His foot left the ground with sharp force.[np]

I tried to block with my hand, but my body wouldn't move like I wanted it to.[np]

By the time my brain had time to recognize the dull pain, I had already been knocked against the wall.[np]

I was still conscious, but I couldn't breathe.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7124]“Try saying that again.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7124]“もういっぺん言ってみろ”[np]

;SE 殴る音
@se storage=se_67
@quake sx=4 sy=10 xcnt=5 ycnt=4 time=200
He delivered a vicious blow to my abdomen.[np]

I was unable to form words.[np]

Only a moan leaked out as I writhed in agony.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7125]“Get up!”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7125]“立て!”[np]

I slowly tried to get up.[np]

My body felt extremely heavy.[np]

I had trouble breathing, like there was something stuck in the back of my throat.[np]

I finally managed to lift myself up by planting my hands and feet on the floor.[np]

Hashimoto took a step backwards.[np]

Fuck... I was planning on charging at him.[np]

I released my hands from the ground and managed to make it to my feet.[np]

I need to stand up, move, and get out of here to meet up with Usami as soon as possible.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7126]“You rich, spoiled little brat!”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7126]“ボンボンが!”[np]

Hashimoto pushed me down and delivered another kick to my side.[np]

;SE 殴る音
@se storage=se_68
@quake sx=10 sy=4 xcnt=4 ycnt=5 time=200
‘Small fry, small fry,’ I continued jeering him.[np]

Maybe the reason he's flying off the handle so badly is because he just doesn't like my face.[np]

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7127]“Come on, stand up!”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7127]“おら、立てよ!”[np]

Oh, I'll stand up.[np]

I'll stand up as many times as it takes.[np]

But the floor around me was shaky, so I couldn't find a steady foothold.[np]

I sprawled forward on the ground, then pushed backwards against my lower body. I planted my feet on the ground, straightened out my knees, and finally rose to my feet.[np]

I used both legs to support my upper body, then...[np]

;SE 殴る音
@se storage=se_69
@quake sx=4 sy=10 xcnt=5 ycnt=4 time=200
This time it was a punch.[np]

As my backside hit the floor once again, I stared up arrogantly at the little small fry.[np]

He was the one losing his cool.[np]

I chuckled a bit.[np]

The swaying of the floor grew more severe, and my ears started to hurt from lack of oxygen.[np]
;;haha he's trippin balls, ears hurt from lack of oxygen - pondr

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7128]“You know what? I've decided what I'll do with you. I think I'll burn you at the stake.”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7128]“決めた。てめえは、あとで火あぶりにしてやるよ”[np]

Hashimoto looked down at me.[np]

I meant to insult him as best as I could...[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Small fry...!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“小悪党が……!”[np]

But I just ended up blurting out that pathetic line.[np]

After glaring down at me for a while, Hashimoto left.[np]

I heard the door shut, and I was left in silence.[np]

It took quite some time, but fighting against the pain and chills, I finally managed to get myself back up.[np]

After staggering to my feet, I headed for the door, muttering to myself.[np]

This is nothing.[np]

Compared to the shit Gonzou put me through, this had no chance of forcing me into submission.[np]

I grabbed the doorknob.[np]


Of course, there was no way it was going to open.[np]






@wait time=2000

@bgm storage=bgm_13
 The elevator shuttled silently upwards toward its destination.[l] Inside, just as silently, ‘Maou’ watched Haru with crossed arms.[l] Haru was similarly watching him, waiting for an opening to attack.[wvl]
;; エレベーターは上昇を続けていた。[l]狭い箱の中で、"魔王"は腕を組み、じっとハルを観察していた。[l]ハルも同様に、飛びかかる機会をうかがっていた。[wvl]
 ‘Maou’ was clearly getting a kick out of the situation.[l] He had left Haru unrestrained, and was now simply watching her.[l] His grin seemed to scoff, ‘If you've got something up your sleeve, show me.’[wvl]
;; "魔王"はあきらかに状況を楽しんでいるようだった。[l]ハルを拘束もせずに、ただ見据えてくる。[l]まるで、なにか策があるなら試してみろといわんばかりに、口の端を歪めていた。[wvl]
 The elevator doors opened.[l] Just beyond a dark, narrow passage, the fated rooftop awaited her.[np]
;; エレベーターのドアが開く。[l]薄暗い通路を進み、たどり着いた先は、屋上だった。[np]

