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AE - VN Tools[edit]

GUI-based toolkit (primarily archiver) written in Object Pascal (Delphi 7) by Russian team WKS. Multiple engine support. Distributed under BSD-alike license. See online manual for details. Source can be found at GitHub repository.

Latest build: Nepeta r79 2013/05/08

Crass[edit] - General modular ripping toolkit. Supports approx. 167 different VN engines. Comes as command-line tool with additional GUI interface.

"It consists of two parts: Crage, which extracts game resources from archives, and/or converts proprietary formats into standard formats, via "cui" plugin extensions; and Assage, which packs files back into archives, via "aui" plugin extensions. With the right "cui" and "aui" plugins, game resources can be unpacked from/packed into supported archive formats."

The latest version of Crass, released on 2009-07-23, is Also see for cui updates. In addition, partial cui source code(ver 1.0.4) is available at

As all of the download links for Crass are now dead, it has been uploaded to TLWiki for preservation: File:Crass-

Version 1.0.4 of the cui source code for Crass can be found here:


A freeware game engine used in several visual novels, such as Garden and Yosuga no Sora.

Current version: 3.09a gls309a.lzh

Additional utils:


  • ExtractData is a generic archive unpacking tool (old site).

This program has been discontinued because of lawsuit by minori. The last version, ExtractData 1.20, can be downloaded here and the sourcecode here.

English version Here

Improved English version: Here


KOGADO .kgo (Symphonic Rain, Dear Pianissimo, Angelic Serenade)[edit]

KOGADO .pak (Symphonic Rain, Dear Pianissimo, Angelic Serenade)[edit]


CLI extractor/packer for most Nitroplus N2System-based games.



Tools by Proger_XP[edit]


A general, multiplatform CLI tool for unpacking archives and converting images / sound files. Written in Ruby C C++ and hosted on github.

RPGMaker Trans[edit]


Love Plus[edit]

  • [2] (DSLazy) - .nds file unpacker/repacker
  • [3] (lptexttool) - .txrc decoder and encoder
  • [4] (Txrc/Arc/Bin Dumper) - Extractor for .txrc, .arc and .bin files.

BALDR FORCE EXE tools[edit]

Carnival dumper and repacker[edit]


Eien no Aselia - The Spirit of Eternity Sword -[edit]

Gekkou no Carnevale[edit]

Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO[edit]

ToHeart2 XRATED[edit]

AliceSoft System 3.x[edit]

AliceSoft System 4.x[edit]

  • - Tool to convert ACX Tables to TXT files, for AliceSoft System 4.x games.
  • Alicesoft text editing.7z - OBSOLETE - use AinDecompiler instead. Tool to extract and reinsert text for AliceSoft System 4.x games. (currently has some issues)
  • AIN Decompiler, disassembler, and assembler for AliceSoft System 4.x games (Alternative Link)
  • ALD Explorer 2, tool to export or replace images and sounds inside of System 3.x and System 4.x ALD files, as well as other games.
  • EX File Explorer, Importer/Exporter for .EX files in newer AliceSoft games.
  • Stretchable window EXE for System 4.0 games.



Note: These tools are geared toward v1.69 of the engine. Not sure if they'll work on any other versions.

  • File:Bgi script - BGI/Ethornell script dumper/inserter (Python 3.x)
  • File:Bgi bp - BGI/Ethornell ._bp file dumper/inserter (Python 3.x)
  • File:Bgi - BGI/Ethornell assembler/disassembler for script and ._bp files (Python 3.x). If you only care about translating text strings, use the dumper/inserter tools above. Use these if you actually want to modify code.



  • Script extractor/replacer for EAGLS SYSTEM games that use .PAK and .IDX files, such as 炎の孕ませおっぱい身体測定 (HSHINTAI).

Shikkoku no Sharnoth[edit]

SofthouseChara (Wizard's Climber)[edit]

HoneyBee (Starry Sky)[edit]

Smee (Loverable)[edit]

YU-RIS Script Engine (Ozmafia)[edit]

AXL (Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate)[edit]

  • Script packer for Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate. You can use AE to unpack.