@ev storage=ev_haru_06

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7103]“Kyousuke's here in Central Boulevard too, isn't he?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7103]“京介も、街に来ているのだろう?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9659]“...What about it?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9659]“……それがどうした?”[wvl]
 An overcast sky loomed far above her.[l] Nevertheless, the numerous lights on the street below shone with enough brilliance to pierce the thick clouds of smoke.[wvl]
;; 見上げれば曇りがかった空があった。[l]地上からの無数の光が厚い雲を突き上げるように輝いていた。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7104]“I hear this is where you met Kyousuke.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7104]“ここで、京介と出会ったらしいな”[wvl]
 ‘Maou’ spoke as if ruminating on the distant past.[l] He carried no weapons.[l] He simply stood arrogantly before Haru.[np]
;; "魔王"が昔を懐かしむように言った。[l]武器も構えず、あくまで傲岸にハルと対峙している。[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9660]“What are you playing at, ‘Maou’?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9660]“なんの真似だ、"魔王"”[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7105]“I was merely setting the proper stage for your death,”[wveh] he said with a smirk.[l] [nm t="恭平" s=mao_7106]“I would have preferred the drainage channel, but all the entrances are tragically outside the currently barricaded area.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7105]“お前の死に場所を演出したいと思ってな”[l]にたりと笑う。[l][nm t="恭平" s=mao_7106]“本来なら外郭放水路で殺したいところだが、この封鎖状況ではかなわない”[wvl]
 Haru shot ‘Maou’ an angry, defiant gaze.[l] ‘Maou’ continued on.[wvl]
;; ハルは眉をひそめ、挑むような目を向けた。[l]"魔王"が言った。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7107]“Long ago, I used to play these video games with Kyousuke. They were called role-playing games, apparently. Sometimes our sessions would continue late into the night. ”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7107]“昔、京介とゲームをしてな。夜中まで遊んだものだ。ロールプレイングゲームとかいうジャンルらしい”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9661]“...What about it?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9661]“……それが、なんだ?”[np]
;;Now you know why I was so insistent on retaining the RPG/Dragon Quest aspect of Maou!
;;he mentioned this in g48 IIRC. - pondr

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7108]“The final battle between the Hero and the Demon Lord was always in some poignantly relevant place, much like this one.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7108]“勇者と"魔王"が最後に戦うのが、ちょうど、ここのように、いわくのある場所なのだ”[wvl]
;;You don't fight ‘Devils' in RPGs.
;;um... I've never fought a Maou either. Though I did hear about one in Star Ocean 4 when I turned on the jap audio. But it was a reference to an earlier SO that I never played. - pondr
 His eyes held a content, distant gleam.[wvl]
;; 満足げに遠くを眺めていた。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7109]“The Hero would grow stronger, then use his newfound power to destroy the evil Demon Lord. However... will you live up to those fairy tales?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7109]“勇者は成長し、やがて"魔王"を倒すのだが、お前はどうかな?”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9662]“......”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9662]“…………”[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7110]“For these past ten years, revenge was my everything. Its objects included the nation itself, Azai Gonzou, and a variety of other concepts and people... but the centerpiece of my hatred has been and always will be Usami.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7110]“私の十年は、復讐がすべてだった。対象は、国家であったり、浅井権三であったり様々だが、憎悪の中心にいるのは、いつも宇佐美だった”[np]

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9663]“Likewise, ‘Maou’. You ruined my entire life.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9663]“それは、わたしも、同じことだ。お前がわたしの人生を狂わせた”[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7111]“So you intend to kill me? Even though I'm Kyousuke's brother?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7111]“私を殺すというのか。京介の兄である私を?”[wvl]
 Haru's expression tensed as hesitation attacked her.[wvl]
;; ハルの顔がわずかに強張った。[l]逡巡めいたものがこみ上げてくる。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7112]“Wouldn't you feel sorry for Kyousuke? He loved me quite dearly, you know. Imagine how devastated he would be if I died.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7112]“京介がかわいそうだと思わないか。あれは私を慕っていた。私が死ねば、きっと少なからず悲しむことだろう”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9665]“Are you pleading for your life?”[np]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9665]“この期に及んで命乞いか?”[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7113]“Not at all,”[wveh] he replied, shaking his head.[l] [nm t="恭平" s=mao_7114]“I merely wanted to reassure you that your intentions are evil as well.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7113]“いいや”[wveh]さもおかしそうに首を振った。[l][nm t="恭平" s=mao_7114]“お前だって、悪を犯そうとしていると教えてやりたかっただけだ”[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9664]“I already know that.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9664]“そんなことはわかっている”[wvl]
 ‘Maou's’ eyes flooded with enough hatred to nearly push them out of their sockets.[wvl]
;; 不意に、"魔王"が目を見開いた。[l]瞳には憎しみがみなぎっていた。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7115]“Listen, Usami. Every last man lives in a world where he is always righteous. Every last man will stay there, until he rots in his grave.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7115]“宇佐美よ、どんな人間も、最後まで自分の正しい世界に生きて死んでいくのだ”[np]

 She knows that.[l] Even as they speak, Haru's heart is ablaze in an attempt to justify her desire for ‘Maou's’ destruction.[l] Whenever one succumbs to violence, one turns to that beloved weakness known as ‘justification’.[l] Whether the victim be a heavily-armed terrorist or a helpless little girl, once a person has killed someone, he or she will always seek righteousness in the act.[wvl]
;; わかっている。[l]いまのハルも、"魔王"を叩き伏せることに正当性を見出そうとしている。[l]人が暴力を許すとき、この自己の正当性という、誰もが大好きな弱さを頼みにする。[l]武器を持ったテロリストであろうと、かよわい少女であろうと、いったん殺し合いともなれば、彼らは必ず正義でありたがるのだ。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7116]“They say that humans are inherently fickle by nature, and that no emotion will last forever. Even [font italic="true"]I[resetfont] had moments during which I felt I should forgive you. The obvious notion that parents are parents and children are children nagged at my conscience.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7116]“人はいつまでも同じ感情を抱いてはいられないという。私も、ときには、お前を許そうなどと考えないでもなかった。親は親、子供は子供と、当たり前の主張が良心に語りかける”[wvl]
 Haru shared that particular experience.[l] There had been sleepless nights in her life, nights where she considered releasing this asinine revenge in favor of a normal life.[np]
;; ハルもそうだった。[l]復讐なんて馬鹿げた真似をせずに、普通に暮らそうと、ふと我に返る夕暮れもあった。[np]

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7117]“But in the end, hatred won out. My father once said that Usami will never learn his lesson unless the girl Haru is killed.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7117]“だが、けっきょくは憎しみが勝った。父が言っていた。ハルという少女を殺さなければ、宇佐美に思い知らせてやれないと”[wvl]
;;thought putting it in the future tense (and therefore treating him like a living, real person) might make it seem more twisted. - pondr
 The girl Haru was drawn to speak up.[wvl]
;; つい、口を開いた。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9666]“I too was unable to give up my pursuit. Every day, every time I opened my violin case, I was reminded of my mother's regret.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9666]“わたしも、けっきょくは、お前を追うことをやめられなかった。ヴァイオリンケースを開くたびに母の無念が蘇る”[wvl]
 ‘Maou’ nodded in understanding.[l] It was the most profound nod thus far.[wvl]
;; "魔王"は納得したようにうなずいた。[l]いままで一番深いうなずきだった。[wvl]
 Perhaps he was seeking some backwards sort of reprieve.[l] Just as he had hated Haru, he wanted Haru to hate him in return.[l] In any case, Haru herself felt a twinge of relief upon hearing of ‘Maou's’ hatred toward her.[l] There was no rest for the wicked on this chain of revenge...[np]
;; 彼はもしかしたら、免罪符を得ようとしたのかもしれない。[l]"魔王"がハルを憎むように、ハルも"魔王"を憎んでいて欲しかったのだ。[l]少なくともハルは、"魔王"が自分を憎んでいてくれて、どこかほっとした気分だった。[l]復讐の連鎖はどこまでも救いがない……。[np]
;;indulgence as in to find relief from your crime or whatnot
;;recurring text there, but how is it connected? - pondr
;;Technically, finding relief from your crime, not finding reprieve or salvation from it. Making it lighter and easier to deal with it, making yourself feel better about it, not so much as having it cleared. I think that's important because, well, just the thought that Haru shares his feelings acting as ‘salvation' seems a bit over the top and weird.

[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7118]“Wouldn't you agree, Usami, that hate of all emotions has the most viable longevity? As evidence, war has been omnipresent in the history of mankind.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7118]“なあ、宇佐美。この世でもっとも長生きする感情は、憎悪だと思わないか。だからこそ、何千年の昔から、戦争が絶えないのだ”[wvl]
 Haru didn't know whether she agreed or not.[wvl]
;; ハルには、わからなかった。[wvl]
[nm t="ハル" s=har_9667]“Well, I suppose there is one other...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9667]“もう一つくらいはある……”[wvl]
 ‘Maou’ grinned.[l] He knew what Haru was going to say.[l] Hatred was not the only thing ruling Haru's heart.[l] She could say without any hesitation that the past ten years have been divided between her love for Kyousuke and her hatred for ‘Maou’.[wvl]
;; "魔王"は笑う。[l]彼にはハルが何を言いたいのかわかっているようだ。[l]ハルの胸のうちを支配しているのは憎悪だけではない。[l]ハルは少なくともこの十年、ずっと、京介のことが好きだった。[wvl]
;;Actually, I think you should change that. I mean, I know you meant that as a harmless line, but coming right out and saying something akin to ‘the feelings are equal' is just, yeah. In a way, chapter 5 itself is all about Haru's revenge Vs. Haru's love and which one comes out on top, so coming right out and saying this doesn't go well with me. Let the chapter answer that question.
;;Yeah, I thought about that when I wrote that line. Then I reasoned that in her mind, she's loving and caring and not all that bad. But yeah, let the chapter answer it, well said. - pondr
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7119]“Kyousuke, huh...?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7119]“京介か……”[np]