Wiki tools[edit]

  • modified mwdumper.jar (sourcecode patch to MWDumper) - Java program that can split the results of a MediaWiki export (such as for this) into individual file components. Usage from a command prompt is:
    java -jar mwdumper.jar my_dump_file.xml
    provided that the Java Runtime Environment is present in the PATH.
  • - Python 3 script that uses the Mediawiki API to upload text and images en masse. Upload of archives and the like are not implemented just yet.
    Usable filenames are limited to ANSI and the Windows system language - ie: ANSI + hangul if you're running a Korean version of Windows. Linux is cool and doesn't give a shit.
    Usage: Open config.ini, configure settings, and then drag and drop your files by the hundreds. Please request bot status from an admin before using. Username is case sensitive!
  • tlwiki_toolbar-bk201.xpi - Wikipedia Toolbar for Firefox modified and reskinned to fix some url mismatches and add custom shiznit. Forked from wikipedia_toolbar-0.5.9-fx.xpi, released under the WTFPL.
  • t_uploader.php - A PHP script that also dump directories. Kind of.
  • sgrab - Windows-only commandline program to dump TLWiki pages as .txt. See page for documentation.


Tools Status[edit]

You might as well check out the Tools page before looking at this chart.

Translation Graphics Hacking Tools
Engine Script dump Reinserter Workable dump Reinserter Built-in resources Text layout Run on EN locale Formats Link
Air (SE) RealLive
( included)
but internal encoding is SJIS
Baldr Force EXE GIGA's ? ? ?
? ×
  • Forms
  • ErrMsg
  • ...?
 ?  ? .arc
BaldrTools.rar (Win32 bin only)
CARNIVAL  ? × ×? ×  ?  ?  ? .pd basic script dumper
Gekkou no Carnevale custom
("Nitro+ Script System")

SJIS only

can't do everything


  • Forms
  • ErrMsg

Proportional, word-wrap is buggy

but internal encoding is SJIS
Nitro+ .pak, .nps carnevore (archive handling)
ToHeart2 XRATED Leaf .a/.p (Open source) ?  ? ?  ?  ?  ? .a/.p Engine src
Nursery Rhyme Buriko General Interpreter ver. 1.64 ( build : 398.3 ) [2]
SJIS only
×  ?  ?
but internal encoding is SJIS
ExtractData (unpacking)[3]
Symphonic Rain Fortell
[4] [2] [4] [5] [6]
[7] [8] ×[9] Kogado .pak, .kgo Kogado tools
  1. Development tools for the RealLive engine up to < are RLdev 1.40. Included programs are unpacker and de/compiler for both SEEN scenarios and .g00 graphic file format. The text layout part is handled by a RealLive plugin, also developed by Haeleth, called rlBabel. Its success depends loosely on the version of the RL engine of the game. See also [1]. On a side note, rlBabel is also only effective on RealLive versions <, VisualArt's having changed their external DLL loading system in and above. IE Little Busters.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Uses the Script Table templates.
  3. Ethornell is the code name for the 1.x series of the Buriko game engine, Buriko General Interpreter. It is used in Lump of Sugar's 「Nursery Rhyme -ナーサリィ☆ライム-」「いつか、届く、あの空に。」, CLOVER's 「さよらなエトランジュ」「プラチナウインド~星の詩が聞こえたら~」「ている・ている」, ZIP OHP's 「Purism×Egoist」, AUGUST's「夜明け前より瑠璃色な」and 枕's 「H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~」 and others too.
    Update: Previously linked script dumper confirmed *NOT* to work on Nursery Rhyme (was for Itsusora). Completely different scenario format.
  4. 4.0 4.1 experimental UTF-8 support
  5. Supports the Script Table templates without modification, provided internal tool encoding is set to UTF-8. Use the &action=raw to download a page, e.g. {{fullurl:Symphonic Rain:Scripts/kgo0001-Func_a01.utf|action=raw}}.
  6. Some BGs and CGs are compressed with an unsupported method inside the EVbg.pak and EVcg.pak archives. The localizable bitmaps are located in the SR.pak archive, which is supported.
  7. Borland-style localization, requires registry tweak
  8. Experimental proportional font support, necessary to hack layout
  9. Requires Japanese locale (and Ja. regional options if unpatched), to be tested