 Haru was shocked.[l] For the first time, she saw something akin to warmth gleaming in ‘Maou's’ eyes.[l] If only for a brief moment, he returned to his role as a worrying older brother.[l] It didn't take long, however, for ‘Maou’ to regain his casual smirk.[wvl]
;; ハルはぎょっとした。[l]"魔王"の目に、初めて優しさのような光が募ったからだ。[l]ほんのわずかな一瞬とはいえ、不憫な弟を思いやる兄がそこにいた。[l]束の間、"魔王"はいつもの薄ら笑いを浮かべた。[wvl]
;;What the fuck are you talking about. Seriously WHAT THE FUCK
;;...I have no excuse. - pondr
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7120]“There's no need to worry. After I kill you, I'll be sending Kyousuke to meet you shortly. You can remain together forever.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7120]“安心しろ。お前を殺したあと、京介もあの世に送ってやる。いつまでも二人仲良くやっているがいい”[wvl]
 It was a hackneyed speech.[l] ‘What a sad man,’ she thought.[l] Samejima Kyouhei was a man of extraordinary talent and initiative, yet he had gone on to devote it entirely to a life of revenge.[l] He would follow his own beliefs, and stay true to his morality as the Devil to the very end.[wvl]
;; 陳腐なセリフだった。[l]哀しい男だとも思った。[l]鮫島恭平は常軌を逸した才能と行動力を持ち合わせていたばかりに、復讐に生涯を捧げることになった。[l]彼は彼なりの信念にもとづいて、最後の最後まで寓意的に"魔王"であろうとするのだろう。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7121]“Alright...”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7121]“さて……”[np]
@bgm storage=bgm_22a
 ‘Maou’ pulled a gun from his suit.[l] [nm t="恭平" s=mao_7122]“Since you said you've come to kill me, I trust you have another fun little trick prepared for me?”[wvl]
;; "魔王"が上着の奥から拳銃を抜いた。[l][nm t="恭平" s=mao_7122]“私を殺しに来たというからには、なにかまた楽しい策を用意してきたんだろうな”[wvl]
 He scraped the ground as he stepped forward.[wvl]
;; じりと床を鳴らし、一歩詰め寄ってきた。[wvl]
 She took a step backwards to keep a proper distance.[l] It was obvious that a head-to-head contest of physical strength would not be in her favor.[wvl]
;; 間合いを取るように、ハルも後退する。[l]正面きっての腕力勝負で、勝ち目がないのは明らかだった。[wvl]
 ――What now?[np]
;; ――どうする?[np]

 What does Haru have in this situation that can provide her victory over ‘Maou’?[wvl]
;; この状況で、ハルが"魔王"に勝っている部分はなんだろうか。[wvl]
 Hand-to-hand was out of the question.[wvl]
;; 格闘は論外。[wvl]
 She had no weapons.[wvl]
;; 武器もない。[wvl]
 Perhaps there was something on the rooftop that could be used to distract ‘Maou's’ attention. [l]No... ‘Maou’ would be extremely familiar with the entire building by now.[wvl]
;; 屋上にはなにか"魔王"の注意をそらせるようなものはないだろうか。[l]いや、"魔王"もこの建物の構造は熟知しているのではないか。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7123]“I'd say that despite the lack of poetic locale, wringing your neck is still the way to go...”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7123]“やはり、首を絞めて殺すか……”[wvl]
 ...Yes, this arrogance is ‘Maou's’ greatest weakness.[np]
;; ……やはり、この慢心こそが、"魔王"の最大の弱点ではないか。[np]

 He could pull the trigger or call for his comrades at any time, yet he chooses to play with his adversary.[wvl]
;; いつでも引き金を引ける。[l]いつでも仲間を呼べるこの状況で、なお敵を弄ぶような余裕を示す。[wvl]
 Even so, it would still be difficult to escape this situation.[l] ‘Maou’ had cracked a tongue-in-cheek joke about setting the stage for her death, but the rooftop he brought her to was indeed a deathtrap with no escape.[l] The bloodlust he exuded made it clear to Haru that this was no game.[wvl]
;; とはいえ、それでも、この状況を打破することは難しい。[l]"魔王"は演出がどうのと言いながら、ハルを逃げ場のない屋上に連れ込んだ。[l]全身からみなぎる殺気は、これがただのお遊びではないことを物語っていた。[wvl]
 In contrast, Haru was completely unprepared.[np]
;; 対してハルには、なんの用意もなかった。[np]

@black time=300

 Haru was pressed backwards. [l]Each step she took, ‘Maou’ closed on her equally.[wvl]
;; ハルは、気圧されるように後ろに下がる。[l]"魔王"がその分だけ距離をつめてくる。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7124]“You're good with heights, aren't you?”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7124]“お前は高いところが得意だったようだな”[wvl]
 Haru had at last been cornered to the rooftop fence.[wvl]
;; とうとうハルは、屋上のフェンス際まで追い詰められた。[wvl]
 She was unable to think of a means of counterattack.[l] Urged on by gunpoint, she moved along the fence.[wvl]
;; 逆襲の手立ては、なにも見出せない。[l]銃口に追いやられるまま、フェンス際を伝って移動する。[wvl]
 ――Is this the end?[np]
;; ――玉砕するしかないのか。[np]
;;preasured! - pondr

@bg storage=bg_13y time=300 rule=rule_a_t

@se storage=se_70

 Just then, she heard a roaring above her.[l] It originated from a helicopter.[l] It probably belonged to a news station.[l] There were no signs that they had noticed the commotion, nor was there any guarantee that they would come save her if they did.[wvl]
;; そのとき、頭上で轟音があった。[l]上空をヘリが旋回している。[l]マスコミの類だろう。[l]とくにこちらに気づいて近づいてくる様子もないし、また近づいてきたからといって助けてくれるわけもない。[wvl]
 Nevertheless, it was enough to distract ‘Maou’ for a moment.[l] He looked to the sky.[wvl]
;; けれど、"魔王"の注意がわずかにそれた。[l]あごを上げて、空を見やっている。[wvl]
;; ――いまか!?[wvl][sse]
 No, wait.[l] It was an invitation. [l]As if to confirm her suspicions, ‘Maou’ spoke.[l] [nm t="恭平" s=mao_7125]“Heh... what's wrong? Wasn't that your big chance?”[np]
;; いや、違う。[l]あれは誘いだ。[l]それが証拠に"魔王"が言う。[l][nm t="恭平" s=mao_7125]“フフ……チャンスではなかったか?”[np]

@quake sx=20 sy=10 xcnt=3 ycnt=5 time=300 fade=true

 ‘Maou’ suddenly charged her.[wvl]
;; 突如、"魔王"が突進してきた。[wvl]
 Haru searched for a means of escape.[l] If they fought now, no one would be coming to save her this time.[wvl]
;; ハルは逃げ道を探す。[l]取っ組み合いになったら、今度こそ殺される。[wvl]
 But the rooftop had no cover of any sort.[l] And ‘Maou’ was much faster than Haru.[wvl]
;; けれど、遮蔽物のなにもない屋上。[l]"魔王"とハルでは足の速さが違いすぎる。[wvl]
 The only escape was the other side of the fence.[wvl]
;; 逃げ場は――フェンスの奥しかなかった。[wvl]
 A gust of wind tore across the rooftop.[np]
;; 風があった。[np]

@quake sx=30 sy=10 xcnt=4 ycnt=6 time=400 fade=true

 Haru just barely dodged ‘Maou's’ grasp as she set foot on the edge of the rooftop.[l] An air current from below pressed against her back.[wvl]
;; ハルは"魔王"の手をぎりぎりのところでかわし、屋上の端に足をつけた。[l]地上から突き上げるような風を背中に感じた。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7126]“Well, I suppose falling to your death from the Sannou building wouldn't be so bad either.”[wvl]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7126]“まあ、山王物産のビルから落ちて死ぬというのも、悪くないかもしれんな”[wvl]
 ‘Maou’ pointed the gun at her.[l] His finger was on the trigger.[l] The chill running down her back was not a result of the cold surge of air from the distant street below her.[l] She gripped the fence tightly, but craned her neck around to look down.[l] Haru felt that she had just discovered her last hope.[wvl]
;; "魔王"が銃口を向けた。[l]引き金には指。[l]背筋が凍ったのは、寒さのせいではない。[l]"魔王"と向き合いながら、首だけでちらりと地上を見やった。[l]ハルは最後の希望をつかんだ気がした。[wvl]
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7127]“Farewell.[l] Say hello to your mother for me.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7127]“さらばだ。[l]あの世で母親に会うがいい”[np]

;SE 銃声。
@black time=200 rule=rule_a_b
@se storage=se_71
@quake sx=6 sy=8 xcnt=2 ycnt=2 time=100
@wait time=100

 Haru twisted around to avoid the bullet.[wvl]
;; 直後、弾丸を避けようと、ハルは身をよじらせた。[wvl]
 The bullet ‘Maou’ fired did not hit its mark.[l] However――[wvl]
;; "魔王"の放った一発は、命中しなかった。[l]そのかわり――。[wvl]
@bg storage=bg_13y time=300 rule=rule_a_t

[nm t="ハル" s=har_9668]“...Waah!”[wvl]
;;[nm t="ハル" s=har_9668]“……うあっ!”[wvl]
@quake sx=20 sy=3 xcnt=6 ycnt=2 time=2000 fade=true

 She tripped over herself.[l] She was knocked into the air.[l] This would be the second time she was in this situation.[l] Last time, when she was but a child, she was saved by a young boy.[wvl]
;; 足がもつれる。[l]体が空中に投げ出されていく。[l]たしか、落ちるのは二回目だ。[l]幼かったあのときは、あの少年が助けてくれた。[wvl]
;; ――京介くん。[np]

@quake sx=3 sy=20 xcnt=3 ycnt=6 time=2000 fade=true

 She frantically reached out, struggling desperately to grab onto something.[l] All she found was snow.[l] It melted fruitlessly in her hands.[l] She screamed in a voice she could barely recognize as her own, praying for any possible help.[wvl]
;; 闇雲に腕を伸ばす。[l]もがいた。[l]必死で何かをつかむ。[l]雪だった。[l]手のなかで無情に溶ける。[l]悲鳴。[l]自分のものとは思えぬ声で救いを求めた。[wvl]
;; ――死ぬ![wvl]
 All other noise vanished from her ears.[l] Haru was hit with the reality that she was falling.[np]
;; あらゆる音が消えていった。[l]ハルは自らが落ちていくのをはっきりと自覚した。[np]
 She looked at ‘Maou’.[l] He was not laughing anymore.[l] He stood with a solemn expression, like he was mourning the dead.[wvl]
;; "魔王"の顔があった。[l]もう笑ってはいなかった。[l]粛々と死者を送る大人の表情だった。[wvl]
 Haru's line of sight switched from ‘Maou's’ face to the endless dark sky.[wvl]
;; ハルの視界は、カメラが高速移動するように、"魔王"の顔から、底なしに暗い空へと移り変わっていった。[wvl]
 Her extended right arm managed to nab the edge of the rooftop.[l] One arm alone, though, was insufficient to support her weight.[np]
;; 高く伸ばした右腕の指先が屋上の角に触れた。[l]けれど、体重を支えるには足りなかった。[np]

@black time=200 rule=rule_q_td_c
@wait time=2000



;背景 山王物産社内。
@wait time=1000
@bg storage=bg_31a rule=rule_c_t time=500

@bgm storage=bgm_36d
@mface name=maou_b_08_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7128]“Looks like things are going smoothly.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7128]“異常はなさそうだな”[np]

After seeing Usami fall from the building, I came to check on the hostages.[np]
;;This is taking place after he already did so, no present tense.

After all, we should be getting a call from the police soon.[np]

I take out my cell phone.[np]

I chose to use a cell phone for my negotiations with the police in order to make it harder for them to ascertain the location of the hostages.[np]

The police will know where I'm calling from.[np]

But for my last call, I was in the streets of the business district. For my next call, I will choose yet another, different location.[np]

;SE 着信
@se storage=se_19
@wait time=1000

@mface name=maou_b_07_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7129]“It's almost time, Mr. Superintendent.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7129]“そろそろ時間だな、警視正”[np]

[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7028]“Yeah. Actually, it turns out that no decision has been reached yet.”[np]
;;[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7028]“ああ、そのことなんだが、実はまだ決定が降りてこないんだ”[np]

@mface name=maou_b_06b_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7130]“What a shame. I guess my sincerity wasn't enough to get through to you.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7130]“それは残念だ。こちらの誠意が足りなかったようだな”[np]

I surveyed the room.[np]

None of the hostages seemed to show any signs of resistance.[np]

They were all slumped against the wall, looking gloomy.[np]

Well, no... not all. There was one who looked sprightly.[np]

He looked to be a young employee.[np]

He wore a bandage around his shoulder.[np]

His features seemed indicative of one that grew up in a nice environment, but his eyes spoke of a strong will and the intent to break through this dilemma.[np]

...I see. He must be the one who saved those kids earlier.[np]

[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7029]“So I was hoping we could talk this out...”[np]
;;[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7029]“そこで、相談なんだが……”[np]

@mface name=maou_b_07b_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7131]“I believe I made it clear that there will be no extensions on time.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7131]“言ったはずだ。時間の延長は一切認めない”[np]

[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7030]“Yes, you did. But you know how this works as well as I do, don't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7030]“わかっている。けれど、君もわかっていたのではないか?”[np]

...He's a pro, alright.[np]

[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7031]“Eight hours just isn't realistic. It took an extraordinary amount of time just to gather the prime minister and his cabinet, and you're asking them to hand down such a heavy decision in the remaining time? It's obviously impossible.”[np]
;;[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7031]“現実的に八時間というのは、短すぎるとは思わないか? 総理以下、関係閣僚を招集するだけでもかなりの時間がかかったらしい。その上、これほど重大な決定を下すには、どう考えても時間が足りない”[np]

@mface name=maou_b_10_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7132]“And what would you have me do?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7132]“それで?”[np]

[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7032]“Wait for another five hours.”[np]
;;[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7032]“せめて、あと五時間待ってもらえないだろうか”[np]

@mface name=maou_b_10b_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7133]“If I do, will something good happen?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7133]“五時間待つと何かいいことがあるのかな?”[np]

[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7033]“It is the police's opinion that a decision will be reached within that time.”[np]
;;[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7033]“それだけあれば、決議はおりるというのが警察の見解だ”[np]

I clicked my tongue.[np]

@mface name=maou_b_06_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7134]“Wouldn't you call that slothful lethargy a crime in and of itself?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7134]“のろまは罪だと思わないか?”[np]

[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7034]“Wait, don't be too hasty.”[np]
;;[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7034]“待て。早まるな”[np]

@mface name=maou_b_02_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7135]“I will now proceed to kill one hostage. I'll take care to ensure that you hear the gunfire.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7135]“いまから人質の一人を殺す。銃声をきちんと聞き届けるように”[np]

[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7035]“Just calm down, will you? What good will killing someone do you? Yes, it's true that we couldn't meet your demands in the allotted time, but... you're a pro, aren't you?”[np]
;;[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7035]“落ち着け。人を殺してなんになる。たしかに我々は要求された時間に間に合わなかった。しかし、君はプロだろう?”[np]

@mface name=maou_b_08_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7136]“What about it?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7136]“だったら?”[np]

[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7036]“Just give us a little more time. Is a little delay going to ruin your plan? Surely one such as you would not confront us with such flimsy management?”[np]
;;[nm t="時田彰浩" s=tkt_7036]“せめてもう少し時間をくれ。少しの猶予が、君の計画にそれほど支障をきたすのか? 君はそんな甘い算段を持って、我々に挑戦してきたのか?”[np]

A magnificent negotiation trick.[np]

Appeal to the culprit's pride and force them to think objectively for a moment.[np]

Perhaps I really should have used Tokita Yuki to take her father out of the picture...[np]

@mface name=maou_b_07_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7137]“It is precisely [font italic="true"]because[resetfont] we are pros that we are punctual about time.”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7137]“我々がプロであるからこそ、時間には正確でありたいのだよ”[np]

I pointed my gun without hesitation.[np]
;SE 銃声
@se storage=se_72
@quake sx=5 sy=-10 xcnt=2 ycnt=3 time=200
I pulled the trigger.[np]

A woman's brain splashed against the wall.[np]

The heavy atmosphere among the hostages grew a step heavier.[np]

The room was enveloped in screams.[np]

They were followed by yelling of the female employee's name, and finally wrapped up by subdued crying.[np]

@mface name=maou_b_01_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7138]“Were you able to hear that?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7138]“聞こえたかな?”[np]

Superintendent Tokita was apparently too mortified to respond.[np]

@mface name=maou_b_08_b
[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7139]“Contact me again in one hour. There are ten hostages left. Surely you get my drift?”[np]
;;[nm t="恭平" s=mao_7139]“一時間後、また連絡をもらおう。人質はあと十人はいる。言っている意味がわかるな?”[np]

I will kill one hostage every hour.[np]

I hung up the phone.[np]

Just then, someone yelled out at me.[np]

[nm t="岩井" s=iwa_7026]“Hey...!”[np]
;;[nm t="岩井" s=iwa_7026]“おい……!”[np]

It was the young employee from before.[np]

I was curious about what he was going to contribute, but unfortunately...[np]

[nm t="岩井" s=iwa_7027]“Kill me next. Why would you do that to a poor, defenseless woman!?”[np]
;;[nm t="岩井" s=iwa_7027]“次は、俺をやれ。なぜかよわい女性を……!”[np]

He was filled with indignation, and there were tears in his eyes.[np]

I just returned a faint smile and left.[np]

Killing a courageous man like that has little effect.[np]

The most effective screams will always be the ones that come from a woman's lips.[np]


@black rule=rule_b_l time=500
@wait time=2000



@wait time=1000
@ev storage=ev_other_26b

@bgm storage=bgm_26

Naturally, the door Hashimoto used to leave was locked from the outside.[np]

I guess that means that I'm now locked up as a captive. How fitting for someone who is awaiting his public execution.[np]

Someone had confiscated the cell phone from my pocket.[np]

I can't call for help, and besides, Usami and Eiichi are the ones who really need help right now.[np]


I look about the room.[np]

The door is the only exit.[np]

There isn't even a ventilation shaft. No wonder the room is so murky.[np]

I hug the wall as I head for some junk in the corner.[np]

A bunch of comics and porno mags were tossed around in a pile.[np]

Great. Nothing convenient, like a rock drill or something to break through the wall. A loaded machine gun would have been great too.[np]
;;I almost said "would be fine too" - pondr

Now think, dammit! How do I get out of here...!?[np]

How do I escape and save Usami and Eiichi...!?[np]

How can I get that door open...!?[np]

I scolded myself for getting chicken-hearted.[np]

I'm not a righteous superhero or anything like that.[np]

Looking back at the kind of life I led, I can't expect to be saved by friends or anything of the sort.[np]

Now... think.[np]

I am the son of Azai Gonzou.[np]

My life may not have been decorated with good deeds or medals, but it also wasn't so easy as to let some small fry like Hashimoto do me in.[np]

Gonzou would roll over in his grave if he could see how pathetic I was right now.[np]

The cremation and burial are today, after all... his soul is still in this world.[np]

...Wait, cremation!?[np]
;;any problem with the past two lines? - pondr

I exploded in a grin.[np]

Watch this, Gonzou.[np]

I'll make my escape a death-defying show, just for you. It should provide some entertainment during your flight to Hell.[np]

@bgm storage=bgm_13a
I gathered up the magazines and the wooden table in the center of the room.[np]

I arranged the items in a lattice pattern, tearing or breaking them up as needed.[np]

I used anything that seemed burnable.[np]

Then I lit the pile of paper with the lighter I found on the table.[np]

Now... burn.[np]

@ev storage=ev_other_26b

;SE 火事
@se storage=se_73 loop=true

I gradually added tinder until the fire grew in force.[np]

The material was dry, so all I had to do was watch it burn.[np]

The flames popped and crackled.[np]

The first signs of black smoke began to coat the ceiling.[np]
;;note I swapped 399/400 - pondr

However, having no place to go, the smoke started creeping back down to the floor.[np]

The temperature of the room rose at a dash, and I could feel the heat against my face.[np]

Black smoke gradually filled the room as it swirled about, searching for an exit.[np]


Burn, choke, thicken.[np]

And then when that door opens, bellow out in a gust.[np]

@black rule=rule_a_b time=500
@wait time=1000
@ev storage=ev_other_26b rule=rule_a_t time=500

[nm t="京介"]“Ugh... haghck...!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ぐっ、ごほっ……!”[np]

I coughed at the oppressive offense to my lungs.[np]

I couldn't even keep my eyes open.[np]

The air was starting to thin out.[np]

As the force of the fire weakened, the smoke grew ever thicker.[np]

I crouched near the door.[np]

; ※追加
@cutin storage=ev_other_26c time=1000 path=(0,100,255)

I beat at the door furiously as I fought for every breath.[np]
;SE ガンガン
@se buf=1 storage=se_74

Hashimoto said that Eiichi is being held on the floor above this one.[np]

That naturally implies that there's a guard or two up there.[np]

They'll come rushing in to see what all the fuss is.[np]

And the second that door opens, I'll slaughter the lot of them.[np]

I continue to pound.[np]

I strain against the door to listen for footsteps.[np]

...There was no one coming.[np]


[nm t="京介"]“Hagh, kgh...!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“ごほっ、ごほっ……!”[np]

Water started pouring from my shut eyes.[np]

...Get the hell over here![np]

Why aren't they coming to see what's wrong!?[np]

I beat the door with all my strength.[np]

My fear manifested as sweat rolling down my back.[np]

...What if... what if there's no one out there?[np]

What a comedic way to die.[np]

[nm t="京介"]“Ah... grah... khg, hahck...!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“あ、ぐっ、ごっほ、ごほっ……!”[np]

The fire behind me was waning, and the crackling started to weaken and die down.[np]

I put my face to the bottom of the door in order to get at the bit of air seeping through.[np]

I can't afford to stop pounding, but my right arm won't move the way I want it to.[np]

;;But my right arm won't move the way I want it to.[np]

I almost black out a few times.[np]

I can't give up.[np]

If I were to die here...![np]

I made a fist so tight my fingernails dug into my skin.[np]

What would happen to Usami!?[np]

For what reason would Azai Gonzou have died!?[np]

Dad... that's right... you died protecting me, Dad![np]

I don't give a shit whether that's true or not![np]

I'll be damned if I'm going to join you just yet![np]
;;literally, har har. - pondr

My body, covered in smoke, refused to continue operation, but my will adamantly refused to die.[np]

I wasn't even myself anymore.[np]

I had just become an animal, desperately beating at the door.[np]

I had to teach them a lesson.[np]

I had to teach them that pissing on me means pissing on Azai Gonzou.[np]

I burned with hatred to fuel my anger.[np]

My memory was starting to get fuzzy.[np]

That was when I first realized the fresh air coming through my nose.[np]

My brain cells suddenly reactivated, and my consciousness became clear.[np]

It felt like my body belonged to someone else.[np]

The right hand I was using to beat the door was now beating against air.[np]

Smoke bellowed out in gusts.[np]

The door was gone.[np]

It was finally open.[np]

I heard a jumble of footsteps.[np]

Met with fresh oxygen, the fire revived with crackling sparks.[np]

I prepared to pounce.[np]

I heard a flurry of shouting.[np]


Put it out.[np]

@black time=200

It was the chirping of my prey――[np]

After standing up and checking the direction of the smoke, I subdued my reason. It had no place in the actions that would follow.[np]

I charged with all my strength.[np]

I saw... one... two hyenas.[np]

They flinched at the sight of me.[np]

I swung my arm and sank my fist into their faces.[np]

I then dashed to the side of them, not even waiting for a scream.[np]

I made a beeline for the stairs.[np]

@se storage=se_68
The kid who tried to grab my arm from behind was met with a sharp overhead kick.[np]

A dull throbbing graced my arms and legs on multiple occasions.[np]

Each time it did so, a scream accompanied it.[np]

I'm not particularly strong. These boys' resolves were just particularly weak.[np]

Brutality is the very element of a wounded beast.[np]

Once again, dark smoke ran along the ceiling in search of an exit.[np]

But this time, I chased after it.[np]

I raced the smoke to the first floor.[np]

@se storage=se_68
I bumped into someone, and it turned into a struggle.[np]

@ev storage=ev_other_27a time=200 rule=rule_m_outin

[nm t="橋本" s=has_7129]“Y-you...!?”[np]
;;[nm t="橋本" s=has_7129]“お、お前っ!?”[np]

My body instantly reacted to his voice.[np]

The air in my lungs fueled my burning hatred.[np]

Unabated coughs, unabated tears, unabated groans leaked out of us.[np]

The ceiling and the floor twisted and blurred.[np]

Headache, nausea, upset stomach, lack of oxygen...[np]

...Burns on my throat, burns on my organs, chills, fever, infection, internal bleeding...[np]
;;this is a weird line. Well the entire section is kind of weird but this is just listing off... weird stuff. 器官の火傷? Organ burns? Complications from scrapes and bruises? What? Probably meant to be ridiculously overexaggerated on purpose so whatever

My body used delirium to beg me for mercy as I infringed upon the small fry before me.[np]
;;tried to at least support the line above with the "mercy" part. - pondr

[nm t="京介"]“If you want to kill me, then go ahead and try it!”[np]
;;[nm t="京介"]“殺せるものなら殺してみろ!”[np]

I'm not sure how many times I hit Hashimoto after that.[np]
;;I know it wasn't how many times, but "I don't know how or where" is stupid in english... like, you punched him. get over it. - pondr

But one thing is certain: to the bitter end, the one motivating force of mankind is and always will be anger.[np]

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@wait time=1000





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@wait time=4000
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